Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Are Zionists Rushing To World War to Prevent Federal Grand Jury Exposure of 9/11?

I recently prayed asking God to shine His light on who His enemies are. All who believe in Jesus as their Savior should ask God to shine His light and expose who these people really are who insist on leading America rapidly into WWIII. 

After visiting several reputable sources of information, I believe such an unparalleled urgency toward WWIII really has something to do with a Federal Grand Jury about to convene to evaluate sound reputable overwhelming evidence from the crime at the 9/11 World Trade Center. 

We already know who was involved now, the same terrorists who are successfully leading America into WWIII to self-destruct and therefore prevent any court evidence of their crimes! Furthermore, it's as clear as day that President Donald Trump's fully on board with the forthcoming attacks on his own nation being a traitor and enemy of God for putting antichrist Israel's plans above America's best interests.

There's Been A Massive 9/11 Breakthrough! 
Breakthrough: U.S. Attorney Agrees to Present Evidence of WTC Demolition to Federal Grand Jury, November 7, 2018 
Finally, after 17 long years, the 9/11 Truth Movement has opened an avenue to prosecuting those responsible for the shocking destruction of the World Trade Center and the horrible loss of life that resulted. 
Last spring, the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry — together with more than a dozen 9/11 family members and with help from AE911Truth — filed a petition with the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan demanding that he present evidence of unprosecuted federal crimes at the World Trade Center to a special grand jury. Then, in November, came the big news: The U.S. Attorney notified the Lawyers’ Committee in writing that he would comply with the provisions of 18 U.S.C. § 3332 requiring him to relay their report to a special grand jury. - https://www.ae911truth.org   
Extremely arrogant delusional Zionist anti-christ criminals, in collusion with U.S. government operatives they currently control, have an alleged solution to the crime they are preparing to commit against America once again as described in the following videos.

A Creepy Warning From 'Council' About Coming Blackout

Rick Wiles at TruNews asks "Why Did US Military Launch a Forced Entry Invasion Drill?"

FLASHBACK: The War On Terror Origins

As Americans learn of the crimes Zionists have partaken in against them, that they really are our enemy not our ally, the attacks on America will only accelerate. Zionists in our government go undetected since lying to Americans is just like breathing to them so don't bother to believe a word they say anymore. Simply repent to God and turn back to His truth. This is a good time to accept Jesus who is the truth, life and way.  
"I am the way, and the truth, and the life: no man cometh to the Father, but by me."  
John 14:6

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry

Monday, November 19, 2018

Proof California Fires Are Secret Military Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) Operation

California Governor Jerry Brown knows it.  President Donald Trump knows it. Even most in the U.S. Senate and Congress know it, that there is a U.N. based agenda spreading in America that is entirely criminal and lacking in any sound minded purpose.

The State of California is currently under attack from a secret military directed energy weapons program on behalf of UN Agenda 21  The conduit attacker in Northern California is operating through Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and the other in Southern California, that of Edison.  Zionist Rothschild sits on the board of both of these utility companies who is a key financial facilitator in these agendas.  For instance, the magic of Rothchild's influence manifested back in September, 2018 prior to the latest fires when California's traitor legislators released PG&E from any wildfire liability. (See California State Legislature Passes Bill on PG&E Wildfire Liability - Reuters, September 1, 2018)

Citizen activist Deborah Tavaras disclosed the UN plan to burn up Northern California back in February, 2018

The U.S. military is standing down while operating through secretive black-ops initiating this U.N. Rothschild coordinated plan to be in full force and effect. The videos presented here show absolute truth the mainstream Zionist owned media is  running a propaganda narrative full of lies including distractions preferring to obsess over CNN's lawsuit against President Trump. Trump is part of the operation fully cooperating with these distraction techniques while supporting the mainstream narrative the fires were normal excusing them as just poor fire break management.  President Trump is treating Americans like naive children taking part in these pitiful petty distractions.

YouTube Video : California Gets Cooked, October 18, 2018

All of these U.S. politicians are in on the lie, they all know California is under severe attack from an unconventional war and are doing nothing about it fully on board with the New World Order's plans to invade and take over our nation. Ever since last year's Santa Rosa and Sonoma fires we observed as being obviously from directed energy weapons, both the California and Federal governments have allowed this criminally inspired U.N. agenda operation to continue unabated.

YouTube Video: The Genocidal California Fire Operation, November 11, 2018

Criminals are deliberately destroying communities based in false rationale it has to be done due to the UN global warming agenda promoted with false scientific data.

There is nothing we can do to stop these DEW's when our very own government is acting in secret to aid and abet this criminal U.N. genocide operation. President Trump is in on this agenda otherwise he'd be listening to Americans and taking action instead of distracting us with petty ridiculous matters designed to humiliate us with each ridiculous powerless Tweet he makes. Trump can't even get a press pass revoked without a Judge reinstating it that's all part of a psy-op to make the U.S. Presidency weak and powerless.

The degree of sadistic cruelty is genuine not to mention Satanic in nature using a demonic weapon from above to terrorize communities and burn people and animals alive in the process.  People usually have very little time to save their lives as the fire comes upon them quickly.  It's an extremely painful way to die, something these enemies could care less about.  These are not sound minded government representatives, these are traitors who sold out the United States to those wealthy billionaires bringing about a New World Order genocidal inspired government.

More Proof 

The only real option is to leave California, these people have all of the power as long as the State of California's government agrees with its operation.  Other states should take note of this development since the UN's plan on carrying these methods into other states as they are currently around the world.  This is a war and we must acknowledge what is happening.

