Friday, July 27, 2018

Is This The Final Straw That Broke the Camel's Back for San Francisco?

SF-BOS tests how many straws it will take
to break SF tax payers' backs.
UPDATE:  After I published this post today, Paul Joseph Watson released the video below supporting my claims about San Francisco and its failed progressive policies among other things.

According to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, anyone who uses a plastic straw in San Francisco has broken the law and can now face jail time. See California Town Will Jail You For Using a Plastic Straw - Washington Examiner, July 24, 2018

The City of San Francisco clearly doesn't know how to solve its ever growing extreme and dangerous social problems that were created through its own criminality and greed, only ride it like a parasite does its host source of money.  Hence, after all the volunteer time and work I did especially in 2017 helping to clean up graffiti and related stickers all over the place, I don't take too well to being threatened with jail time for using a plastic straw and neither should anyone else.

Paul Watson's  latest video "BREAKING! San Francisco is a Sh*thole" was released today full of all kinds of woeful information of just how bad the city's fallen.

The fact of the matter is, criminal negligence among those who run this city can be reported to the U.S. Department of Justice based on much evidence criminals are running San Francisco into the ground. The recent cancellation of the medical industry's annual convention due to the dangerous madmen and health concerns it posed its members is just one example of credible depositions from doctors available exposing such negligence. See SF's Appalling Street Life Repels Residents, Now Drives Away A Convention - SF Chronicle, July 3, 2018

I was really hoping to hear of rapid responses to a clear state-of-emergency since the new Mayor London Breed entered her mayoral office. Unfortunately not as of yet. Instead, I've witnessed a few overkill performances of various government service personnel such as the recent six fire trucks that arrived in front of my apartment. 

There were at least 20 firemen attending to an alleged emergency last week.  When I asked the fire chief who had also arrived, he reported to me someone had "burnt their meal."  All that for a burnt meal, really chief?

The firemen were applauding the fire chief as I approached to ask him what happened.

At least six fire trucks and the fire chief showed up for someone's burnt meal.

On another occasion a couple months ago seven SFPD police cars arrived for an alleged domestic dispute next door at a condo complex in Nob Hill.  I was told they entered the residential lobby with rifles drawn and that it was over an alleged knife incident.  I put my investigative journalist cap and waited outside for the injured to be rolled out into an ambulance. 

No one showed up on an ambulance bed because there was no crime committed and no one was arrested.  Police stood around for about an  hour and nothing had actually happened. Meanwhile, the SFPD has overtime officers working at the Masonic Auditorium at night.  Accompanying film crews are also very common and make overtime.

San Francisco's going down very quickly due to the rampant greed and criminality of those who run its government issuing crazy laws not attending to reality.  I'm sorry to say San Francisco is turning into a third world city.  Like any drug addict, without intervention and God, the City of San Francisco is doomed to self-destruction from finally breaking the camel's back.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Why Daily Cleanse from San Francisco's Liberal Filth's Necessary

Since 2009 I've had my own mobile business riding an electric bicycle around San Francisco servicing hospitals, senior homes, jails and local businesses. In the beginning I relied heavily on the mortgage loan signing industry requiring me to visit people's homes all over San Francisco 1-4 times a day.  I've since completed over 1,000 loan signings meeting many people in the San Francisco bay area.

Since I began my own business of nearly 10 years, I've encountered the following unfortunate circumstances including recently going blind threatening to end my ability to work.
  1. Broken clavicle, ribs (6), broken femur in two places, nerve damage to arm, head wound requiring stitches. (October, 2012)
  2. Kidney stone surgical procedure (February, 2013)
  3. Broken shoulder (July, 2014)
  4. Cataracts surgery (May, 2018)
Since 1978, I've been in the work force making a living on my own and, even prior to that, I was working in a youth program through P.V.H.S. for the local community of Palos Verdes Estates in Southern California. Even when I was a child in Baldwin Hills near Hollywood, I was busy tending to chores and selling flower seeds and caramel corn in the neighborhood.  Therefore I've been in the work force over 40 years now.

After all the medical issues recently, one thing that can be appreciated about living in San Francisco is its fine medical community. Unlike Los Angeles, where I was born and lived until 1995, everything I need access to is within a three block radius including an eye surgery center. I'm grateful to live where I do but am sad at the growing social decay my now nearly perfect vision presents every day on my eBike rides.

I'm happy to report God has truly blessed me granting his mercy and grace that I was able to obtain support for my health issues and continue to provide services to the local community. I'm grateful God pulled me through these hard times and that my faith has since grown exponentially.

Repentance is important to a Christian's life. For many decades I had been in denial of my sins believing I was a good person. Regardless of my false belief, the fact remains there's no such thing as a good person without accepting Jesus as Savior who is the truth, life and way. Sin cannot be cured by good deeds or hard work alone, only through faith in what Jesus did at the cross and resurrection for us. 

Those who believe they are good without Jesus in their lives are deceiving themselves. It's possible to have a relationship with our Creator through prayer, fasting and reading His Word by seeking Him. There is no other living God but Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, the Trinity. For instance, God is a God of timing and will reveal Himself and sometimes communicate through circumstances of timing and incidents.

For some of us who grew up in a liberal culture it took a VERY LONG TIME for God to get through our thick skulls and amnesia that He really does exist!!  I'm thankful and grateful for the extended time alotted to me that was necessary for me to repent of a fallen life of endless wandering and negligence of personal responsibilities. For instance, I failed to accept godly roles of that of a wife, mother or godly service to others.

Many find out too late God is real that nothing can be done after they cross over to the other side.  It saddens me to see so many "good" people unwilling to reconsider they aren't as good as they believe themselves to be based in God's Word. All those I used to think were good and destined for heaven I was brainwashed through popular culture over that I now know from God's Word they did not make it into heaven.

Had it not been for the kidney stone surgery especially I would not likely be here since it was blocking my urethra. In another life threatening circumstance, had it not been for the one foot distance from a car clipping my front eBike tire at 30 mph I wouldn't be here. God granted me a second chance (many actually) I'm very grateful for. 

A second chance is why I'm committed more than ever to applying Godly Principles being aware of the daily prayer vigilance necessary to keep the filth of godless antichrist based San Francisco out of my soul and spirit. God has gradually been revealing how good He is ever since I had confused him with the god of this world, something many in this day and age do.

I've been learning the truth that God is very loving and kind. He withholds His wrath we deserve and allows us to live hoping we will repent one day and get to know Him and what He did for us through sacrificing His beloved son to save us since the Fall from Eden.

A couple additional thoughts I'd like to share: Today's popular culture is the broad path to hell, get out of everything the masses are doing and follow Jesus as the truth and way to eternal life John 3:16.
PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  The Catholic religion I was raised under until the age of seven is not in any way Christian but man made rooted in ancient Babylon gods and goddesses. I pray for those who are deceived Catholics, it should be very clear by now and, especially based on the latest statements from the current Pope, that the Catholic and Jesuits are not of way of Jesus Christ.

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