Sunday, July 26, 2015

Meet Spiritualist Witch Julie Barrios from Reality SF Church

Nothing says "I am a Jezebel" like Julie Barrios, Director of Spiritual Formation at Reality SF Church than her self description on Linkedin:

"Keeping humans human is what Julie is all about. The Incarnation captured her heart, mind, and body, and ever since, she has been on an ongoing journey of personal embodiment and mission to help others live life to the fullest of their human capacity, just as Jesus did." - Julie Barrios 

Notice Julie tried to get Jesus in there somewhere, but it's really all about her, she is the star of her show calling herself a "spiritual midwife", something typical of the infamous Jezebel spirit.

Can anyone tell me why a Christian church that preaches the Gospel hires a career spiritualist like Julie Barrios that the Holy Spirit wasn't enough for it? Her seductive eyes and smile were too much they just had to hire Jez for the job! What's this lady's salary, she's clearly not a volunteer.  Do I want to donate a cent to a church that pulls a stunt like this? Heck no! 

A master manipulator and self acknowledged social engineer of human beings, Julie's also mastered being a seductress using casual banter bringing excitement into the elder men at Reality San Francisco Church.  The hard ons and late night chats, hope their wives don't mind!  Why should a pretty young thing like Julie Barrios be allowed around married men of God?  Church run amok!  Very unwise to hire this woman on staff at Reality Church fellas.  

The Jezebel in charge of Reality SF Church's spiritual formation posted this
 travesty a couple months ago

The Jezebel at Reality SF Church posted Jesuit Pope Francis theology like a true traitor to Jesus

The Jezebel wants to be a leader to bring others into eternal hell with her.
She'd feel quite at home with the
Antichrist one world religion

Liberal presentation of unknown Pastor
at Reality/SF.
This church Reality/SF has some very talented revolving door Pastors as many are brought in from churches I'm unfamiliar with that I have no idea what their doctrine is.  For instance, who is Josh Waidley? When did he become a water baptized reborn Christian and where did he go to school? This church profile isn't enough for me as a church member to rely on. Anyone can preach the Gospel.

I don't know anything about many of these Pastors and for all know they have threesomes and kinky sex orgies based on how they look like liberal John Lennon "do as though wilt" ungodly trash tattoos and all. So I have a problem with unknown Pastors suddenly appearing out of nowhere to preach a sermon.  

I came into church early today sitting in an aisle with a couple of likely lesbians with nose rings, women who couldn't bear my question about why they felt it was okay to wear nose rings in church that they acted victimized in real distress.  I couldn't video record their faces and contorted response, but one of them actually got up saying she was angry as if she was going to punch me in the face.  Another very large lady with raven black hair a few rows down over heard my question prior to the sermon and said "I'm uncomfortable with your question" as if I was under their mob rule. I told them I was under the authority of Jesus to ask them a question. 
Who is this Pastor who came out of nowhere
 like the kid actor from the terminator?

It's easy to act like a trendy Christian that everything's cool all of the time. Then when someone comes along and asks "why are you wearing nose rings in church?" they have a real hard time with that I realize this is an anything goes church where anything flies. You can't challenge anything that's wrong. Because a Jezebel spirit's in charge of the spiritual formation, things will never change because the men in charge have the wishy washy liberal AHAB spirit as they lack strong commitment flying in and out of the church as they so please like jet setters looking for a good time in San Francisco.

The pastors welcome JEZEBEL's spirit to plant itself in their church.  The nose ring ladies likely go home with the church's blessings and eat each other after service.  Otherwise they will get out of their seat and try to intimidate anyone who asks them why they wear nose rings to church since they have no fear of God whatsoever.
Depraved women wanted to fight me.

This nose ring tattoo generation is the worse in human history ever, lacking discernment of holiness, whats right and wrong, being delusional and unwilling to do what it takes to obey and get right with God.  They're just the trendies who think anything goes since they have no fear of God.

