Friday, December 4, 2015

The Hagmann & Hagmann Report Threatens Hell Fire Like A Church

Last I checked Doug and Joe Hagmann of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report aren't pastors or ministers, yet they're threatening hell fire when a member of their audience tweets something speaking truth about their broadcast of Jonathan Kleck. See Johnathan Kleck Needs Deliverance From Demons Please! 

If Doug and Joe Hagmann truly believe they're a church and that Jonathan Kleck is their brethren, I'm sorry to say they're clearly delusional.  Not only are they not a church, Jonathan Kleck's a false teacher of Christ whose clearly in need of deliverance of demonic spirits.

I'm thinking that maybe it was my two donations to their program that caused the Hagmann's to think they're a charity or organization, a church? Because when author Steve Quayle asked on air to help out with a little for their program a few months ago, I expressed my appreciation for the upgrades with $25.  They may have believed I was tithing to their church or ministry?  Last I checked they didn't take any step of faith to become ministers of God's Word by becoming a non-profit organization.

The Hagmanns see their radio program as a church, their guests "brethren".

This is to clarify, just because you have a radio program that interviews men and women who either claim to serve or actually do serve Jesus Christ, doesn't give you the authority to behave and act like a church when someone brings up a genuine issue about one of the guest's on the program.  My hope is that the Hagmann's really aren't that delusional and blind to fail to recognize it was a real gamble to air Kleck's stories on its program.  Referring to him as "brethren" is a bit concerning.  Real brethren get delivered from their demons and heal due to their repentance.

Having Jonathan Kleck on their program and then referring to him as "brethren" while attacking me with threats of hell fire, well I think it's time for a reality check for these guys.  I do forgive the Hagmann's for overstepping their authority under false pretenses of being a church, which they're clearly not.  I think a reality check's in order for both of them.  I answer to God, not men.  

Obedience is key to being a Christian. For instance, I went to a deliverance conference in Phoenix Arizona back in the 1980's.  The rebellious, such as Mr. Kleck, refuse to repent and get delivered from demons preferring to channel them by seeking continual attention such as on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report.

I know whenever I need to repent of sin.  In this case not and certainly not under the direction of a liberal Joe Hagmann since the Holy Spirit convicts me whenever necessary.