Thursday, September 29, 2016

Obama and Congress Has Handed Over U.S. Sovereignty of Internet to World Powers

Today Americans officially lost the keys to the Internet engine that they as tax payers funded into creation through its military infrastructure decades ago. Thanks to Obama, control of the Internet has been sold out to world international interests with a bribed Congress's blessings.

Today Senator Cruz lost his attempt to derail handing over the Internet with new legislation. Now dictators from other nations will have a say in what happens to America's Internet that they can flip a switch at any time they deem fit because it no longer belongs to our country.
"The Internet has always been under American control - protected by our Constitution. But on October 1st, President Obama is literally transferring control of the Internet to an organization with multi-national stakeholders. Let me be very blunt. Once America gives up control of the Internet, there is no reset button. The world's worst dictators could gain control, and we could do absolutely nothing about it." Jay Sekulow, American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ)
From a Christian's perspective this means the AntiChrist will one day oversee the Internet. I found it odd the ACLJ waited until the last three days to let its members know what was going down, that Congress wasn't fighting hard enough to divert this insane maneuver. Legislation had been written to stop the transfer they allowed through without a fuss. Had Americans known what was happening we could have done something about it. The Congress likely used the veto over Obama yesterday to distract the Internet distraction from being strong in the public's awareness.

Handing over the keys to the Internet engine to foreign world power is a metaphor for the surrender of U.S. sovereignty.  If Congress can be so complicit in allowing such a thing, they are clearly not looking out for America's best interests.  It appears to me, the entire U.S. government is ready to sell out America to the highest bidder and dismantle it.  Hillary Clinton intends on doing such a thing, wanting to get rid of the "old America" she no longer believes exists.

For anyone who really wants to know the truth of Hillary Clinton, they're presented in this video released today. (The transcript is in the description section for cut and pasting.)

If you don't want to know the truth of someone you intend on voting for, be forewarned Scripture says God intentionally blinds those who don't seek nor want to know the truth preferring lies. He allows them to become confident in their delusions!  God will allow the invasion of our nation's enemies for His Judgment due to such willful blindness. People who don't care about the truth are delusional, prone to manipulation and political correctness void of reality. I dare you to watch the video.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Deflated Balls? Trump Too Polite With Foe Hillary Clinton

Tonight Trump's balls became deflated significantly to an evil demonic Hillary Clinton because he didn't rip her to shreds and grind her to dust as he should have before a one hundred million viewer audience.  Where have the real men gone in America? Today most men are all pansies thanks to the liberal witches running everything.

Here's a hint Mr. Trump: You don't go into a debate being polite, you rip your opposition to shreds when its criminal and evil! That is what you do Mr. Trump. You don't sit there allowing some wicked woman to walk all over you!

I'd like to see some real anger for what Hillary Clinton has done! No pussy footing around the issues with polite gentlemen behavior. I'd like this person Hillary Clinton ripped off the podium for what she's done, no more lies!

Crazy California Liberals Demand Trump Be Arrested for "Hate Crimes", Sign Petitions

click to enlarge

These liberal old hags are trying to take over everything in America! They're crazy delusional and belong in mental institutions. Those who support these crab apple liberal women are out of their minds.

If I were debating Hillary Clinton she'd be gone. Gone, gone gone!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

How Lewis Black's Joke Backfired About Trump Supporters Going To Hell

I've recently heard about comedian Lewis Black's claim that a vote for Trump assures one of going to hell. Is it not the sole jurisdiction of an accomplished comedian like Black to make jokes? Yes, and in this case it's a very bad joke that attempted to cross the line into reality without success.  See Comedian Lewis Black Says Trump Supporters Going to Hell Breitbart September 17, 2016

I used to enjoy Lewis Black years ago prior to my near death bike accident. I recall watching one of his performances claiming "I've since come to the conclusion we can do very well without leaders." It wasn't a joke but something he threw out seriously of his own insight and belief.  Perhaps he had a senior moment but Black said it while pausing for a response. As I recall, only one or two affirmed his delusional belief attempting to applaud.

The reason for the joke's terrible demise is that comedians don't belong in politics, a serious business of life and death. Besides, we all get enough of the clown joker frauds in office to last a lifetime! I therefore beg to differ with Lewis Black's recent absurd propaganda over Trump responding with common sense facts based in reality in this post.

So, lets get back to reality here. Are you still voting for Hillary Clinton even after all the disclosures of facts including about her health deteriorating and mental incapacity? This rant your reading's meant for you to slow down the rat race in your brain to actually reconsider your choice of Hillary and possibly turn back from following and supporting a wicked evil person for President who has bad intentions for America.

Below are real good reasons outside the obvious email scandal why not to vote for Hillary Clinton for President of the United States:

Reason Number 1:  According to three members of the Libyan Parliament, Hillary Clinton is considered the Butcher of Libya who gave rise to ISIS.  This happened due to Hillary's State Department failing to intervene to fill in the vacuum after killing Muammar Gaddafi. See article.

Parliament Members of Libya "Hillary is 'Butcher of Libya'  - Bill Still

How can liberals cheer on this evil woman Hillary Clinton who allowed the rise of ISIS? Utterly heartless, blind and numb to reality, that's how.  

