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Nuisance Yelp Reviewer Elizabeth Guirguis Unmasked Today. Olea, San Francisco Symphony Staff Alert!

 Anon Yelper Elizabeth Guirguis Unmasked

**UPDATE** New video " Review Response: Yelp's Elzabeth G's Faux Review of Nob Hill Notary Services

**UPDATE - March 1, 2016 Elizabeth Guirguis is conducting a psy-op having targeted my business for a complaint though she never used my services, Ran to SFPD and filed police report within two hours of her phone inquiry when unmasked as fake reviewer.  SFPD called me at 2:59 PM three hours later using a blocked caller ID I didn't answer.

 She's written horrible things on Yelp about the San Francisco Symphony Staff, Olea Restaurant, many others and now my business. For years no one knew who she was, but now Elizabeth Guirguis, 46, has been unmasked as the person on Yelp responsible for vicious rants and attacks on innocent service staff in San Francisco. Coward she is, today Ms. Guirguis, 46, was presented with valid issues about her pattern of abuse on Yelp she responded to by contacting the SFPD as "threats" against her.  

I did everything I could to wipe Ms. Guirguis's phone call off the bottom of my shoe after stepping into her stinking mess by answering my phone today. Within five minutes of ending the call, Guirguis immediately put me under a sadistic psychological torture device, that of a one star Yelp review accusing me of being rude and hanging up on her.

My phone record shows I was contacted by Guirguis today at noon for a 26 second phone call followed by her immediate Yelp review within 5 minutes. I immediately responded, even pleaded, for the Yelp review removal which was ignored.

Elizabeth Guirguis at the Spa
I didn't provide any services to this person, the phone call lasted 26 seconds of my referring her to the local UPS.  Within one minute of the call Guirguis  put up a one star Yelp review.  I could tell from her voice the lady was going to be a problem while noting the call seemed very canned and unrealistic. Her first unfriendly question was "how much do you charge"?  Well, I responded, "I need more information, did you need a mobile notary?"  She responded "no."  I said, "Well, my downtown office is closed on the weekends, there's a walk-in notary store a block away if you'd like."  I ended the conversation at that point having no other responsibility to the person I sensed unusual on the other end. Referring someone to another notary service usually stops the person from additional inquiry, any normal person being grateful for the referral.

Click to enlarge
Here's a response to Guirguis' review from Owner of Olea, a local cafe restaurant in Nob Hill.

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Here's Elizabeth Guirguis' nasty review of Olea that so infuriated its owner to write "how dare you!"

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Here's an example of an ungrateful vicious spirit over he SF Symphony staff her royal heinous was clearly upset with.

Basically Elizabeth Guirgues, aka Elizabeth Moran, is a rude Yelper, a parasitic person in need of a continual host who eats out all the time having infuriated local business owners with vicious attacks, even attacking the beautiful SF Symphony's staff efforts to please. Her one star reviews outnumber her one star reviews 24 to 19, usually a trait of someone wanting to make it appear she's credible whenever she decides to rip into her victims.  This person demands the best food service experience that she will call her brother in Colorado to complain to him about a bad meal and put the conversation on Yelp.

click to enlarge.
Elizabeth is complaining about their Egyptian food because she "grew up in an Egyptian household" calling it crap. Her highness was very displeased, better roll out the execution squad!. 

So after reading some of Elizabeth's reviews, I can deduce a pattern that this lady felt entitled to my services that I did not provide as if she's Queen Elizabeth demanding my services.  I was then immediately put under sadistic mind control punishment with a one star Yelp review.

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Here is Elizabeth's review of my business today, one of only two bad reviews I've gotten there after 7 years of business. She also responded to my claim she ruined my Saturday with "I enjoyed my Saturday today, read my latest review of . . ."  She wrote this after saying she filed a police report against me, psychopath material!

Here's her email to me, this may have been some kind of psy-op I suspected from the get go:

click to enlarge

An apparent psychopath, Elizabeth Guirguis prefers to go to the police and file a complaint while writing me what a wonderful Saturday she had, that I should check out her latest review. As usual, the cops are all excited wanting to file another case against me.  I unmasked the beast hiding behind an anon identity and they want to continue its power.  Every time I unmask the perpetrators of the harassment of me a cop is there to keep their psy-op operation going in the Court system to make money for the lawyers and filing fees.

So while this Egyptian/Australian foreigner Elizabeth's been up to no good today while typically gorging her face with San Francisco's food providers labor, I wanted to give the run down on what I've been doing the past several months, helping the community homeless 79 year old of two years living on the streets get back into her bank account, get her hooked up with her daughter and medical care again, donating to the Two Sisters being evicted from their homeless soup kitchen, donating to the SF Food Bank and another on GoFundMe of a young woman put in a coma by a beast her beat her to a pulp on Valentine's Day.

Here's what I've been up to outside of my business:

My donation to the SF Nun Rent Increase Fund who feed the homeless in the Tenderloin

A donation to the poor girl beaten up by her roommate on VD Day

click to enlarge

An email from the daughter of a 79 year old homeless person of two years I helped connect for help. I also helped her get back into her bank account she was locked out of for two weeks

You see, I do a lot of good in my business as a mobile notary, I also pray for people dying at hospitals. I'm connected with the local business community. You've never ever seen any reviews I'm late or irresponsible, only two crazy people who I didn't provide them with services for whatever reason I turned them down.  That is the only crack in my business I have for anyone to complain much of the time, is when I refer them to UPS because of my schedule, or due to it being a Saturday, and these crazies take it and run with it as far as they can because they are EVIL, PARASITIC, DEMONIC people who suckle off of the culture with all the pleasures of food they stuff down their throats, the demanding tone they have, the unreasonable expectations of fascists who the cops back 100%.

Posted 3/2/2016 - Yelp's Elzabeth G. (aka Elizabeth Guirguis) Faux Review

So I'm out here on the streets of San Francisco doing a lot of social community work on my own, look at how the SFPD's waiting for the phone to ring from crazy women like this filing complaints. They're sitting on their behinds while I'm out there on the streets actually helping the homeless.

Egyptian Elizabeth Guirguis from Australia went down to the SFPD while recommending I visit her latest Yelp review as if she's a celebrity - Narcissism al la carte

A Cop Tried To Reach Me By Phone Today - SFPD Blows These Things Up For Court Filing Fee Revenue and Local Attorney Fees.

A cop actually tried to call me today on a blocked number at 2:59 pm that I didn't answer. They care so very much for Elizabeth's safety I'm sure, the script's all been pre-written of the misrepresentations, broad use of the term "threat" which could mean simply informing someone what will take place if they don't remove the review such as writing this blog article, contacting other parties they've harassed, etc.  People require a warning prior to action being taken, it's not a threat the way they make it seem.  I shouldn't have to pay a lawyer hundreds of dollars to contact this person, I should be allowed to let her know what will happen if she doesn't remove her review.  After all, look at the other responses she's had on Yelp. "How dare you. . . .."  Clearly a provocative nasty person. Now it's all up on the Internet anyone can read what this person's been up to compared to what I've been doing with my time, running a business and helping others around town.