This is the trashiest worst generation in American history in my humble opinion. Their music stinks, their politicians are evil and revolting. Their sexual practices are vile. They are the worst Americans ever in human history!  They go to church ready for a fight insisting they can wear whatever they so please to church. Anything goes and they'll even step on your toes!  Those two women claimed they'd been going to this church for three years.  

Time to find another church.

Sleaziest Generation Ever Wears Nose Rings to Church

I don't know why I felt a need to pierce my ears in high school, maybe it was Sheila Rogers, future writer for Rolling Stone Magazine, and her ear piercing machine she brought into school giving free piercings. Back in 1976, nose piercings were rare and anyone who went beyond multiple piercings on the ear lobe was considered sleazy.

Fast forward to 2015,  the young people of this generation are so horrendously revolting and nasty, rebellious in every way against God that they even sit in church with their nose rings and body paintings and demand you leave if you bring up the facts of God's opposing body piercing and their lack of reverence for God's church.  That's right, they will ask you to leave as if you've offended them!

As I walked in to Sherith Temple one fine Sunday, a temporary abode for my Christian Church due to remodeling, I looked over and saw a 23 year old man walking in behind me, nose ring and all prompting me to comment "wow, you sure have a lot of reverence for God, don't you?"  The casual attitudes, tank tops and shorts with flip flops entering such a beautiful temple dedicated to God!  Dress code anyone?  

A few fools came into the Israel Sherith Temple calling themselves Christians who believe no matter what they do and how much they abuse God's Grace, they will be saved from eternal hell and enter the Kingdom of God,.  The fact is that Gentiles such as themselves shouldn't be so cavalier they've got eternity sealed up with Jesus because God is looking for any opportunity to graft Jews back into the vine who might repent and accept Jesus as their Messiah.

"In verse 17, Paul issued a warning to the wild branches (Gentiles):
  • Warning to Gentiles: Do not boast against (κατακαυχάομαι) the natural branches (Israel).
  • Question: Why not?
  • Answer: Because the wild branches (Gentiles) do not support the root (God, the source of blessing)–the root supports the branches.
  • Objection: But they (the natural branches, i.e., Israel) were broken off so that I (the wild branches–Gentiles) might be grafted in.
  • Rebuttal: Correct–but remember–the natural branches (Israel) were removed because of unbelief. The wild branches (Gentiles) stand only by faith. Don’t be conceited but fear. If God broke off the natural branches (Israel) do you think He would not remove wild branches (Gentiles)?

22 Behold then the kindness and severity of God; to those who fell, severity, but to you, God’s kindness, if you continue in His kindness; otherwise you also will be 23 And they also, if they do not continue in their unbelief, will be grafted in, for God is able to graft them in again. 24 For if you were cut off from what is by nature a wild olive tree, and were grafted contrary to nature into a cultivated olive tree, how much more will these who are the natural branches be grafted into their own olive tree? (Romans 11.22-24)
The kindness of God was grafting wild branches (Gentiles) into the olive tree. His severity was breaking off the natural branches (Israel) from their place of blessing. God’s kindness is experienced upon response to His kindness (faith). Paul warned that Gentiles, like Israel, only stand by faith."
I can assure these arrogant abusers of God's Grace, God will gladly graft a converted Jew back into the vine who accepts Jesus and displace them because they have taken the broad path in life, nose rings and all.  

"Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it." - Matthew 7:13

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wart On The Ass of Humanity Rep. Frederica Wilson Authors H.R. 2232 Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015

Here's a sick bitch who can go straight to hell, a slithering whore Rep. Frederica Wilson bought off by the vaccine companies who wants to make billions forcing children across America to have a total 71 vaccinations by the time they're 18!  There's something about women born in the early 1940's, too many of them are super stupid! Super dumb! Shouldn't be allowed to hold a government office anywhere.

This  sinner slut Frederica Wilson has submitted her vile H.R. 2232 Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015 for all children in the United States to be vaccinated, 71 shots in total.  No opt outs!  Her majesty slut Frederica has nothing better to do with her life then this stinking garbage in her being bought off with millions of dollars by the pharmaceutical industry to force its agenda on every single American, like it or not.

