Saturday, March 31, 2018

RED ALERT: Thousands Marching Thru Mexico Preparing to Invade America!!

America will likely soon discover whether President Trump is really a fraud globalist traitor as thousands of invaders are currently marching through Mexico unabated toward its California border.

In response to the arriving parties, I contacted Congresswoman Pelosi to congratulate her on her new voter base arriving while promising I had no guns to defend myself so she doesn't need to worry.

Meanwhile, don't expect President Trump to help since he's in on bringing down America under the Zionist Rothschild plans. President Trump's all talk and no taco being a puppet for Israel as most all recent U.S. Presidents have been except for Presidents Nixon and Kennedy.

You see, the U.S. dollar's going to be toast due to China and others converting to their own currencies so the money junkie elitists plan on killing off Americans, getting rid of us in the not too distant future. The robots are also coming to replace much of the workforce. The criminal Democratic party will likely arm these third world invaders to help with the task of starting a civil war forcing Americans to defend themselves without any help from their government. This is what the push for gun laws are for, to disarm Americans from defending ourselves.

Thousands of to be invaders march through Mexico unabated on their way to California's border.

Furthermore, the U.S. military troops are too busy being Israel Zionist pawns fighting in six unlawful criminal wars, (including preparing another false flag to attack Syria to unseat President Assad for its oil pipeline) to come back to America to defend its borders. The U.S. military really doesn't fight to protect us in case you haven't noticed. Don't expect Trump to send in troops, he'll most certainly let them come across the borders into California.

The U.S. gave up the prospect of standing up to Israel's pattern of attacks long ago. 

You may say I'm a bit cynical but my defense is I've done my homework and have taken the time most haven't to listen to reputable sources outside the main stream corrupt media that's been bought and paid for by Zionist interests.

All of what's happening today is due to the plans of Zionist Israel and their Rothschild networks. These arrogant psychopaths hate America and want to eventually destroy it with the help of U.S. traitors like President Donald J. Trump.  Israel's goal is to conquer the world and kill off all the gentile races according to their wicked Jesus hating Babylon Talmud they follow along with their Ka-blah-blah.

Israel wants its Utopia and to kill off the rest of the gentile populations all over the world. The Zionists are the enemy of humanity and all these idiots in America politics are helping them achieve their goals, President Trump included.  Blah!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

President Trump Agrees To Sacrifice America at the Alter of Israel

Ever since the USS Liberty attack by Israel back in 1967, the U.S. stood down like a dog with its tail between its legs instead of declaring Israel the enemy parasite it truly is. Based on many credible sources, the Israeli Mossad (much like the U.S. CIA) also had something to do with assassinating JFK over his refusal to allow them to become a nuclear power. Israel also had something to do with 9/11 along with Saudi Arabia. The U.S. government stood down and/or colluded in all these instances of Israel's intervention just to name a few.
Following the pattern of Israel bullying America, including its extortion of millions of tax payer funds each year, President Trump has clearly handed the U.S. military over to the control of Israel. A U.S. General recently told U.S. soldiers they need to be willing to die for Israel. See U.S. General Tells U.S. Troops They Must Die For Israel.  America's once again allowing a criminal nation of foreign invaders traced to 9th Century Khazaria to dictate its own foreign policy.

Facts prove Israel deliberately attacked the U.S. Navy Ship USS Liberty

President Trump is clearly supporting suiciding America and its military over Zionist Israel that the Bible describes in Revelation 2:9, 3:9 as being liars and foreign invaders. Today's Jews aren't even connected with the ancient bloodlines of Israel being frauds from 9th Century Kazaria who follow occult Judaism through wicked Rabbi oral traditions in the Babylon Talmud. These blood thirsty frauds absolutely hate Jesus Christ and won't allow any Christians to become citizens of Israel. The frauds are the AntiChrist enemy and sadly, America's on their side willing to sacrifice itself for evil criminal frauds.

The Babylon Talmud's shockingly vile promoting child rape and genocide of Gentile races.

