Thursday, February 11, 2016

Strange Lights Appearing Before My Eyes, Anti Tattoo Glasses and Ocular Migraines

Yesterday I did a Google search for "anti tattoo glasses" to see if anyone invented a way to erase people's tattoos as if they really didn't exist while taking a walk in San Francisco. Unfortunately no one has come up with any such invention yet, but when they do I'll be first in line.

Believe it or not, today I visited the eye doctor in an emergency to learn Ocular Migraine symptoms had manifested mimicking what anti tattoo glasses would do in theory, block out a portion of the person I didn't want to see, smudging it out like Photoshop.

Today as I felt my health slipping a bit, likely due to my giving blood two days ago, my left eye was giving me a light show of sorts, of bright vibrating zig zag lines blocking my vision as I notarized someone.  This isn't the first time I've experienced this strange laser show of sorts either. This time the lights began to get worse and I thought it might be the dreaded glaucoma my eye doctor has suspicions over having placed me on six month eye exam cycles.

This is an example of what I see, but it's far brighter and vibrating.

It's difficult to read with this thing vibrating brightly in one's eye.

The light usually has a Photoshop like smudge effect next to it too.

A similar shape I've seen, not this perfect though, it begins taking up half of my eye with extremely bright vibrating colorful rainbow lights.

Believing I might be going blind in my left eye, I went down to the doctor who told me after a few tests that it wasn't glaucoma.  The doctor then left me with two clues with the questions he asked me "when you donated blood few days ago, did they give you your blood sugar level?" and "have you ever had a migraine headache".  Those two questions gave me enough indication of what the problem might be.  It's possibly diabetes symptoms or what they call a silent migraine that's referred to as an Ocular Migraine.  I believe today I experienced an Ocular Migraine.  I was exhausted and slept the rest of the day. I didn't have a headache but the aura of one according to an article I researched today, They Don't Give You A Headache But Silent Migraines Can Be Even More Shattering - UK Daily Mail - 2014

I've had these light shows before and I thought they were pretty neat. Had I suspected they were causing me blindness I'd have taken them more seriously.  Ocular Migraine's are rare, only 1% of the population gets them.  I thought these might have been left over from my two mushroom experiences from the 1980's. In any case, I was relieved it wasn't glaucoma, that this is only a temporary condition.  I just thought the timing of my looking up anti tattoo glasses on Google and then having these symptoms the next day was pretty unusual.