In Summary:

After she filed a complaint with the SFPD, Elizabeth sent me an email the police want a restraining order against me that she had a wonderful Saturday.  She added I should check out her latest Yelp review at some Mexican joint.  That's psychopath material in my book, what about yours?

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San Francisco's Beloved Notary John Minjiras Campaign of Hate Against Me - February 25, 2016

Friday, February 26, 2016

San Francisco's Beloved Notary John Minjiras' Campaign of Hate Against Me

I wanted to introduce my blog visitors to a San Francisco Mobile Notary celebrity, John Minjiras.  John's been on a huge Yelp campaign to make sure he gets an avalanche of Yelp reviews from all of his customers that are all five stars. As he absorbs all the love, warmth and friendship showered on him in San Francisco for charging a $45 mobile fee vs. my $20 fee, the folks clearly love love love him!  They love him so much they're willing to pay an extra $25 just to be in his presence.

There appears to be a huge campaign to elect Minjiras as the top notary public in San Francisco that's clear from the smear campaign he's sent my way of crazy men and women who have never used my services before writing vicious hateful things about me on Google+ and Yelp.  I believe Mr. Minjiras is very aware of me, no doubt.

People love to hate me and that's clear now. I'm a hated person. I was hated by my family, I was hated by my classmates and I'm hated every day of my life on this earth. People get showered with love and support while I get hated hated hated.  They get gifts and I get nothing, my birthday's been ignored for decades.  I sing my heart out and I get hated.  I clean people's homes and I get hated. I am a hated hated person in case you didn't know. Everyone is loved except for me and the drug addicts shitting on the sidewalks people have to step over. There is not a soul who loves or has ever loved me on this planet. They expect me to get down to the floor and squirm around like some reptile to fit in here in San Francisco.  White conservative heterosexual women aren't wanted here.

Homeless people I've helped don't want anything to do with me, the 79 year old homeless lady I recently helped avoids me like the plague not wanting to even chat. She recently stopped by asking me for the time and was on her way quickly, someone with all the time in the world.  I'm a deeply hated person, let there be no doubt.  No matter what I do doesn't matter, if I bought you a $500 birthday cake and invited people over for your birthday, you still wouldn't like me. I am a despised, hated person and the Internet shows that to be the fact. No one wants to spend time with me, no one wants to speak with me on the phone. No one wants anything to do with me as if I stink like shit. I do everything I can to be attractive, but people hate me preferring the gross ugly obnoxious pervert with his pants down shitting on the streets. They love and tolerate him, but they hate me!

People share their photos with an ape in the zoo but not me. To these liberals, I have less value then an ape as a Christian. 

It's become crystal clear to me now, no matter how hard I try to please people throughout my life, men are dearly loved for being men while my being a woman leads to nothing but endless consequences. They can have ugly tattoos all over their bodies, their pierced dongs can hang to the ground, they could be Neanderthals, but they are still loved and cherished just because they're men. There's always some woman there for them no matter what, droves visit them in prison. They get the flowers and I don't. Gigantic stinking apes from the jungle with dung matted on their rears are loved by Jane Goodall but I'm not.  There is no worth I have to anyone whatsoever except to steal whatever remaining material thing I may have left when I die.

He charges $45 for a mobile fee, I charge $20. He's loved!
I ride my eBike in 45 degree weather racing down to a local business so some man can catch a plane, I'm there in 15 minutes and they don't give me a Yelp review. I'm hated! I've done virtual back flips to get to customers quickly and efficiently attend to their notary needs, and I get no Yelp review. I'm hated!  Every time I do good for a business or person, or family, I get no Yelp review. I'm hated!  Instead I actually get  bad reviews from people who don't even use my services because my schedule was busy the day they called.

Lately a pattern's show up of people using my services, leaving me with "I'm going to give you a Yelp review, thanks!  Or, I'm going to give you a Google review, thanks!"  Mysteriously, no review ever materializes.  This has happened the past few weeks and no one follows through with any review.

I pray for people on their deathbeds and their families.  I help the local homeless and donate to the food bank.  I do everything within my power to make good contributions and some man is having me attacked on Yelp by those who give him endless rave reviews!

Read the latest review on Google+ for my services over a 27 second phone call I told him I wasn't available that evening.  Fortunately Bad Boy Bail Bonds in Oakland didn't get their review published after I contacted their corporate management to remove it.  I'm hated!

(click to enlarge)
Fortunately this review was removed after I sent a letter to Bad Boys explaining I had health issues that evening.

Here is the photo of the phone call record that evening for 24 seconds worth of conversation. I've never worked with these people before.

I was given an extremely abusive review on Google over a 24 second phone conversation.  Whatever efforts I make to please my customers are consistently ignored. 

I learned from the admin at Bad Boy Bailbonds they used Mr. Miniros' services later that evening who encouraged them to complain about me!  I responded to Bad Boy that I had worked for Alladin Bail Bonds riding my eBike once late at night one cold evening on dark dangerous roads. I arrived at 9:00 pm, waited for their customer for quite some time and then emailed them their receipt for their records. In spite of my efforts to please, I never got any review. I asked Bad Boy how is it fair that when I do my best I get no Yelp or Google reviews, that I get this really abusive review from their employee simply because I couldn't provide services that evening?

This, my friends(?), is the hatred a woman experiences in a city dominated by a liberal culture that hates white conservative heterosexual woman. Continual hatred I encounter around every corner. I'm a deeply despised hated person like never before.

When I moved to San Francisco in 1995 I believed I was escaping an oppressive Christian based culture that I'd do well here.  At first I did okay. I guess, believing I was a lesbian.  Now years later I'm a full blown white conservative heterosexual and the intensity of the hatred I'm feeling is beginning to affect me.

My first review on Yelp back on March 9, 2012 from someone I never met I had to turn down for services due to my schedule that day.  At that point my business was 3 years old. No one had anything nice to write about my services after a lot effort to please hundreds of customers.

The same person provided a glowing review (below) to 24/7 Notary's John Minjiras two days later. Now, if 24/7 provided her with fast service what was that two day gap all about?  Because she needed someone right away, why didn't she get services on 3/9/2012 the day she contacted me?  She spent time writing my bad review yet was in a hurry to find a notary that day.  She apparently didn't get services until 3/11/2012. Look at how biased she was against me and how she coupled her experiences of other notary services with  my own, even confusing me with another named "Cheryl Berna Adams" ranting on and on.

