Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Did David Cassidy Make It Into Heaven?

This evening I learned David Cassidy passed away on the Anniversary the theme song of his life I Think I Love You reached No. 1 on Billboard Charts. The odds were 365 to 1 of such a thing occurring that are increased exponentially when considering how rare it is for anyone to have a hit #1 single on Billboard charts in the first place.

I wonder how many 70's teeny bopper girls like myself grew up loving David Cassidy more than Jesus Christ? I'm sure they were countless. Tiger Beat Magazine was our Bible in that day and age and our liberal parents didn't care, at least those of us who grew up in Southern California.  It wasn't until I was 9 years old that I became exposed to pop music culture and began listening to bubble gum music.

No one believed me when I reported I had witnessed the Jackson 5 singing their new hit ABC walking rank and file through our local grocery store in Baldwin Hills, California in 1970. I was there without my parents to read Tiger Beat Magazine having witnessed the Jackson 5 walk past me as I stood near the store entrance near the bubble gum machines! Unlike the typical teen, I didn't chase nor follow them out the door and no one paid much attention to them in the store either.  I ran home to report what I had witnessed but no one believed me, "it must have been some kids' prank" I was told.  

As a kid I continued to become engulfed in the pop music era when I singer/songwriter Carole King released I Feel The Earth Move that went to No. 1 on the Billboard Charts in 1971 around the time a 6.5 Sylmar quake struck on her birthday as well.  For an 11 year old who had been through the destruction of the 1963 Baldwin Hills Dam break that washed away the house, these coincidences of music timed with disasters, and famous groups walking through the grocery store singing their new hit single was highly coincidental.

David Cassidy died on the day his most popular song made it to
No. 1 on Billboard Charts On November 21, 1971

So it's true David Cassidy's passing has made me think through my early exposure to the pop culture.  As I revisited a few of his songs I haven't heard in decades, I realize my emotions had been manipulated by the music to the point of making me imbalanced and out of touch with reality.  Since I was raised by a television based musician and lived close enough to see the Hollywood sign a few miles away, I was really out of touch with reality that pop music became my religion.  Pop music was clearly a liberal godless utopia so I thought to hell with the laborious homework.

In spite of the infamous pictorial Maxwell Bible Stories on the shelf I still had little knowledge about Jesus, but I sure did know about pop star celebrities. David Cassidy was adorable as were all of those groomed to meet the emotional needs of teenage girls. Sadly, after many years of listening to pop music I have to admit it's really just a form of addiction and mental illness. No matter how many times I listened to songs I liked, I could never get enough.  I'd play each song over at least 100 times in my lifetime! I can only deduce pop music's unhealthy for the mind. It became an incredible indulgence and waste of time.  I didn't stop listening to new artists until the early 1990's and am no longer interested in today's performers at all.

The pop music culture was Satan's strategy to defeat Jesus Christ's purpose back then and this I deeply regret giving into. It's never too late to repent of all the time wasted on the liberal utopia agenda, God's merciful and full of grace waiting to accept us!  I have to therefore acknowledge David Cassidy was just another wave of those idolized while Jesus Christ went rejected and ignored by the multitudes. What began as innocent such as David Cassidy was gradually turned into today's monstrosities of those pushing the limits of evil and I need not write their names, we know who they are.

It was clear David Cassidy was groomed to look like a girl on the Partridge Family.  Girls like myself saw a ton of eye candy photos of Cassidy and all of the others who were all groomed to look a certain way.  We got used to boys and young men with long hair that were all designed to go against the short hair conservative Christian straight look.  These vices I took part in during my youth were not at all pleasing to God, let's just put it that way. :-(  David Cassidy made me swoon.

Reality sets in when boomer teens realize David Cassidy was 
just a flawed man and not a god after all.n

I'm sorry, I know the basic principles contained in Word of God and it's not easy to get into Heaven, it's not a matter of how much we are loved by others on this planet or how successful we think our lives may be.  Jesus didn't come to earth for anyone to go to hell paying a heavy price to redeem us.  It's so sad when people don't pay attention to Him being so wrapped up in their own lives.

God can't accept unrepentant sinners into heaven no matter who they are. God has high standards and upholds His Word. That's why everyone should fear God and do the right thing before it's too late.  Jesus paid a heavy price dying for us on the cross to save us from eternal hell that's real.

I prayed for David Cassidy prior to his passing and I cried for him, then God let me know this man took up too much of my time in my youth and was a distraction from Him.  People wanted David Cassidy, not Jesus Christ and that's a sad horrible thing to contemplate.