The climate change is due to the grand solar minimum as we are approaching a mini-ice age that occurs every 400-600 years in history. The UN's degrading of CO2 is actually the molecule of life proving this is a genocide operation. 

U.S. politicians are basing their faulty rationale in allowing these genocidal criminals to carry out their plan under a false pretense of global warming. The truth be told, we are actually entering into a grand solar minimum approaching a mini-ice age.  C02 is the molecule of life that the evil U.N. and Zionist syndicate has used as the enemy of mankind blaming all of us for adding to our own extinction they wish to facilitate. The truth is these satanic frauds have a plan to genocide humanity while merging with artificial intelligence to live forever as a form of their evolution. They want to get rid of billions of us and this is just the beginning of their genocide operations. The Zionists own the main stream media and use propaganda to promote their genocide plans hoping all of us will cooperate.

Zionists believe they are superior to humanity and base their beliefs that are deeply rooted in the oral traditions of Rabbi's found within the Jewish Talmud. They believe God serves them and that they will one day rule over His creation.  In other words, they are antichrist wanting to live forever on their own terms to merge with Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the expense of the rest of humanity they view as Goyim, that of the gentiles. Such is why knowing God's Word is so important and why God said "My people perish for lack of knowledge." (See Hosea 4:6)  The Apostle Paul, a former Pharisee Jewish official named Saul, cleared the way for gentiles to receive Christ after Jesus fulfilled the First Covenant of the law, having begun the Second Covenant of all believers' (i.e., gentiles) salvation through faith in what He did at the Cross and Resurrection.

Rest assured, God knows everything these extremely cruel genocidal criminals do! (see Hebrews 4:13) They will be facing a very heavy judgment by Him. (see Revelation 20:11-15) Many of these politicians are involved in the occult opening doors to demonic influences causing these very cruel unwise sinful secrets to consume their souls. If these men and women repented and turned back to God and His principles, our nation would have a chance but at this point they are in a trance to get more power in the alleged utopia new world, foolish as they are.

On a spiritual level Christians warfare this way based on God's Word . See No Weapon Will Prosper Against Me

Additional information:

VIDEO: Paradise Fire - Houses burned to ground with vegetation untouched.  - November 11, 2018

What is the Great White Throne Judgment?

VIDEO: Senator suggests Americans should turn in their guns or the military's nukes could be used to defeat them -  November 18, 2018

California State Legislature Passes Bill on PG&E Wildfire Liability - Reuters, September 1, 2018)

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Silicon Valley Feminist Niniane Wang's Phone Call PSYOP To Me Today

Halloween's over now but apparently this unfortunate troublesome woman, Silicon Valley Feminist Niniane Wang, hasn't gotten the news yet.

You see, I was in the middle of starting to play the viola* again after 40 long years, rosining up my bow along with tuning strings when some kind of witch apparently descended down from her broom stick high up in the air on Saturday trying to get me to violate California state law related to my notary public commission.

That's right, as I was trying to rosin my brand new bow that, after I had just attempted to play would not make a sound as of yet, this feminist then had the audacity to complain in a Google review over a female owned small business I've had since 2009.  A business that averages a take home income of $35K a year.

Meet Niniane Wang, CEO of Evertoon:

Sex Harassment Whistleblower Wants More Men to Speak Out, Business Insider.com
Niniane Wang, the CEO of Evertoon, has become the willing and very deliberate face of one of the several sexual harassment scandals that have been rocking Silicon Valley.
One of the Women Who Accused Justin Caldbeck, Recode.net, June 24, 2017 :
Niniane Wang, one of three women who spoke on the record about investor Justin Caldbeck’s alleged sexual harassment, said she fears people will actually believe his apology. 
Caldbeck, the founder of investment firm Binary Capital, announced he was taking a leave of absence in response to an article in The Information in which six women accused him of sexual harassment.
After politely responding to Niniane to remove her review due to its dishonesty and lack of consideration for my picking up the phone on a Saturday, she still has not yet capitulated leading me to question if this is some kind of PSYOP due to my last post back in October, 2018. The post, Witchy Woman Christine Ford Rose High On Her Broomstick Fueled By Deception, October 8, 2018, featured an anti-feminist professor Janice Fiamengo from the University of Ottawa over the Kavanauh hearing video I posted.

Viral video by Ottawa University Janice Fiamengo

Could it be that, as I prepared my bow to play for the first time in 40 years, that Niniane deliberately began a targeted psy-op on me?  After all, both of these feminists, Ford and Wang,  are high flying Silicon feminists involved in male sex harassment politics.

First, in my having denoted Niniane Wang's serious accusations in the public eye of others, I wanted to state as a witness that my experience of this woman immediately struck me as a strategically dishonest by her twisting facts.  Niniane's review was inherently dishonest and negligent of my genuine thoughtful explanation and attempt to assist her as a public servant.

Insisting I was supposed to do something another notary public had done previously for her, Niniane Wang said she did not require an Apostille that I could simply provide my notary commission certificate at her request.

I was very patient with Ms. Wang explaining why I couldn't provide what belongs solely in my possession, that my commission certificate is not something I ever hand out copying it for the public. After my explaining the procedure of obtaining an Apostille, Niniane did not accept the outcome and, within three minutes of hanging up, Niniane Wang quickly went and filed a complaint review on Google.