It's almost as if she was told what to write in her review, doesn't it? She ends with "I'll put my money on John" as if it's some horse race.  Rah rah rah! This rant is unbelievable. What a nut! 

Check out this review demonstrating the campaign language as if this is Hillary Clinton vs. Trump or something. "One of the greatest notaries (and persons) this city has to offer".  Love, love love for this guy who charges $45 for a notary mobile fee over my $20 fee.  

This is a campaign against a Christian notary woman here in San Francisco with tremendous praise for a man who charges over double her mobile fee. They make it seem his conversation is worth it as if they're speaking to God Himself.

In Summary:

These men are trying to slow murder me through political based on-line smear campaigns while directing their mentally ill vicious flawed predatory women my way to abuse.  They're putting up huge blogs accusing me of being a cyber stalker and distorting truth for their political advantage as if I'm Hillary Clinton or Susan Sarandon.

It seems relief won't ever come until the day I die to be with God.  It was so much easier being a naive liberal decades ago singing pop songs to deal with life.  The liberals love their own, they've got their own religion going on where sin is love, hate is love, love is hate, self love and glorification are great while humility in doing things for God's insanity to them.

These men get endless praise while I'm continually burned all of my life. My parents burned me, the homeless burn me, my classmates burned me, landlady burned me, employers burned me, doctors burned me, I am a continually burned person and no relief has ever been in sight for me whatsoever. So I'm waiting on God's timing and that's where I stand.  I'm waiting to die as an unloved hated person and that's the truth. Today I got burned again, then I did some research and confirmed, people really really hate me.

You can take your smear campaigns where the sun don't shine and do what thou wilt with them, see where it gets you in eternity. Be aware my prayers are heard by God and my faith continues in spite of it all.  God will be dealing with you all in His own timing.

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Cry Me A River - God Wants You To Know Why You're Not My Victim - February 25, 2016

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cry Me A River! God Wants You To Know Why You're Not My Victim

Cry Me A River Sandi Smith!
It wasn't too long after we moved up to the wealthy conservative community of Palos Verdes Estates California back in 1971 from Baldwin Hills, CA that my mother started my local house cleaning career for her Japanese friend who moved up to the area along with us. "You can use my daughter's cleaning skills," mother offered in return for keeping her friendship alive. I'd go up to the lady's house and clean a huge home that was far nicer then our own. The home must have had four bedrooms and a huge kitchen I had to clean each Saturday afternoon. Not only did I have to clean her friend's house but mother's tri-level home as well. Never ever did I consider saying no to my mother, I had no choice in the matter. I wasn't asked "will you please do this for me?"  I was told to do it so I obeyed.

My Exciting New Career in Palos Verdes Estates Cleaning Homes and Ironing Clothes for Wealthy Neighbors Begins

Thus my house cleaning career began in my early teens with my mother wanting to either keep or make new friends in the community. Next I was being loaned out to our new next door neighbor, Nancy McCarthy, a mother with a baby, when I had just started high school. Instead of studying or practicing my viola or developing my vocal singing talent, mother leased me out to local community to make a name for herself apparently. I know this because Mrs. McCarthy once complained to mother I didn't iron her clothes well.

Think for a minute about this, your next door neighbor's teenager apparently tried her best to iron your paramedic husband's clothes for cheap by coming into your wealthy ocean view home (today the home's worth $2.5 million) to offer you a service. You complained to the girl's mother about it? Who in their right mind would expect a 14 year old to iron your husband's clothes like a professional? How insensitive to the child, and I don't care what you say, 14 years old is still coming out of childhood. No one ever taught me how to starch the shirts, I never told anyone I could iron well being assigned to it as a added bonus. That was the first hint I got of the brutality of wealthy people who expected perfection from 14 year olds they paid dirt cheap to do their ironing and housecleaning for them.

Wealthy Community Received Inexpensive Childhood Labor 

The money I made from these P.V. community's home cleaning chores and babysitting was anywhere from $1.50/hr to $3.50 recall. Meanwhile my brain was fading away at a young age and math skills were non-existent. Music theory was on the level of junior high school knowledge in spite of a dad who seemed to want to keep music theory a secret.

Parents didn't care of the dangers of riding a moped
I recall each weekend for a year I'd clean the home of a stroke victim that his wife would hire me to vacuum, dust and clean the house. The money went towards things like my purchasing a $400 moped to get to these jobs easier because my parents wouldn't offer me a lift.  So why is it mother didn't get a job and help? Why was it I had to do all the chores, even clean their garages and wash their cars (they paid me for this particular chore since it saved them money), trim the bush hedges? Because these people were godless, soulless sinners who had no care for me or my future. Even after I left home mother was trying to get me to do petty chores for her friends, like the heavy smoker who worked near my new job at C. Itoh Electronics in Mar Vista, CA. Mother offered to pay me some pittance to clean their company's blinds from the smoke. I felt so continually humiliated by this person still trying to hinder me with her petty cleaning projects.

In the mind of these parents, my future was slated to be a low class criminal no matter what I did because I was born out-of wedlock to a Hollywood television musician guitarist Buddy Merrill who had a forced civil marriage to accommodate my birth in the public eye. These people both looked down on me as a spoiled little princess and burden that needed to be continually put to work for them.

I can't recall how many times I was dumped on my grandparents for parental trips to Hawaii, San Francisco and on the neighbors in Baldwin Hills, CA who I was told to call Aunt Marge, Uncle George and Aunt Pat. These were just neighbors and none of them had children to play with. Aunt Pat was even invited to my high school graduation ceremony though she hadn't visited in nearly a decade. Who was she? Why wasn't I told she would be coming as the only one who wanted to attend? Not even grandparents wanted to come to my high school graduation and my parents left early without offering me a ride home.  How do they think they made me feel? They didn't care if I died.

Cleaning Homes For Wealthy Parents of High School Peers - Excruciating Psychological Intimidation

In the 1970's I worked hard to please the local community of Palos Verdes Estates, and there was at least one customer I had through the P.V. youth work program in 1976 who summoned me to clean for my classmate's home. I recall one summer day when Tory Baer had her beautiful friend Corriene over, when I was scolded for not answering her phone for her. That's right, "Cheryl, why didn't you get the phone?", Tory rudely demanded as I was busy cleaning the kitchen. I was too scared to respond. On another summer day that waited for me to play in the sunshine, I was too busy cleaning under the Baer's grimy refrigerator. How humiliating was that? Horrible. Meanwhile their son Don was out driving his car going to the beach. For this I received $2.50 an hour at two hours of cleaning.  My peers got an allowance for simply existing, many times were even given new sports cars, while I was treated like the community's slave.  I had low self esteem and was frightened of virtually everyone I felt inferior to in every way like some stray dog no one wanted.

