Thursday, February 9, 2017

Happy Valentines Liberals! Love,Your 9th Circuit Appeals Court

Happy Valentines liberals! I'm sure love letters and gifts are flooding into the 9th Circuit Judges in San Francisco for days to come after today's stay of a U.S. President's ban of immigrant travel into the United States of America.  The Judges sent their love looking forward to liberal dreams coming true of being raped by illegal immigrants pouring over our open borders from dangerous terrorist states. That's okay with these Judges right? This is really all about acceptance and love! Why not allow everyone into America without any restrictions whatsoever?

I'm concerned when a political biased judicial system colludes to overstep the authority of a lawfully elected President prohibiting him from doing his job protecting Americans from terrorist state(s) intervention. U.S. Code Title 8, Section 1182(f) is a law many Presidents have used to ban terrorist immigrants from entering our country from terrorist states.  Bill Clinton, Obama and the Bush(s) have used this law multiple times that began under the Truman administration. Both the mainstream media and two courts have offered up a red herring that this executive order's a ban on Muslims that's a lie!

President Trump's continually exposing what's wrong with America, now its the political activist judges who abandon U.S. law for their personal preference.  Activist judges like Judge James Robart abandon the letter of law under the illusion of "helping people".  There's great danger in what happened today, judges are abandoning law in favor of political activism.  I personally think the judges who voted to stay the unlawful baseless order should be arrested under military tribunal and put in prison as an example to others.

Patriot Nurses's Perspective, Always Hard Hitting and In Your Face~


If I were President Trump I'd declare martial law, gut what's wrong with today's America, have these activist judges removed, put them in front of a military tribunal.  I'd also send in the U.S. military to arrest and remove Governor Jerry Brown and take back the California State Capital after his having proclaimed it a "Sanctuary State".

Trump has all the power, a huge amount he could unleash at any time. Believe it or not God's on Trump's side backing him up in the spirit.  What's been happening to the Donald's in many of the Psalms that happened to King David of Israel in the Old Testament, people lying, defaming and wanting to kill him without cause for wanting to do good for God's purposes!

I hope President Trump will send in the U.S. military and take back California and any other state that attempts to unlawfully leave the union. It takes a 2/3rd Congressional approval vote for California to ultimately leave the union to become its own country and that's clearly not happening. I also hope President Trump sends fake news commentators such as those at CNN to prison after a military trial for their defamation and propaganda harming our nation.

I hope and pray President Trump will take serious action responding to what's happened to our nation after liberal traitor Obama's 8 year reign who had no real birth certificate to prove his true identity. All power to God Almighty and those who serve Him. God speed!

I feel so uncomfortable with today's liberals, they're brainwashed zombies.  I don't know how to get these people to snap out of their trance nor does anyone else apparently.