Sunday, August 28, 2016

Follow-up On Lucid Dream From InfoWars' BrainForce (TM)

I haven't been blogging for a while, ever since I took Alex Jones' InfoWars BrainForce (TM) I blogged about a few weeks ago, I've been recovering from a terrifying lucid dream experience. The image at left isn't what I saw, but what I felt. It felt like some huge alien stork lifted me up in a membrane enclosure where I opened my eyes to see where I was. See WARNING: Alex Jones' InfoWars BrainForce Has Serious Spiritual Consequences - August 7, 2016 

Imagine a dream in 3D that had you believing some alien lifted you up in some membrane that you felt like you were being taken away forever never to return and it wasn't a pleasant experience. (Sure wasn't Virgin Airlines!) I didn't feel I was being taken to heaven, though I failed to mention in the blog post the strange ending to the lucid experience that appeared to be a digital breakdown of pixels that were trying to render some environment of a pasture with a horse in it. In other words, the dream seemed simulated near the end.

I later realized the membrane in my lucid dream resembled the intense light and features of my bathroom sink decor prior to my going to bed that evening.

I also noted that the membrane enclosure I could feel in the dream when I opened my eyes, yes I could see where I was, resembled my bathroom sink where I brush my teeth prior to turning in for the evening. The BrainForce (TM) supplement I took the past 19 days caused my brain to do something unusual projecting this image into my lucid dream.  The sound of the the rushing wind added to the sensation of being lifted out of my body.

The Dream Seemed So Real!  
It seemed so real I believed I had died and was being transported somewhere.  I was also conscious in the dream able to conduct spiritual warfare based on Ephesians 6. It seemed the incident must have lasted at least 20-30 seconds with the visual breakdown of digitized pixel like substance that was meant to have been a nature scene of a green pasture with a horse grazing in it.  As I was praying in warfare, I never really believed any of it was genuine and held on tight to Jesus for protection.

I'd like to reiterate I felt God was angry with me for taking that ancient Bacopa herb in the BrainForce (TM) capsule. After I had later discovered all that was in BrainForce, I realized it violated God's Scripture not to rely on herbs, but His Holy Spirit for healing.  The herb was associated with ancient witchdoctor medicine.

My latest video shows strange timing and appearances of an alien reflection and then the entry of a cross as bodies were flying around from an accident.

Speaking of aliens, I just uploaded a video of an alien bobble head reflection on a dashboard of a car prior to an accident and bodies flying around where a cross then entered. I thought I might as well post it in this unusual blog post as well.

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