Sunday, October 29, 2017

Alex Jones' Masquerade Murder of Late Comedian Bill Hicks

Ten years ago in 2007, I began listening to Alex Jones as my first exposure to alternative news media.  His program was so addictive that I'd listen three hours each day including Sunday afternoon! Sometimes Alex's behavior was too much to take but I'd always come back for more.  After two years I decided no more Alex Jones because he was revealing himself as some kind of entertainer.

Because of listening to Alex Jones' Infowars radio show I had also taken a huge financial loss purchasing a few thousand of dollars worth of silver coins from his main sponsor Midas Resources back in 2008.  I hadn't done my research and believed what I was told by the Midas representative over the phone. I was in a panic mode of sorts thanks to listening to Alex's rhetoric about the economy collapsing.  Years later I still hadn't learned my lesson of getting burned by Alex Jones' sponsor that I had a frightening experience after taking InfoWars' product Brain Force (TM) I posted over a year ago. See WARNING: InfoWars' Brain Force (TM) Is Spiritually Dangerous - August 7, 2016

I certainly had a few hints something was awry with Alex Jones when his young boy would come onto his program with a mask and do acting skits with a natural British accent.  Alex seemed to be more than just some home grown man from Texas wanting to save the country from secret societies.  I thought a few of Alex's guests were snake oil salesmen such as Lindsey Williams.  Regardless, I decided to wade it all out in order to make a final determination of why Alex Jones was such a strange anomaly.

Well,  I've waded it out several years now and the conclusion is crystal clear.  Alex Jones is an actor, his own divorce lawyer even confirmed it!  The following videos provide a plethora of evidence of this bizarre story.

Alex Jones lawyer exposed him in family court as an actor playing a role in a business operation.

Proof Alex Jones is the late comedian Bill Hicks that one of his demonic personalities murdered.  Other videos cover other areas of the evidence including how the CIA was involved.

I bet there's a law against U.S. citizens declaring themselves dead because they're tired of the character role they're playing in the public eye.  For instance, take the late comedian Bill Hicks who was declared dead way back in 1994 from pancreatic cancer.  I had never heard of Hicks prior to learning about the case evidence growing that Alex Jones of Infowars is this person.  In the videos I've seen of Bill Hicks I don't like him at all and to me he's a nobody I've never heard of.  Bill Hicks was clearly bad influence on men with his filthy trashy mouth. 

Since Alex was exposed as Bill Hicks in 2014, I noted he's relying on an amateur staff of Zionist denier punks to stand in for his prolonged multiple absences on the program.  

Since there's likely a law against declaring one's self dead in order to take on a new character role in the public sector, such an identity change clearly would have come with the approval and support of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  Such is the likely scenario of the new and improved character Alex Jones.  This means Alex Jones is some kind of CIA operative as I recall he once confirmed there's CIA members in his family as well as 33 degree Freemasons.

Who this man is who plays both characters of Bill Hicks and Alex Jones, well that's up to anyone's speculation.  In my opinion, I think they're multiple personalities from a raving paranoid personality that one murdered the other.  Someone needs to do a film about this spectacular performer who deserves a Grammy! 


From a Christian perspective, Alex Jones' demon murdered Bill Hicks! It makes sense to me personally since Alex Jones' program influenced my blowing thousands of dollars on old silver coins that lost half their value upon purchase.  Sadly, I also donated to Infowars' fund drives because I believed in the man's cause of getting the information out to the public.  He was just playing a role! What kind of crazy deception is that?  I got rid of all of Alex Jones' DVD's long ago.

Alex Jones admits in this video he is the late Bill Hicks and you can see how he converts to the personality primarily through his eyes and facial demeanor. He goes on to admit Bill Hicks was a fictional character as well.  Who does this? What kind of demon(s) possessed this person?

