Monday, May 9, 2016

NOTARY ALERT: Sabastian Vaduva, Signio and SPAM Contacts

To save notaries time, this is to notify all who received SPAM email contacts from Sabastian Vaduva at SPAM email address **** about he and his alleged co-founder's new start up's scheme for mobile notaries in the San Francisco market.  

First, be aware the email's in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 that doesn't follow rule's 3 and 4 thus being a violation. You can complain to the FTC here after reading the foregoing. He is in violation of the law by not adhering to the complete list of rules and can be fined $16,000 per violation. I encourage everyone who received unwanted SPAM to report him and forward the violation to the FTC.

In the body of the email, Sabastian mentioned he's with South Africa's Signio Company lying that it's based in San Francisco as a start-up. He didn't provide an address of his location.  He also provided a masked fake number from Palo Alto (that isn't accepting calls). I've come to the conclusion Sabastian Vaduva, whose a foreign based entity, wants to invade the San Francisco market with app technology he envisions will make him a millionaire. 

Though Sabastian Vaduva works through Signio's interface he also uses the email domain while claiming he's a cofounder of a start up in San Francisco. ( is not located in San Francisco either). 

As business owners we do not want to sell out our sovereignty to global based networks who want to enter our market this way.  Please reject all requests to participate in their beta trials and do not hand over your business enterprise for their money making scheme.  

***I cannot lawfully provide his entire email address using this medium.