After nine years in business I've observed clear patterns of my customers reviews. The only kind of people who do this type of thing have an agenda of some kind using the phone who I never meet.  In this case I believe the timing, as the saying goes, is just "too cute" that it's indeed a political based PSYOP.

*Yes, it's one of those cheap machine made viola kits, they're not that expensive these days. Looks pretty though. If I find out I can't really play anymore it will go up as an art piece on my wall.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Witchy Woman Christine Ford Rose High On Wicked Broomstick Fueled By Deception

Lately, I've been noticing a significant rise in America's culture toward's militant feminism and it's not pretty. Unlike the days of the female audiences screaming over the Beatles and David Cassidy and singing their songs, today all over the world there's a new generation of women en mass protesting in a nasty disturbing way. Many of these women do nothing but repeat mindless mantras based in scripted propaganda of wicked agendas financed by the likes of Open Society's George Soros.

Consequently, there's been a significant disruption and disregard for civility in America especially like never before and an egregious violation of God's Word. What's taking place isn't anything new, defined as sin, aka "missing the mark" or transgressions, "rebellion -- knowing something is wrong and doing it anyway." Thankfully, many of us raised as young girls and women in the 1960's, 70's and even 80's, have already gotten the message of the dangers of eternal damnation and repented of our sins to God.  

This blog post is in support of disclosing the deception and many lies of Christine Ford who recently tried to prevent Judge Kavanaugh from obtaining his life long dream to become a Supreme Court Justice.  Based on the facts disclosed in the videos provided herein,  Ms. Ford clearly needs to be investigated and brought to justice for what she did that was a fraud on the American public.

Clear facts support Christine Ford practices witchcraft and lied under oath.

Video: To Understand Christine Ford, Take a Look at Palo Alto University

It should be obvious to many by now that Open Society's George Soros
 is behind financing these type of protests around the world.
Many are paid protesters.

Jesus rose from the dead and is alive!
I'm praying for today's generation of lost souls and, in doing so, strongly urge women to come back to God's peace and tremendous plans for their eternal welfare through His Son Jesus and stop believing without question the lying witches in our political system who believe their own propaganda and lies. Particularly witches Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Elizabeth Warren and Kamela Harris. All of these sinners believe their own lies as if whatever comes out of their mouths is true and therefore shouldn't even be questioned. These women clearly do not recognize God is the highest authority and His name is Jesus Christ sent as the world's Messiah.

The U.S. public should become knowledgeable of these liberal cons' use of deception and psy-ops working with the leftist owned media that's clearly based in the occult, aka witchcraft.  Knowing God's Word and accepting Jesus opens our spiritual eyes to this deception others are prone to believe having been blinded by unrepented sin.

Who will the women of this generation obey, some creepy little man like George Soros or your living Creator Jesus Christ? The choice is obvious to anyone.  Since God honors our own free will, the devil choice option is available and the consequences thereof outlined throughout Scripture.

As for men dealing with today's female power struggle issues, this method doesn't work either.

Uh, don't think so.


Christine Blasey Ford and the links to George Soros

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Investigative Journalist Jake Morphonios Accuses Jay Sekulow of Being a Lying Zionist Shill

Long ago Blackstone Intelligence Network investigative journalist Jake Morphonios used to be a travel agent to ACLJ's top lawyer Jay Sekulow.  Sekulow also represents President Trump in defense of the Russia probe.  Late last night in a live broadcast Jake let go with a huge rant on Sekulow accusing him of being a lying Zionist shill for Israel, and not upholding the U.S. Constitution.

Jake's rant on Sekulow begins at 41:14 of his live broadcast

Worth a listen! Very well spoken person full of a lot of knowledge.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

A 10 Year Transient, Alvin Carries His Blanket Each Day Like A Cross in Nob Hill San Francisco

Alvin gets my attention each day because God is with him.
Try to imagine what it would be like living for 10 long years in San Francisco without shelter sleeping on its streets inside doorways with only a blanket and a few pieces of clothing. Imagine what it would do to some one's spirit to do nothing but walk up and down the steep hills of San Francisco each day without a dime to your name, no bank account or identification?

For at least the past 10 years, a man who refers to himself as aka Alvin Steifel*, has survived a long hiatus into a transient lifestyle that few survive. For several years in Nob Hill where Alvin visits daily after a very steep walk from downtown's Chinatown, many such as myself ignored him being too busy with our own lives.  I even recall commenting over his condition with a neighbor who refuted my concern stating Alvin might be happy living that way free as he was. I really doubted it at the time and still do.

Identity of 10 year transient of Nob Hill disclosed  thru prayer
I recently prayed to God about the identity and situation of Alvin that made no sense of his predicament all this time. I'm certain the cold rainy, windy nights living on the streets of San Francisco have been difficult for Alvin I'm sure. When the weather's bad there are fewer handouts so Alvin's gone hungry many a night, no doubt. Yet Alvin carried on with significant grace and faith in spite of his misfortune, few have the will to live as this man has!

In a few conversations I've had with him, Alvin's always been respectful and kind to me, not like many of the other foul mouthed filthy men we all encounter each day.  He's intelligent and doesn't beg always thanking me for provisions God provides. He takes whatever is offered to him and doesn't ask for money.