Knowing this information, how can anyone continue to listen to this person Alex Jones whose clearly an actor making fools of his audience who trusted him?  His own long term guests have stated all Alex really cares about is his fame and money.  I've come to a conclusion I was right to stop listening to Alex Jones and am thankful I did based on the evidence provided in this post from people who have done their homework.

As a Christian, I've had to repent of listening to this fellow. It's a good example of why Christians need to to be careful who they listen to in their walk with Jesus.  Alex Jones has since taught me through his involuntary exposure not to trust anyone in the media no matter what side they take and that includes every single politician in the United States foreign corporation per the Act of 1871 in the jurisdiction of the District of Columbia.

WARNING: InfoWars' Brain Force (TM) Is Spiritually Dangerous - August 7, 2016

Friday, October 27, 2017

RED ALERT: Northern California Was Attacked By Directed Energy Weapon Laser Fires!

Directed Energy Weapon of U.S. Military

The horror is slowly unfolding of the psychopathic monsters behind the Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) laser beam fires in Northern California. The murderous cruel pathological criminals are becoming very brazen coordinating their attack around the time the film Geostorm's trailers were being rolled out, typical of their wicked operation methodology.

To understand why and how these monsters are doing this to their own countrymen you need to understand the so called government in Washington DC is really operating unconstitutionally as a foreign corporation ever since the Act of 1871 otherwise known as the An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia.  In other words, they are frauds masquerading as our government representatives.  The United States of America really operates under Roman Civil Law and Admiralty Laws under its Second Constitution.  Therefore, America is a Democracy, not a Republic any longer.  Americans have privileges, not rights and this is why illegal immigrants are treated better in many cases because they are a cheap labor force. 

The Congress back in 1871 sold out America to bankers because it was bankrupted by the Civil War and the Rothschild banking family in particular found a way to steal America away from the people.  Today's Congress knows exactly what's going on, that they don't really represent Americans that should be obvious to any intelligent person by now.  They don't work for us! If you read the following article you'll have a better understanding of how the frauds in Washington operate as blood thirsty wicked psychopaths out for their own foreign corporation.  See The United States Became a Foreign Corporation in 1871 The Liberty Beacon, June 24, 2016

The following videos provide EVIDENCE the fires in Santa Rosa and Napa were done using DEWs.  

This is really all the evidence I needed that supports my suspicion this was a Directed Energy Weapon.  I just wasn't sure why the powers at be did this.

Example of U.S. military using these weapons in other countries.

Directed Energy Weather Terrorism - Evidence on the Ground

On a side note, many states that have implemented new laws prohibiting citizens from boycotting Israel require an agreement as such to obtain grant recovery funds. Violating such an agreement is a 20 year prison sentence. 

Sign an agreement in order to qualify for grant money not to boycott Israel or else!

One can hardly imagine the cruelty of a foreign nation to come into the United States and demand those who suffer from such disasters as fires and hurricanes are being forced to sign an agreement not to Boycott Israel or face a heavy prison sentence.   Maybe Israel gets away with it because, as previously stated at the beginning of this blog post, the United States is operating unlawfully as a foreign corporation posing as a government in violation of the organic original U.S. Constitution it no longer upholds.

I'm now wondering if this May 3, 2017 photo I took at 2:14 a.m. in the San Francisco Bay area is a cloaked laser weapon. Smoke can be seen coming out of several holes. 
I've been informed that it's not an asteroid.


This is what the DOD announced, an emergency drill for Coronal Mass Ejection
 November 4-6, 2017.  

Therefore you should realize at some point this fake government that occupies Washington DC is intensifying uncloaking itself in plain sight rolling out their false flag operations introducing its plans through movie trailers like Geostorm. They're not trying to hide anything any longer.  When are people going to wake up to this?  The people in W.D.C. are uncloaking themselves with each and every false flag event the FBI covers up for them.  

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Spirits in the Sky, Portals and Jesus Clouds to the Rescue!

