Wednesday, March 30, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: What The Little Devils @ The SFPD Are Up To

Since my recent articles TOURIST ALERT: San Francisco - Tourists Murdered, SFPD Absent, Mayor Ed Lee Looney Tunes and Is There A Place in Hell for Yelp and the SFPD? this is to confirm why San Franciscans rarely see the SFPD anymore.

Tonight the little devils at the San Francisco Police Department were spotted at an Elvis Costello concert hanging out in front talking secretively in the dark at the Masonic auditorium. For those who may not know, the Masonic Auditorium is a Freemason secret society building built in 1958 where they rent out to various well known performers.

Officers are missing in action here in San Francisco nowhere to be found hiding from the public not wanting to deal with society's ills here on the over populated streets. Once in a while we see a police car but for the most part, they're hiding behind their SFPD website.

I've denoted how the police in San Francisco don't want to do real police work they'd prefer to get citizens tangled up ridiculous disputes. See Is There A Place in Hell for Yelp and the SFPD?  They'd also prefer to get O/T watching over film crews and accompanying Obama and other political leaders in order to stay away from dealing with the public's social ill problems. I often see the SFPD enjoying their large gathering patio lunches on Polk Street, everything's peachy keen with their easy privileged lifestyles avoiding real work.

Putting on a show, yelling at people to move out of the way, the SFPD is a police force headed for eternal hell with these activities.

These arrogant snobby officers believe they're above it all living like gods while leaving citizens to fend for themselves of the insane maniacs wandering about threatening people who defecate on the sidewalks. Meanwhile they're busy being the Yelp police for a crazy Egyptian woman from Australia in a power struggle with a notary public business.  Anything but having to do real police work, they're just a bunch of privileged bums out to cause problems for good citizens.  Security should be able to handle  the Elvis Costello concert unless there's a crime there. In this case, police are being paid OT to attend this event above and beyond security.

Citizens aren't getting they're taxpayer's money worth with the SFPD. They're in hiding as an evil secret society with a chip on their shoulders.

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