Sunday, December 11, 2016

Loser Democrats and Rhinos Plan On Assassinating Trump Using CIA Operatives

RED ALERT:  We've been hearing threats for a long time from those who want to kill Trump, from CEO's to celebrities like Michael Moore to rioters.  We know something's up and here we go again with the left's next desperate narrative they expect the public to support.

CIA operatives have been triggered in motion toward's the forceful removal of Donald Trump becoming President based on unproven accusations he's an alleged Russian agent. John McCain has also recently come out supporting such an unproven claim.  See The Facts are There, the Russians Hacked the Elections - UK Mail 12/11/16.  

The left's new narrative is that the Russians hacked into the U.S. elections yet have no proof, not one scintilla of evidence while expecting us to believe them! The criminals are using another false narrative to support Donald Trump is illegitimate and therefore needs to be removed as a danger to our nation.  They are justifying their intent to assassinate Mr. Trump!

There are bat crazy criminals on the left, highly delusional and many have become senile. We've seen their unstable actions as if they're part of a Satanic cult.  It's disturbing to witness the many calls for Trump's assassination from CEO's and celebrities alike. They are vicious with clear intent on disallowing Trump from becoming President by overriding our elections with a coup.


The liberal left is godless, immoral, greedy, corrupt, power hungry and criminals in denial. There are also others on the right, the rhinos in the GOP, who are equally criminal wanting a war with Russia such as Senator John McCain. There's no recognized authority over these men and women since they don't follow God's principles. They expect Americans to trust them and believe whatever they say as if they're gods! They're nothing but liars with an agenda for their own benefit.

These traitors want to destroy our U.S. borders and allow an invasion to destroy our country to promote their globalist agenda.  If they succeed, America will be much like a third world country. May traitor John McCain receive exactly what's coming to him in eternity for being part of a criminal, evil lying government that does horrifying things to innocent people around the world while manipulating and violating other nations' sovereignty.  God speed!

God doesn't approve whatsoever and there will be eternal consequences for these outrageous sins! Consequences like having one's tiny little wrinkled old ass, John McCain, chucked into the pit of hell never to be heard from again!

Just shut the hell up John McCain!  We've had enough of you for decades! You are  a disgrace and God will be dealing with you very soon!