You can download to zoom in for closer examination
Two nights ago I came across a photo I took from my apartment window in Nob Hill San Francisco on May 3, 2017 at 2:14 a.m. I took the photo of a large red moon setting like the sun on the horizon. To my astonishment, the photo also appears to have a UFO or asteroid and multiple demonic entities I discovered upon closer examination (I since removed these for personal reasons). 

Eleven days later on May 14, 2017, I also took daylight photos of clouds in the same area where I saw the portals (see photos below). I posted an article on these unique cloud formations a few months ago.  See What a San Francisco Christian's Photos Look Like - July 2, 2017

When I zoomed in on these objects what I saw shocked me! One looked like an asteroid with smoke coming out of it, or some kind of alien cloaked craft.  

Location of first object, appears as an asteroid or UFO

Close up of the asteroid looking object that seems to give off its own light source.

The other objects were located on the right hand side of the photo that look like hideous deformed demonic worms squeezing through holes in the night sky! 

Note the light source of these object appears to come from something other than the moon and sun. The timing and sequential arrangement of these photos were not of my own doing. As a Christian I recognize circumstances sometimes God uses to get our attention. 

Further notes on this article:

  • I don't drink alcohol or take medication.
  • I do take a daily dosage of hemp oil from this source for my health. 
  • The timing of these events rules out my manipulating these events. I have proof of the originals in my iPhone and the time they were all taken.
Also see:
What a San Francisco Christian's Photos Look Like - July 2, 2017

Monday, October 16, 2017

America About To Be Nuked, Hopefully the CIA Will Collapse With It

A few weeks ago I witnessed the pride of Americans burning t-shirts of their favorite football team complaining their relatives fought in wars for the disrespectful athletes' freedom to play NFL football. Now that these folks have their attention onto the American flag, it's time to educate themselves on what their country's been doing since their relatives fought and died in wars.

There's conclusive evidence in the outstanding video I'm posting here of a former CIA operative Kevin Shipp presenting a strong case that America has become a lawless out of control nation that hasn't operated under its U.S. Constitution for quite some time. According to former officer Shipp, the United States operates in secrecy and much like a monster octopus outside its borders through its Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in concert with Israel's Mossad.  Note here that the U.S. CIA was created in 1947 and the nation of Israel came into existence under Rothschild's influence in 1948.

After listening to this well done presentation by Mr. Shipp that also refers to JFK's infamous speech against Secret Societies (aka CIA), one can only conclude the world will be far better off without America that has virtually nothing good to offer any longer except its lust for war, power, oil, money and revenge. America has clearly been taken over by the Antichrist spirit being under the strong influence of Israel's government.  

This video went viral with 1.2 million views since August, 2017 

This former CIA officer exposes the reality America is an evil nation that has committed heinous, occult dark sins against innocents around the world.  This nation America's clearly not in right standing with God, nor is Israel that influenced this outcome as it affixed itself to its American host long ago.  Consequently, both nations will be judged by God.

Americans need to wake up their real enemy is much more massive then the NFL

Speaking of NFL's burning notices, there's evidence the fires in Northern California weren't normal wild fires that melted glass and cars.  Many trees were left standing beside homes flattened into ashes.

Author Dale Sides, Exposing Sons of Belial
Liberating Ministries for Christ
In spite of the many good people in America, all of us have a responsibility to stand up against what the shadow government's been doing to innocent people around the world.  Those too busy watching football while believing the lie their relatives in the military died so they can watch their games every Sunday, have reduced their lives to an addiction.

If all these Americans can do is burn up a few t-shirts and caps of their team's memorabilia without realizing just how evil America's shadow government has become, I feel sorry for them.

Instead of watching football each Sunday, these Americans should have been studying their Bibles to be vigilant for what's coming.  I personally stopped watching sports since the mid 1980's. I don't watch football, baseball, basketball, tennis or anything else related to sports activities.  It's time to get right with our Creator who decides where we go in the eternity. There are only two places we can go when we pass on, heaven or hell, and Jesus was sent to save us from the later. See John 3:16

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Criminal Minds Behind Las Vegas False Flag Fully EXPOSED!

