Friday, July 22, 2016

Why Hillary Voters Face Eternal Hell Without Jesus

It's no secret that America's an indulgent nation full of drug addicts, from both pharmaceuticals and recreational.  Many Americans also revert to other types of addictions. It's my hypothesis the reason we can't get away from Hillary Clinton since 1992 having to listen to and see her in the public arena, is that she's addicted to POWER, MONEY, FAME and POLITICS.  In other words, Hillary's addiction has been causing our country great harm as the typical addict's denial continues in the political arena full of endless lies and cover-ups.

After seeing Hillary's America released at theaters today, many like myself are denoting the madness and drive of a woman similar to the lady in the following video.  

The likely inner turmoil of Hillary Clinton's addiction to politics, money, fame and power are expressed well in this video. Hillary's being exposed today in the film debut of Hillary's America.

The psycho in the video's likely a drug addict to have developed such a desperate personality for McDonald McNuggets.  I think the clip's a great representation of the inner turmoil of what Hillary is going through, including from the Hillary for Prison banners being paraded in U.S. skies lately.

This apparent "seizure" Hillary's attempting to hide with a clown face is likely linked to demonic possession.  It demonstrates Hillary's complicit with her demons covering up for them.

Ben Carson says it like it is about Hillary's Witchcraft

Sick to my stomach, why people enable the Clinton addicts even with all this knowledge about their beyond coincidental likely murders for hire.

Operating in the Courts of Heaven - God knows who we vote for!

As Christians, let us all pray for an end of the Clinton dynasty, put a stop to it forever!  It's clear Hillary has a serious addiction to power that needs to be stopped in November, 2016.  For those who still insist on enabling the power addict junkies fix by voting for Hillary, there's no excuse whatsoever and your complicity with her criminality that will be duly noted in the Courts of Heaven.  God knows!

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