Saturday, February 13, 2016

Things Mayor Ed Lee's Done To San Francisco That Will Shock You

As a mobile notary on an eBike in San Francisco since 2009 and resident since 1995, I've witnessed a lot happening on the streets of San Francisco and in various buildings I've visited. When I first moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles, it was fairly dead, hardly anyone was here yet. Things changed within three years of the dot com boom but that was nothing compared to what's happened since Mayor Ed Lee took office over four years ago.

Back in late 2013, I overheard Mayor Lee speaking on the phone with a diamond ring wholesaler arranging for a $250,000 ring for his wife for no particular occasion. Do you wonder as I do where Mayor Lee got that kind of money? After reading this blog article you may have an idea how Mayor Lee can afford to pay $250,000 cash for a new diamond ring for his wife as if it's no big deal, just a drop in the bucket apparently. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not jealous of Lee's wife.  I don't want a diamond ring, I've got Jesus and eternal life. (John 11:24-26)  However, when it comes to the quality of life being direly affected in San Francisco, I take issue with where the Mayor's wealth's been coming from. After all, Mayor's salaries aren't that large.

These are the things I've noted changing dramatically since Ed Lee became Mayor of San Francisco:

Double decker tour buses with many drop offs run every 15 minutes on the streets of San Francisco creating chaos and dangerous bicycling conditions especially. Note the street vendor at left corner who just set up shop wherever they liked (see below) These buses also go into residential neighborhoods.

1.  DOUBLE DECKER TOURIST BUSES NIGHT AND DAY - Tourist bus activity is intense and dangerous, double decker tour buses have invaded San Francisco in 20 minute intervals picking and dropping off tourists all over the city.  The tour guide uses a loud megaphone to speak to those on the top of the bus. This intensity happened only after Mayor Lee took office. The city quickly became one giant Disneyland recreation park thanks to how the Mayor used this city for his various profit schemes.

Like Disneyland, mobile food vendors set up their trailers anywhere they want on sidewalks of San Francisco competing with those who pay for leased space. Note that this Dosa Brothers South Indian Street Food stand @ Montgomery and Market competes with the nearby Galleria Shopping Mall Indian food establishment for a quick to go lunch.

2.  FOOD STREET VENDORS Food street vendors are setting up shop wherever they so please on San Francisco' business district sidewalks or in food vans affecting the leased property food establishments. Today I saw this vendor set up shop at a major intersection.  They have a mini trailer bring in their business setting up wherever they want. This didn't happen prior to Mayor Lee's taking office.  Perhaps the government wants to contract out food distribution this way rather than allow the leased food establishments to prosper. Either way, the government should knock off side walk food vending permits.

In this video shot I took today, there were two bone chilling shrieks of this homeless man who takes shelter frequently at this bus stop in a busy downtown financial district of San Francisco. While some might find it funny, I personally didn't. I've witnessed this man's scary outbursts many times now around town.

3.  DERANGED MENTALLY ILL HOMELESS EVERYWHERE - The city's not tending to the deranged filthy mentally ill wandering the sidewalks frightening the tourists and their families whose numbers have grown to about 35% of the population wandering about the sidewalks.  Police aren't doing their jobs at all having little to no presence in the city.  Beggars are also assaulting tourists as one of my clients recently reported happened near the Le Meridian Hotel.  Police just aren't around nor available. The only time they're seen is at special events in the city and to escort government officials or at their outdoor luncheons on Polk Street. The police clearly don't want to do the dirty work of dealing with mentally ill people on the streets. They're just having a great time flaunting their cars and motorcycles everywhere.

Today a 60+ year old man, (above video) whose taken a home at this bus stop, was blaring heavy metal music with his boom box while making demonic sounding shrieks across from my office in the business district.  When I contacted the police to remove him from the area, they never showed up to see my video. He's always there making this bus stop one of his frequent stops.  Muni drivers who drop off passengers there don't care.

Within one minute of parking my bicycle on Market Street, a mentally ill person began messing with both my and another's bicycle.

This other person I videoed today began messing with my bicycle when I was on market street. I watched this filthy mentally ill deranged person also sit at the cafe with the normal people and wander around the area without any problem at all.  There was no security, nothing! The mentally ill deranged just do as they so please and no one does a thing about them.

4.  BUILDING LOBBY RENOVATION PERMITS GRANTED FOR CHEAP DESIGNS AND MATERIALS TO CREATE ADDITIONAL RETAIL SPACE Aside from the obvious new building projects, buildings' lobbies in the Financial District are under intense and ongoing continual renovation the city grants construction permits to. The lobbies are renovated for the purpose of adding retail leased space.  The work causes serious problems including traffic and street problems for underground wiring work as well as inconvenience for tenants. The projects are long, drawn out and designed to make money for contractors, but the end results are often poor workmanship and materials done for cheap being counter productive ruining others' fine workmanship from long ago.

One Market Plaza in San Francisco's just one example of a long drawn out renovation project of two years that ended up gutting beautiful red and white marble floors of incredible workmanship just to create some extra retail space. Cheap materials has taken the place of historic San Francisco construction from long ago. a

The newly designed lobby of my office building was converted to a Fred Flinstone based design with fake rocks to sit on both inside and out.