I've since learned Alvin really enjoys alcohol having been hospitalized from collapsing in front of a bar in 2015.  After returning from the hospital I noted Alvin looked cleaned up and a lot better.  Apparently people have occasionally provided him with the bottle a little much, I won't do that. Instead I provide a bagged meal whenever I see Alvin in our area and he doesn't care if it's always apple cinnamon oatmeal. Others also provide danish and offers of clothing. Alvin was convicted of a crime in 1999, was released in 2001, who apparently couldn't find a way out of his name being harmed as such preferring to live on the streets incognito.

Alvin enjoying a lunch bag meal I provided across the street.

These are quite nicer clothes than Alvin's been used to, his faith and desire to live has been duly noted by all who witness his plight each day.

At least 18 years ago, Alvin's face wasn't burnt and blistered from UV rays of the sun
after spending day in and day out outside. His fingernails are now long, yellow and filthy.

Only Intelius's public records had any records on him,
all others showed no one exists in the U.S. under this name. He came from Indiana.

Well, I think 10 years of suffering homeless after a brief two year incarceration wasn't at all necessary and God wants very much to forgive Alvin who sent His beloved Son Jesus to die for his sins to and set him free.  I'm aware of the nature of crime Alvin was convicted of, he shouldn't have to wander the streets and bring unnecessary punishment upon himself because Jesus came to forgive the sinners and set us free from this kind of misery and torment through our faith in what God did. 

We are all sinners, God wants us to repent and ask Jesus into our hearts to heal us.
No need to punish ourselves needlessly when God extends an olive branch through what His Son did for all of us at the cross.

I hope other members of Christian faith in our area join in prayers for Alvin's salvation through Christ Jesus, the only one who can set him free and restore his life.

*Alvin Steifel's an a/k/a his real name is Donald. I learned of the name Alvin from a hospital wristband he wore after recovering in a hospital from fainting from too much alcohol.

Friday, August 17, 2018

SFPD Retaliation? Five Semi-Auto Gun Shots Fired in Nob Hill's California Street @ Midnight August 17, 2018

Did SFPD stage retaliation over my blog post?
Since the timing of an incident early this morning around midnight happened within 50 feet of my apartment window, I call into question what this really is all about.  I've never ever experienced anything like it in my entire life! 

Within just days of posting my last blog article about the SFPD being taken over by corporate interests in San Francisco, this happens? Really? A bullet hole lands into our building's garage door directly below my apartment?  Automatic weapon fire?  No one injured, no ambulances show up, just the SFPD appearing ten minutes later with several officers blocking the street in order to look for the bullet casings?

In spite of the bullet hole in the garage door, the police never inquired of the building manager to get to the bullet casing. I heard a police officer just stopped by for a police report interview this afternoon of tenants.  According to one tenant the officer insinuated what someone reportedly found and turned over to police in the garage was likely not the same bullet last night. 

I don't expect last night's issue to ever be resolved. No injuries! Swept under a rug along with everything else.

See last blog post:
San Francisco Government Bribed By Corporations Sells Out the SFPD. . . . - August 7, 2017

Friday, August 10, 2018

San Francisco Government Bribed By Corporations Sells SFPD and Other Public Services

UPDATE: Around midnight on 8/16/2018, six days after this blog post, five automatic weapon shots were heard fired directly in front of our apartment building. No one was injured and security cameras in the area showed two vehicles involved. One bullet entered into the garage door two stories directly below my apartment. In all of my life I've never experienced anything like this. I find the timing suspicious to say the least. Today a police officer came to pick up a shell case from our garage he doubted was from this incident.

I've been noting lately how the City of San Francisco's been handing over its former tax payer public funded properties to corporate entities. For instance, as of today what was once known as the San Francisco Transbay Terminal is now officially referred to as Sales Force Transit Center) Also see Sales Force Buys Naming Rights to Transbay Transit Center).  Similarly, what was once called San Francisco General Hospital is now Zuckerberg San Francisco General (aka ZSFGCare.org).

What appears to have occurred in San Francisco is a corporate takeover in which city government now works for corporations and not the tax paying public at large. This new cultural environment in San Francisco clearly promotes class warfare on every level. The public is clearly without necessary representation by its city government that's arrogantly enacting oppressive laws such as the recent six month jail sentence for owning a plastic straw voted unanimously by its Board of Supervisors. (See The Last Straw - Has San Francisco Finally Broken the Camel's Back?)

SFPD guards Sales Force lobby - August, 2018

Every day there's a typical scenario that plays out in San Francisco no one's doing anything to restrain nor alleviate the growth of due to police officers working for various corporate entities like Sales Force. In fact, I've heard San Francisco provides heroin addicts with 400,000 free syringes each month along with "safe spaces" under city government sponsored supervision. Consequently, numerous filthy zombie-like addicts roam San Francisco's streets freely to frighten and terrify the public the police do nothing about. The SFPD always claims there is nothing they can much about anything likely because they're waiting for their next wonderful corporate assignment with free food and safe environments.

This drug addict throws fits and screams at the Embarcadero Shopping Center who was also witnessed being welcomed by a SFPD officer (see below) working for the center's property management firm.

This SFPD officer works on behalf of a private property management firm that runs the Embarcadero Shopping Center.  Each morning the cop meets with the staff over coffee 30-45 minutes and then walks the beat there.

SFPD on overtime at the Masonic Auditorium with nothing to do.

Remember the madmen you likely saw coming around the corner frightening the daylights out of you and your family's vacation in San Francisco? Taking a huge dump on the sidewalk in front of everyone? This has happened because there are no police available to protect your family from horrendous sights and sounds because they're too busy overseeing the lobbies of mega billion dollar companies such as Sales Force, hanging around special events and rock concerts at the Masonic Auditorium on overtime, while walking the beat with coffee in hand at shopping centers.

