Sunday, December 24, 2017

President Trump Just Elevated Himself to Super Hero Status in America FOREVER!!!

It seems I may have been wrong about President Donald Trump thinking he's "one of them" including being in on the energy weapon directed fires in California I wrote about in my last post.

After President Trump's latest Executive Order issued on December 21, 2017, it seems my prayers were answered that things have changed practically overnight!  If true, my deepest apologies to the President over my frustrations believing he's a traitor just like all of the rest. 

I based my perceptions of President Trump on alleged campaign lies on the collusion with Zionist Israel and continued promotion of unlawful occupation of Syria including attempting to take credit for defeating ISIS that was attributed in truth to Russian forces.  Regardless, this new Executive Order changes everything in my mind and I'm back on the Trump train because of it. 

Seems somethings happening that may change everything for President Trump making him a hero saving children from human sex trafficking and torture through freezing assets of high elite sex traffickers, celebrities as well as within our own deep state based government. This turn around is major and important to restoring America's future. God will view the forthcoming justice as a form of repentance especially.

This lady isn't delusional, FYI!

Important interview on SGT Report's Channel with Liz Crokin, Investigative Reporter

Outstanding video from SGT Report about U.S. Progress Intervention of child traffickers
and other Satanic occupations strangling America for decades.

The emergency Executive Order changes everything! I was hoping President Trump would take back power from the corrupt insane deep state and it appears he has started the process in a huge way.  God bless President Trump and his family for standing up for Christ and bringing these depraved Satanist child sex torture to justice.  I'm sorry I believed the President was just another lying evil politician.  I apparently needed more patience before rushing to judgment. 

When President Trump successfully completes bringing these evil pedophile criminals down he will be elevated to the greatest President in U.S. history in my opinion.  Because of this information, this Christmas is the best ever for America!