Saturday, June 23, 2018

Former New Age Gurus Steve Bancarz and Doreen Virtue Witness for Jesus!

I haven't been blogging for a while healing from cataracts surgery. I can see quite well but am still in the prescription eye drops phase. Since I'm still a bit under the weather health wise, I thought this was a good time to present a few great witness testimonies for Jesus from two very popular former New Age author teachers who recently converted. Both Steve Bancarz and Doreen Virtue surrendered their lives to Jesus and their testimonies are quite moving and powerful!

Back in the 1980's during my 20's I read a lot of New Age junk along with pop psychology I now wish I hadn't. I spent a brief time at the Self-Realization Fellowship near Malibu and was much like today's millennial generation (without the dreadful tattoos and piercings I might add) seeking independence and utopia. I still had brief interludes with Christians interwoven through the spiritual mess who helped me through recovery from homelessness. I became homeless shortly after accepting someone's offer of hallucinogenic mushrooms and, yes, I went back for seconds!

I had deduced from their actions that Christians clearly wanted to influence me to find a husband and have children. Having been a Southern California liberal at the time, I had to move on from the stereotype envisioned for me because their plan to hook me up with Christian men didn't seem appropriate for my situation. In fact, by Christian standards I was really a reprobate in rebellion so they let me go on my merry way to San Francisco.

Former New Age leader Steve Bancarz' witness testimony for Jesus.

Former New Age top selling author Doreen Virtue's witness testimony for Jesus.

Now that I've aged a bit I've noted Jesus's faithfulness to my life that I myself have a strong witness testimony I've shared on my own shadow banned YouTube Channel.  The only thing that prevented me from completely surrendering to Jesus back in the 1980's was the intense pressure Christians applied for me to follow social protocols to find a husband, get married and have children. That just wasn't going to happen, the men in California are and will always be among the worst in the entire nation as untrustworthy being disloyal to their wives and I had no intentions of leaving my home state.

My own witness for Jesus after years of backsliding, behavioral issues and rebellion in San Francisco


I wanted to mention that fasting is very important for those who have been involved in the occult New Age movement. When I was in the hospital two weeks after a bike accident, eating very little had a large impact on restoring my relationship with Jesus as well as a hospital chaplain and others praying over me. God also completely removed my taste for alcohol and I haven't since had even one glass of wine since 2012. 

Today God answers most all of my prayers and is growing my faith revealing Himself to me in many ways that He is kind, patient forgiving and merciful that I'm no longer a child of wrath.  Lately I've been noticing the way my brain i.e., flesh, often interferes in my relationship with Jesus as a pain in the rear. I have to pray to overcome these things as well as fast. It's not easy to fast since there's a Trader Joes two blocks away and thus far I am only able to do a coffee/juice fast for from 9:pm - 3:pm each Sat/Sun.

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

AT&T's New 5G Wireless Tower Accelerated Eye Cataracts Toward Blindness In One Year

Last year AT&T put a new cell tower 100 feet from my apartment window in San Francisco. I was forewarned by a researcher familiar with radio frequencies and cell tower issues of the problems it posed to my health who advised me to move out ASAP.  Since moving wasn't an option, I chose to purchase certain frequency shielding products I believed would protect from such frequencies while noting that AT&T's new 5G hadn't even been turned on yet.

Unfortunately, my eye doctor of 10 years couldn't improve my eyes with two new prescriptions for new glasses and subsequent new contacts to correct the problem. The doctor suspected I might have glaucoma but the tests came back negative so I decided to get a second opinion from another doctor who subsequently diagnosed me with cataracts.

Once again I was fitted with  new lenses and glasses, the third prescription in 2018 only to have to come back and say I still couldn't see that there was too much distorted light coming into my eyes. My cataracts wasn't correctable surface-wise so I was told I had to get cataract surgery or go blind.  I'm a bit young at 58 years old to be getting cataract surgery that usually develops in folks around 70+ so this is my basis for suspecting AT&T's cell tower contributed to accelerating the condition.

The eye surgeon I was referred to added they had to do the surgery soon because my eyes were deteriorating rapidly so they scheduled it within one month.  I learned the lady who prepared the paperwork for the surgeon, Marci, was about to retire after 40 years of working at the same office all that time! Marci was very personable and helpful, getting eye surgery can be a scary experience but I felt confident I was in good hands.  I'm so grateful God provided such wonderful gifted people to help restore my eyesight.  I know God was helping me all the way through this process because it went so smoothly without fear or a hitch.

I was relieved to learn that cataract surgery restores eyesight to 20/20 and I will never need contacts or nearsighted glasses again, just reading glasses.  Since the surgery, I'm so relieved to have my eye sight restored that I have a new lease on life seeing crystal clear.  Going blind felt as though I was  fading away that I couldn't see people's faces and was unable to drive a car safely. Riding my electric bicycle was also a risk that I began walking to my clients' offices downtown.

The surgeon was very good, cataracts surgery takes out all the cloudy material in the eye and they slip in a toric contact lens in both eyes. The procedure takes 20 minutes or less. Each eye has to be done on different days.  Unfortunately my right eye had a  bit of what I was told was abnormal blood going on during the healing process while the left eye was fine and healed in 10 hours.  My left eye could see crystal clear in 10 hours after surgery, it was amazing.

Within one year of a cell tower being installed 100 feet from my apartment window I needed cataracts eye surgery.

Now when I wake up in the morning I can see so clearly it's amazing!  Without the surgery it would have been real bad news, I would have gone blind. I do believe AT&T's cell tower had something to do with the rapid deterioration of my eyes.  I'm glad to live in a time period where all you have to do is have a quick procedure to restore eyesight to 20/20.  Eye doctors don't want to let everyone know they can heal everyone's eyesight this way, you have to qualify for the surgery and also in order to pass a DMV eye test that I have in the next 7 months.

If you come upon this blog post having a similar experience I hope visitors will share your experience if you believe a recently installed cell tower near your residence is affecting your health in some way as it has mine.  Unfortunately the U.S. Government has sold out Americans' health to these huge corporations that do as they so please.

Now each day I praise God He restored my eyesight through such gifted, kind people!