For any citizen or tourist visiting you are hereby notified the San Francisco Police Department no longer genuinely serves the common people of San Francisco. They may appear to be doing some capacity of work for the public but I've observed a few occasions when they're performing scripted scenarios that produce no results based in reality. See BREAKING NEWS: What The Little Devils @ the SFPD Are Up To - March 30, 2016

Video footage recorded April 24, 2018 @ 10:15 pm
After shooting this video, my investigative journalist endeavor continued after further witness interviews that I concluded no one was injured nor arrested.  

A couple months ago I waited to report on an alleged domestic violence incident having observed several police cars next to my apartment building. Rifles were witnessed drawn in an upscale condo lobby over a purported knife incident. After 45 minutes I observed the ambulance cot came back empty and no one was arrested. A woman was observed being escorted to the building next door. I looked around and could not find the filming crew I anticipated since I've witnessed officers involved in film productions several times around town.

As I began to report back in 2016, San Francisco is becoming a dangerous city for the public and tourists alike because the SFPD has been assigned to corporate servitude. Even Yelp uses the SFPD that gladly assists over petty ridiculous disputes taking away from public services. See Is There A Place In Hell For Yelp and the SFPD? - March, 2016

Friday, July 27, 2018

Is This The Final Straw That Broke the Camel's Back for San Francisco?

SF-BOS tests how many straws it will take
to break SF tax payers' backs.
UPDATE:  After I published this post today, Paul Joseph Watson released the video below supporting my claims about San Francisco and its failed progressive policies among other things.

According to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, anyone who uses a plastic straw in San Francisco has broken the law and can now face jail time. See California Town Will Jail You For Using a Plastic Straw - Washington Examiner, July 24, 2018

The City of San Francisco clearly doesn't know how to solve its ever growing extreme and dangerous social problems that were created through its own criminality and greed, only ride it like a parasite does its host source of money.  Hence, after all the volunteer time and work I did especially in 2017 helping to clean up graffiti and related stickers all over the place, I don't take too well to being threatened with jail time for using a plastic straw and neither should anyone else.

Paul Watson's  latest video "BREAKING! San Francisco is a Sh*thole" was released today full of all kinds of woeful information of just how bad the city's fallen.

The fact of the matter is, criminal negligence among those who run this city can be reported to the U.S. Department of Justice based on much evidence criminals are running San Francisco into the ground. The recent cancellation of the medical industry's annual convention due to the dangerous madmen and health concerns it posed its members is just one example of credible depositions from doctors available exposing such negligence. See SF's Appalling Street Life Repels Residents, Now Drives Away A Convention - SF Chronicle, July 3, 2018

I was really hoping to hear of rapid responses to a clear state-of-emergency since the new Mayor London Breed entered her mayoral office. Unfortunately not as of yet. Instead, I've witnessed a few overkill performances of various government service personnel such as the recent six fire trucks that arrived in front of my apartment. 

There were at least 20 firemen attending to an alleged emergency last week.  When I asked the fire chief who had also arrived, he reported to me someone had "burnt their meal."  All that for a burnt meal, really chief?

The firemen were applauding the fire chief as I approached to ask him what happened.

At least six fire trucks and the fire chief showed up for someone's burnt meal.

On another occasion a couple months ago seven SFPD police cars arrived for an alleged domestic dispute next door at a condo complex in Nob Hill.  I was told they entered the residential lobby with rifles drawn and that it was over an alleged knife incident.  I put my investigative journalist cap and waited outside for the injured to be rolled out into an ambulance. 

No one showed up on an ambulance bed because there was no crime committed and no one was arrested.  Police stood around for about an  hour and nothing had actually happened. Meanwhile, the SFPD has overtime officers working at the Masonic Auditorium at night.  Accompanying film crews are also very common and make overtime.

San Francisco's going down very quickly due to the rampant greed and criminality of those who run its government issuing crazy laws not attending to reality.  I'm sorry to say San Francisco is turning into a third world city.  Like any drug addict, without intervention and God, the City of San Francisco is doomed to self-destruction from finally breaking the camel's back.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Why Daily Cleanse from San Francisco's Liberal Filth's Necessary

Since 2009 I've had my own mobile business riding an electric bicycle around San Francisco servicing hospitals, senior homes, jails and local businesses. In the beginning I relied heavily on the mortgage loan signing industry requiring me to visit people's homes all over San Francisco 1-4 times a day.  I've since completed over 1,000 loan signings meeting many people in the San Francisco bay area.

Since I began my own business of nearly 10 years, I've encountered the following unfortunate circumstances including recently going blind threatening to end my ability to work.
  1. Broken clavicle, ribs (6), broken femur in two places, nerve damage to arm, head wound requiring stitches. (October, 2012)
  2. Kidney stone surgical procedure (February, 2013)
  3. Broken shoulder (July, 2014)
  4. Cataracts surgery (May, 2018)
Since 1978, I've been in the work force making a living on my own and, even prior to that, I was working in a youth program through P.V.H.S. for the local community of Palos Verdes Estates in Southern California. Even when I was a child in Baldwin Hills near Hollywood, I was busy tending to chores and selling flower seeds and caramel corn in the neighborhood.  Therefore I've been in the work force over 40 years now.