The wicked spirit of Clown Hillary Clinton could care less about anything but power and money.

Reason #2 Haitians assert Hillary and Bill withheld and thereby stole 90% of charitable funds meant to rebuild their nation after the earthquake. The Haitians also claim Hillary is running their country to this day.

What happened to Haiti after the earthquake? Hillary's entrance was worse then the earthquake!

Reason #3 - Wikileaks email ID #1606 proves Hillary served the Rothchild family as the head of the State Department of the United States and likely still does.

Former HuffPost writer David Seaman fired for linking his article to a Hillary's health issue, researched Wikileaks to discover Hillary's owned by the Rothchilds.

Reason #4 Growing Clinton body count.

The latest dead bodies added to the Clinton body count

Those are just a few reasons why not to vote for Hillary Clinton.  I won't post health videos since those are plentiful elsewhere.  I believe these videos alone should be enough for you to stop supporting Hillary Clinton.

Opposite of comedian Lewis Black, I declare as a saved Christian who used to be liberal that Americans who still continue to rebel against God by supporting Hillary Clinton and Obama are well on their way to eternal hell. There's no excuse allowed by God to remain in denial and ignore the facts! Those who support Hillary Clinton are clear traitors of our country choosing to remain in a fake make believe world of entertainment of their own making.

Streisand works hard each political season with her talents in hopes of influencing Americans to vote for her predictable choice of liberal leadership. 

When you put on your headphones and listen to liberal Barbra Streisand and her singing performances, you aren't hearing the terrifying screams of slaughter and torture of the genocide of Christians and others in the Middle East. Those being burned alive! Cut in half! The rapes of thousands of women and children! That is a fact. Instead of facing reality, you'd rather seek pleasure indulging in Streisand's voice to avoid reality. This DENIAL of reality makes you complicit with EVIL we all need to stand up against.

That's right, just have yourself another indulgent ice cream Sunday and listen to Barbra Streisand's latest album in America while Christian genocide and rape of women and children continues in the Middle East thanks to Obama and Hillary Clinton's former State Department! (Note the fruit loops liberals!)

Think of it this way, there are thousands of innocent people facing extraordinary martyrdom for their faith in Christ en masse by ISIS, that you'd prefer to deny their existent to go enjoy a self indulgent chocolate ice cream Sunday or whatever else  you do with yourself in a bubble world.  They may not be in this country, but Christians especially are dying terrifying deaths every day on the same planet while you choose to turn off reality and tune into singers like Streisand who support Hillary Clinton! Barbra Streisand's just one example of the liberal media's absurd and unreasonable name calling and factless attacks on a Trump presidency while ignoring Hillary's crimes and health issues.

When you continue to deny facts and reality, you fall into the category of being against God and His truth found in Scriptures. You cannot make up facts nor change the truth to your liking liberal! If you reject the truth of who Hillary is, who she works for, the Rothchilds and George Soros, you are living in a dream world of your own making. You are not only ignoring Hillary's mental illness and incapacity to be President of the U.S., you are participating in the future of the ever so likely murder of thousands, if not millions of Americans.

When you turn on CNN News and other MSM, you are being lied to on a continual basis feeding your mind lies! You are willfully choosing to ignore facts you prefer not to learn exist by choosing the path to destruction of America and millions of lives!

So should you continue down this path of willfully supporting an evil, despicable lying criminal for President of the United States who has, among her many sins against our nation and others, caused the rise of ISIS, you will suffer the most deplorable consequences in eternity for your conscious act against God Almighty that seals your eternal fate! What your support of Hillary really means is you have not accepted Jesus as your Savior and are playing out a hand of cards to your own self-destruction and of our once blessed nation!

If you've read this by now and watched a few videos posted here but are still unconvinced of the evil you support in Hillary Clinton, there is no hope for you whatsoever. Your fate is sealed in eternal hell for willfully blinding yourself to these facts.

Shame! Shame! Shame on you for still intending to vote arrogantly and fearless of God for this vile, evil witch! SHAME ON YOU ALL OF YOU!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hillary Manifests a Walking Dead Zombie on 9/11 Benghazi Anniversary

On the anniversaries of both the 9/11 terrorist and Benghazi attacks, Hillary Clinton continues to prove she has a serious health issue having made history collapsing at today's ceremony. Some doctors have since expressed Hillary's symptoms appear to be that of Parkinson's. See VIRAL VIDEO: Exclusive Report: Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson's Disease, Doctor Confirms - September 8, 2016

I can't believe the Democratic Party isn't required to provide medical records to the public of its Presidential candidates!  After all, it's just common sense presidential screening procedures the public is privileged to learn. The DemoRats are twisted to believe Hillary wouldn't need to be in good health to run the country because others can apparently run it for her.

It boggles the mind those who insist on still voting for Hillary Clinton in view of the growing facts of not only her health condition, but her history at the State Department.  Hillary's an unrepentant criminal who intends on destroying America!

