Friday, April 1, 2016

Why Liberals Are Such Cool Happy People ;-)

Liberals take happy pills!
I know how you feel, I used to be a liberal too.  As a former smiley faced liberal whose still recovering from years of being a lost, wandering and confused person, I can certainly sympathize and identify with your dilemma of believing you can trust delusions about yourself and the world we live in.

Lately I've denoted the mental illness of those liberals who want to force their version of reality on innocent people. One example's socialist Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook whose continually forcing his many hypocritical beliefs on FB members. Much like a spiritual cult leader, Zuckerberg's attempting to teach FB members lately about love and Islam to the point of my having to completely end my use of this social media platform.  See Mark Zuckerberg Signs Brief Supporting Obama's Executive Action on Protecting Illegal Immigrants -Newsweek, March 8, 2016 and Zuckerberg Group Attacks Trump On Immigration - April 1, 2016.

According to author David Kupelian in The Snapping of The American Mind, the left's been provoking people to snap in this country, especially since Obama took office.  If they'd just be willing to listen, I'd let whomever know what they're facing without Jesus in the afterlife, that's truly terrifying to even contemplate. I'm very repentant and sorry I used to be a liberal much of my life. In doing so I clearly robbed myself of the best of God's original plan for my life a depraved culture trumped.

Today I'm tremendously grateful my spiritual sight was opened by Him after I was hit by a car in 2012, that Jesus is the Messiah, that the Book of Genesis with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and the fall of mankind is true! People also prayed for me and my fasting at the hospital helped me tune into God's spiritual healing processes to rely on faith in Him especially.

It's mind boggling how liberal Americans are disinterested in reality.

Eternal hell's real! On April 3rd, 33 A.D., Jesus died on the cross taking on the sins of humanity to make it possible for us to have a relationship with God after He resurrected three days later on April 6th, 33 A.D. Without Jesus, humanity would be doomed to eternal hell with Satan who tempted man to eternal damnation in the Book of Genesis.  The evidence of Satan's supernatural existence here on earth's clear to any saved Christian, but the liberals are completely blinded by their delusions for having chosen to reject God.

Cool happy liberals hang out at the beach a lot in their youth
Liberals take a happy pill, or whatever ;-), to cover-up inner turmoil while wanting to put innocent people through their twisted delusions such as enacting crazy gender bending bathroom laws and regulations. Though I didn't rely on happy pills, I used to be one of the liberals lacking sound mind by wanting to force my delusions on innocent people specifically related to my false belief I was a victimized lesbian in my 20's and 30's.

A happy pill can't change the truth that eternal hell's real and those who reject Jesus as their Savior will most certainly end up there.  You can say the words "cool" and "bro" circulated in our culture since the 1970's, till you're blue in the face and chant whatever you like to your idol, but none will save you from entering eternal hell after you die. Only Jesus has the power and authority to save us from eternal hell given to Him by the Father who sent His Son to die for our sins as the sacrificial Lamb of God.

There really is a God and He's helped me transform this blog since 2012 to get His Word out that hell is real and time's running out to change course!  As the U.S. nears self-destruction up ahead facing a very serious Judgment for Obama's abandonment of Israel as the final straw, be aware if you haven't accepted Jesus yet, you will be very surprised to find yourself stuck forever in a place where there are no happy pills!

In spite of much effort to deny spiritual reality with happy pills living artificially cool lives, the fact remains for all that we'll never know reality or truth until we stop rebelling against God by accepting Jesus into our lives.

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