After all the medical issues recently, one thing that can be appreciated about living in San Francisco is its fine medical community. Unlike Los Angeles, where I was born and lived until 1995, everything I need access to is within a three block radius including an eye surgery center. I'm grateful to live where I do but am sad at the growing social decay my now nearly perfect vision presents every day on my eBike rides.

I'm happy to report God has truly blessed me granting his mercy and grace that I was able to obtain support for my health issues and continue to provide services to the local community. I'm grateful God pulled me through these hard times and that my faith has since grown exponentially.

Repentance is important to a Christian's life. For many decades I had been in denial of my sins believing I was a good person. Regardless of my false belief, the fact remains there's no such thing as a good person without accepting Jesus as Savior who is the truth, life and way. Sin cannot be cured by good deeds or hard work alone, only through faith in what Jesus did at the cross and resurrection for us. 

Those who believe they are good without Jesus in their lives are deceiving themselves. It's possible to have a relationship with our Creator through prayer, fasting and reading His Word by seeking Him. There is no other living God but Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, the Trinity. For instance, God is a God of timing and will reveal Himself and sometimes communicate through circumstances of timing and incidents.

For some of us who grew up in a liberal culture it took a VERY LONG TIME for God to get through our thick skulls and amnesia that He really does exist!!  I'm thankful and grateful for the extended time alotted to me that was necessary for me to repent of a fallen life of endless wandering and negligence of personal responsibilities. For instance, I failed to accept godly roles of that of a wife, mother or godly service to others.

Many find out too late God is real that nothing can be done after they cross over to the other side.  It saddens me to see so many "good" people unwilling to reconsider they aren't as good as they believe themselves to be based in God's Word. All those I used to think were good and destined for heaven I was brainwashed through popular culture over that I now know from God's Word they did not make it into heaven.

Had it not been for the kidney stone surgery especially I would not likely be here since it was blocking my urethra. In another life threatening circumstance, had it not been for the one foot distance from a car clipping my front eBike tire at 30 mph I wouldn't be here. God granted me a second chance (many actually) I'm very grateful for. 

A second chance is why I'm committed more than ever to applying Godly Principles being aware of the daily prayer vigilance necessary to keep the filth of godless antichrist based San Francisco out of my soul and spirit. God has gradually been revealing how good He is ever since I had confused him with the god of this world, something many in this day and age do.

I've been learning the truth that God is very loving and kind. He withholds His wrath we deserve and allows us to live hoping we will repent one day and get to know Him and what He did for us through sacrificing His beloved son to save us since the Fall from Eden.

A couple additional thoughts I'd like to share: Today's popular culture is the broad path to hell, get out of everything the masses are doing and follow Jesus as the truth and way to eternal life John 3:16.
PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  The Catholic religion I was raised under until the age of seven is not in any way Christian but man made rooted in ancient Babylon gods and goddesses. I pray for those who are deceived Catholics, it should be very clear by now and, especially based on the latest statements from the current Pope, that the Catholic and Jesuits are not of way of Jesus Christ.

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Former New Age Gurus Steve Bancarz and Doreen Virtue Witness for Jesus!

I haven't been blogging for a while healing from cataracts surgery. I can see quite well but am still in the prescription eye drops phase. Since I'm still a bit under the weather health wise, I thought this was a good time to present a few great witness testimonies for Jesus from two very popular former New Age author teachers who recently converted. Both Steve Bancarz and Doreen Virtue surrendered their lives to Jesus and their testimonies are quite moving and powerful!

Back in the 1980's during my 20's I read a lot of New Age junk along with pop psychology I now wish I hadn't. I spent a brief time at the Self-Realization Fellowship near Malibu and was much like today's millennial generation (without the dreadful tattoos and piercings I might add) seeking independence and utopia. I still had brief interludes with Christians interwoven through the spiritual mess who helped me through recovery from homelessness. I became homeless shortly after accepting someone's offer of hallucinogenic mushrooms and, yes, I went back for seconds!

I had deduced from their actions that Christians clearly wanted to influence me to find a husband and have children. Having been a Southern California liberal at the time, I had to move on from the stereotype envisioned for me because their plan to hook me up with Christian men didn't seem appropriate for my situation. In fact, by Christian standards I was really a reprobate in rebellion so they let me go on my merry way to San Francisco.

Former New Age leader Steve Bancarz' witness testimony for Jesus.

Former New Age top selling author Doreen Virtue's witness testimony for Jesus.

Now that I've aged a bit I've noted Jesus's faithfulness to my life that I myself have a strong witness testimony I've shared on my own shadow banned YouTube Channel.  The only thing that prevented me from completely surrendering to Jesus back in the 1980's was the intense pressure Christians applied for me to follow social protocols to find a husband, get married and have children. That just wasn't going to happen, the men in California are and will always be among the worst in the entire nation as untrustworthy being disloyal to their wives and I had no intentions of leaving my home state.

My own witness for Jesus after years of backsliding, behavioral issues and rebellion in San Francisco


I wanted to mention that fasting is very important for those who have been involved in the occult New Age movement. When I was in the hospital two weeks after a bike accident, eating very little had a large impact on restoring my relationship with Jesus as well as a hospital chaplain and others praying over me. God also completely removed my taste for alcohol and I haven't since had even one glass of wine since 2012. 

