Wednesday, March 30, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: What The Little Devils @ The SFPD Are Up To

Since my recent articles TOURIST ALERT: San Francisco - Tourists Murdered, SFPD Absent, Mayor Ed Lee Looney Tunes and Is There A Place in Hell for Yelp and the SFPD? this is to confirm why San Franciscans rarely see the SFPD anymore.

Tonight the little devils at the San Francisco Police Department were spotted at an Elvis Costello concert hanging out in front talking secretively in the dark at the Masonic auditorium. For those who may not know, the Masonic Auditorium is a Freemason secret society building built in 1958 where they rent out to various well known performers.

Officers are missing in action here in San Francisco nowhere to be found hiding from the public not wanting to deal with society's ills here on the over populated streets. Once in a while we see a police car but for the most part, they're hiding behind their SFPD website.

I've denoted how the police in San Francisco don't want to do real police work they'd prefer to get citizens tangled up ridiculous disputes. See Is There A Place in Hell for Yelp and the SFPD?  They'd also prefer to get O/T watching over film crews and accompanying Obama and other political leaders in order to stay away from dealing with the public's social ill problems. I often see the SFPD enjoying their large gathering patio lunches on Polk Street, everything's peachy keen with their easy privileged lifestyles avoiding real work.

Putting on a show, yelling at people to move out of the way, the SFPD is a police force headed for eternal hell with these activities.

These arrogant snobby officers believe they're above it all living like gods while leaving citizens to fend for themselves of the insane maniacs wandering about threatening people who defecate on the sidewalks. Meanwhile they're busy being the Yelp police for a crazy Egyptian woman from Australia in a power struggle with a notary public business.  Anything but having to do real police work, they're just a bunch of privileged bums out to cause problems for good citizens.  Security should be able to handle  the Elvis Costello concert unless there's a crime there. In this case, police are being paid OT to attend this event above and beyond security.

Citizens aren't getting they're taxpayer's money worth with the SFPD. They're in hiding as an evil secret society with a chip on their shoulders.

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

TOURIST ALERT: San Francisco - Tourists Murdered, SFPD Absent, Mayor Ed Lee Looney Tunes

BREAKING NEWS - This is an emergency broadcast interrupting San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee's statement today from his home town of Seattle banning SF city worker travel to North Carolina over its Anti-Trans Bathroom law.  

A disturbing video's been released today showing a British tourist, Paul Tam, in San Francisco being chased into the street and stabbed twice in the head for his messenger bag. This happened near the area of Japan Town, a popular tourist attraction. Tragically, Tam died a few days ago from the February 19, 2016 incident.  The attacker hasn't been located in spite of the video evidence. See The Horrifying Moment a British Tourist Was Fatally Stabbed in the Head Trying to Flee a Bag Snatcher on a Busy San Francisco Street - U.K. Mail - March 26, 2016

Disturbing video - Viewer caution. 

When you hear of tourists getting killed in San Francisco, know it's because there's virtually no police presence in the city, that they don't care if you live or die let alone what disgusting experience you may have on its streets. The officers only care about political clout within their own city government and a huge pension awaiting their political tenures. You may get killed simply walking down a well lit street with traffic. Over a month later there will be no justice should you die because the arrogant ones at the SFPD won't even have a lead in spite of several witnesses and a video.

I'll never forget a couple years ago when a SFPD officer began yelling at people on a beautiful day to clear out for their spectacular motorcade of some unknown person. Their arrogance was breathtaking.

If you do visit, you'll likely see the SFPD in their long motorcades for Obama et al, overseeing corporate events or filming crews on overtime. You'll see them in coffee shops texting with their iPhones or at their patio lunches on Polk Street, but what you won't see is police doing anything good for people on the streets. You won't find them helping people, speaking to people, getting to know the community. You won't find them buying a cup of coffee for a homeless person or taking the time to get to know their situation.

The homeless also hang around at bus stops a lot. This one shrieks like a demon across from where I do business.  His angry outbursts are well known in the area where he likes to call women names.

What this all means is when you walk around the corner shocked to find some very ill person taking a crap in the middle of the sidewalk as I have a couple times now, there will be no police officer nearby, nor anywhere for that matter, to summon help.  Know that if you do come to San Francisco, you're on your own and could be stabbed in the head by a beggar or petty thief at any time without warning.

Mayor Lee on Twitter today. He's been making a lot of statements 

about Belgium, North Carolina's laws.

Meanwhile, Mayor Lee's off in Seattle jerking himself off over Hillary Clinton's campaign while making public statements about other cities.

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Is There a Place In Hell For Yelp and the SFPD?

I wasn't going to do an article about this but since my last article about the Tyranny of Yelp, (e.g., the Yelp Police of San Francisco) God's reinstated His presence over my business by reminding me He provides my notary business with customers much of the time.  I've since been listening to Christian Pastor Dr. Charles Stanley's Anxiety series that's helped remind me I need not worry over crazy Yelper attacks who have the audacity to contact the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) who, in turn, called me from a blocked number on a Saturday as if they're my supervisor.

