Monday, November 19, 2018

Proof California Fires Are Secret Military Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) Operation

California Governor Jerry Brown knows it.  President Donald Trump knows it. Even most in the U.S. Senate and Congress know it, that there is a U.N. based agenda spreading in America that is entirely criminal and lacking in any sound minded purpose.

The State of California is currently under attack from a secret military directed energy weapons program on behalf of UN Agenda 21  The conduit attacker in Northern California is operating through Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and the other in Southern California, that of Edison.  Zionist Rothschild sits on the board of both of these utility companies who is a key financial facilitator in these agendas.  For instance, the magic of Rothchild's influence manifested back in September, 2018 prior to the latest fires when California's traitor legislators released PG&E from any wildfire liability. (See California State Legislature Passes Bill on PG&E Wildfire Liability - Reuters, September 1, 2018)

Citizen activist Deborah Tavaras disclosed the UN plan to burn up Northern California back in February, 2018

The U.S. military is standing down while operating through secretive black-ops initiating this U.N. Rothschild coordinated plan to be in full force and effect. The videos presented here show absolute truth the mainstream Zionist owned media is  running a propaganda narrative full of lies including distractions preferring to obsess over CNN's lawsuit against President Trump. Trump is part of the operation fully cooperating with these distraction techniques while supporting the mainstream narrative the fires were normal excusing them as just poor fire break management.  President Trump is treating Americans like naive children taking part in these pitiful petty distractions.

YouTube Video : California Gets Cooked, October 18, 2018

All of these U.S. politicians are in on the lie, they all know California is under severe attack from an unconventional war and are doing nothing about it fully on board with the New World Order's plans to invade and take over our nation. Ever since last year's Santa Rosa and Sonoma fires we observed as being obviously from directed energy weapons, both the California and Federal governments have allowed this criminally inspired U.N. agenda operation to continue unabated.

YouTube Video: The Genocidal California Fire Operation, November 11, 2018

Criminals are deliberately destroying communities based in false rationale it has to be done due to the UN global warming agenda promoted with false scientific data.

There is nothing we can do to stop these DEW's when our very own government is acting in secret to aid and abet this criminal U.N. genocide operation. President Trump is in on this agenda otherwise he'd be listening to Americans and taking action instead of distracting us with petty ridiculous matters designed to humiliate us with each ridiculous powerless Tweet he makes. Trump can't even get a press pass revoked without a Judge reinstating it that's all part of a psy-op to make the U.S. Presidency weak and powerless.

The degree of sadistic cruelty is genuine not to mention Satanic in nature using a demonic weapon from above to terrorize communities and burn people and animals alive in the process.  People usually have very little time to save their lives as the fire comes upon them quickly.  It's an extremely painful way to die, something these enemies could care less about.  These are not sound minded government representatives, these are traitors who sold out the United States to those wealthy billionaires bringing about a New World Order genocidal inspired government.

More Proof 

The only real option is to leave California, these people have all of the power as long as the State of California's government agrees with its operation.  Other states should take note of this development since the UN's plan on carrying these methods into other states as they are currently around the world.  This is a war and we must acknowledge what is happening.

The climate change is due to the grand solar minimum as we are approaching a mini-ice age that occurs every 400-600 years in history. The UN's degrading of CO2 is actually the molecule of life proving this is a genocide operation. 

U.S. politicians are basing their faulty rationale in allowing these genocidal criminals to carry out their plan under a false pretense of global warming. The truth be told, we are actually entering into a grand solar minimum approaching a mini-ice age.  C02 is the molecule of life that the evil U.N. and Zionist syndicate has used as the enemy of mankind blaming all of us for adding to our own extinction they wish to facilitate. The truth is these satanic frauds have a plan to genocide humanity while merging with artificial intelligence to live forever as a form of their evolution. They want to get rid of billions of us and this is just the beginning of their genocide operations. The Zionists own the main stream media and use propaganda to promote their genocide plans hoping all of us will cooperate.

Zionists believe they are superior to humanity and base their beliefs that are deeply rooted in the oral traditions of Rabbi's found within the Jewish Talmud. They believe God serves them and that they will one day rule over His creation.  In other words, they are antichrist wanting to live forever on their own terms to merge with Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the expense of the rest of humanity they view as Goyim, that of the gentiles. Such is why knowing God's Word is so important and why God said "My people perish for lack of knowledge." (See Hosea 4:6)  The Apostle Paul, a former Pharisee Jewish official named Saul, cleared the way for gentiles to receive Christ after Jesus fulfilled the First Covenant of the law, having begun the Second Covenant of all believers' (i.e., gentiles) salvation through faith in what He did at the Cross and Resurrection.

Rest assured, God knows everything these extremely cruel genocidal criminals do! (see Hebrews 4:13) They will be facing a very heavy judgment by Him. (see Revelation 20:11-15) Many of these politicians are involved in the occult opening doors to demonic influences causing these very cruel unwise sinful secrets to consume their souls. If these men and women repented and turned back to God and His principles, our nation would have a chance but at this point they are in a trance to get more power in the alleged utopia new world, foolish as they are.

On a spiritual level Christians warfare this way based on God's Word . See No Weapon Will Prosper Against Me

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