Important information all Americans should know.

Who does this wart on the ass of humanity Frederica Wilson think she is to author such a Hitleresque bill? She obviously can't sing so she has to get attention this way? Why does this bitch wear cowboy hats, does she think she's a man?

Get the wart off!  Get it off!

Frederica Wilson  doesn't belong in public office.  This vile wicked evil bitch wants to harm children under the banner of protecting them.

Friday, July 17, 2015

My Parents Should Have Been Branded As Felony Child Abusers

By today's standards my parents would have been arrested and convicted of felony child abuse and neglect and my sister and I placed in the foster care system.  They were loveless, abusive, negligent and AWOL parents who only cared about their public image. My so called parents were a nightmare, installed under Satan's helm for the purpose of destroying others' lives while retaining their community status. My sister and I were always left to ourselves, there was zero parenting in our lives. My high IQ sister was left to rot in her room without any parental guidance because there was none available from a Latino wetback adulterer loveless father Buddy Merrill of the Lawrence Welk Show and his red headed demon possessed tyrant wife Ruth Behunin Merrill.

God knows all the very serious sins my parents committed against their children, every single loveless, thoughtless sinful act against us! God is aware my parents secretly acted to destroy, not nurture and protect their children.  They even gossiped against their children behind their backs, lying to others about them to make themselves look good!

Loveless, rotten people, God has demanded I forgive these two psychologically twisted abusive SATANISTS whose main goal in life was to come through with unscathed reputations for the extreme damage they caused their offspring due to their horrendous, loveless negligent abusive child rearing of the devil.  They were a nightmare, the worse unimaginable people ever, you couldn't turn to them for help or parental guidance, they were AWOL all of my young life only there to torment, offend, humiliate and oppress through tremendous contempt and arrogance. They existed in their so called civil marriage arrangement for the purpose of ruining their childrens' lives and future as they waited for their property's worth in Palos Verdes Estates to increase in order to bring them a retirement fund.

Those were my so called parents, a couple of sad clowns and this is what happens when you mix the races in intermarriage, a very confused cultural upbringing of people who had no culture or life to speak of. When my Latina grandmother named ORTEGA crossed with a White Mormon Utah man BEHUNIN in the early 1900's., that is a cursed blood line. First, you don't mix Mormon with Roman Catholic let alone Latino with Caucasian! What kind of stupidity is that?  It can only be expected a Latino/Caucasian son offspring would be an adulterer unable to form any real bonds with women and be a complete failure at fathering.  The Latino/Caucasian man was a bad experiment of a cross breed family unable to care and love his family whose so called wife was his stand in he used as a cover for his adulterous affairs.

Mormon's and Catholics are bad enough since they're not at all blessed by God for being false doctrine religions of the world. Then when you add to the bad mix occult practices such as my mother did, it becomes a highly toxic spiritual suicide bomb.  The initial mixing of Latino woman and Utah White man blood through the grandparents isn't a good mix, one's short and stubby while  the other's tall and strong with a cowboy demeanor. They never should have married and their entire bloodline's cursed by God Himself being completely out of line with His Scripture on marriage.

I'm convinced cross marriages of the races done so freely today doesn't at all contribute to spiritual harmonious relationships, but cursed ones in which the people have no idea what's wrong in their lives. For these reasons I am against cross marriages of any sort. Whenever I learn a Caucasian woman is stupid enough to mix her bloodline with the Chinese, I roll my eyes all over again that these people are choosing wrong! Wrong! You're not supposed to be mixing the cultures and bloodlines, YOU ARE CURSED PEOPLE WITHOUT GOD'S BLESSINGS unless you repent and surrender your lives to Jesus you will most definitely find yourselves in eternal hell in the afterlife.

