Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mayor Ed Lee Turns San Francisco Into His New Pee Wall, Tourists Aghast!

Recently I've been asking questions of fellow San Franciscans in my mobile notary business if they agree that San Francisco's city government's corrupt. They all agreed with me somethings wrong with the city government. So when I woke up to headlines today that Mayor Ed Lee and his gang of city government crooks had the audacity to erect an open air PEE WALL in the city at tax payer expense costing $15,000, I couldn't help but jump on the literal metaphor. This PEE WALL's a new low for an infamous godless American city that's going down the toilet. San Francisco even broke its own laws to erect such a public nuisance, a shining example of its own corruption.
“This is a new low even for San Francisco. It is also blatantly illegal,” PJI President Brad Dacus said in a statement. “The city has not even attempted to comply with its own ordinances, much less state or federal law. We intend to hold them accountable. Public urination is bad enough; spending taxpayer money to promote it is indefensible.” Super 'Toilet' Bowl City Scorched for Open Air Pee Wall - February 6, 2016:
As I posted a few weeks ago, SF Mayor Ed Lee failed to negotiate an agreement with the NFL, a tax free business entity, to reimburse the City of San Francisco's taxpayers for the estimated $5 million of expenses needed for its Super Bowl events in the city. See Mayor Ed Lee Treats San Francisco Like His Whore - January 17, 2016

I bet many don't even know the NFL pays no government taxes, I certainly didn't until a client informed me yesterday. The tax-free NFL has thus conducted its business operations for virtually nothing in San Francisco outside a minuscule $100,000+ fee it agreed to pay. Meanwhile, the City of Santa Clara had the good sense to obtain an agreement with the NFL for reimbursement of $3 million of its tax payer expenses.

Pee Wall at Muni Stop in San Francisco

Years ago San Francisco used to be one of the top destinations for tourists in the world, but any longer, according to Euromonitor International, it's not even in the top 25.  Even Las Vegas beat out San Francisco!  See World's 25 Top Tourism Destinations in 2016. I can also confirm the erosion of San Francisco's tourist attraction city from personal experience due to its growing godless citizenry of repugnant body tattooed transhumanist freaks along with the wandering mentally deranged and aggressive beggars night and day.

Tourists Shocked At San Francisco's Deterioration Since 2001

I recently spoke with tourists visiting for their second time since 2001 who were horrified at the deterioration and aggressive panhandling of even being assaulted outside their hotel. On the way to notarize the tourist mortgage documents at the Le Meridian Hotel, I also noted many voices from hidden places of unseen beggars having inundated my walking experience. When I arrived for the signing, the tourist shared her experience of being assaulted by one of the beggars and continued to let me know how much the city's changed that she and her husband won't be returning.

This is enough to drive people crazy! Along with aggressive begging there are also multitudes of screaming deranged people wandering the streets like a giant mental ward. They're everywhere!  So here comes another brilliant idea from liberals in city government for San Francisco's lack of toilets, a tax payer funded pee wall?  What will tourists think of this I wonder.

As a resident of 20 years in San Francisco, I wanted to confirm this Mayor Ed Lee has also been trashing San Francisco with endless construction projects, allowing PG&E and city public works employees to write diagrams all over the roads and sidewalks multiple times that every inch of San Francisco's under an unending construction zone microscope.  They never leave any street alone for more than one year either, they'll come back to re-diagram and rip open the roads, including sidewalks, all over again.

I've also witnessed newly tarred streets having detailed diagrams painted over them within 3 months. The new paint on black tar is a hideous site to behold after relief their slow projects finally appear completed. The construction crews never leave an area alone for long, as if they've formulated a system of making endless money on the roads here. The traffic problems these projects cause much hair pulling and bitten lips from being late for work. San Francisco's become one big construction zone under Mayor Ed Lee with serious traffic problems.

A place across the bay from San Francisco, Sausilito's quiet and safe by the sea.

Unless one's extremely wealthy, able to enjoy top hotels and such amenities of security and protection, I wouldn't recommend tourists staying in San Francisco. If you're wanting to see the sights of the bay area, stay in Sausalito and only come into the city to visit but not spend many nights expecting to walk everywhere to avoid costly transportation. The reason is there are a growing number of mentally ill people and beggars on the streets doing crazy things that's become quite dangerous because there's no police presence whatsoever among thousands walking the streets, no cops are on the beat.

After this final Superbowl event the city has in no way benefited from, in San Francisco's having been used like a whore to then trash and dump onto the backs of its tax payers, the city officials have no other upcoming big events to exploit. These corrupt officials will likely run tax payers into the ground since Mayor Ed Lee's already cutting back city budgets claiming the city can't afford to provide services. This is clearly planned from the get go, they meant to drive San Francisco into the ground for profit, to corporatize it as much as possible and use it as a never ending profit scheme for endless construction projects for building and roads.

In Summary:

San Francisco's city government is anti-taxpayer and anti-tourist. They're here to exploit wealthy and middle tax payers while running the city into the ground for their own profit and retirement pensions. Out of contempt of tax payers, the city government erects open air PEE WALLS against their own laws because they're infected with a mentally defunct liberal mindset that stinks to high heaven, godless city that it is.