Monday, January 4, 2016

I'm So Sorry I Designed, Scientists Are Satanic Madmen!

I just got finished reading some of Steve Quayle's Xenogenesis today that's so hair raising and horrifying I feel a need to publicly renounce a science based website I created many years ago.

Back in 2000, I completed a one year website project of (site map) that at the time I was quite proud of. This site was my sole creation, including all the artwork, of various research of discoveries in human evolution, human memory and future trends in science. Today I recognize my work as an abomination of a backslid Christian.  I shamefully recognize this site I created is AntiChrist based that pointed to a dangerous path with serious consequences for humanity's future.

There's no such thing as human evolution, it's been disproven as well as through human DNA that it doesn't exist. Madmen have hacked into our DNA with plans to rewrite its code to ultimately make God's redemption impossible just as in the days of Noah's flood.  They have plans for human genocide and to merge with technology to travel the stars just like Star Trek.

I don't believe I've ever publicly renounced this website likely because it's home page isn't available today, just the backside skeleton infrastructure's still up from with some old Java code because someone bought it from me on eBay. Needless to say, as a restored repented Christian, I am quite ashamed of the godless fruit I produced back then out of apparent rebellion and hardness of heart.  I have no one to blame but myself.  At some point I did eventually recognize the theme of human evolution pointed to genocide of humanity while a small elitist bunch planned on merging with technology into a new species.  Selling the site on eBay wasn't enough, my work needed to be renounced publicly.

Because I've since repented and asked God's forgiveness, His Word promises He forgives me, but nonetheless this site is part of my fruits of darkness which are many over the decades.  No one wants to have to stand in front of God with these kind of fruits in their basket, regardless if they're saved or not. Instead of looking forward to the future now, I really look forward to these bad fruits and memories being erased forever. I don't care about my human memories that God promises will be removed forever replaced with Himself.

What the Brainchannels site really represented at the time was a struggle with dark forces for my mind as a backslid amnesic Christian who forgot who she was in Christ.  While I hadn't picked up God's Word in many years, there I was involved with science and technology as my plan for salvation of my future, fool that I was! I even considered myself suddenly "agnostic" when I learned what that term meant from a former wealthy employer. I also was a frustrated person who believed herself to be a lesbian, though I proved to myself many times over I really wasn't. In fact, I was much better at driving women away from my personal life then I was attracting them.

There was no excuse for such rebellion after I was given the truth of God back in the mid 1980's, even being water baptized and given special help by Christians to help me through my homeless period when I was recovering from two very powerful magic mushroom experiences.

I'm grateful and relieved God was faithful to my life giving me many chances, otherwise I would have slipped forever into eternal hell.  Scary to even think where my spiritual wanderings led me many times down such a dark dangerous paths in life that included experimentation with magic mushrooms that I believe have contributed to many epileptic seizures in my sleep later in life.

Occultic practices included:

Ouji board (1968)
Automatic Writing (1968)
Experimentation with magic mushrooms (1982)
Astral Projection (1981)
Mental Telepathy
Spirit Channeling in Music
Listening to Spirits Being Channeled Through Humans (Relative's tape)
Reading about Spirits Being Channeled Through Humans (Seth Speaks)
Hinduism, related Meditation
Reading new age related books including Course in Miracles, Autobiography of Paramahansa Yogananda
Attending the Self-Realization Fellowship near Malibu, CA

For the past 30 years I've experienced occasional mild epileptic seizures in the middle of the night that gave me the feeling of levitation along with the rushing sounds of strong wind.  These things happened because of my experimenting with astral projection I read about in a book and through magic mushroom experimentation.  These practices open doors to demonic entities that require deliverance from in Jesus name and full submission to God. (James 4:7)

It's taken many years to realize how these wanderings blinded and caused me delusions keeping me from enjoying God's grace. Not many wander to the degree I did back in the 1980's especially. Most women my age were in college with boyfriends they planned to marry while I was getting myself into all kinds of spiritual trouble with God getting nowhere in life.

I'm sorry it took a serious bike accident (also see my witness testimony) as late as 2012 for God to get through me of the spiritual danger I was in. Sometimes God has to take extreme measures to get through to to the spiritually deaf and blind. No one can say I'm one of those who just naturally went towards the light of God in life, that the dark side seemed appealing making me one of the many fools of this world, certainly not a natural born Godly woman who knew instinctively to turn to God for help.  I have no bragging rights in that regard, and its best everyone know that God hates pride that caused Lucifer the angel to fall from Heaven to become Satan on earth. If you're a proud person, you're not favored by God who demands humility and repentance from fallen sinners we all are.

In any event, I highly recommend Steve Quayle's book Xenogenesis, 2014, it's a real eye opener of what the scientist madmen are planning for humanity.  The book's also available at as well as

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