Friday, January 5, 2018

Damn Jeff Sessions to the Pit of Hell With His Satanic Brotherhood of Corruption

U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions just criminalized the medical marijuana and cannabis oil industries again after their long climb back to sanity thus making it a Federal crime to use even for medicinal purposes! In doing so, Jeff Sessions has proven himself a corrupt attorney general with investments in the for-profit prison industry looking to help it in his own twisted, sadistic cruel way.

Ron Paul called for Sessions' firing, Paul stated, “He seems to be a menace. He’s undoing some positive steps forward in curtailing some civil liberties. He’s taking a big step backwards on this war on drugs… He ought to really consider firing this guy. I don’t think the country would be less well off.”  See Ron Paul Calls for Trump to Fire Jeff Sessions - January 5, 2017

The government doesn't belong in its citizens' lives this way and needs to get out! We know all the evil the U.S. government does and we will not stand for this one bit and do not care what the Supreme Court ruled that was clearly wrong. The S.C. is not above God's decrees!  God did not forbid the hemp plant in any of his Scriptures having provided it as part of His grace to use freely! The U.S. government is therefore operating a war against innocent Americans to fill up its for-profit prisons and we will not stand for it any longer. That is evil!

The plentiful freely grown hemp plant was part of America's early beginnings and should in no way be criminalized by any intelligent society. The hemp plant also has many industrial uses including paper and clothing. The plant's known to many health practitioners such as Mike Adams of Natural News as a miracle plant. Sufferers of epilepsy and glaucoma are just few of the benefactors of taking cannabis oil.

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Damn this evil bastard Jeff Sessions, we've had enough of this for profit prison industry!

Damn this greedy little prison industry parasite Jeff Sessions to the pit of hell for his corruption before he harms innocent American lives!

My letter to Jeff Sessions:
Dear Mr. Sessions: 
I supported your entering into your position until now. I've been hearing little tidbits about you being a coward not standing up to real criminals such as the Clintons and that President Trump is the one battling pedophiles with his own funds while you are doing virtually nothing about it. Apparently you are out of touch with the times living in an era long ago.

We know you have investments in prison industry interests and are looking to lock up innocent people over your criminalizing cannabis oil in particular. You have no God given right to do this and have abused your power. I, along with other fellow Americans, demand you step down in your war against those of us who pay your salary.  You don't have any God given right nor the power to do what you are trying to do and we aren't going to put up with it any longer.

We demand you remove yourself or we will make sure Trump will fire you in disgrace.  To put it simply, people obtain health benefits from cannabis oil that's a natural plant growing freely God granted people to use. If God didn't grant the cannabis plant to grow wild for everyone to benefit from, please present your case why God shouldn't have created such a plant. Since God did create such a healing plant as a gift to humanity to use, just as He grants us all types of good food and other natural health plant resources including essential oils from plants as well, you are of Satan. You are a man of Satan headed straight to hell at this present time and your clock is ticking down as the dinosaur you are.  
You are a hateful little bastard to be conducting a war against innocent Americans in this regard and we will take you down with God's help!  You will deeply regret what you have done for the rest of your eternal life in hell where you clearly belong.  
We as Americans will not tolerate some senile idiot like Jeff Sessions trying to take our nation back from its progress of  natural affordable health medicine and will do whatever it takes to remove this little bastard out of power and send him straight to eternal hell where he belongs.  Sessions has clearly abused his power and is out of touch with reality of the times.

We don't need this little psycho prick Jeff Sessions in our government looking to help his prison industry profit over the destruction of innocent American lives and we will flock to the Capitol and remove his lame lazy thoughtless ass if President Trump doesn't fire him.

Jeff Sessions, God is not on your side on this one and I guarantee He will take you down along with your other corrupt bastards who fester and rot every day of their sinful corrupt evil lives!

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