My parents were cruel and unloving. What kind of mother would pass along a complaint I didn't iron the neighbor's shirts well? What kind of neighbor would bother to complain over some teen's best effort to iron her husband's shirts? I genuinely worked hard for people wanting to please.  What kind of father would let his daughter be the community slave?  Tell me about any 14 year old in the U.S. who can press shirts nicely without being taught how? No one would give me a break.  Meanwhile my poor puli dog Kelly was being given brutal walks by mother who hung her in the air by her collar over the slightest misstep. I would have preferred to be walking my dog I played with as a kid, but with all the work I had before me, I forgot about my dog my mother was abusing. The dog later went blind and deaf.

I've been in many homes of families up in Palos Verdes Estates, CA. I must have had at least 15 client homes I cleaned while going to high school. Yet I was never accused of stealing anything. This includes homes I regularly babysat. I had a good work ethic and was proud to pay for my own things earing my own clothing, viola lessons, stereo and moped.  Meanwhile, these parents were stressing me out, calling me downstairs to meetings where they gawked at me as a problem, cigarettes lit in their smoky dimly lit den. Never mind their long winded loud angry fights at 2:00 am that caused my sister Melody to threaten suicide, they were never the cause of whatever problems they perceived in me. It was all my fault. I was even attacked while doing my dish cleaning chores after dinner. What kind of parent attacks their child, going for her throat, while they're doing a chore for them? How delusional! What kind of parent does that? The devil, that's who! A red headed devil monster who saw herself as Lucille Ball. I wasn't laughing. Or the time I was 17 having come home 20 minutes late after curfew that I was chased around the table by some angry red headed beast.  I was rarely late, I was a very obedient daughter for fear of being killed.

Only Seeing The Worst In One's Daughter Is a Crime of Godless Neglect and Abuse

1995 in Los Angeles
Imagine a couple of parents who never insisted on attending their 15 year old daughter's dinner party engagement where everyone applauded her for receiving a Best Freshman award in the orchestra as a violist? People were clapping for me that evening while my parents were at home watching television having missed a wonderful dinner at the Princess Louise Ship in Redondo Beach.  Imagine a father, who played guitar for Lawrence Welk 20 years, having shown up late to the only solo singing performance his daughter, 18 had ever partaken in, walked out of for lack of a seat.  Any real father would have stood in the back cheering on his daughter, but not this angry rebellious person who never wanted to be my dad! He put me through so much with his angry wife taking out her frustrations on for his absence and cheating on her, these two wanted to destroy my life, my future because of their failed marriage!

This absent father never considered all of his chores I did on his behalf while he was on the road, nor my having to bear the humiliation of appearing on the Lawrence Welk Show at 13 years old forced to perform some stupid "spoons" amateur rhythm routine with my sister on national television when I could have done a singing performance to showcase my talent. We spent 30 minutes learning how to play spoons and then went on National television!  Repeatedly humiliating one's daughter and providing zero support was the best this man could ever do. So go figure why today Jesus Christ is my Savior, because God's very real to me.

P.V.H.S. Orchestra 1975
That's the family I was raised in that didn't give a hoot if my grades were below par they used against me as if I was a future criminal element, that they treated me like their dumb slave. Imagine a mother who called a high school to complain her daughter believed she could sing, that why was the school encouraging it by letting her into its jazz choir? I'm sure the school's counselor was shocked over this phone call I overheard. I was scared to death, imagine your own parents wanting you to fail, to parish and be destroyed because they had you out of wedlock they never wanted you in the first place? Their attitude towards me was absolutely abusive, a huge dark cloud that never went away never getting better. . .ever!

A Maternity Home in Los Angeles Is Where It All Began

They wanted me disgraced all of my life because I was born to them unwed in 1960 where my mother began raising me in a maternity home for women in Los Angeles. I was marked for life by these Hollywood T.V. career people as a future failure and criminal no matter how hard I worked or what awards I had won. They pegged me as an unwanted burden all of my life and I've been alone bearing the burden of this cruel abusive family that never loved nor cared for me whatsoever because they were Satanists into the occult. I once visited them in 1981 given some cheap drug store candle in an unwrapped shoe box for my 21st birthday.  I was later invited for a ride on Thanksgiving in Hemet to my grandparents mobile home and they didn't talk to me hardly at all. There in their mobile home, I was placed at the children's table, yet there were no children there. Later I visited my sister in the hospital after she was hit by a car and she virtually ignored me. These people weren't my family.

Real Parents Would Have Been Happy With Me

Guys are treated better in America
Back in 1976 I had to fight for the right to attend the scholarship provided for the U.S.C. music camp award I had received from the P.V.H.S. orchestra. Once again my parents were AWOL staying at home to watch television like a couple of zombies, never insisting on attending the dinner award party. Later I was told I couldn't go to the music camp. Why? Because my parents claimed they planned for a family vacation in Yosemite trying to make it appear they were treating me well. They didn't want me to attend the U.S.C. music camp scholarship I was provided, imagine that! I was being treated like a criminal they didn't trust to stay alone in their house a few days so I could be given a ride to the camp after they left for vacation. I was a 17 year old by that time whom they didn't trust whatsoever and they were always highly suspicious of my secretive nature. Who could be open with people such as these? Don't doubt for one minute my belongings weren't gone through, no stone was left unturned, even my albums were secretly listened to, letters sent to me read I had hidden away. I never had any peace because the devil ruled the household.

Excuse Me But A Pattern's Formed - Allow Me To Make This Clear

I've done a lot of house cleaning for wealthy and middle class women in my life as well as having worked for many wealthy people in Corporate America and at law firms.  I've noticed a pattern of women believing they're better then me, on a higher level in life then myself that I'm invisible except for services and their criticism, judgment and ultimate disposal. My very own mother treated me like a criminal no matter how hard I worked or what awards I won. I observe how well taken care of these women are and no man ever offered to take care of me that way because I didn't have a college education. The good men are taken by the college educated women so I've been stuck with having to provide endless services to people all of my life.

Notary public work's a breeze, a no brainer for me I appreciate the opportunity to do.  I've done my share of hard labor in life and my health and age prohibits me from pushing myself ever like that again. So pardon my appearance of having an easy spoiled life living in Nob Hill San Francisco because it's not at all accurate. I haven't owned a car since 1986, I ride around on an electric bicycle in dangerous traffic conditions every day. I've never owned a home. My last boyfriend was in 1983.

Huge Pompous Weddings, Their Arrogance is Unbelievable - Status Means Everything!

So when I recently observed Josiah Smith, 25, who divorced his foreign wife shortly after a huge pompous ceremony he put everyone through, that one year later he was sleeping upstairs as his 51 year old mother shoveled snow at 3:00 am, I felt pity.  Pity for a man who can't take care of himself that he relies on his mother to risk her life alone at night out in the cold during the worst snow storm in Pennsylvania's history.