America has become a New World Order Antichrist nation, being no longer a Christian nation but far from it. The U.S. military's currently fighting multiple secret criminal wars for Rothschild's Israel directed by his Council on Foreign Relations. A large amount of the U.S. Congress are dual citizens of Israel.

The US is conducting unlawful wars on behalf of Israel's interests through Rothschild's Council on Foreign Relation's policies given to the U.S. State Department.

The Scofield Bible twisted the Jews' identity in its footnotes referencing them a blessed peoples that couldn't be further from the truth. Assisting the evil plans of Rothschild's Zionist Israel of destruction, President Trump's clearly cooperating with its diabolical plans to kill off all Gentile (Goya) races,  Based on its Kabbalah and Talmud, Israel is clearly run by evil demonic principalities seeking to destroy all life on the planet and convert a small amount of humanity to merge with artificial intelligence. In reality, Israel is full of delusional arrogant persons being spiritually blind as Jesus confirmed. See What Jesus Said About the Jews. 

I'm opposed to these plans on behalf of the U.S. Military with President Trump as nothing more than a puppet to suicide America and the rest of the world on behalf of the wicked nation of Israel. Christians need to stand against this insanity instead of supporting Zionist Rothschild's Israel plans. God has nothing to do with any of this insanity that's the work of demonic principalities He's allowed as a means to test His people. God gave us all a free will so He's not responsible for Israel's actions nor America's as He's always calling for us to repent of the path of destruction.
Knowing what the Babylon Talmud says is key to understanding just how dark and evil these people have become as enemies of the Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus.  Christians, please don't drink the poisonous kool-aide coming from the U.S. government and Israel!  Reborn Christians simply confess our sins in faith believing in Him. We all begin on earth being part of fallen humanity and Jews are not our gods. See Galatians.  The universally recognized high achievements and supernatural-like intelligence of these people is a temporal illusion of the devil. Jesus is the truth, life and way and there is no other who saves souls from eternal hell.

America's Zionist Christians are ignorant of God's Word having not sought after God. Zionist Christians have been brainwashed and thereby deceived following the spirit of the AntiChrist, not that of the Holy Spirit. Many Christians who see the devil's folly are praying for brethren over this dangerous deception of Jewish brotherhood without Christ hoping they will turn back to following Jesus and not the fraud Zionists of Israel. John 3:16  

Other recommended reading:

Conspiracy of the Six Pointed Star - Texe Marrs

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

God Damn President Donald Trump To Hell -- May His Cursed Name Be Erased Forever!

A spiritually retarded President Donald Trump just hired a war psychopath globalist John Bolton guaranteeing the United States is now on the path to a war with Iran on behalf of Rothschild's Zionist Israel! In doing so, Donald J. Trump has unmasked himself as a psychopath Zionist Globalist whose betrayed millions of Americans who believed what he promised that he would withdraw troops from corporate senseless wars.


There's no excuse, what Donald Trump has decided is indefensible!! Trump's campaign promises turned out to be lies and he is indeed a liar.  Most all what the liberals have said about him are true. There's no excuse for planning an unjustified war with Iran!  Donald Trump's going to trash America for good at the alter of Zionist Rothschild Israel and kill off billions of lives as a thoughtless coward.

Jake Morphonios says Donald Trump has proven himself as a war mongering Globalist now.

Here's what I recommend:for Millenials who are going to be called to fight a war for nothing!

  1. Refuse to fight in a war on behalf of this buffoon farce of a rich man Donald Trump.
  2. Let America fall as a senseless antichrist war mongering empire its become.
  3. Let America fall as a corrupt evil Zionist controlled Globalist empire.
  4. Let America fall as the bully of the world.
  5. Let America fall by taking the money away from the greedy rich.
  6. Stand against what America's become under the Rothschilds' insidious rule planning to conquer the world in world wars.
  7. Surrender to Jesus Christ giving your soul to Him and do not fight on behalf of America that's in the hands of globalist scum. John 3:16

Because Donald Trump is seeking war with countries like Iran that pose no threat to America who plans on slaughtering billions of people bringing about World War III needlessly, may his name be erased and forgotten by God forever.  Because Donald Trump is for torture and the death penalty while not going through his own government and cleaning house of murderers, sex traffickers and the like, may Trump go down in infamy as a wicked, depraved vile man.  May Donald J. Trump forever and ever burn in hell where Satan will one day join him and his Zionist Rothschild pals.

