Thursday, March 17, 2016

What Yelp and North Korea Have In Common - Tyranny et al.

In case you didn't hear, North Korea's becoming a real threat to the United States lately.  A couple hours ago it launched two ballistic missile tests from a mobile platform making it nearly impossible for the U.S. to track. Similarly, Yelp's a metaphorical mobile launch pad for sadistic tyrannical minds to attack innocent business owners anonymously.

Much like North Korea's attitude, Yelp treats business owners poorly as if we're its employees. Here's an example of how Yelp treats business owners reviewed on its site who flag Yelpers' fake reviews. North Korea's recent 15 year labor sentence for a tourist who removed a poster:

How Yelp treats business owners who pay them a fee to get bashed on their site with non-customer fake reviews.  This man removed a propaganda poster from North Korea as a tourist. You present your case in a terms of service violation request and Yelp choses to let the false allegations stand.
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Yelp's an evil company.  A few weeks ago I called their offices and they were busy partying and having a good time in the background of the call. The phone rep even admitted employees were partying. I figure Yelp's employees must be in S&M getting pleasure from sadistically ignoring terms of service violations of flagged reviews while charging their customers a monthly fee for it!

I didn't start my own business seven years ago to work for Yelp!!! My business doesn't exist for Yelp and I'm not its employee!!!! I don't understand why the legal industry can't figure out a way to put Yelp's in its place.  My business did well for four years prior to Yelp's infringing on my business asking me to sign a one year contract at $150/mo.

VIDEO: Russia's withdrawing from Syria, planning on nuking America.
Note: This guy claims to have heard this info from top Russian brass. I don't support him personally.

Now back to North Korea, not too much different from Yelp in many ways.  In spite of North Korea's threats, I believe the drama's really designed to distract from what its pals Russia and China are planning.  According to the video, Russia plans on nuking the United States which is why it recently withdrew from Syria.  China plans on invading the U.S. with Russia after the nuclear attacks.  If Yelp loves nuking businesses with fake reviewers while charging a fee to the victims, it must love what North Korea's doing threatening America this way over delusional reasons.

North Korea's Yelp review of the United States:  

We going to nuke you! 

Yelp Terms of Service Violation Flag Request from the U.S.
Yelp responds: Though we understand, we disagree with your request to remove the review

San Francisco will surely be in the cross hairs of these nations' nuke attacks. If I were Yelp, I wouldn't take the nukes personally.  It's all in their minds!  Yelp needs to stop being so paranoid about itself and see a therapist that nation's aren't out to get it for trying to harm businesses.

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