Sunday, February 25, 2018

President Donald Trump Spoke Like a Dictator That Shouldn't Surprise Anyone

Today President Trump became transparent in one of his first threats to kill off a group of individuals he referred to as drug dealers.
"President Donald Trump has privately expressed a desire for all drug dealers in the US to be executed, according to an Axios report." - Business Insider, February 25, 2018
What a joke Mr. President, what an idiotic rude pitiful statement you made! You in the Federal Government are not the good guys, who do you think you are? Many of us know just how evil and horrendously disgraceful the U.S. Federal government has become over the years!  We know the many within this so called government are incapable of having a conscience, that they are the enemies of all humanity with plans to kill off millions of their countrymen in the not too distant future.

The U.S. Federal Government has something coming you won't believe:

Americans are being slated to become remote controlled hypnotized zombies!

You won't  believe this wicked time line the U.S. Feds deep state has in store!
See Findings of Fact Documents and Database

The U.S. Federal Courts don't exist for Americans. Judicial arrogance's extremely dangerous!

The United States of America is nothing more than a corporate for-profit entity and money is its god. There's no morality or real justice, it's all about money and power and nothing more.  Consequently, America is like a soulless for-profit machine awaiting its planned infrastructure to fall in place in order to kill off its own population with the advent of artificial intelligence.

Ever since America declared bankruptcy in 1933, this  nation has been operating under the War Powers Act and the President of the U.S. has been implementing laws through executive orders.  After the bankruptcy deal with bankers, U.S. citizens are in reality nothing more than indebted slaves living under a De Facto dictatorship.  Hence, you now know what to think when President Trump suddenly begins looking for distractions from the dire internal corruption of his own corrupt DOJ, FBI and CIA drug running criminal cartels he's not opposed to their secretive operations whatsoever.

The U.S. government is really a corporation listed on Dun Bradstreet. Every State and City has also since become incorporated. These are not governments but for-profit entities out for their own benefits. Because they are for-profit entities, they are using citizens up until the time they can no longer profit from us any longer at which time they plan on killing us off replacing us with artificial intelligent machines!

Ronald Reagan signed the International Genocide Treaty in 1987
but it's not what many thought it was.

The U.S. Federal government is an enemy of its people with plans of genocide coupled with Zionist Israel's plan to kill off the gentile population and time's running out! So when you begin to hear a U.S. President made a comment about executing a group of people without a trial, it comes from the spirit of the Antichrist.

After all this, Hillary Clinton's never been convicted of a felony. 

Meanwhile, President Trump apparently continues to respect and admire an extremely corrupt Hillary Clinton whose got blackmail material on most all of the U.S. government.  Nice bit of drama acting from those two, they're likely good friends who merely performed for the cameras during the debates. It's all a cosmic bad joke! 

Meanwhile, I haven't heard of any well known people getting arrested for pedophilia yet. I guess I should dream on about that one too, right?  All the news a couple months ago of thousands of indictments of people awaiting trial for pedophilia has amounted to a big nothing burger.  We've heard nothing likely because Attorney General Jeff Sessions has his head high up his ass along with the rest of the corrupt Federal government.

One last comment I'd like to end with is police officers have no legal obligation to protect anyone, the Supreme Court has ruled on this already. So stop thinking police officers are here for the purpose to serve and protect. They likely only want that logo so they can get women to sleep with them as their protectors.  Police work for their cities as for-profit entities using our taxes to get a huge pension at the end of their service.  Consequently, the police will stand down when their superiors tell them to do so.  See Supreme Court: Police Have No Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone - NY Times - 2005  This kind of makes all restraining orders a scam, don't you think?

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Delaware Governor John Carney's New Policy Proposal Hints at Child Sex Trafficking Prep Matrix

Dover Police attend Monster Mash in 2017
Since my last blog post I've received a call from the Dover Delaware Police Department letting me know of a new and exciting start up venture Governor John Carney's been preparing to announce. The officer thought my venue was perfect to get out the information of how proud their police
department is of their Governor Carney who's allegedly moving in the right direction to help fund their local government business enterprise.

The new policy proposal includes:
  • Free hormone injections for any child from Kindergarten thru 12th grade in public schools to change their gender.
  • Free name change of the child's choice.
  • Free privacy shield for child from parent(s), a promise to keep secrets on behalf of child.
Severing the bond of children with single moms especially and letting the dads in government take them into pedophile sex slavery sounds like the only logical match as to what the policy is all about.

