Sunday, December 13, 2015

Does Barbra Streisand Even Know She's Been Dethroned By Adele?

It's no secret singers aren't the brightest people on the planet and they've often been recognized for being out of touch with reality in a "dreams come true" mentality.

I think of the idiocy of singer Barbra Streisand's most recent praises of Obama after he gave her a medal and then her later pleading in the media for all women to band together to vote for Hillary Clinton. I can't help but view Barbra Streisand as an idiot for this blatant disregard for facts and reality, especially that the Internet's at her fingertips to research for herself.   Does Barbra even know yet that Adele in the U.K. is in the process of breaking records and thus displacing her as a world renown singer?  Likely not, because Barbra Streisand likes to control reality to her liking.
"I don't have time to listen to new music (e.g. Adele, Taylor Swift). Because I'm working on music now, I never even put music on in my car. I can't." Barbra Streisand Doesn't Listen to Current Music - Times of India, December 11, 2015
In her statement, Barbra Streisand treated Adele with such disrespect not acknowledging her worldwide success likely because Adele's stated influences excluded her.  Barbra claims ignorance of today's singers because she doesn't want to know another has dethroned her the world's in a frenzy over.  Barbra has thus demonstrated her politics extends to musical rivals that I find quite disturbing.

I think the American public has had enough of Barbra's blatant disregard for reality preferring to use her privilege as a popular singer to influence politics.  It's just so twisted and obviously tied to money.

In a recent article in U.K. Daily Mail, Barbra Streisand Urges Women To Join Forces to Vote for Hillary Clinton, the delusional celebrity singer said:

"And calling for all women to join forces to end inequality, she urged them to support Hillary Clinton and 'elect the first woman president, someone who will represent our values and interests.'  She told the Hollywood Reporter: 'We have to join forces. Women are nurturers, just by our physiology."

Streisand believes we should vote for Hillary Clinton because "women are nurturers" that smacks of the 1970's era liberalism.  That statement alone should be a red flag for anyone considering taking Barbra's politics views seriously.  The singer's in la la land, in a  perpetual state of extended liberal beliefs that took root in the 1970's especially.  Barbra's also attempting to manipulate older voters especially with recent photo shoots with Robert Redford from the days of her film and song The Way We Were to remind them of how great those days were.  

As far as Streisand's praise of Obama after he awarded her a medal, that was a real fall from grace in my humble opinion, to allow him such privilege after doing such great damage to America as a traitor. Eternal hell awaits Barbra Streisand who conforms reality to her liking, being in serious denial of the consequences of her complicity with such evil.

The American people really need to get in touch with reality and stop listening to people like Barbra Streisand's Hollywood based delusional views on politics who doesn't live in the real world.  Ms. Streisand's in la la land and should stick with singing instead of trying to con Americans into her own delusional state of mind.

Here's a story that appeared back in late 2012 about how Obama and Hillary's State department were funding restoration of Muslim Mosques overseas with $770 million of U.S. taxpayer dollars.  The U.S. gov't even provided Internet access helping our enemies.

Atlanta TELEVISION NEWSCAST - National Disgrace I'll bet there's about 75% or more of the people in this country that will never get the word on this. For America’s sake, people, please pass it on. HOLD ON TO YOUR HAT, YOU AIN'T GONNA BELIEVE THIS!!!This is for real-------Please watch this News Report Atlanta TELEVISION NEWSCAST...WSB TVOutrageous!!!I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY BUT UN-BELIEVABLE!!!
Posted by Janet Williams Horn on Thursday, December 6, 2012
"Barbra didn’t say anything today that surprised us. Instead, she reinforced what we’ve known all along. She and other Hollywood types, who are all-in for Hillary without daring to use a brain cell in the process, are just mean girls defending a mean girl."  Barbra Streisand, Another Mean Girl Trying to Protect Hillary - December 9, 2015

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