Today God answers most all of my prayers and is growing my faith revealing Himself to me in many ways that He is kind, patient forgiving and merciful that I'm no longer a child of wrath.  Lately I've been noticing the way my brain i.e., flesh, often interferes in my relationship with Jesus as a pain in the rear. I have to pray to overcome these things as well as fast. It's not easy to fast since there's a Trader Joes two blocks away and thus far I am only able to do a coffee/juice fast for from 9:pm - 3:pm each Sat/Sun.

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Steve Bancarz' new website Reasons For Jesus

Sunday, June 3, 2018

AT&T's New 5G Wireless Tower Accelerated Eye Cataracts Toward Blindness In One Year

Last year AT&T put a new cell tower 100 feet from my apartment window in San Francisco. I was forewarned by a researcher familiar with radio frequencies and cell tower issues of the problems it posed to my health who advised me to move out ASAP.  Since moving wasn't an option, I chose to purchase certain frequency shielding products I believed would protect from such frequencies while noting that AT&T's new 5G hadn't even been turned on yet.

Unfortunately, my eye doctor of 10 years couldn't improve my eyes with two new prescriptions for new glasses and subsequent new contacts to correct the problem. The doctor suspected I might have glaucoma but the tests came back negative so I decided to get a second opinion from another doctor who subsequently diagnosed me with cataracts.

Once again I was fitted with  new lenses and glasses, the third prescription in 2018 only to have to come back and say I still couldn't see that there was too much distorted light coming into my eyes. My cataracts wasn't correctable surface-wise so I was told I had to get cataract surgery or go blind.  I'm a bit young at 58 years old to be getting cataract surgery that usually develops in folks around 70+ so this is my basis for suspecting AT&T's cell tower contributed to accelerating the condition.

The eye surgeon I was referred to added they had to do the surgery soon because my eyes were deteriorating rapidly so they scheduled it within one month.  I learned the lady who prepared the paperwork for the surgeon, Marci, was about to retire after 40 years of working at the same office all that time! Marci was very personable and helpful, getting eye surgery can be a scary experience but I felt confident I was in good hands.  I'm so grateful God provided such wonderful gifted people to help restore my eyesight.  I know God was helping me all the way through this process because it went so smoothly without fear or a hitch.

I was relieved to learn that cataract surgery restores eyesight to 20/20 and I will never need contacts or nearsighted glasses again, just reading glasses.  Since the surgery, I'm so relieved to have my eye sight restored that I have a new lease on life seeing crystal clear.  Going blind felt as though I was  fading away that I couldn't see people's faces and was unable to drive a car safely. Riding my electric bicycle was also a risk that I began walking to my clients' offices downtown.

The surgeon was very good, cataracts surgery takes out all the cloudy material in the eye and they slip in a toric contact lens in both eyes. The procedure takes 20 minutes or less. Each eye has to be done on different days.  Unfortunately my right eye had a  bit of what I was told was abnormal blood going on during the healing process while the left eye was fine and healed in 10 hours.  My left eye could see crystal clear in 10 hours after surgery, it was amazing.

Within one year of a cell tower being installed 100 feet from my apartment window I needed cataracts eye surgery.

Now when I wake up in the morning I can see so clearly it's amazing!  Without the surgery it would have been real bad news, I would have gone blind. I do believe AT&T's cell tower had something to do with the rapid deterioration of my eyes.  I'm glad to live in a time period where all you have to do is have a quick procedure to restore eyesight to 20/20.  Eye doctors don't want to let everyone know they can heal everyone's eyesight this way, you have to qualify for the surgery and also in order to pass a DMV eye test that I have in the next 7 months.

If you come upon this blog post having a similar experience I hope visitors will share your experience if you believe a recently installed cell tower near your residence is affecting your health in some way as it has mine.  Unfortunately the U.S. Government has sold out Americans' health to these huge corporations that do as they so please.

Now each day I praise God He restored my eyesight through such gifted, kind people!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Why President Trump's a Lying Con Artist Torture Loving Puppet for Zionist Rothschilds

Jacob Rothschild with his puppet Donald Trump
I'm convinced that time traveling through history is a very important skill to have if you want to know the truth of today's current cultural landscape and chosen leadership. No one can really understand the truth of anything without considering the dimension of time in any given situation, especially in relation to God's Word.

In this day and age of access to the investigative talents such as that of Blackstone Intelligence Network's  Jake Morphonios, I believe we should take full advantage of such extraordinary research. Perhaps we should all take pause to reconsider whether our belief systems are really based in truth and fact or instead that of delusions rooted in biased propaganda we pick up listening to television newscasts.

The truth is that many claim to have voted for Trump because they wanted to prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming President. At the very least, many voters believed if they had to choose from these two candidates that Trump was the lesser of two evils. Now that Trump's been in the White House nearly two years having failed many of his campaign promises, it's time to consider investigative research revealed as of late.

First, I wanted to make sure people understand today's America isn't what the Founding Father's created since the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871. The reason so many politicians have sold out Americans' heritage for their own interests is because they believe they work under USA, Inc. as a corporate entity registered on Dunn & Bradstreet. Within a corporate framework, the U.S. government is just a facade to these politicians who know what's coming down the pike, namely that the U.S. dollar is going to collapse by design. Consequently, U.S. politicians are seeking the approval of new world government elitist families such as the Rothschilds. This is where Donald Trump comes into history to play his hand of cards as a clear gambler.
"Donald Trump. The name is a punchline now, associated with the worst of 1980s extravagance, egomania, and greed. Once, the world marveled at the scope and mastery of Trump's megabuck deals. Today, he's widely regarded as a washed-up real estate mogul who has been stripped of his once lustrous possessions"The Donald Trump Card : He Just Got a Better Deal, Bloomberg News, March 22, 1992 

The truth is that Donald Trump's really a washed up businessman whose casino empire was collapsing in the late 80's that Rothschild, Inc., aka Nathan Rothschild, son of  Jacob Rothschild, had to save him from financial devastation. Consequently, Trump sold his soul to Satanist Rothschild and now it's pay back time to balance the scales of whatever favors he owes the  elitist family who helped save him. Hence, here comes the wars for oil! Countless innocent children, women and men will die because of the ruthless nature of the Rothschild family as President Trump moves toward the exchange of blood for oil in the Middle East based on lies.