Sometimes one has to stretch a story a bit to help people realize something's awry in government and the public school system.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

My research as to these ridiculous women marches lately has revealed that America's cultural breakdown has a lot to do with single mothers raising their children without fathers. This lack of fathering leads to serious dysfunction and mental disabilities in youth and into their futures.  Those in law enforcement who see these dysfunctional children each day likely have hardened hearts towards problematic youth. The State of Delaware's likely looking for a way to profit from the breakdown of the nuclear family since all States in the Union are incorporated on Dun & Bradstreet as for-profit entities.

Ann Coulter as almost lynched by a mob of emotional single mothers on national television.

The State can use the public schools to mold any child they wish into a new identity and gender while breaking the parental bond (if there is one).  The child will be a lost soul easy to manipulate being confused, thus ripe for child sex trafficking that's happening all over the nation.

If you are a single mother facing these problems of vulnerability by these vultures, I highly recommend turning to God and asking Jesus forgiveness of your sins.  Start reading the Word of God and get grounded in a good foundation in Christ. Pray for your child and develop a prayer life with Jesus each day and He will save you from many of these monsters in government who want to feast on your children.  John 3:16

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Governor John Carney's Proposed Law's As INSANE As It Gets, Child Abuser! - February 8, 2018

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Governor John Carney's Proposed Law's As INSANE As It Gets, Child Abuse!

The face of a possessed wicked man, Governor John Carney
Update: Dover Police Phoned me! See Latest Post Follow-up.  I declare before Jesus Christ as my witness Delaware Governor John Carney's proposed new law is child abuse and that he's guilty of threatening the futures and mental health of all children in his jurisdiction.  I declare before Almighty God that Governor Carney's Satanic psychological attack on parents and their children, not to mention every citizen of this nation, is an offense to God's will.  See Delaware Proposes Allowing Children to Choose Race or Gender (while providing them with free hormone drugs) Without Parents Knowledge.  Daily Caller, February 6, 2018

"Delaware: Governor John Carney declared a new state policy, called ‘Prohibition of Discrimination’, that allows children from K to 12 to choose their own name, race, or gender identify, and even access hormone blockers necessary to transition to the opposite sex, all without the knowledge of their parents. Students would be able to join any sports team they choose and use bathrooms and showers according their chosen identity. Parents are outraged over the proposal, and over 11,000 public comments submitted to Delaware’s Department of Education have been overwhelmingly negative."  - Freedom Force International

"At certain times in U.S. history during my lifetime politicians like Governor Carney would have been placed in mental institutions for proposing such an INSANE law attacking parental rights while intending to abuse their children in such a way. Citizens need to wake up today's politicians are being influenced by demonic entities to propose such horrific laws that  they need to resist  with all of their might because it's God's will they do so." (James 4:6-7) - Cheryl Meril

Private Investigator and Journalist Jake Morphonios video expresses shock at the depth of insanity of Governor Carney's attack on parents and their children's futures.  Calls for uprising.

Governor John Carney has offended His Creator, Almighty God, who sees everything he does in the darkness and will most certainly reap the consequences of his INSANE loony tunes proposed law. By the power of God, I declare Governor Carney will be ultimately STRIPPED of his authority in the State of Delaware, and will never ever be permitted to hold any political office in the United States of America thereafter.  Law makers are supposed to be drafting laws to protect children from sex trafficking and satanic child abuse!  Not this guy, who needs to be investigated as a likely pedophile.

The Dover Delaware Police pagan god they follow posted on their Twitter page.

Gov. Carney's dual devil horns sign.
It's only by God's grace and mercy Governor Carney walks this earth to use his time to propose such TRASH, VILE, DEMONIC legislation and it is God who will decide what this possessed power drunk politician's outcome.   I believe John Carney needs to be investigated in the interim for being a sick twisted child trafficking pedophile. Only a sociopath could propose such a horrible law in broad daylight for everyone to witness. 

Knowing the horror's of eternal damnation await these fallen twisted sick politicians, it is God who makes the decisions of where a person's soul goes.  However God does hear Christians' witness testimony and grant prayers.  Governor John Carney attacked all Americans when he proposed such a sick law and good upright people will not tolerate what is so abhorrent to God's will.