Sunday, May 1, 2016

BIG SECRET - Global Young Leaders U.N. Group Meeting in San Francisco

They invaded our neighborhood in huge black tour buses in our Nob Hill San Francisco today, with at least fifteen parked at the Fairmont Hotel where I visited this evening to go to my gym. When I asked what it was all about, I eventually learned it was a secretive organization that used a fake logo. It later was confirmed by a woman who I spoke with that they didn't want anyone to know who they were that's why they were being so secretive. When I asked if it had something to do with the United Nations she responded in the negative.

I later uploaded their fake logo into the Google image search engine to confirm how paranoid they are not to even provide a genuine logo.  I saw their meeting minutes that had the term global all over it providing more hints of their identity. The sign above WPM Headshots sounds like it could stand for World Prime Minister.  The logo is generic.

The United Nations will be a tool for the AntiChrist and his one world government.

Why would an organization need to be this secretive do you think?  Because these people are attempting to operate under the radar of their plans for globalization.  Because they have evil plans adverse to the general population otherwise they wouldn't be so secretive. Since this organization was so secretive I didn't want to go around taking photos of their meeting plans or materials being on the hotel property as a gym member, but did get the one shot to check on the logo.

One of the buses indicated it would be eventually going to San Francisco City Hall.  Everything is hush hush. You just don't roll in 15 large buses into a neighborhood and expect to keep everything secret, it doesn't work that way. Don't bring so many of your people into San Francisco and be so rude to deny residents who and what you are. It's just not right.