Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My REAL Duty -- Why Are People Afraid of Notary Publics Yet Don't Fear God?

It always amazes me as a public servant, a notary public the past seven years, how many of my customers think of me as having authority that can be potentially painful in their customer experience. When I'm done notarizing their documents I sometimes hear "that was painless!" with a sigh of relief.

It's so ridiculous people are so programmed by our government to believe pain can be inflicted on them by anyone with authority, yet most totally dismiss God as being anything more than a gentle giant like an old grandpa waiting in heaven for their arrival. What a sense of entitlement I might add, people expect God to accept them for simply being good people based on their own standards, really? This popular belief is often common and yet entirely false! "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6

As most of us know, we all have various duties to fulfill in our given roles in life. My particular duty as a Christian is to forewarn people, especially those who believe they're good and thus okay with God, of what they're facing without Jesus in their lives upon their entering into the afterlife. This is to confirm there's no excuse for allowing ourselves to enter into eternal hell because Jesus has defeated hell and Satan at the cross and resurrection thus providing us with the means to enter into His eternal peace. It's not brain surgery being a Christian but a very simple act of faith to accept God into our lives and follow Jesus out of this world to eternal safety.

I'm doing this video as my Christian duty, whether you watch it or not. It's on you now, you can't say you weren't forewarned! If you choose not to watch this video, that's your free will God gave all of us.

We have a growing problem in America with a criminal reckless government full of traitors.   Wikileaks has recently exposed the criminal politicians for those who care to know but God has been exposing them through a flawed man, Donald Trump as well. The fools in the U.S. government plan on inciting a WWIII with Russia over a ridiculous dispute wanting Syrian regime change over Assad's rejection of America's intent on having an oil pipeline to run through his sovereign country. America has really become an empire builder around the world infringing on other nation's sovereignty. God views America as a wicked, evil nation because of its war crimes and atrocities against innocent people. America's no longer the good guys of the world whatsoever!

Christian Prophet Henry Gruver's vision of invasion coming into view today of Russia and China attack.  Others have had a similar vision including the late David Wilkersen.

What I'm trying to say is WWIII could begin at any time with nuclear plumes all over the country, that time is running out to accept the salvation for our souls Jesus Christ is extending.  Eternal hell is real and our nation is about to be judged after being forewarned through Christian Prophets for decades of visions of nuclear attacks from the sea.  Eternal hell is located at the core of the earth where children of wrath are placed in a hold area prior to being thrown into the lake of fire along with the supernatural demonic beings.  It's truly a terrifying ending, don't let it happen to you!

Don't miss God's timing!  He sent His Son Jesus to suffer for our sins so we could be set free and enter into His eternal peace.  You can't lose following Jesus!

No excuse will be allowed after we die and enter into the afterlife, our fate will be sealed forever.  It's my duty as a saved Christian to forewarn those who continue to ignore the spiritual reality they're facing that obedience to God and His Word is the only way to enter into eternal peace in heaven. Being good in our own eyes isn't justified by anything but our own human standards not good enough to enter heaven.

God's perfect in His timing, He even puts signs in the heavens! No one in their right mind can miss his message.

1. Accept Jesus into your heart asking for forgiveness of your sins against Him.  God will enter into your life to redeem, restore and heal you spiritually and physically.

2. Get water baptized at a genuine Christian church

3. Begin studying God's Word and praying to develop a relationship with God.

4. Fellowship with Christians

4. Learn how to hear God's voice, there are many books on the subject as well. Listen to sermons by Pastors such as Dr. Charles Stanley, Sid Roth, Perry Stone.

Humans fell from God's grace due to our entanglement with demonic beings through disobedience that continues to this very day to want to hold us in bondage to sin in order to destroy those created in God's image.  It's all very simple, God upholds His Word that's true. If you know God's Word that's half the battle, knowing God Himself is the other. When we accept Jesus into our lives we're instantly transferred from the kingdom of darkness to God's Son's Kingdom of light. Colossians 1:13.

I'm fully aware people won't be very interested in my personal videos or this article.  People are more interested in material things, I got 4,500 views on a stupid desk chair video I did two years ago I since removed. I did this article as my Christian duty in obedience to God.  The ball's in your court now.