Monday, June 27, 2016

Kiss U.S. Constitution Goodbye, The Future of America Is Sharia Law

After today's abortion regulations ruling by the Supreme Court, it's very clear America's legal system's collapsing to immorality and BEAST female rule. This S.C. ruling followed a recent 4/4 split ruling tie on amnesty that was as clear as day it should have been 8/0 had the four other S.C. Justices followed the U.S. Constitution. 

Since our U.S Constitution's being abandoned by progressive liberal BEASTS, God's hand of protection will no longer be on America or its women who have enjoyed considerable freedom for decades now.  Therefore I wanted to announce it's my opinion that the U.S. Court system won't be around for very much longer as stands today.  God's judgment's coming to America for its legal system allowing the killing of innocents, both in and outside the womb as well as all the rebellion against His Word.  Not only is God's Judgment coming for violating His Commandment "Thou shall not kill", but for profiting off the deaths of innocents in and outside the womb.  God will be allowing America's enemies to conquer it, and those people will likely be Muslims already taking root here in mosques all over the country including Jihad sleeper cells our government's complicit with allowing.  Russians and Chinese have also been prophesied to be involved in conquering America militarily but the Muslims are already here on our soil, many illegally, and those inside our own government welcome them with open arms as partners.

Ignorant stupid godless American women cry over victory today
singing Ain't No Mountain High Enough in celebration.  Loveless beasts!  In about 10 years or less Sharia law will require their own rape, torture and beheading for rejecting Allah.


When Sharia law's implemented in America, Muslims will begin raping, torturing and beheading these same cheering American women we witnessed today. What these fools are really cheering on is their own destruction and entry into eternal hell. For God isn't going to allow these American women to go unpunished nor the politicians who deceived many about what today's ruling is really about.

Many women believed the S.C. ruling was a win for abortion rights when it was nothing of the sort. It was about regulating abortion as a surgical and/or medical procedure to ensure safety for the woman and protection for those babies born due to failed abortions. Now murdering babies outside the womb is legal and women will continue to die in botched procedures without legal recourse.  I could hardly believe women were cheering over this today.

American women to be handed over to Satan for slaughter under Sharia Law
prior to entering eternal hell

American women have become mindless zombies following their BEAST political leaders to eternal hell. I myself was stupid in my 20's and 30's I've repented over but with all the access we have to information on the Internet, there's no excuse to be so misinformed in this day and age!  Ignorance is no excuse in God's eyes, because sin is sin.  God sent His beloved son Jesus to suffer on the cross and resurrect so we could repent of our sins and follow Him out of this world.

I urge women to repent of this nonsense and top following these deceptive BEAST politicians who are leading them into eternal hell.  It's all about profit over the industry of death of innocents.  All God asks is a turning back to Him, to ask forgiveness and start a new life in reborn in His Holy Spirit. It's not brain surgery to do this, but as simple as can be. Why American women prefer to celebrate and be happy over this ruling demonstrates how truly blind they are to spiritual consequences of their ignorance and rebellion.

American women celebrating the S.C. ruling are so blind to the reality of what it truly means acting as if they won the lotto! God will not allow this to continue and will hand America over to its enemies to conquest! A huge historic earthquake's coming, it's just a matter of time! The earthquake will destroy a large part of California via the San Andreas Fault not to mention the Cascadia fault zone where Washington, Oregon and Northern California are going to be wiped out with tsunamis.  It's all ready to go!  This will be God's Judgment, but that's only the beginning as waves of changes are forthcoming to wipe out these sleazy godless whores who spread their legs and murder their babies so thoughtlessly and celebrate over it!

You can't celebrate over the murder of God's innocents and get away with this behavior for very long.  American women's freedom is going to be completely revoked and God's hand of protection lifted of these idiot godless progressive liberals and feminists.

God saves the murdered babies by the way, they're with Him.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Mini-Vacation From Blogging, Link to Jay Sekulow's Broadcast

Everyone Needs a Vacation from Blogging

Since 2009, I've been blogging and feel it necessary for a continued break because I have many books to read.  I'd like to refer visitors to an outstanding one hour radio broadcast, the ACLJ's Jay Sekulow every morning at 9:00 am, Mon-Thursday (also available by FB replay recording).

ACLJ = American Center for Law and Justice.

Cheryl Meril