The police are an evil secret society who are often hiding in San Francisco so it's not too surprising that someone from the SFPD would phone me within three hours of some Egyptian Yelper complaining I left her three voice mails. The police were totally out-of-line to be phoning me over this petty issue as if they're supervising my business. Our taxpayer dollars at work, the SFPD has a lot of time on its hands playing the Yelp police avoiding real work out on the streets.  I've documented time and time again on this blog how the SFPD's hiding without any presence in San Francisco.

Now, for a little more info on Yelp.
"Yelp is literally the worst review site on the planet. The very name of the company is derived from the sound of a dog being kicked. People with a bone to pick with a business seek out Yelp when they want a platform to complain. - Why Yelp Belongs In Hell - Dr. Rankwell, April 3, 2015 (Note: It's largely recognized that April 3rd is the date Christ was crucified)
In an example of how God provides my business with customers, last Friday a man's Christian wife was praying for him to locate a notary public for some important court documents. The man was from New York and had been at three banks so he was becoming distraught.  It turns out I was right there to help after Chase Bank's teller turned him away.  I was at the right place at the right time because God arranged it. Being the only Christian mobile notary in San Francisco, this was no coincidence.  This has happened a few times before, it's nothing new. Being mobile in my line of work, I've witnessed God's timing and how he's directing my schedule many times.  God's provided beautifully for my business for many years now.

God's hand was in Friday's experience, He's been sending me customers for years now and many of them use my services regularly. God even lets me know when someone's going to call me, they cross my mind and they call within 24 hours or that week. God sends customers who don't complain, in over six years no one has ever complained after 5,000+ customers served, including families I've visited the homes of in mortgage loan signings.  It's always those who don't use my services who manage to complain on-line who are highly suspected of mischief.

So when Yelpers call my business in order to try and damage it having no real intent on using my services just causing mischief, it confirms Yelp, Inc. is a corporation of Satan's evil out to harm businesses. Yelp refuses to cooperate to remove such fake reviews that violates its own terms of service while I pay it $75/mo in order to respond to the irrational freakish reviews. When Yelp further demonstrates it can't take what it dishes out, such as the recent firing of its own employee for taking to the Internet to complain about its own work conditions, that speaks of unbelievable arrogance they fired her.
If  you work for a living, you may have experienced the temptation to take a baseball bat to your office computer or open the window and scream, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"
A now-former Yelp employee did the modern-day equivalent when she posted a blistering "open letter" to the company CEO denouncing her low pay on the blog publishing platform Medium, and she got booted from her job a couple of hours later. Yelp Case Raises Questions - February, 26 2016
Yelp can't take what it dishes out, it expects businesses to put up with its amateur nuisance Yelp reviewers petty ridiculous complaints over 27 second phone conversations, but it can't take its employees complaining about what an arrogant hell hole it is.

I don't have to guess about what God thinks of Yelp, Inc. as a company, nor its employees that are heard partying in the background of phone calls to their customer service department. Who do they think they are, along with the SFPD having the audacity to call as if I have no right to respond to its rude Egyptian nuisance Yelper?  I've since removed Yelp's name from all of my marketing materials since the company's going straight to . . ..  I'm never using Yelp for anything ever again. I'll be going back to word-of-mouth, the best way of all.

God continually confirms He's with me that I'm going to heaven.  Meanwhile Yelp's and the Yelp police are clearly going to. . . .

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

What Yelp and North Korea Have In Common - Tyranny et al.

In case you didn't hear, North Korea's becoming a real threat to the United States lately.  A couple hours ago it launched two ballistic missile tests from a mobile platform making it nearly impossible for the U.S. to track. Similarly, Yelp's a metaphorical mobile launch pad for sadistic tyrannical minds to attack innocent business owners anonymously.

Much like North Korea's attitude, Yelp treats business owners poorly as if we're its employees. Here's an example of how Yelp treats business owners reviewed on its site who flag Yelpers' fake reviews. North Korea's recent 15 year labor sentence for a tourist who removed a poster:

How Yelp treats business owners who pay them a fee to get bashed on their site with non-customer fake reviews.  This man removed a propaganda poster from North Korea as a tourist. You present your case in a terms of service violation request and Yelp choses to let the false allegations stand.
See blog post - Nuisance Yelp Reviewer. . . .

Yelp's an evil company.  A few weeks ago I called their offices and they were busy partying and having a good time in the background of the call. The phone rep even admitted employees were partying. I figure Yelp's employees must be in S&M getting pleasure from sadistically ignoring terms of service violations of flagged reviews while charging their customers a monthly fee for it!

