Sunday, March 20, 2016

Is There a Place In Hell For Yelp and the SFPD?

I wasn't going to do an article about this but since my last article about the Tyranny of Yelp, (e.g., the Yelp Police of San Francisco) God's reinstated His presence over my business by reminding me He provides my notary business with customers much of the time.  I've since been listening to Christian Pastor Dr. Charles Stanley's Anxiety series that's helped remind me I need not worry over crazy Yelper attacks who have the audacity to contact the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) who, in turn, called me from a blocked number on a Saturday as if they're my supervisor.

The police are an evil secret society who are often hiding in San Francisco so it's not too surprising that someone from the SFPD would phone me within three hours of some Egyptian Yelper complaining I left her three voice mails. The police were totally out-of-line to be phoning me over this petty issue as if they're supervising my business. Our taxpayer dollars at work, the SFPD has a lot of time on its hands playing the Yelp police avoiding real work out on the streets.  I've documented time and time again on this blog how the SFPD's hiding without any presence in San Francisco.

Now, for a little more info on Yelp.
"Yelp is literally the worst review site on the planet. The very name of the company is derived from the sound of a dog being kicked. People with a bone to pick with a business seek out Yelp when they want a platform to complain. - Why Yelp Belongs In Hell - Dr. Rankwell, April 3, 2015 (Note: It's largely recognized that April 3rd is the date Christ was crucified)
In an example of how God provides my business with customers, last Friday a man's Christian wife was praying for him to locate a notary public for some important court documents. The man was from New York and had been at three banks so he was becoming distraught.  It turns out I was right there to help after Chase Bank's teller turned him away.  I was at the right place at the right time because God arranged it. Being the only Christian mobile notary in San Francisco, this was no coincidence.  This has happened a few times before, it's nothing new. Being mobile in my line of work, I've witnessed God's timing and how he's directing my schedule many times.  God's provided beautifully for my business for many years now.

God's hand was in Friday's experience, He's been sending me customers for years now and many of them use my services regularly. God even lets me know when someone's going to call me, they cross my mind and they call within 24 hours or that week. God sends customers who don't complain, in over six years no one has ever complained after 5,000+ customers served, including families I've visited the homes of in mortgage loan signings.  It's always those who don't use my services who manage to complain on-line who are highly suspected of mischief.

So when Yelpers call my business in order to try and damage it having no real intent on using my services just causing mischief, it confirms Yelp, Inc. is a corporation of Satan's evil out to harm businesses. Yelp refuses to cooperate to remove such fake reviews that violates its own terms of service while I pay it $75/mo in order to respond to the irrational freakish reviews. When Yelp further demonstrates it can't take what it dishes out, such as the recent firing of its own employee for taking to the Internet to complain about its own work conditions, that speaks of unbelievable arrogance they fired her.
If  you work for a living, you may have experienced the temptation to take a baseball bat to your office computer or open the window and scream, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"
A now-former Yelp employee did the modern-day equivalent when she posted a blistering "open letter" to the company CEO denouncing her low pay on the blog publishing platform Medium, and she got booted from her job a couple of hours later. Yelp Case Raises Questions - February, 26 2016
Yelp can't take what it dishes out, it expects businesses to put up with its amateur nuisance Yelp reviewers petty ridiculous complaints over 27 second phone conversations, but it can't take its employees complaining about what an arrogant hell hole it is.

I don't have to guess about what God thinks of Yelp, Inc. as a company, nor its employees that are heard partying in the background of phone calls to their customer service department. Who do they think they are, along with the SFPD having the audacity to call as if I have no right to respond to its rude Egyptian nuisance Yelper?  I've since removed Yelp's name from all of my marketing materials since the company's going straight to . . ..  I'm never using Yelp for anything ever again. I'll be going back to word-of-mouth, the best way of all.

God continually confirms He's with me that I'm going to heaven.  Meanwhile Yelp's and the Yelp police are clearly going to. . . .

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