Friday, February 26, 2016

San Francisco's Beloved Notary John Minjiras' Campaign of Hate Against Me

I wanted to introduce my blog visitors to a San Francisco Mobile Notary celebrity, John Minjiras.  John's been on a huge Yelp campaign to make sure he gets an avalanche of Yelp reviews from all of his customers that are all five stars. As he absorbs all the love, warmth and friendship showered on him in San Francisco for charging a $45 mobile fee vs. my $20 fee, the folks clearly love love love him!  They love him so much they're willing to pay an extra $25 just to be in his presence.

There appears to be a huge campaign to elect Minjiras as the top notary public in San Francisco that's clear from the smear campaign he's sent my way of crazy men and women who have never used my services before writing vicious hateful things about me on Google+ and Yelp.  I believe Mr. Minjiras is very aware of me, no doubt.

People love to hate me and that's clear now. I'm a hated person. I was hated by my family, I was hated by my classmates and I'm hated every day of my life on this earth. People get showered with love and support while I get hated hated hated.  They get gifts and I get nothing, my birthday's been ignored for decades.  I sing my heart out and I get hated.  I clean people's homes and I get hated. I am a hated hated person in case you didn't know. Everyone is loved except for me and the drug addicts shitting on the sidewalks people have to step over. There is not a soul who loves or has ever loved me on this planet. They expect me to get down to the floor and squirm around like some reptile to fit in here in San Francisco.  White conservative heterosexual women aren't wanted here.

Homeless people I've helped don't want anything to do with me, the 79 year old homeless lady I recently helped avoids me like the plague not wanting to even chat. She recently stopped by asking me for the time and was on her way quickly, someone with all the time in the world.  I'm a deeply hated person, let there be no doubt.  No matter what I do doesn't matter, if I bought you a $500 birthday cake and invited people over for your birthday, you still wouldn't like me. I am a despised, hated person and the Internet shows that to be the fact. No one wants to spend time with me, no one wants to speak with me on the phone. No one wants anything to do with me as if I stink like shit. I do everything I can to be attractive, but people hate me preferring the gross ugly obnoxious pervert with his pants down shitting on the streets. They love and tolerate him, but they hate me!

People share their photos with an ape in the zoo but not me. To these liberals, I have less value then an ape as a Christian. 

It's become crystal clear to me now, no matter how hard I try to please people throughout my life, men are dearly loved for being men while my being a woman leads to nothing but endless consequences. They can have ugly tattoos all over their bodies, their pierced dongs can hang to the ground, they could be Neanderthals, but they are still loved and cherished just because they're men. There's always some woman there for them no matter what, droves visit them in prison. They get the flowers and I don't. Gigantic stinking apes from the jungle with dung matted on their rears are loved by Jane Goodall but I'm not.  There is no worth I have to anyone whatsoever except to steal whatever remaining material thing I may have left when I die.

He charges $45 for a mobile fee, I charge $20. He's loved!
I ride my eBike in 45 degree weather racing down to a local business so some man can catch a plane, I'm there in 15 minutes and they don't give me a Yelp review. I'm hated! I've done virtual back flips to get to customers quickly and efficiently attend to their notary needs, and I get no Yelp review. I'm hated!  Every time I do good for a business or person, or family, I get no Yelp review. I'm hated!  Instead I actually get  bad reviews from people who don't even use my services because my schedule was busy the day they called.

Lately a pattern's show up of people using my services, leaving me with "I'm going to give you a Yelp review, thanks!  Or, I'm going to give you a Google review, thanks!"  Mysteriously, no review ever materializes.  This has happened the past few weeks and no one follows through with any review.

I pray for people on their deathbeds and their families.  I help the local homeless and donate to the food bank.  I do everything within my power to make good contributions and some man is having me attacked on Yelp by those who give him endless rave reviews!

Read the latest review on Google+ for my services over a 27 second phone call I told him I wasn't available that evening.  Fortunately Bad Boy Bail Bonds in Oakland didn't get their review published after I contacted their corporate management to remove it.  I'm hated!

