Saturday, February 27, 2016

Nuisance Yelp Reviewer Elizabeth Guirguis Unmasked Today. Olea, San Francisco Symphony Staff Alert!

 Anon Yelper Elizabeth Guirguis Unmasked

**UPDATE** New video " Review Response: Yelp's Elzabeth G's Faux Review of Nob Hill Notary Services

**UPDATE - March 1, 2016 Elizabeth Guirguis is conducting a psy-op having targeted my business for a complaint though she never used my services, Ran to SFPD and filed police report within two hours of her phone inquiry when unmasked as fake reviewer.  SFPD called me at 2:59 PM three hours later using a blocked caller ID I didn't answer.

 She's written horrible things on Yelp about the San Francisco Symphony Staff, Olea Restaurant, many others and now my business. For years no one knew who she was, but now Elizabeth Guirguis, 46, has been unmasked as the person on Yelp responsible for vicious rants and attacks on innocent service staff in San Francisco. Coward she is, today Ms. Guirguis, 46, was presented with valid issues about her pattern of abuse on Yelp she responded to by contacting the SFPD as "threats" against her.  

I did everything I could to wipe Ms. Guirguis's phone call off the bottom of my shoe after stepping into her stinking mess by answering my phone today. Within five minutes of ending the call, Guirguis immediately put me under a sadistic psychological torture device, that of a one star Yelp review accusing me of being rude and hanging up on her.

My phone record shows I was contacted by Guirguis today at noon for a 26 second phone call followed by her immediate Yelp review within 5 minutes. I immediately responded, even pleaded, for the Yelp review removal which was ignored.

Elizabeth Guirguis at the Spa
I didn't provide any services to this person, the phone call lasted 26 seconds of my referring her to the local UPS.  Within one minute of the call Guirguis  put up a one star Yelp review.  I could tell from her voice the lady was going to be a problem while noting the call seemed very canned and unrealistic. Her first unfriendly question was "how much do you charge"?  Well, I responded, "I need more information, did you need a mobile notary?"  She responded "no."  I said, "Well, my downtown office is closed on the weekends, there's a walk-in notary store a block away if you'd like."  I ended the conversation at that point having no other responsibility to the person I sensed unusual on the other end. Referring someone to another notary service usually stops the person from additional inquiry, any normal person being grateful for the referral.

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Here's a response to Guirguis' review from Owner of Olea, a local cafe restaurant in Nob Hill.

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Here's Elizabeth Guirguis' nasty review of Olea that so infuriated its owner to write "how dare you!"

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Here's an example of an ungrateful vicious spirit over he SF Symphony staff her royal heinous was clearly upset with.

Basically Elizabeth Guirgues, aka Elizabeth Moran, is a rude Yelper, a parasitic person in need of a continual host who eats out all the time having infuriated local business owners with vicious attacks, even attacking the beautiful SF Symphony's staff efforts to please. Her one star reviews outnumber her one star reviews 24 to 19, usually a trait of someone wanting to make it appear she's credible whenever she decides to rip into her victims.  This person demands the best food service experience that she will call her brother in Colorado to complain to him about a bad meal and put the conversation on Yelp.

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Elizabeth is complaining about their Egyptian food because she "grew up in an Egyptian household" calling it crap. Her highness was very displeased, better roll out the execution squad!. 

So after reading some of Elizabeth's reviews, I can deduce a pattern that this lady felt entitled to my services that I did not provide as if she's Queen Elizabeth demanding my services.  I was then immediately put under sadistic mind control punishment with a one star Yelp review.

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Here is Elizabeth's review of my business today, one of only two bad reviews I've gotten there after 7 years of business. She also responded to my claim she ruined my Saturday with "I enjoyed my Saturday today, read my latest review of . . ."  She wrote this after saying she filed a police report against me, psychopath material!

Here's her email to me, this may have been some kind of psy-op I suspected from the get go:

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An apparent psychopath, Elizabeth Guirguis prefers to go to the police and file a complaint while writing me what a wonderful Saturday she had, that I should check out her latest review. As usual, the cops are all excited wanting to file another case against me.  I unmasked the beast hiding behind an anon identity and they want to continue its power.  Every time I unmask the perpetrators of the harassment of me a cop is there to keep their psy-op operation going in the Court system to make money for the lawyers and filing fees.

So while this Egyptian/Australian foreigner Elizabeth's been up to no good today while typically gorging her face with San Francisco's food providers labor, I wanted to give the run down on what I've been doing the past several months, helping the community homeless 79 year old of two years living on the streets get back into her bank account, get her hooked up with her daughter and medical care again, donating to the Two Sisters being evicted from their homeless soup kitchen, donating to the SF Food Bank and another on GoFundMe of a young woman put in a coma by a beast her beat her to a pulp on Valentine's Day.

Here's what I've been up to outside of my business:

My donation to the SF Nun Rent Increase Fund who feed the homeless in the Tenderloin

A donation to the poor girl beaten up by her roommate on VD Day

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An email from the daughter of a 79 year old homeless person of two years I helped connect for help. I also helped her get back into her bank account she was locked out of for two weeks

You see, I do a lot of good in my business as a mobile notary, I also pray for people dying at hospitals. I'm connected with the local business community. You've never ever seen any reviews I'm late or irresponsible, only two crazy people who I didn't provide them with services for whatever reason I turned them down.  That is the only crack in my business I have for anyone to complain much of the time, is when I refer them to UPS because of my schedule, or due to it being a Saturday, and these crazies take it and run with it as far as they can because they are EVIL, PARASITIC, DEMONIC people who suckle off of the culture with all the pleasures of food they stuff down their throats, the demanding tone they have, the unreasonable expectations of fascists who the cops back 100%.

Posted 3/2/2016 - Yelp's Elzabeth G. (aka Elizabeth Guirguis) Faux Review

So I'm out here on the streets of San Francisco doing a lot of social community work on my own, look at how the SFPD's waiting for the phone to ring from crazy women like this filing complaints. They're sitting on their behinds while I'm out there on the streets actually helping the homeless.

Egyptian Elizabeth Guirguis from Australia went down to the SFPD while recommending I visit her latest Yelp review as if she's a celebrity - Narcissism al la carte

A Cop Tried To Reach Me By Phone Today - SFPD Blows These Things Up For Court Filing Fee Revenue and Local Attorney Fees.

A cop actually tried to call me today on a blocked number at 2:59 pm that I didn't answer. They care so very much for Elizabeth's safety I'm sure, the script's all been pre-written of the misrepresentations, broad use of the term "threat" which could mean simply informing someone what will take place if they don't remove the review such as writing this blog article, contacting other parties they've harassed, etc.  People require a warning prior to action being taken, it's not a threat the way they make it seem.  I shouldn't have to pay a lawyer hundreds of dollars to contact this person, I should be allowed to let her know what will happen if she doesn't remove her review.  After all, look at the other responses she's had on Yelp. "How dare you. . . .."  Clearly a provocative nasty person. Now it's all up on the Internet anyone can read what this person's been up to compared to what I've been doing with my time, running a business and helping others around town.

In Summary:

After she filed a complaint with the SFPD, Elizabeth sent me an email the police want a restraining order against me that she had a wonderful Saturday.  She added I should check out her latest Yelp review at some Mexican joint.  That's psychopath material in my book, what about yours?

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