Saturday, March 26, 2016

TOURIST ALERT: San Francisco - Tourists Murdered, SFPD Absent, Mayor Ed Lee Looney Tunes

BREAKING NEWS - This is an emergency broadcast interrupting San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee's statement today from his home town of Seattle banning SF city worker travel to North Carolina over its Anti-Trans Bathroom law.  

A disturbing video's been released today showing a British tourist, Paul Tam, in San Francisco being chased into the street and stabbed twice in the head for his messenger bag. This happened near the area of Japan Town, a popular tourist attraction. Tragically, Tam died a few days ago from the February 19, 2016 incident.  The attacker hasn't been located in spite of the video evidence. See The Horrifying Moment a British Tourist Was Fatally Stabbed in the Head Trying to Flee a Bag Snatcher on a Busy San Francisco Street - U.K. Mail - March 26, 2016

Disturbing video - Viewer caution. 

When you hear of tourists getting killed in San Francisco, know it's because there's virtually no police presence in the city, that they don't care if you live or die let alone what disgusting experience you may have on its streets. The officers only care about political clout within their own city government and a huge pension awaiting their political tenures. You may get killed simply walking down a well lit street with traffic. Over a month later there will be no justice should you die because the arrogant ones at the SFPD won't even have a lead in spite of several witnesses and a video.

I'll never forget a couple years ago when a SFPD officer began yelling at people on a beautiful day to clear out for their spectacular motorcade of some unknown person. Their arrogance was breathtaking.

If you do visit, you'll likely see the SFPD in their long motorcades for Obama et al, overseeing corporate events or filming crews on overtime. You'll see them in coffee shops texting with their iPhones or at their patio lunches on Polk Street, but what you won't see is police doing anything good for people on the streets. You won't find them helping people, speaking to people, getting to know the community. You won't find them buying a cup of coffee for a homeless person or taking the time to get to know their situation.

The homeless also hang around at bus stops a lot. This one shrieks like a demon across from where I do business.  His angry outbursts are well known in the area where he likes to call women names.

What this all means is when you walk around the corner shocked to find some very ill person taking a crap in the middle of the sidewalk as I have a couple times now, there will be no police officer nearby, nor anywhere for that matter, to summon help.  Know that if you do come to San Francisco, you're on your own and could be stabbed in the head by a beggar or petty thief at any time without warning.

Mayor Lee on Twitter today. He's been making a lot of statements 

about Belgium, North Carolina's laws.

Meanwhile, Mayor Lee's off in Seattle jerking himself off over Hillary Clinton's campaign while making public statements about other cities.

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The Horrifying Moment a British Tourist Was Fatally Stabbed in the Head Trying to Flee a Bag Snatcher on a Busy San Francisco Street U.K. Mail - March 26, 2016

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