Breaking Video: Hillary Becomes the Walking Dead

Only blind fools in extreme denial could possibly continue to vote for this person as a U.S. President, a sign much of the population is overly drugged not to know right from wrong. The familiarity of names seems to be the overwhelming justification to continue to vote over and over again for family brand names of Bush 1, Bush 2, Clinton 1, Clinton 2 that all began during the Kennedy era.

I was amazed back in 1999 how many really believed John F. Kennedy, Jr. was likely going to be the top pick for President simply because he was a Kennedy!  How moronic can that be? The man failed the bar exam so many times it was a running joke. He later crashed his plane taking two lives with him due to extremely poor judgment.  JFK, Jr. was never trained for non-visual flying being caught up at night in foggy conditions.  He had even turned down an offer for help that day!  Right, he would have made a great President.

Pity this unrepentant woman Hillary Clinton whose clearly headed straight for eternal hell.

The American public is so naive to listen to celebrity liberals like Barbra Streisand to hand the keys of our nation over once again to a corrupt criminal network like the Clinton Foundation racket.   Barbra Streisand's voice is a tremendous indulgence, a distraction from reality much like a glutton feasting on his last meal prior to execution for his negligence attending to important matters of our country. People who tune out reality to tune into Barbra Streisand's concert tours are likely cursed for ignoring the evil of what's happening in America's government.
". . . because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. 11For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion that they will believe the lie, 12in order that judgment will come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness. 2 Thesselonians 2:10-12
On a side note, California Governor Jerry Brown's another example of brand family name awareness, Brown 1, Brown 2 and Brown 2, Part 2 decades later?  What's wrong with Americans voting for candidates based on name familiarity and personalities?  They've been dumb downed as evil politicians have plans to hand them over to U.N. military forces for slaughter.

Hillary Clinton reminds me of a schizophrenic law graduate with a J.D. whose living on the streets of San Francisco right now whose viciously political and just plain nuts.

Hollywood celebrities need to quiet down undue influence over Americans and stop trying to take over the political process! We have now confirmed what they think of middle America when Hillary spoke at the Barbra Streisand fund raising event, that half of Trump voters are "deplorable" to them. They really despise millions of Americans!

People should repent being complicit by boycotting these celebrities and wipe out this slate of corruption from our nation ASAP prior to entering the afterlife because God's not going to accept anyone into His Kingdom who doesn't follow His Word who are in rebellion supporting these slithering lying snakes!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Last Haunting Words of Activist Charlie McGrath on YouTube

Yesterday I learned of the passing of the Wide Awake News founder activist Charlie McGrath.  Charlie was only 46 having passed from an asthma attack the day after releasing a video entitled Shocking Truth - Fight or Die. Back in 2008 I began listening to Charlie because he was much like a watchman on the wall with steadfast clarion call forewarnings of worldwide economic collapse right up until the day he died.  He was a tremendous communicator with a passionate heart that cared about people and their future in America especially.

I've occasionally revisited Charlie's YouTube Channel to see what's going on with him only to discover yesterday the bad news of his passing over seven months ago. I was quite shocked and didn't know people can die in this day and age of asthma.

After viewing Charlie's final video the day before he passed, I noted a haunting anomaly near the ending. Charlie always ended his videos with "that's all I've got", being short and sweet and would then lift up his arm to turn off the camera in succession. In his final video Charlie said and did something surprising out of the ordinary.

In the video below, I've provided a clip of few of Charlie McGrath's final urgent haunting words.  He died as a man who cared more about others then himself that right up to the last hours of his life he was letting everyone know what lies in the future that's unavoidable.

I put together a short clip of the ending of Charlie's video released the day prior to his passing. There's a link to the original video in the description section.

I don't know if Charlie was a Christian having accepted Jesus as his Savior but he sure seemed to be relying on God's strength to continually forewarn people of the dangers up ahead.  His message has Christian tones of being vigilant against the enemy to retain one's freedom (in Christ), and not becoming enslaved to one's enemies.  Charlie also gave this message within 24 hours of passing as an example that his bad health wasn't going to deter him from releasing a clarion call to vigilance.

Charlie McGrath's activism seemed much like a Christian Watchmen on the Wall 

I personally tilt towards those screaming from the rooftops about dangers up ahead rather than those enjoying the lazy luxury of their lives.  I myself tend to be the type of person who lets people know of dangers I've encountered. Whatever I learn from I let people know right away in some form.  A small mistake in judgment can blow up in our faces into a huge raging fire.

Reginald Kaigler was interviewed on Wide Awake as a conservative Christian pundit on YouTube

If you knew you could save people's lives eternally not to perish, you'd let them know what they're facing without Jesus in their lives, wouldn't you?  I tend to want to forewarn people of danger myself so I identified with Charlie McGrath's urgent messages. That's why it saddened me to see Charlie so sad at the end of this video, he was a true warrior doing what was good. My concern at this point is whether he had accepted Jesus into his life and read God's Word because I don't recall hearing him speak of God when I listened to him years ago.

Another urgent message from Charlie McGrath two days before he passed.

In San Francisco my urgent call for Jesus salvation in people's lives often fall on deaf ears so I take a different approach of interacting in the environment of lost unsaved souls while serving God cleaning up graffiti.