(click to enlarge)
Fortunately this review was removed after I sent a letter to Bad Boys explaining I had health issues that evening.

Here is the photo of the phone call record that evening for 24 seconds worth of conversation. I've never worked with these people before.

I was given an extremely abusive review on Google over a 24 second phone conversation.  Whatever efforts I make to please my customers are consistently ignored. 

I learned from the admin at Bad Boy Bailbonds they used Mr. Miniros' services later that evening who encouraged them to complain about me!  I responded to Bad Boy that I had worked for Alladin Bail Bonds riding my eBike once late at night one cold evening on dark dangerous roads. I arrived at 9:00 pm, waited for their customer for quite some time and then emailed them their receipt for their records. In spite of my efforts to please, I never got any review. I asked Bad Boy how is it fair that when I do my best I get no Yelp or Google reviews, that I get this really abusive review from their employee simply because I couldn't provide services that evening?

This, my friends(?), is the hatred a woman experiences in a city dominated by a liberal culture that hates white conservative heterosexual woman. Continual hatred I encounter around every corner. I'm a deeply despised hated person like never before.

When I moved to San Francisco in 1995 I believed I was escaping an oppressive Christian based culture that I'd do well here.  At first I did okay. I guess, believing I was a lesbian.  Now years later I'm a full blown white conservative heterosexual and the intensity of the hatred I'm feeling is beginning to affect me.

My first review on Yelp back on March 9, 2012 from someone I never met I had to turn down for services due to my schedule that day.  At that point my business was 3 years old. No one had anything nice to write about my services after a lot effort to please hundreds of customers.

The same person provided a glowing review (below) to 24/7 Notary's John Minjiras two days later. Now, if 24/7 provided her with fast service what was that two day gap all about?  Because she needed someone right away, why didn't she get services on 3/9/2012 the day she contacted me?  She spent time writing my bad review yet was in a hurry to find a notary that day.  She apparently didn't get services until 3/11/2012. Look at how biased she was against me and how she coupled her experiences of other notary services with  my own, even confusing me with another named "Cheryl Berna Adams" ranting on and on.

It's almost as if she was told what to write in her review, doesn't it? She ends with "I'll put my money on John" as if it's some horse race.  Rah rah rah! This rant is unbelievable. What a nut! 

Check out this review demonstrating the campaign language as if this is Hillary Clinton vs. Trump or something. "One of the greatest notaries (and persons) this city has to offer".  Love, love love for this guy who charges $45 for a notary mobile fee over my $20 fee.  

This is a campaign against a Christian notary woman here in San Francisco with tremendous praise for a man who charges over double her mobile fee. They make it seem his conversation is worth it as if they're speaking to God Himself.

In Summary:

These men are trying to slow murder me through political based on-line smear campaigns while directing their mentally ill vicious flawed predatory women my way to abuse.  They're putting up huge blogs accusing me of being a cyber stalker and distorting truth for their political advantage as if I'm Hillary Clinton or Susan Sarandon.

It seems relief won't ever come until the day I die to be with God.  It was so much easier being a naive liberal decades ago singing pop songs to deal with life.  The liberals love their own, they've got their own religion going on where sin is love, hate is love, love is hate, self love and glorification are great while humility in doing things for God's insanity to them.

These men get endless praise while I'm continually burned all of my life. My parents burned me, the homeless burn me, my classmates burned me, landlady burned me, employers burned me, doctors burned me, I am a continually burned person and no relief has ever been in sight for me whatsoever. So I'm waiting on God's timing and that's where I stand.  I'm waiting to die as an unloved hated person and that's the truth. Today I got burned again, then I did some research and confirmed, people really really hate me.

You can take your smear campaigns where the sun don't shine and do what thou wilt with them, see where it gets you in eternity. Be aware my prayers are heard by God and my faith continues in spite of it all.  God will be dealing with you all in His own timing.

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