So when Sandi Smith, a FB acquaintance who invited me to her social network, was allowing her son to totally take advantage of her, I was reminded how much men get away with while the women are falsely accusatory of me as if I'm responsible for their victimization. My bringing to light how spoiled these men are, how they have all the support in the world yet I suddenly become a "slanderer" for calling the son an idiot. Well if I were the son I'd admit what an idiot I was for allowing my 51 year old mother to shovel snow she took a video of as I slept at 3:00 am. I would admit I was an idiot for napping the next day too as my mother needed my assistance digging snow again. I've been listening to Michael Savage lately and the word idiot's used many times in  his radio broadcasts.  The term "idiot" isn't a big deal when you really are being idiot and is certainly isn't slander under the circumstances. Hey idiot, get out of bed and help your mother dig snow whom you're living off of.

Men Acting More Like Women  - The Pussification of America

Crying Wolf - Those Who Feel Entitlement

I wanted to report I've supported the wives of these men much of my life doing their chores for them into my late 20's even, providing services over the years that I noted their husbands are out enjoying life much, e.g., jet setting to their football games during the holidays leaving their wives to tend to chopping wood alone, shoveling snow alone, while I get the blame for pointing out something's wrong. Something's wrong in some of their marriages and I'm not going to fly out to their homes to shovel the snow or cut fire wood for their dumb ass husbands and lazy sons who left them with the work to do. These spoiled men are looking for harems, layers of women, to support their lazy sports spectator, video game lifestyles whom they care little to nothing of their emotional needs.

These men are spiritual weaklings who don't take care of their wives, that I always have to fill in the gap that I get blamed in some way for the wife's victimization. This pattern happens over and over again. I'm not responsible for your marital problems you're clearly in denial about. Look, if you're going to put all the facts up on YouTube, people will notice.

You And Your Evil Flying Monkeys!

Turn back to the Lord, all of you so called Christian mothers treating me like I'm beneath you. How dare I point out how spoiled rotten your pitiful son is living off of you after one year of a failed marriage. I saw that video you shot of him finally shoveling snow for you like a girl after I mentioned how heartless the men of your household were! Stop blaming me for your husband's neglect, your son's failed one year marriage.  Focus on your own problems and stop blaming me for pointing out how uniquely spoiled the men of your household clearly are.

I forgive and will pray for you, but just know I'm not to blame, call off the evil flying monkey friends of yours who claim to be Christ loving women and stop playing my victim! Your not my victim! I haven't abused you!  I can't come visit to tend to your chores. Stop spoiling the men in your household as if they're princes and kings!

The pattern: Spoiled men who rely on women to keep their ego game going in life, to sail on through having it easy. Men want layers upon layers of women supporting them on the level of a hierarchical harem so they can have an easy life living like kings. They fly to and fro like jet setter millionaires wanting all the freedom in the world while women are chained up at home chopping wood, shoveling snow needing other women to help them with their plight.

Abandoned To Cleaning Tables In Family Pizza Parlor, Staying In A Parking Lot Near Buena Park While Parents and Younger Sister Jet Setted Off to Hawaii in 1973

I'll never forget my Freshman year of high school how my parents and younger sister took off for Hawaii leaving me with grandparents to do their pizza parlor restaurant chores of cleaning tables, etc. I had a treat of playing pinball, but I was all by myself there without kids to play with.  Later the perfume my mother brought home for me from Hawaii was stolen from my high school locker.
They were abusive, they were cruel, they weren't involved in my life just using me as their endless slave, being non-supportive and my enemies. My mother was always looking to getting to the girls I knew at high school wanting to talk about me behind my back she'd force me to have them spend the night. My late sister died over a decade ago.


A Christian mother thinks she's better than me, of higher stature being a Godly woman and because she slaves for her spoiled sons and husband she treats like kings. She raises her divorcee son's grandson giving her even more status in her mind whom she flaunts in videos to the public.  She's outside chopping wood all alone for her household, she's outside mowing a huge lawn, she's painting rooms in her house rather than her husband paying for a professional, she's shoveling snow at 3:00 am and shooting videos of it. Her husband leaves her home while he travels across the states to see a football game during the holidays.

I can only deduce the reason this woman thinks she's better than me and that she's somehow my victim is that serving such arrogant spoiled men gives her special privileges in this society. When I sent her a small gift for Christmas and she cried on video over it, thanking me, how can it be that I suddenly turn her into my victim? So cry me a river, simply for pointing out the truth many men are negligent and insensitive of a woman's emotional needs being users who rely on them so they can feel like kings and princes of their households. It's all about their egos.

Stop Blaming Me As If You're My Victim! 

So don't blame me for pointing out that your husband and sons rely on you like a slave that you've clearly become the man of the household.

I've lived 55 years here on earth, stop viewing people so one dimensionally as if the entire universe revolves around you and your spoiled man king and princes that I'm here at your disposal to play whatever role you want to appoint at-will as if you're an employer.  I don't want the job! I've already paid my dues to women like you many times over and my life's been utterly devastated by it. So stop playing the victim because God knows what I've been through and you won't get away with it. None of these threats to me about "every idle word you speak will be dealt with. . . ." as if you're the center of the universe.

I'm grateful for those Christians who genuinely did something on behalf of Jesus for me, and there have been several including Julie Loomis, Sharon Hutchison and Jennifer Justice from decades ago. Back in the 1980's I needed a couch to sleep on, some groceries and help moving and they all helped as well as exposing me to God's Word and water baptism.  Though they could have picked apart anything I might have done back then since I was slightly disturbed at the time, none of these Christian women held it against me or played the victim.

People who play the role of my victim calling their pals to gang up on me on the Internet get a big because I have a kind giving nature only a manipulative political power hungry person would exploit for their own public benefit.  The male ego spreads into female minds like a virus with great ease. These men are looking for women to support them beyond their wives, that they keep them all on a hierarchical level one beneath the other where the higher one punishes the lower one in order to maintain his manhood and self appointed nobility. Not anymore they don't. Jesus set me free of this nonsense.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Things Mayor Ed Lee's Done To San Francisco That Will Shock You

As a mobile notary on an eBike in San Francisco since 2009 and resident since 1995, I've witnessed a lot happening on the streets of San Francisco and in various buildings I've visited. When I first moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles, it was fairly dead, hardly anyone was here yet. Things changed within three years of the dot com boom but that was nothing compared to what's happened since Mayor Ed Lee took office over four years ago.

