Sunday, April 10, 2016

Why It's Time To Flush Bruce Springsteen Down The Collective Toilet

Oh my, Springsteen's vulgarity needed a boycott!
What's that flushing sound? That of my summoning an army of Alzheimer's patients who can't recall who Bruce Springsteen is.  If God agrees to my prayer request, with each passing day Alzheimer soldiers will manifest in the collective memory loss of Americans of the horrendous filth of Springsteen and others.  Why? So many can have the chance of entering heaven, that's why. If we all can just forget participating in these sins by repenting to Jesus asking for God's forgiveness, it would all be forgotten forever with our conscience's clear.

Back in the early 1970's Springsteen betrayed many innocent virgin teen girls across America claiming he was Born in the U.S.A as a patriot with a flag in his pocket on his very first album. Unfortunately, it later became clear that Springsteen was an overrated pop culture idol deceptive pervert who sought to sear the consciences of audiences with sinful acts on stage at his concerts. Such concerts should have later been boycotted and protested instead of allowing this madman musician to ramrod his stinking perversions to damage youth's mental health.

Now in 2016, Springsteen would like gender bending perverts to enter public women's bathrooms. Springsteen has the audacity to boycott performing in North Carolina against its new laws having pulled out.
"I am a Jersey Girl and have always been proud of it. I have always considered myself blessed to be born and raised in a state that values education and success, appreciates culture, and enjoys the unity and pride that great Jersey rockers like Bruce Springsteen and John Bon Jovi foster. For most of my life, I have made it a priority to buy every Springsteen album, update every Springsteen playlist, share his music with my new neighbors (North Carolinians), and attend every one of his NC concerts. That loyalty ends today." 
 The Boss Becomes The Bully! Bruce Springsteen Boycotts NC so Let NC Boycott Him !! - April 10, 2016

"I used to really dig Springsteen. The best I'd ever known in Rock, absolutely the best.
On a beautiful day in Los Angeles at the reservoir, many people were walking. Springsteen came toward me and my girl Rona, a cute and savvy Jewish girl from Brentwood. He was walking with his then wife, I think her name was Julia (?). I remember what they were wearing. Shorts, socks, tennis shoes, t-shirts, zippered hoodies, baseball caps and big sunglasses. Springsteen had that shit eatin' grin on his face...he finally got a half way decent chick. A feeling only another guy would know and understand. 
After we passed each other I really felt the urge to "jack that . . .". Reasons: For sellin' out his music (only sissyboy chumps sell out their music), and for sellin' out on the United States of America. Springsteen's liberal and negative viewpoints on this country bruised the image of the only true Promised Land. The land of the United States of America. The land and everything that the Pilgrims gave up just to gain so little for their personal selves. can't hold it in your can only hold it in your heart... " 

Springsteen's afterlife pipeline
It's clear Springsteen doesn't understand what's really happening, that his career's coming to an end up ahead about to be flushed down the collective toilet never to be remembered ever again.  This is because God's in control, not Bruce Springsteen, the alleged "Boss".  Springsteen's now officially associated himself with bathroom choice laws with an utter disregard for infringement on women's rights to privacy from many gender bending perverted persons gawking at them and their little girls in public bathrooms. Springsteen continues to prove he never really cared about female fans to begin with who made him famous.

Americans should have stood up to Springsteen's outrageous perverted acts on stage with his saxophonist that were absolutely disgusting, shocking every single teenage girl who once swooned over him.  Now that the kissing sax player's passed into the afterlife, Bruce Springsteen will one day be joining him through the sewage pipeline.

Springsteen struggles against those losing memory of him with Alzheimer's

Memories of Bruce Springsteen, along with his sinful acts on stage, will one day be wiped out of the American psyche as meaningless preoccupations of an indulgent godless liberal culture into the sewage pipe of an eternal hell afterlife.

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