Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Hagmann Report's Spiritually Dangerous False Prophet Sensationalism

Another false prophet appeared on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report radio program a few weeks ago leading me no choice but to completely end my listenership, this time over con artist extraordinaire false prophet Benjamine Baruch.

For those who've never heard of the father and son duo, the Hagmanns have been seeking after sensationalism of late to attract more listeners, a common trap of for-profit businesses.  They recently upgraded their studio being on satellite broadcasts, far above their former amateurish BlogTalkRadio venue.

As previously noted in an earlier post, there seems to be an attempt to confuse the Hagmann's listener audience that they're not a for-profit business, being more of a charitable organization in need of donations for their good works spreading Christianity.  Alex Jones of Prison Planet used a similar means of requesting donations from his audience, though he was a for-profit business, by acting like he was performing a public service doing volunteer work.

Christian Author Benjamine Baruch Calls Humanity A Dog,
Threatens Incineration For Not Following Him.

I'm going to start doing YouTube videos again, the one posted here's a review of Baruch's latest book Search The Scriptures Out of the Darkness demonstrating the psychosis of some of this false prophet's writing. Much like a criminal, Baruch believes his own lies that only discerning Christians like myself can call out as such simply because it doesn't adhere to God's Word.  Baruch entitled his book in order to seek after those looking for a way out of darkness. An email he sent to me is clearly designed toward's the naive and vulnerable, the lost and lonely women he hopes will send him money. Yes, it's all about money just like I reported in my other blog article Charlaton Nick Vermillion Unmasked as False Christian Teacher - October 30, 2015.

After he sent me two emails, including providing a "Go Fund Me" link, I did some research and came to the conclusion Benjamine Baruch's a con artist using Christianity for financial purposes.  Shortly thereafter, another false prophet, Jonathan Kleck, appeared on the Hagmann program thus confirming to me they've sold out to sensationalist pop culture stories on the level of Freemason's Art Bell's former paranormal based program.  See my post: Shout Out To The Hagmann Report - Jonathan Kleck Says He's a Fallen Angel - December 5, 2015
"Modern 'prophets' are highly predictable. 
A self-appointed prophet garners national attention by prophesying the end of the world, pinpointing a precise date and even a specific hour when the Messiah will gather His elect. The news whips many into a frenzy. The prophet’s followers sell their possessions, believing they won’t need them anyway. 
As the anticipated day comes, then goes, the false seer wipes the egg off his face while unapologetically admitting to a miscalculation. Still, he holds to his belief that the Second Coming is imminent. The bogus prognosticator follows up with a new and improved date and his prophetic fables gain new traction with his gullible audiences. 
Fraudulent prophets are a dime a dozen. Yahshua’s first response when asked about the final days of man’s rule said, "Don’t be deceived." When the real treachery appears in the form of the Man of Sin, the charlatans will look like pikers. Millions will swoon in adoration when the False Prophet performs eye-popping miracles on the world stage." False Prophets101
It's important to keep our Christian minds focused on God's Word and not allow others to lead us astray into deception. We all tend to like entertainment and allow it to get the best of us that's spiritually dangerous and unpleasing to God. The Hagmann & Hagmann Report's a spiritually dangerous program I can no longer trust for all the reasons stated.

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