In my last post RED ALERT:  Possible False Flag Event Underway in San Francisco dated September 21, 2017, I sensed something was up with a false flag attack about to occur due to suspicious activities I witnessed San Francisco.  After posting my experiences, it was my hope the possible criminal operatives would decide they'd been exposed and subsequently terminate their operation. Then within two weeks the false flag in Las Vegas happened.

Since the Las Vegas attack some really great independent journalists have been doing a superb job of unmasking those behind the latest false flag.  The cliché still stands to "follow the money" with the cloaked millionaire businessmen and politicians connected to obtaining it.  One first has to ask themselves who would do such an evil thing and what benefit would they obtain from carrying out such evil?  It's not any alleged dead man, that's for sure. See Video of Shooter Alive After Las Vegas Shooting?

First hint, the FBI had no lawful jurisdiction overseeing this shooting because it didn't involve crossing state borders to commit the crime.  The FBI had came in order to cover-up in some capacity.  Other organizations such as Judicial Watch has posted in a recent video they don't trust the FBI. Also see  Mike Adams of Natural News Demands FBI Stop Lying. . .

One of the greatest videos of the disclosure of a pre-mediated false flag from an insider who posted a tip on September 10, 2017 of the plot and motives that unfolded in Las Vegas.  Applause is warranted of how these two ex employees of the Alex Jones' Info Wars have overcome his Zionist shill operation with such journalistic integrity. See video: Alex Jones Infowars Exposed By Ex Employees 

This is another well done video that goes deep down the rabbit hole for those who want
more information to support the first video posted in my blog article.

Robert Steele was interviewed on October 3rd who was already well informed of the false flag operation able to support the evidence provided in previous videos posted here.  However it was too early at that time to recognize Trump was involved thru Sheldon Adelson.

More supporting evidence confirmed from journalist Christopher Greene at AMTV Media

Those who have betrayed us with lies and fabrications, their motives, etc.  As follows:

After the false flag event, the various entities involved have clearly made themselves known as participants of the operation, including even the NRA!  The following videos disclose those who have betrayed their supporters or members to side with the purpose behind the false flag event they believe they can gain from in some way.

Patriot Nurse has a popular YouTube Channel who recently disclosed the betrayal by the NRA participating in rewarding the Las Vegas false flag enterprise having likely been paid off by some entity to agree to call for more gun regulation legislation.

Patriot Nurse is absolutely livid at the NRA calling them Elmer Fudd duck hunter cowards.

Liberal Democrats immediately seized the moment to call for gun control
and to gain some political advantage. See Democrats Call to Action. . .

Greedy Billionaires Want More Money & Security Agenda Boost

The billions of dollars that will also be made implementing new scanners in hotels and airports is typical of how criminal minds like Zionist billionaire hotel casino owner and Trump pal Sheldon Adelson operate when considering motives they can benefit from.  See article  The Las Vegas shooting could completely change how hotels think about security, Business Insider, October 7, 2017

YouTube Channels censored by Google and various threats: 

One of my favorite investigative journalists has been Jake Morphonios at End Times News Report.  This video speaks for itself.

Jake Morphonios is a professional investigator who blew the lid off of the false flag who received top #3 ranking in Google among alternative media for his investigation of the shooting.

Another of my favorite channels is TruthUnveiled777 that reported censorship of his video about the false flag shooting.

The TruthUnveiled777 Channel received a whopping 260,000+ hits on this censorship video demonstrating the hypocrisy of the Zionist owners of Google attempting to unlawfully censor his channel.  

Google has unlawfully been striking A Call to an Uprising Channel with false accusations
of violations of its policy.

See also my post:

Why Any Google Employee Who Claims to Be Christian Is A Liar, September 13, 2017