Due to Rothschild, Inc. saving Donald Trump, he's really been operating as the U.S. President on behalf of the Zionist Rothschild network. All the wars being contemplated are for the Zionist Rothschild's and Israel's interests, not that of the United States.  

The recent investigative journalist research of Jake Morphonios proves
who Donald Trump really is and who he's really serving as President of USA, Inc.

In my opinion based on sifting through multiple reputable research sources, Americans have lost their country to Rothschild, Inc. that's been happening under the radar incrementally during the past several decades. See, The Bankruptcy of America, 1933.  Consequently, the U.S. is being used like a corporation disguised as a government in order to obtain taxes to enslave its citizenry.  U.S. cities have also incorporated! Meanwhile, the Rothschild men sit on the boards of major industries all over the U.S. including Pacific Gas & Electric and AT&T. This is extremely dangerous because the Zionist Rothschilds are evil and void of respect for human life preferring artificial life forms while wanting to kill off 90% of the population to form a new utopia to rule from the land of Israel.

Therefore I submit that Donald Trump's posing as a U.S. President is using the skills he learned as a trained Jesuit to lie and deceive like a split personality con artist.  In reality, Trump's out for his own interests who could really care less about America he'd like to take a wrecking ball to.  

Christian Zionists who support Israel's brutal genocidal regime are supporting the AntiChrist spirit who need to reconsider their loyalties. According to Scripture, many who occupy Israel today are liars and frauds according to Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. In fact, 90% of those who claim to be of Jewish decent  aren't even from the land of Israel being 8th Century Judaism converts from Khazaria. according to their DNA.  See DNA Science and the Bloodline of the Jews, Texe Marrs.

God expects His people to keep on pressing for the truth at all times and not be deceived. Therefore, don't settle for the Zionists' lies, keep pressing forward for the truth in Jesus Christ that sets souls free. The U.S. President is clearly a puppet for Rothschild interests that bailed him out long ago who own him. Trump's since been gradually coming out of the closet as a psychopath monster who can't be trusted wanting to bring Americans into wars to steal other nations' oil based on lies and false premises.

Consequently, President Donald Trump, like many of his predecessors over the past several decades, has proven himself a huge supporter of torture for false confessions such as what happened since 9/11 demonstrating himself a wicked horrible person whose soul's clearly been taken over by Satan. God in no way approves of torture and will punish America for this practice!  

If you support this fallen man Trump, I strongly encourage you to reconsider the facts presented in the video posted herein of his real purpose of being in the White House that's not in the best interests of America or its citizens. There will be a heavy price to pay for continuing to participate in support and agreement of this scam of Rothschild's USA, Inc.  The penalty will be spiritual and severe to all souls involved especially since America's being run behind the scenes by evil principalities rooted in Satanism.  See Hosea 4:6 My people perish for lack of knowledge.

Trump's an evil politician, liar and agent for Satan.  I once supported Trump until God began revealing to me his true nature and identity but no longer do.  I don't bother to listen to a single word Trump utters out of his foul lying lips as an agent of Satan and hope you don't either.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Trump Seeks Unlimited Dictatorial War Powers Thru Senate Bill AUMF

Unless the American people resist and protest, Donald Trump's going to be America's first Dictator with unlimited war powers. A bill referred to as AUMF, aka Authorization For Use of Military Force, is  being introduced in the Senate through Democrat Tim Kain to grant the President unlimited war powers without Congressional approval. This is a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution and a criminal move to relinquish Congressional oversight and duty we pay them for with our taxes.

Rand Paul sounds the warning of consequences if AMUF gets approved in the Senate
"In the near future, Congress will debate a new Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). I use the word “debate” lightly. So far, no hearings have been scheduled, and no testimony is likely to be heard unless something changes. That’s a shame, because this is a serious matter, and this is a deeply flawed AUMF.  
For some time now, Congress has abdicated its responsibility to declare war. The status quo is that we are at war anywhere and anytime the president says so. 
So Congress—in a very Congress way of doing things—has a “solution.” Instead of reclaiming its constitutional authority, it instead intends to codify the unacceptable, unconstitutional status quo.
It is clear upon reading the AUMF, put forward by Senators Tim Kaine and Bob Corker, that it gives nearly unlimited power to this or any other president to be at war whenever he or she wants, with minimal justification and no prior specific authority." - YouTube Commentary Dahboo777

Donald Trump is already proving he is more dangerous than Obama. If you listen to this entire video you will understand how he recently had a little 8 year old American girl killed, shot in the throat, to kill off the bloodline of an alleged terrorist.

Donald Trump is some kind of psychopath being nurtured into becoming the nation's first official dictator. Trump's dick doesn't work anymore so he has to take it out on the world apparently. I do regret supporting this man who lied to get into office.