Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hit a Nerve - Joe Cassara's Homo Erotic Thing for Singer Billy Joel

I couldn't believe Billy Joel recently stooped to such lows playing a song subtly mocking Donald Trump thanking him for being entertaining. Joel, a divorcee of Christie Brinkley, is on his way out of this world into the afterlife and will likely die of a heart attack typical of his personality type and lifestyle. See Donald Trump Thanked Billy Joel Playing the Entertainer In His Honor - Did He Miss the Joke? -

When will these 70's singers get over themselves I wonder?  Don't they know they're nothing now? That they have no real future without Jesus as their Savior? They apparently aren't aware what spiritual failures they are, what a disgrace their lives truly are before Him no matter how their fans used to idolize them several decades ago. These men are spiritually blind having no idea where they're headed without accepting Jesus into their hearts and following Him out of this world. 

It should be clear to many that well aged sinful hardened liberal men of America like Billy Joel and his idolater fans such as Joe Cassara, former manager at KAFM in Grand Junction Colorado, have little to no real future in the America of today.  All they really have is the ability to roll out of bed each the morning, itch themselves and wonder when the stock market's going to crash.

Unfortunately these men didn't get the news they're headed nowhere, that they're lives are nearly done in a country that can no longer accommodate their gluttonous sinful leisure lifestyles leading nowhere but hell.  There's a timer left on each of their sinful lives that God's enabled His grace to carry them up to a point until it will likely be too late and eternal hell will be the outcome for lack of knowledge. These people won't be able to say God wasn't fair to them, He's given us all we need in His Word to return home through his beloved son Jesus who died for our sins at the cross, paying our spiritual debts forever then resurrecting to a new eternal life for us all.

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After eight years of an extreme liberal Obama Administration, America's fall is straight up ahead as lives and cultural history will be reset and wiped away forever.  Billy Joel will be a big nobody in a post-fallen America, no one will want to listen to his stinking trash pop culture music ever again aware God destroyed it all.  No one will want to listen to any of these godless fallen unsaved sinner's music after the horror that's up ahead. People who survived will fear God so much after it's all over, they'll be too frightened to look back at a culture God severely judged and rebuked.  To put it simply, allow me to confirm God thinks their pop music stinks, this I know for certain. God is very angry at the American entertainers, comedy and music especially. 

Speaking of stench, Joe Cassara recently contacted me upset with a Facebook post I made of Billy Joel's childish behavior toward's Trump while confirming God's been steadily taking out huge names in the entertainment business in 2016. Cassara contacted me on Twitter where I was astonished at his self-righteous attitude to comment "God have mercy on your soul" as if I committed a crime. I can only say that secular so called Christian liberal delusionals like Cassara who put their passions and energy into pop singers and other cultural idolatries so late in life will face the consequences in the afterlife for their lack of repentance and genuine turning back to God.  So, instead of chastising me for my comment about Billy Joel, Mr. Cassara needs to grow up out of his childish sports teams and pop singer idolatry he posts on Twitter and get real with God and FEAR HIM!!!!!

Clarification For Those Confused

Spiritual failure disciples of Billy Joel like Joe Cassara are over confident with themselves being self-righteous hypocrites not at all obedient to God's Word. They aren't water baptized, holy spirit filled, nor children of the light with reborn spiritual lives that see, but blind old men headed for eternal hell without Jesus.  
Newsflash - Billy Joel is nothing in the Kingdom of God and his music is stench in God's nostrils for its lack of praise and honor of Him.  Fans like Cassara who still worship Joel as their idol will end up in eternal hell along with him should they continue down the broad path in life.