Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hillary Manifests a Walking Dead Zombie on 9/11 Benghazi Anniversary

On the anniversaries of both the 9/11 terrorist and Benghazi attacks, Hillary Clinton continues to prove she has a serious health issue having made history collapsing at today's ceremony. Some doctors have since expressed Hillary's symptoms appear to be that of Parkinson's. See VIRAL VIDEO: Exclusive Report: Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson's Disease, Doctor Confirms - September 8, 2016

I can't believe the Democratic Party isn't required to provide medical records to the public of its Presidential candidates!  After all, it's just common sense presidential screening procedures the public is privileged to learn. The DemoRats are twisted to believe Hillary wouldn't need to be in good health to run the country because others can apparently run it for her.

It boggles the mind those who insist on still voting for Hillary Clinton in view of the growing facts of not only her health condition, but her history at the State Department.  Hillary's an unrepentant criminal who intends on destroying America!

Breaking Video: Hillary Becomes the Walking Dead

Only blind fools in extreme denial could possibly continue to vote for this person as a U.S. President, a sign much of the population is overly drugged not to know right from wrong. The familiarity of names seems to be the overwhelming justification to continue to vote over and over again for family brand names of Bush 1, Bush 2, Clinton 1, Clinton 2 that all began during the Kennedy era.

I was amazed back in 1999 how many really believed John F. Kennedy, Jr. was likely going to be the top pick for President simply because he was a Kennedy!  How moronic can that be? The man failed the bar exam so many times it was a running joke. He later crashed his plane taking two lives with him due to extremely poor judgment.  JFK, Jr. was never trained for non-visual flying being caught up at night in foggy conditions.  He had even turned down an offer for help that day!  Right, he would have made a great President.

Pity this unrepentant woman Hillary Clinton whose clearly headed straight for eternal hell.

The American public is so naive to listen to celebrity liberals like Barbra Streisand to hand the keys of our nation over once again to a corrupt criminal network like the Clinton Foundation racket.   Barbra Streisand's voice is a tremendous indulgence, a distraction from reality much like a glutton feasting on his last meal prior to execution for his negligence attending to important matters of our country. People who tune out reality to tune into Barbra Streisand's concert tours are likely cursed for ignoring the evil of what's happening in America's government.
". . . because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. 11For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion that they will believe the lie, 12in order that judgment will come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness. 2 Thesselonians 2:10-12
On a side note, California Governor Jerry Brown's another example of brand family name awareness, Brown 1, Brown 2 and Brown 2, Part 2 decades later?  What's wrong with Americans voting for candidates based on name familiarity and personalities?  They've been dumb downed as evil politicians have plans to hand them over to U.N. military forces for slaughter.

Hillary Clinton reminds me of a schizophrenic law graduate with a J.D. whose living on the streets of San Francisco right now whose viciously political and just plain nuts.

Hollywood celebrities need to quiet down undue influence over Americans and stop trying to take over the political process! We have now confirmed what they think of middle America when Hillary spoke at the Barbra Streisand fund raising event, that half of Trump voters are "deplorable" to them. They really despise millions of Americans!

People should repent being complicit by boycotting these celebrities and wipe out this slate of corruption from our nation ASAP prior to entering the afterlife because God's not going to accept anyone into His Kingdom who doesn't follow His Word who are in rebellion supporting these slithering lying snakes!