Back in late 2013, I overheard Mayor Lee speaking on the phone with a diamond ring wholesaler arranging for a $250,000 ring for his wife for no particular occasion. Do you wonder as I do where Mayor Lee got that kind of money? After reading this blog article you may have an idea how Mayor Lee can afford to pay $250,000 cash for a new diamond ring for his wife as if it's no big deal, just a drop in the bucket apparently. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not jealous of Lee's wife.  I don't want a diamond ring, I've got Jesus and eternal life. (John 11:24-26)  However, when it comes to the quality of life being direly affected in San Francisco, I take issue with where the Mayor's wealth's been coming from. After all, Mayor's salaries aren't that large.

These are the things I've noted changing dramatically since Ed Lee became Mayor of San Francisco:

Double decker tour buses with many drop offs run every 15 minutes on the streets of San Francisco creating chaos and dangerous bicycling conditions especially. Note the street vendor at left corner who just set up shop wherever they liked (see below) These buses also go into residential neighborhoods.

1.  DOUBLE DECKER TOURIST BUSES NIGHT AND DAY - Tourist bus activity is intense and dangerous, double decker tour buses have invaded San Francisco in 20 minute intervals picking and dropping off tourists all over the city.  The tour guide uses a loud megaphone to speak to those on the top of the bus. This intensity happened only after Mayor Lee took office. The city quickly became one giant Disneyland recreation park thanks to how the Mayor used this city for his various profit schemes.

Like Disneyland, mobile food vendors set up their trailers anywhere they want on sidewalks of San Francisco competing with those who pay for leased space. Note that this Dosa Brothers South Indian Street Food stand @ Montgomery and Market competes with the nearby Galleria Shopping Mall Indian food establishment for a quick to go lunch.

2.  FOOD STREET VENDORS Food street vendors are setting up shop wherever they so please on San Francisco' business district sidewalks or in food vans affecting the leased property food establishments. Today I saw this vendor set up shop at a major intersection.  They have a mini trailer bring in their business setting up wherever they want. This didn't happen prior to Mayor Lee's taking office.  Perhaps the government wants to contract out food distribution this way rather than allow the leased food establishments to prosper. Either way, the government should knock off side walk food vending permits.

In this video shot I took today, there were two bone chilling shrieks of this homeless man who takes shelter frequently at this bus stop in a busy downtown financial district of San Francisco. While some might find it funny, I personally didn't. I've witnessed this man's scary outbursts many times now around town.

3.  DERANGED MENTALLY ILL HOMELESS EVERYWHERE - The city's not tending to the deranged filthy mentally ill wandering the sidewalks frightening the tourists and their families whose numbers have grown to about 35% of the population wandering about the sidewalks.  Police aren't doing their jobs at all having little to no presence in the city.  Beggars are also assaulting tourists as one of my clients recently reported happened near the Le Meridian Hotel.  Police just aren't around nor available. The only time they're seen is at special events in the city and to escort government officials or at their outdoor luncheons on Polk Street. The police clearly don't want to do the dirty work of dealing with mentally ill people on the streets. They're just having a great time flaunting their cars and motorcycles everywhere.

Today a 60+ year old man, (above video) whose taken a home at this bus stop, was blaring heavy metal music with his boom box while making demonic sounding shrieks across from my office in the business district.  When I contacted the police to remove him from the area, they never showed up to see my video. He's always there making this bus stop one of his frequent stops.  Muni drivers who drop off passengers there don't care.

Within one minute of parking my bicycle on Market Street, a mentally ill person began messing with both my and another's bicycle.

This other person I videoed today began messing with my bicycle when I was on market street. I watched this filthy mentally ill deranged person also sit at the cafe with the normal people and wander around the area without any problem at all.  There was no security, nothing! The mentally ill deranged just do as they so please and no one does a thing about them.

4.  BUILDING LOBBY RENOVATION PERMITS GRANTED FOR CHEAP DESIGNS AND MATERIALS TO CREATE ADDITIONAL RETAIL SPACE Aside from the obvious new building projects, buildings' lobbies in the Financial District are under intense and ongoing continual renovation the city grants construction permits to. The lobbies are renovated for the purpose of adding retail leased space.  The work causes serious problems including traffic and street problems for underground wiring work as well as inconvenience for tenants. The projects are long, drawn out and designed to make money for contractors, but the end results are often poor workmanship and materials done for cheap being counter productive ruining others' fine workmanship from long ago.

One Market Plaza in San Francisco's just one example of a long drawn out renovation project of two years that ended up gutting beautiful red and white marble floors of incredible workmanship just to create some extra retail space. Cheap materials has taken the place of historic San Francisco construction from long ago. a

The newly designed lobby of my office building was converted to a Fred Flinstone based design with fake rocks to sit on both inside and out.

On a side note, I saw the same thing happen at my own building late last year, the lobby was just fine being gutted and demolished for additional retail space. They came up with a ridiculous lobby entry design with fake rocks to sit on. It had been a fine business lobby with professional glass tables and leather chairs for people to sit and wait. Now there are fake uncomfortable rocks inside and outside the lobby created by some designer who had no justification to create such a ridiculous Fred Flinstone environment with cheap plastic sand stone fossilized looking floors. What are they smoking in the building renovation world I wonder? The lobby was just fine and the inspiration for this new cheaply designed lobby was clearly to have a little more retail space to rent out.

San Francisco's in the bike rental business since Mayor Ed Lee took office in competing with local tourist based bicycle rental shops.  Seeing these bikes parked around town is insanity, motorcyclists need the space to park.

5) CITY BICYCLE BUSINESS COMPETES WITH LOCAL TOURIST INDUSTRY San Francisco competes with local businesses to provide bike rental services using tax payer dollars.  This may seem like a good idea at first, but why is city government running a business competing with local bicycle rental establishments?  Why not leave it to citizens to provide this need? The government needs to work on getting the homeless off the streets instead.

An example of a recently resurfaced tarred street that within nine months is painted with diagrams all over again waiting to be ripped up. The former construction went on for 3 months following additional months of sidewalk work (seen in yellow).  (Pine @ Leavenworth)

6)  ENDLESS RIPPING OF CONCRETE FOR UNNECESSARY REVOLVING DOOR ROAD PROJECTS San Francisco's streets are being continually ripped up of their concrete numerous times with long drawn out road projects that cause serious traffic delays.  When the new tar's finally laid down and the road finished, new diagrams are painted on the streets within 3-6 months. Once again the street's are ripped up all over again and again and again.  One of my clients told me he presumed when they come back to rip it up again that it "must be they're attending to an emergency".  No, it's not an emergency, they're just making money this way.  San Francisco government was exposed by an inside whistle blower doing needless road repair work, they're just continuing the pattern of unnecessary work at tax payer expense while causing havoc all over San Francisco.  Though there are clearly projects being worked on as valid, many times they use the first project on a road to make it appear more work is needed in order to justify the work, this is what I suspect's happening on a wide scale.

