Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Trader Joes Greeted Me with Islamic Music Today in San Francisco

**UPDATED in blue**  I walked into my local Trader Joes at the Nob Hill's San Francisco location today and, to my horror, they were playing hard core Islamic music!  Can someone please explain how this makes sense? As a Christian I take great offense to my local Trader Joes playing music from an Islamic country complicit with ISIS being hell bent on exterminating Christians and Jews through genocide.

If the customer service reps at this store are going to play this kind of foreign tongue music that less than 1% of the city's population listens to, why not play Latin based music? At least a large part of the population can understand the language.  But no, they chose to force a very hostile, hateful culture that rapes, beheads and seeks to exterminate Jews and Christians especially.  For those who may view this as a racist point of view, I offer the following explanation as to why it's not.

Is it Racist to Challenge Islam? The Fuel Project, November 5, 2015

You might be wondering, who was the individual responsible for playing Islamic music at the Trader Joes Store in San Francisco?  It was some pretty blonde doe eyed 20's something white woman who responded innocently when I asked her why she was playing it with "it's just a multi-cultural station we changed to."  Really?  Can you imagine how I as a Christian felt as I walked into Trader Joes to pick up a few things that they were playing the music of a vicious culture such as this?  Here in America we have a huge repertoire of music heritage to choose from, they don't have to keep on playing pop or rock tunes and can choose to play jazz or alternative music.  Instead the local loony liberals chose Islamic music!

I bet that liberal white woman has no idea that if she were to take a trip over to the kind of country of the music she chose, they'd rape and likely stone and/or behead her as an American whore. Why would anyone in their right mind play Islamic based music at a store like Trader Joes? The thoughtless reckless youth, that's who!   The 20's somethings crowd are so ignorant of what they're doing. It's a very dangerous thing being hostile and rebellious towards one's own native country's culture and heritage.

UPDATE: Here's an email I received on November 16, 2015 from someone behind an alias email in response to this post:

"But FYI the ONLY reason I would have even read this article is because of the young lady of whom you spoke. She is not an unaware youth as you spoke but a graduate from a well known university on the east coast and was brought up in a loving Christian family. She has traveled extensively overseas and has a close family member who has worked with the women in crisis in multiple war torn countries to help build centers for their support. So that doe eyed girl is well aware of what goes on there. She comes from a large family, some of whom work as first responders to rape victims. Her real world knowledge was not deserving of the belittling nature of which you spoke about her." 

So according to the reader, the doe eyed woman is Christian whose family members are first responders for rape victims building centers in war torn countries.  Doe apparently likes playing Islamic music and isn't at all bothered by what goes on over there because she has an educated real world view. I shouldn't have belittled her and have therefore been rebuked by the facts of the email.

I was then lectured in another part of the email about God's Scripture to be a good neighbor:
"God also says love thy neighbor as thy self...but if you don't want to argue (I responded earlier that God's Word doesn't allow me to argue), I understand. I thought the idea behind a blog is to give your opinions and take in others as well."
The IP address provided by Disqus was from North Carolina.   Liberals always have to feel right and in control being desperate creating fictional stories.  They thrive on lies to empower their journey toward's eternal hell.
"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."  Hosea 4-5