Saturday, December 26, 2015

REALITY CHECK: Why Send Donations To Alex Jones, WND and The Hagmann Report?

I've been noticing a growing trend of for-profit entities on the Internet posing as public servants using radio and various Internet outlets to ask for public donations.  They make you believe they're doing such good work fighting the corruption and evil of society that you might be willing to donate whatever you possibly can. I've donated to three of these business entities over the past eight years and want people to make sure they understand these are business men first and foremost. You certainly won't benefit from any tax deduction under the IRS code because these aren't charitable organizations.

Now I know there are many charitable organizations that are greedy leaving little left over from administration costs to help others, but at least we can check up their financial information through the Guidestar non-profit 503(c) website. We can also use other Internet site tools like Ministry Watch to determine if our contribution is being utilized properly, but this isn't so with for-profit business enterprises.

A few examples of the trend:

Alex Jones, PrisonPlanet/Infowars

Each year Alex Jones' Prison Planet has a donations drive asking his listeners to donate to his for-profit enterprise.  What did Alex do with the donations over the years? He built up his organization so that it really didn't need him as much so he could go about raising a family.  In came the big breasted cleavage young female newscaster as a return on donor's investment (except mine) along with a few amateurs to do Jones' job whom he paid well with public donor funds.

Though I can't blame Alex for wanting more free time in his personal life, is this really rational to expect the public to fund your organization this way detracting from other charitable organizations who operate under the rules? For instance, how much does Prison Planet profit per year? As a pseudo charitable donor, you'll never have access to this information.  My donation paid for a pretty young woman with large breasts and cleavage in full view on-air, for a few really bad newscasters, upgraded studios and tech crew and for the release of new male vitality product.  Meanwhile, Obama's still in power doing just fine destroying America's values and future.

In sum, donations from millions of Prison Planet viewers likely made Alex Jones wealthy but we can never know for sure since we have no access to his business finances unlike a charitable 503(c) organization.  Back in 2008 I lost approximately $13,000 to Prison Planet sponsor's gold and silver coins scam where 50% of my cash value was depleted upon purchase.  I've since forgiven them for their misrepresentations, but that doesn't mean I can't let others know these people aren't the public servants they make themselves out to be because big money's involved.  Along with the financial loss to the metals scam, I gave $50 to Prison Planet in charitable contributions I deeply regret.

The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

The father and son radio broadcasting team Doug and Joe Hagmann are apparently too shy to directly come out asking for donations from their listeners so their frequent guests like Steve Quayle ask for them, "can you please give whatever you can to them?" he asked on air a few weeks ago. Quayle made it sound like the duo were struggling financially due to recent upgrades in their studio and satellite radio program expenses.  Though the need for money may be true, why can't these for-profit businesses form a charitable organization so Christian listeners' donations are tax deductible? Until then they remain for-profit entities, not volunteer public servants. I'd like to know where the $50 I provided over the past year went to other then calling down hell fire on me on the HH FB page for pointing out Jonathan Kleck's in need of deliverance.

In summary, if a business is a for-profit enterprise, it corrupts God's purpose to have to bring in pop culture guests on the radio program who are well documented false prophets/teachers such as Jonathan Kleck.  The foregoing defeats the purpose of the alleged "Christian Church" based radio program and its godly principles turning it into a hypocritical joke.  If HH can't afford to operate as a for-profit business finding funding through suitable sources, it should become a charitable organization stepping out in faith being true to God's Word as a genuine ministry. Otherwise, its quite a double minded approach to running this for-profit business God can't possibly approve of based on His Word.

Sub-Categories Within Hagmann & Hagmann Report Seeking Donations

Example - Guest, Benjamin Baruch, False Prophet Money Grubber

Those who appear on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report also ask for donations by the way. I received two emails from one of the guests, Benjamin Baruch I heard on the program who provided me with a "Go Fund Me" link. The email was full of some very con sounding materials asking for a donation to an alleged new ministry he's associated with along with another email hinting at funds needed for a film he's gathering funds for.

World Net Daily

This latest request for funds from the public at WND is what inspired my blog post today because its just so sleazy in my opinion.

WND's a for-profit business operation based on investigative journalism.  They make money selling advertising on their site and videos where millions of viewers visit each day as well as from selling books and products, even on cruises they promote.  I've subscribed to their outstanding Whistleblower magazine on and off the past three years because their publications are outstanding.  The following's a good example of the ramping up of this trend of for-profit businesses asking for public donations to fund themselves while claiming to be performing a public service.

In an alleged article it posted at the top of its website WND writers start out telling a FRAUD story about themselves as follows:
WASHINGTON – With the possibility fading of Barack Obama’s Justice Department prosecuting the inevitable Democratic Party presidential nominee, a new independent campaign to expose what it sees as Hillary Clinton’s criminal actions and prosecute her at the state level is on fire, says one of the organizers. Read more at
WND goes on saying this effort will be publicly funded by ordinary Americans (gag!)
Farah and WND senior staff writer Jerome Corsi, a two-time No. 1 New York Times bestselling author, have teamed up with the express purpose of bringing the Clintons to justice. Farah and Corsi have been investigating and reporting on the Clintons for 23 years. 
The project will be funded by contributions from ordinary Americans to accomplish three goals: 
  • expand the investigative reporting efforts into Hillary Clinton’s illegal activities;
  • empower prosecutors at the state level to bring charges against her;
  • prevent her from becoming the next president of the United States.
My question is, where is public transparency with the donated funds? How do we know the funds will be used for the purposes as claimed?  Furthermore, why does WND feel they can do a better job then Tom Fitton's Judicial Watch and Jay Sekulow's ACLJ both very committed well organized networked charitable non-profits that are doing an effective job already?

WND's Jerome Corsi's always looking for a good story to write with a lot of research hours but my experience with his work is that it's cursed with continual failure to accomplish much of anything. Not so with Judicial Watch and Jay Sekulow's ACLJ that can use every penny of what WND and Alex Jones want to take from their contributor base.  These are extremely effective organizations in accomplishing real goals.

The Buck Stops Here With Donors To For-Profit Entities

Bottom line is, as this growing trend continues, these for-profits are deceiving people for donations. It's my responsibility to make sure what God's provided doesn't go to waste on scams, fools and impostors. WND's latest fraud article's a good example.  All the while we have no idea where the money goes in these businesses. People who donate to these for-profits need to realize they're likely throwing money away that could be utilized best elsewhere.

My message to these for-profit businesses that I've donated to in the past is to get your acts together. If you're taking donations away from God's charities you could find yourselves in a lot of trouble with Him with tangible consequences for being deceitful. No doubt we forgive you but this trend can't continue without exposure and God anticipating your repentance!