All the suffering people are going to face because of this putrid little bastard, may Trump be ripped out of power for betraying the American people who voted for him. May the Trump name be removed from every place it appears in the world after all is said in done. 

May the memory of Donald Trump be erased forever as a coward who chose death and suffering for billions of people turning life into a game rather than seeking good. It's over for Donald Trump, how dare he go on the war path of a senseless world war for Israel! 

Read the Bible, turn to God for forgiveness of your sins and leave these wealthy buffoons behind in eternal hell along with their God damn evil wicked wars! Don't lift a finger for any of them!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Why San Francisco's JUMP eBike Rental Pilot Program Endangers Pedestrians

eBike JUMP rider checks out traffic
The San Francisco Transportation Agency's currently testing an eBike pilot program hosted by JUMP eBikes. The electric bicycles are planted throughout the city with a self serve payment $4.00/hr system without supervision much like Zip Cars. This means anyone with a credit card can jump on an electric bicycle without any skills operating one including without any helmet available or knowledge of traffic laws nor familiarity with an awkward heavy bike.

San Francisco city government's stated purpose of the new pilot program is to get people out of their vehicles. As someone whose been riding electric bicycles since 2009, I have plenty to say about JUMP's pilot program and recent experiences with its riders. In my opinion, it's a reckless dangerous program because riders need direction and supervision a rental store operator typically provides.

I recently provided my points of concern in a letter to SFMTA Bike Sharing Program Manager Heath Maddox I wanted to share along with her response below. I'm praying no one gets hurt or injured. Many of us have close calls in our experiences that raises awareness and skill levels on these bikes. For instance, new riders may be unaware of the probability of getting doored riding too close to parked vehicles as I did in 2011.

Many elderly women jump onto cheap $4/hr eBikes they've never ridden before 
without skills nor familiarity of traffic laws. This lady seems challenged on what to do.

The woman in the above mentioned photo rode from a sidewalk through a red light at a dangerous intersection (California@Leavenworth) where a steep hill she crossed @ California Street makes it difficult to denote any oncoming cars.  

I also recently witnessed a JUMP eBike rider coming towards me against traffic on a one way street paving his own way around town without a care in the world. Many of the JUMP riders are wearing earphones without a helmet.

Many who jump on these eBikes have no medical insurance looking for a cheap way to get around. What this translates into is thousands of tax payer dollars for San Francisco General Hospital's trauma center they can't afford. The average car insurance premium pays out $15,000.  Bankruptcies and ruined futures will ensue.  

On a side note, I'm beginning to realize the reason why San Francisco's likely allowing the endless occupation of contractors for road construction work is an attempt to force people to find other types of transportation. There's an occupation of road workers that never moves on and goes away in San Francisco.  After a street is paved and ready to go, workers come back within a month or two and begin ripping it up all over again. It's apparent to me the city's harassing people to find different modes of transportation. 

People are much safer in their cars, not so much on bicycles and especially the majority who are out of shape. It's unreasonable for the city to expect people to get out of their vehicles and onto these modes of transportation and for taxpayers to pay riders medical bills.  The government needs to stop pressuring people to get out of their vehicles and stop obstructing traffic unnecessarily.

For anyone who'd like to provide their own feedback about the JUMP eBike program as I have you can contact Heath Maddox at 

Heath Maddox
Senior Planner, Livable Streets
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
1 South Van Ness Avenue, 7th Floor
San Francisco, CA  94103
Phone: 415.701.4605