On a side note, I saw the same thing happen at my own building late last year, the lobby was just fine being gutted and demolished for additional retail space. They came up with a ridiculous lobby entry design with fake rocks to sit on. It had been a fine business lobby with professional glass tables and leather chairs for people to sit and wait. Now there are fake uncomfortable rocks inside and outside the lobby created by some designer who had no justification to create such a ridiculous Fred Flinstone environment with cheap plastic sand stone fossilized looking floors. What are they smoking in the building renovation world I wonder? The lobby was just fine and the inspiration for this new cheaply designed lobby was clearly to have a little more retail space to rent out.

San Francisco's in the bike rental business since Mayor Ed Lee took office in competing with local tourist based bicycle rental shops.  Seeing these bikes parked around town is insanity, motorcyclists need the space to park.

5) CITY BICYCLE BUSINESS COMPETES WITH LOCAL TOURIST INDUSTRY San Francisco competes with local businesses to provide bike rental services using tax payer dollars.  This may seem like a good idea at first, but why is city government running a business competing with local bicycle rental establishments?  Why not leave it to citizens to provide this need? The government needs to work on getting the homeless off the streets instead.

An example of a recently resurfaced tarred street that within nine months is painted with diagrams all over again waiting to be ripped up. The former construction went on for 3 months following additional months of sidewalk work (seen in yellow).  (Pine @ Leavenworth)

6)  ENDLESS RIPPING OF CONCRETE FOR UNNECESSARY REVOLVING DOOR ROAD PROJECTS San Francisco's streets are being continually ripped up of their concrete numerous times with long drawn out road projects that cause serious traffic delays.  When the new tar's finally laid down and the road finished, new diagrams are painted on the streets within 3-6 months. Once again the street's are ripped up all over again and again and again.  One of my clients told me he presumed when they come back to rip it up again that it "must be they're attending to an emergency".  No, it's not an emergency, they're just making money this way.  San Francisco government was exposed by an inside whistle blower doing needless road repair work, they're just continuing the pattern of unnecessary work at tax payer expense while causing havoc all over San Francisco.  Though there are clearly projects being worked on as valid, many times they use the first project on a road to make it appear more work is needed in order to justify the work, this is what I suspect's happening on a wide scale.

7)  RECKLESS DISREGARD OF TAX PAYER FUNDS Tax payers funds were used to fund the American Cup and NFL Superbowl events without reimbursement to the tune of $10,000,000 thanks to Mayor Lee's failure to negotiate a contract with these entities to reimburse the city's taxpayers.  We can only speculate why this took place, so we'll give that one over to the FBI to figure out since none of us are private investigators.

8) NEGLIGENT ABUSE OF TOURISTS WHO VISIT FOR VACATIONS - Tourists are abused by the San Francisco beggar culture and even assaulted for money. No police are present on the beat on the streets to protect citizens. Therefore San Francisco's off the charts as a top vacation destination in the United States and world since Mayor Lee took office.  If Mayor Lee cared about tourists he wouldn't expose them to dangerous situations leaving them without police protected areas.

9)  DANGEROUS FRUSTRATING TRAFFIC CONDITIONS - Each day electric skateboard pogo stick riders are permitted to ride in center lanes in rush hour morning traffic with earbuds in ears as if its just an every day normal kind of commute.  Skateboarders are allowed to ride in the bike lanes and bicyclists are allowed to ride in the wrong direction. People just do whatever they please.  Meanwhile, Mayor Lee vetoed a law permitting bicyclists to roll through stop signs when there's no oncoming traffic.

In Summary: 

$250,000 for a new diamond ring was a drop in
the bucket for Mayor Lee in 2013
Mayor Ed Lee's been extremely aggressive going way beyond the boundaries of his position as if he's running a for-profit business enterprise using tax payers to fund it without restraint. At the end of this game, these crooks get a life long pension being set for life after they robbed tax payers in ways described here.
I've noted the abuse of police services being used for corporate event over time at the Masonic Auditorium and for politician motorcade escort services. The police don't want to get involved in doing any real police work for the benefit of the tax payer community.  I believe there should be police walking the streets of San Francisco night and day just as there are in New York.  There should be cops on street corners of San Francisco observing any criminal activities including harassment of tourists. We'll never see this because Mayor Lee complains he doesn't have the money to do it now threatening to cut city budgets.  The city's being poorly run into the ground.

I've come to the conclusion that the purpose of many of these double dipping road construction projects in particular isn't for necessary work or road improvements but to make money for contractors and city government officials. Nothing's ever enough for them apparently because they rip up the same roads time and time again.

None of these problems listed here existed prior to Mayor Ed Lee.  San Francisco has also quietly slipped out of sight as a former top tourist destination in the U.S. and world.  San Francisco's current purpose appears to exist solely for the benefit of its delusional city government to exploit for its own benefit. These politicians are ruining the city of San Francisco running it into the ground and Mayor Lee still wants Syrian refugees to come here in spite of these problems.


The Mayor and SF city officials need to chill out and stop pushing San Francisco's infrastructure so hard as if it's their machine. They need to stop the intense frenzy of daily brutal machinery on the streets and get down to real business of getting the mentally deranged off the streets while serving the citizens of San Francisco.

The citizens need to find ways of auditing their city government's activities to build trust.  How can the Mayor afford $250,000 diamond rings for cash on a whim like it's no big deal for him?  That's a lot of money! Citizens need to take back control of their local city government.

People feeding the homeless in the Tenderloin were being evicted prior to
GoFundMe donars and others helping out.

On a spiritual level, Christians need to pray to God to intervene for His justice and Will that the homeless shouldn't be left on the streets to die, and those who feed them shouldn't be evicted from their dwelling.

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