It was a nightmare to be raised by loveless, careless antichrist people who continually proved negligent in every way shape and form of their children's upbringing. God knows! God knows what they did back there to damage the lives of the innocent they wanted to make forever guilty!! This is my way of HONORING my father and mother, forgiving and releasing them to God to deal with their transgressions against their children, but not before letting the world know they were a nightmare of endless abuse and neglect of their children's emotional, psychological and spiritual upbringing.

I've been set free by Jesus and am now called to forgive these people for their transgressions, lies and illusions they had over their children.  I cannot possibly be forgiven by Jesus unless I release these people in my prayers to Him in forgiveness.  This is the way it works,

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

High Roller John Nelson at CBRE Capital Markets Can't Afford My $20 Mobile Fee!

I gradually made it to the Mark Hopkins Hotel last Monday fresh from a new injury of a broken shoulder after falling off my bike last week from oil in the road.  I'm no longer on an eBike having to walk to provide services to my mobile notary customers.  I can't afford $50,000 surgery so will just have to live with a hampered arm.  I was there at the hotel to meet John Nelson, Executive Vice President of CBRE Capital Markets. Mr. Nelson's high up th e latter of CBRE, the media often quotes him.
John Nelson with CBRE comments, “It was a very competitive environment among several capital sources due to a strong market and very experienced sponsorship associated with this asset. We delivered the best capital solution available for this project, tailored to the borrower’s immediate and long term financing objectives”  CBRE Capital Markets Arranges $20 Million in Non-Recourse Financing for an Anchored Retail Center Located in Saratoga, CA
This other article quotes Mr. Nelson as well  CBRE Secures $100M Loan for Netflix HQ in Silicon Valley

Mr. Nelson's a high roller who works around a great deal of money while being one of the very few people ever to negotiate with me to waive my $20 mobile fee  I didn't know Mr. Nelson nor why he didn't want to pay my fee.  All I know is when I arrived, I had to wait for him a significant amount of time while two men from New York waited for him as their client.

Mr. Nelson had three documents to notarize at $30. Because he clearly didn't want a mobile notary when I first spoke with him, I offered to come to his office for free. He then changed the plan to meeting near where I live that his two fellows were going to meet him there.  In spite of this arrangement I was forced into to get the appointment, a man with integrity would have paid me a notary fee in spite of these negotiations.   He was far too selfish and into himself to care what I went through to walk to the Mark Hopkins with an arm sling.

I think these greedy people enjoy oppressing others.  Who in their right mind feels entitled to a free mobile service with all the money he has? A home in San Rafael? Who do these men think they are? Just think of the hardness of heart, the arrogance of American men like these. Mr. Nelson walked into the hotel acting like a celebrity.  He then thoughtlessly stole $20 from me in my humble opinion, a woman with a broken shoulder who has to walk around San Francisco now to provide services to her customers.

Today I visited a client and performed my services. A check was supposed to have been prepared since it was an appointment made last week. He said he'd be preparing a check. Instead, he provided me with a bad credit card and offered to pay me in two weeks from his corporate office.  What is wrong with these people who belong to multi-million dollar companies?

I'm now walking the streets of San Francisco slowly because my hip flexers hurt along with my shoulder and these wealthy high on the hog people are stealing my fees simply because they can through negotiation? Old Republic Title also began to steal from my loan signing fee that was clearly stated to them.  It got to the point where Sarah at ORT would try to steal my fee by even $5!  I no longer work for them.

Why does Mr. Nelson deserve to have my fee waived? Who does he think he is?  Nobody in their right mind does this to a handicapped person.  He had a wonderful service of a notary patiently waiting for him to arrive in order to notarize his document at the hotel. He entered like a celebrity and his men from NY referred to him as an elder James Caan.  He spoke of his tennis game, the high life as if I'm supposed to sit there and take his stealing from my mobile fee everyone else pays, some quite appreciatively.

These men like to pay nothing for illegal immigrant labor and don't want to pay Americans necessary fees to make a living.  They want us to die off so they don't have to pay hardly anything for services rendered by illegal immigrants.

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