Tuesday, January 12, 2016

David Bowie Met An Angry Jealous God!

Sheila Rogers, David Bowie's Disciple at Palos Verdes High School
If you want to know what God thought of meeting David Bowie on the other side, as a reborn Christian I've got some news for you.  First a little background on why I'm posting this.

I went to a David Bowie concert in 1976 at the Los Angeles Forum and even had his Changes and David Bowie Live album. Here's the catch, I didn't like Bowie or his music back then, I wanted peer acceptance from one of his cult followers Sheila Rogers former writer for Rolling Stone Magazine, and music producer for David Letterman who is now a producer on the Late Late Night Show.

Back when I was 16, I never understood David Bowie or his music at all and never had the time to figure out why people thought him a genius. Today all I know is that David Bowie was of Satan, the Illuminati and wasn't of Jesus Christ whatsoever though he claimed himself to be a Christian in later years. He wasn't, just like Obama and Hillary's aren't Christians though they claim otherwise.
When we die, the only thing that can protect us from eternal flames of God's glory on the other side is the Holy Spirit that seals and protects Christians eternally.  David Bowie clearly died without the Holy Spirit so he was consumed by God's eternal glory and spiritually perished to await the final White Throne Judgment. 

Bowie clearly wasn't a born again water baptized spirit filled man who had a heart for Jesus. His final works were clearly of the occult and the devil and Bowie's disciples like Madonna and others all praised him like the Messiah in their lives. David Bowie was clearly of Satan who opened demonic portals in youthful minds, including my own, more than any other performer of the 1970's.

David Bowie proves in this video where he was headed in eternity with his final work.

Any Christian who spent any time listening to David Bowie and his works should repent and renounce all time given to him as an idol before God. God's a jealous God and his brilliant glory consumed David Bowie, an idol of millions, on the other side that he didn't spiritually survive without being sealed by the Holy Spirit.  David didn't fear God nearly enough not believing the horror that awaited him on the other side being without the protection of the Holy Spirit.  
Bowie - "The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell" 
God's a jealous God! Imagine an idol before Him such as Bowie entering His presence who was so arrogant to ignore the intense suffering of His son Jesus who died on the cross paying a heavy price to save humanity.  We as humans have only this life to get right with God by accepting Jesus into our hearts and to follow Him out of this world.  David Bowie was clearly his own god who influenced many of today's Illuminati artists to be like him who are all headed for eternal hell. 
If you want to be with God and go to heaven, you need to surrender your life asking for forgiveness to Jesus and obey God's Word.  It means getting water baptized and accepting the Holy Spirit and repenting and renouncing all sin and works of darkness.  I renounce David Bowie as works of Satan, evil and darkness influencing my subconscious mind especially.

I recommend also listening to sound Christian teachers such as Dr. Charles Stanley at InTouch Ministries and renouncing being distracted by the works the likes of David Bowie that are extremely dangerous and not just entertainment.

This video explains why it's so difficult to enter heaven.

Jesus spoke of eternal hell more than anyone in Scripture because he came down from His throne in heaven to save us from it.  Jesus paid a heavy price to take on the sins of this world onto his shoulders. Whoever doesn't obey and follow Him to eternal life can only perish without God's Holy Spirit to protect them from His brilliant glory.

David Bowie's works will be judged and destroyed by God forever.  So if you're planning on being with David Bowie in the after life, you won't find him in heaven with God Almighty, this I can assure you. God has higher standards, Jesus said it's hard to get into heaven.  Fear God because He's Holy and an all consuming fire.  Eternal hell's real as is heaven!

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