7)  RECKLESS DISREGARD OF TAX PAYER FUNDS Tax payers funds were used to fund the American Cup and NFL Superbowl events without reimbursement to the tune of $10,000,000 thanks to Mayor Lee's failure to negotiate a contract with these entities to reimburse the city's taxpayers.  We can only speculate why this took place, so we'll give that one over to the FBI to figure out since none of us are private investigators.

8) NEGLIGENT ABUSE OF TOURISTS WHO VISIT FOR VACATIONS - Tourists are abused by the San Francisco beggar culture and even assaulted for money. No police are present on the beat on the streets to protect citizens. Therefore San Francisco's off the charts as a top vacation destination in the United States and world since Mayor Lee took office.  If Mayor Lee cared about tourists he wouldn't expose them to dangerous situations leaving them without police protected areas.

9)  DANGEROUS FRUSTRATING TRAFFIC CONDITIONS - Each day electric skateboard pogo stick riders are permitted to ride in center lanes in rush hour morning traffic with earbuds in ears as if its just an every day normal kind of commute.  Skateboarders are allowed to ride in the bike lanes and bicyclists are allowed to ride in the wrong direction. People just do whatever they please.  Meanwhile, Mayor Lee vetoed a law permitting bicyclists to roll through stop signs when there's no oncoming traffic.

In Summary: 

$250,000 for a new diamond ring was a drop in
the bucket for Mayor Lee in 2013
Mayor Ed Lee's been extremely aggressive going way beyond the boundaries of his position as if he's running a for-profit business enterprise using tax payers to fund it without restraint. At the end of this game, these crooks get a life long pension being set for life after they robbed tax payers in ways described here.
I've noted the abuse of police services being used for corporate event over time at the Masonic Auditorium and for politician motorcade escort services. The police don't want to get involved in doing any real police work for the benefit of the tax payer community.  I believe there should be police walking the streets of San Francisco night and day just as there are in New York.  There should be cops on street corners of San Francisco observing any criminal activities including harassment of tourists. We'll never see this because Mayor Lee complains he doesn't have the money to do it now threatening to cut city budgets.  The city's being poorly run into the ground.

I've come to the conclusion that the purpose of many of these double dipping road construction projects in particular isn't for necessary work or road improvements but to make money for contractors and city government officials. Nothing's ever enough for them apparently because they rip up the same roads time and time again.

None of these problems listed here existed prior to Mayor Ed Lee.  San Francisco has also quietly slipped out of sight as a former top tourist destination in the U.S. and world.  San Francisco's current purpose appears to exist solely for the benefit of its delusional city government to exploit for its own benefit. These politicians are ruining the city of San Francisco running it into the ground and Mayor Lee still wants Syrian refugees to come here in spite of these problems.


The Mayor and SF city officials need to chill out and stop pushing San Francisco's infrastructure so hard as if it's their machine. They need to stop the intense frenzy of daily brutal machinery on the streets and get down to real business of getting the mentally deranged off the streets while serving the citizens of San Francisco.

The citizens need to find ways of auditing their city government's activities to build trust.  How can the Mayor afford $250,000 diamond rings for cash on a whim like it's no big deal for him?  That's a lot of money! Citizens need to take back control of their local city government.

People feeding the homeless in the Tenderloin were being evicted prior to
GoFundMe donars and others helping out.

On a spiritual level, Christians need to pray to God to intervene for His justice and Will that the homeless shouldn't be left on the streets to die, and those who feed them shouldn't be evicted from their dwelling.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Strange Lights Appearing Before My Eyes, Anti Tattoo Glasses and Ocular Migraines

Yesterday I did a Google search for "anti tattoo glasses" to see if anyone invented a way to erase people's tattoos as if they really didn't exist while taking a walk in San Francisco. Unfortunately no one has come up with any such invention yet, but when they do I'll be first in line.

Believe it or not, today I visited the eye doctor in an emergency to learn Ocular Migraine symptoms had manifested mimicking what anti tattoo glasses would do in theory, block out a portion of the person I didn't want to see, smudging it out like Photoshop.

Today as I felt my health slipping a bit, likely due to my giving blood two days ago, my left eye was giving me a light show of sorts, of bright vibrating zig zag lines blocking my vision as I notarized someone.  This isn't the first time I've experienced this strange laser show of sorts either. This time the lights began to get worse and I thought it might be the dreaded glaucoma my eye doctor has suspicions over having placed me on six month eye exam cycles.

This is an example of what I see, but it's far brighter and vibrating.

It's difficult to read with this thing vibrating brightly in one's eye.

The light usually has a Photoshop like smudge effect next to it too.

A similar shape I've seen, not this perfect though, it begins taking up half of my eye with extremely bright vibrating colorful rainbow lights.

Believing I might be going blind in my left eye, I went down to the doctor who told me after a few tests that it wasn't glaucoma.  The doctor then left me with two clues with the questions he asked me "when you donated blood few days ago, did they give you your blood sugar level?" and "have you ever had a migraine headache".  Those two questions gave me enough indication of what the problem might be.  It's possibly diabetes symptoms or what they call a silent migraine that's referred to as an Ocular Migraine.  I believe today I experienced an Ocular Migraine.  I was exhausted and slept the rest of the day. I didn't have a headache but the aura of one according to an article I researched today, They Don't Give You A Headache But Silent Migraines Can Be Even More Shattering - UK Daily Mail - 2014

I've had these light shows before and I thought they were pretty neat. Had I suspected they were causing me blindness I'd have taken them more seriously.  Ocular Migraine's are rare, only 1% of the population gets them.  I thought these might have been left over from my two mushroom experiences from the 1980's. In any case, I was relieved it wasn't glaucoma, that this is only a temporary condition.  I just thought the timing of my looking up anti tattoo glasses on Google and then having these symptoms the next day was pretty unusual.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hello From The Other Side SF Mayor Ed Lee! (Adele Cover)

Here's a wonderfully done Adele cover Hello Ed Lee by singer Candace Roberts addressing Mayor Ed Lee's selling out San Francisco to corporate interests and greed. There's no where to run or hide for the San Francisco Mayor and his band of greedy city government crooks any longer. It's all out in the open most all citizens of San Francisco know exactly what's gone down in its city government.

Candace Roberts singing Adele Cover Hello Ed Lee

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Mayor Ed Lee Turns San Francisco Into His New Pee Wall, Tourists Aghast!

