Wednesday, November 9, 2016

America's Children of Wrath Wail Over God's Intervention For Trump

There's going to be a major shift in America toward's spiritual rebirth up ahead because the God of Israel has intervened having answered His people's prayers.  God's in the process of separating the wheat from the chaff of His crop in America.  See Signs of Divine Intervention in Trump's Win -

First allow me to begin with that the spiritual condition of those on the left, the liberals, is extremely disturbing. They're lost souls completely blind to their need for spiritual truth rooted in God's Word. These people are heavily brainwashed by the liberal political system unwilling to consider they may have been wrong to have supported a criminally corrupt politician like Hillary Clinton.

WARNING: This has foul language.  These people are seriously delusional and brainwashed by the left's political establishment much like a cult.

These rebellious angry people are referred to in the Bible as Children of Wrath. Ephesians 2:3 They believe lies, aren't interested in the truth so God has let them go off to their delusions. Romans 1:28 They are headed for eternal hell and I was once one of them.  I was once a child of wrath too!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, there's evidence prayers changed the election results, divine intervention!

An 85 year old Dr.. Charles Stanley got on his knees with his congregation praying for God's intervention. 

Christians and Messianic Jews pray in Jerusalem for God's intervention in America

God is real! Those who continue to rebel are in extreme danger of going to eternal hell missing their destiny of salvation Jesus came to save all of us from!  God has granted America more grace and a reprieve!  His people repented and turned to Him including myself. God intervened. The more these people struggle against God, the worst it will get for them.