I didn't start my own business seven years ago to work for Yelp!!! My business doesn't exist for Yelp and I'm not its employee!!!! I don't understand why the legal industry can't figure out a way to put Yelp's in its place.  My business did well for four years prior to Yelp's infringing on my business asking me to sign a one year contract at $150/mo.

VIDEO: Russia's withdrawing from Syria, planning on nuking America.
Note: This guy claims to have heard this info from top Russian brass. I don't support him personally.

Now back to North Korea, not too much different from Yelp in many ways.  In spite of North Korea's threats, I believe the drama's really designed to distract from what its pals Russia and China are planning.  According to the video, Russia plans on nuking the United States which is why it recently withdrew from Syria.  China plans on invading the U.S. with Russia after the nuclear attacks.  If Yelp loves nuking businesses with fake reviewers while charging a fee to the victims, it must love what North Korea's doing threatening America this way over delusional reasons.

North Korea's Yelp review of the United States:  

We going to nuke you! 

Yelp Terms of Service Violation Flag Request from the U.S.
Yelp responds: Though we understand, we disagree with your request to remove the review

San Francisco will surely be in the cross hairs of these nations' nuke attacks. If I were Yelp, I wouldn't take the nukes personally.  It's all in their minds!  Yelp needs to stop being so paranoid about itself and see a therapist that nation's aren't out to get it for trying to harm businesses.

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

God's Last Chance Proving He Exists? Caldwells' Discovery of New Mt. Sinai May Be It

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Through research I've been able to deduce that one of the reasons why America in particular has fallen hard into atheist, immoral scientific and Satanic influences over the past several decades is thanks to a large body of archaeologist claims that there's no evidence to support that the Biblical Exodus ever happened. Consequently, the archaeologist community's convinced the general public through chipping away at the Bible's claims over generations through presenting a legal case there's not one iota of evidence in the archaeologist record for Exodus.

Latest video February 29, 2016: The Caldwell's explain their journey into Saudi Arabia since 1992 led by the hand of God to the highly protected area of where the Exodus took place.

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I recently subscribed to a new magazine called Prophecy Watchers to find this print ad about the recent update to Jim and Penny Caldwell's 4 hour presentation DVD Exploring Arabia's Sinai.

One of the downsides of the world's scholarly archaeologists is they clearly either don't know or use the Scriptures to help them locate evidence. Only Christians or Jews could therefore locate the place where Exodus occurred due to the unique road map provided in Scriptures. Anyone on the fence so to speak, whose longed for genuine full blown evidence to support God's existence can look no more thanks to the Caldwell's visits to Saudi Arabia at the mountain Jebel el Lawz documenting enormous evidence lining up with the Scriptural account. The amount of evidence provided of an untouched location protected by the Saudi Arabian government is simply mind boggling!

Though I don't personally ascribe to any one's dependence on physical evidence to prove God exists, if that's what's necessary to gather up the few remaining who will accept Him before it's too late then so be it. Allow me to preface, at this point in time it's a long shot of anyone turning to Jesus as their Savior based on the information of the true location of Exodus. I  know this because Jim and Penny Caldwell's been screaming from the rooftops the past two decades they've located the true location in Saudi Arabia where Exodus happened along with all of the unique discoveries there, but the fact remains the world, and even Christendom, have been largely ignoring them.

This trailer provides archaeologist interviews claiming there's not one iota of evidence Exodus was real in the archaeological record.

After the release of the the multi award winning documentary Patterns of Evidence Exodus in 2015, it was completely confirmed the archaeologist community's work in the area of the Exodus has been written in stone into their minds. Interviews with major players in ancient archeology all demonstrated the same stubbornness to consider they may have been looking in the wrong time period and location for evidence they never discovered.

Over the weekend I watched the Caldwell's newly updated Exploring Arabia's Sinai DVD, a presentation by Jim and Penny Caldwell and it's as clear as day they have uncovered in its totality the location of Exodus, Rock of Horeb, and all.  Christians should be celebrating this new discovery, the Saudi's have been protecting the area knowing full well for many generations it's the place of Exodus and Moses in the Bible so it looks much like a movie set waiting to film the cast.

In Summary:

Based on a vision from God, American Jim Caldwell, having worked for an oil company in Saudi Arabia, brought his family on research trips disguised as vacations within the country where they eventually discovered the location of Exodus over a twenty year time frame. The Caldwells were also able to confirm through sources the Saudi's have recognized the location where Moses led the Israelites for many generations.

The Caldwell's are uniquely blessed American Christians having left behind their television sets in search of reality outside the mind control matrix who should be greatly applauded for their courage in risking their lives for God who protected them every step of the way.

For anyone searching for genuine proof of the existence of God that scholars have been clearly denying and covering up the true location of Exodus, I strongly recommend watching the Caldwell's 4 hour presentation in, Exploring Arabia's Sinai.  

Prophecy Watchers Store: 

Exploring Arabia's Sinai - Two DVD's Presentation - 4 hours $34.95