Recently I've been asking questions of fellow San Franciscans in my mobile notary business if they agree that San Francisco's city government's corrupt. They all agreed with me somethings wrong with the city government. So when I woke up to headlines today that Mayor Ed Lee and his gang of city government crooks had the audacity to erect an open air PEE WALL in the city at tax payer expense costing $15,000, I couldn't help but jump on the literal metaphor. This PEE WALL's a new low for an infamous godless American city that's going down the toilet. San Francisco even broke its own laws to erect such a public nuisance, a shining example of its own corruption.
“This is a new low even for San Francisco. It is also blatantly illegal,” PJI President Brad Dacus said in a statement. “The city has not even attempted to comply with its own ordinances, much less state or federal law. We intend to hold them accountable. Public urination is bad enough; spending taxpayer money to promote it is indefensible.” Super 'Toilet' Bowl City Scorched for Open Air Pee Wall - February 6, 2016:
As I posted a few weeks ago, SF Mayor Ed Lee failed to negotiate an agreement with the NFL, a tax free business entity, to reimburse the City of San Francisco's taxpayers for the estimated $5 million of expenses needed for its Super Bowl events in the city. See Mayor Ed Lee Treats San Francisco Like His Whore - January 17, 2016

I bet many don't even know the NFL pays no government taxes, I certainly didn't until a client informed me yesterday. The tax-free NFL has thus conducted its business operations for virtually nothing in San Francisco outside a minuscule $100,000+ fee it agreed to pay. Meanwhile, the City of Santa Clara had the good sense to obtain an agreement with the NFL for reimbursement of $3 million of its tax payer expenses.

Pee Wall at Muni Stop in San Francisco

Years ago San Francisco used to be one of the top destinations for tourists in the world, but any longer, according to Euromonitor International, it's not even in the top 25.  Even Las Vegas beat out San Francisco!  See World's 25 Top Tourism Destinations in 2016. I can also confirm the erosion of San Francisco's tourist attraction city from personal experience due to its growing godless citizenry of repugnant body tattooed transhumanist freaks along with the wandering mentally deranged and aggressive beggars night and day.

Tourists Shocked At San Francisco's Deterioration Since 2001

I recently spoke with tourists visiting for their second time since 2001 who were horrified at the deterioration and aggressive panhandling of even being assaulted outside their hotel. On the way to notarize the tourist mortgage documents at the Le Meridian Hotel, I also noted many voices from hidden places of unseen beggars having inundated my walking experience. When I arrived for the signing, the tourist shared her experience of being assaulted by one of the beggars and continued to let me know how much the city's changed that she and her husband won't be returning.

This is enough to drive people crazy! Along with aggressive begging there are also multitudes of screaming deranged people wandering the streets like a giant mental ward. They're everywhere!  So here comes another brilliant idea from liberals in city government for San Francisco's lack of toilets, a tax payer funded pee wall?  What will tourists think of this I wonder.

As a resident of 20 years in San Francisco, I wanted to confirm this Mayor Ed Lee has also been trashing San Francisco with endless construction projects, allowing PG&E and city public works employees to write diagrams all over the roads and sidewalks multiple times that every inch of San Francisco's under an unending construction zone microscope.  They never leave any street alone for more than one year either, they'll come back to re-diagram and rip open the roads, including sidewalks, all over again.

I've also witnessed newly tarred streets having detailed diagrams painted over them within 3 months. The new paint on black tar is a hideous site to behold after relief their slow projects finally appear completed. The construction crews never leave an area alone for long, as if they've formulated a system of making endless money on the roads here. The traffic problems these projects cause much hair pulling and bitten lips from being late for work. San Francisco's become one big construction zone under Mayor Ed Lee with serious traffic problems.

A place across the bay from San Francisco, Sausilito's quiet and safe by the sea.

Unless one's extremely wealthy, able to enjoy top hotels and such amenities of security and protection, I wouldn't recommend tourists staying in San Francisco. If you're wanting to see the sights of the bay area, stay in Sausalito and only come into the city to visit but not spend many nights expecting to walk everywhere to avoid costly transportation. The reason is there are a growing number of mentally ill people and beggars on the streets doing crazy things that's become quite dangerous because there's no police presence whatsoever among thousands walking the streets, no cops are on the beat.

After this final Superbowl event the city has in no way benefited from, in San Francisco's having been used like a whore to then trash and dump onto the backs of its tax payers, the city officials have no other upcoming big events to exploit. These corrupt officials will likely run tax payers into the ground since Mayor Ed Lee's already cutting back city budgets claiming the city can't afford to provide services. This is clearly planned from the get go, they meant to drive San Francisco into the ground for profit, to corporatize it as much as possible and use it as a never ending profit scheme for endless construction projects for building and roads.

In Summary:

San Francisco's city government is anti-taxpayer and anti-tourist. They're here to exploit wealthy and middle tax payers while running the city into the ground for their own profit and retirement pensions. Out of contempt of tax payers, the city government erects open air PEE WALLS against their own laws because they're infected with a mentally defunct liberal mindset that stinks to high heaven, godless city that it is.

Friday, February 5, 2016

God Responded in the Heavens To My Prayer About Human DNA

God responded breathtakingly in the clouds today to my prayer over a dispute with female Christians who were spreading falsehoods that His DNA provided to mankind after the fall was "demonic". My DNA's being analyzed by when the subject came up. When I shared the info Sandi Smith on Facebook, she refused to back down from cursing my DNA being "demonic" claiming it was the result since the fall of mankind. Christian Attacks on Human DNA Being Demonic - Really? - January 31, 2016

Have you ever seen a cloud like this before, let alone with the sun's placement?  I just happened to look up today.

Photo of God's response to the human DNA dispute taken in San Francisco on February 5, 2016

Photo of God's response to the human DNA dispute taken in San Francisco on February 5, 2016

Note in the photos the Son of God's at the helm of the DNA depiction in the sky. The accusation of human DNA being demonic since the fall of mankind is debunked with Genesis 6:9 that Noah and the flood were used to preserve pure human DNA after the fallen angels had corrupted it.  
"Little by little, the genetic line created by the fallen angels had polluted the human line. So much so, that by the time of Noah, God had decided to destroy all life on the planet. With the exception of one extended family, Noah and his family were the last hold outs, the chosen few who still had a pure human genetic line.
Thus we read that, "Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations." (Genesis 6:9) In this case "generations" means "genetics". Xenogenesis, Steve Quayle, page 36-37
As the saying goes from Scripture, as in the days of Noah so shall it be in end times. (Luke 17:26) God responded from the heavens showing the DNA strand in the cloud with the Son of God overseeing its protection. See Christian Attacks on Human DNA Being Demonic - Really? - January 31, 2016

This Christian photographer  captures many breathtaking images of God communicating with him from the heavens above.

You can view a sample of Matthew Seufer's photos here.  

While I'm on the subject of human DNA, here's an important video from SkywatchTV about how laws of been passed in Europe allowing for the birthing of human life in test tubes in order to conduct genetic tests, to then destroy them.

What's the next step after test tube living fetus experimentation do you think?

Christian Attacks on Human DNA Being Demonic - Really? - January 31, 2016