Saturday, November 3, 2018

Silicon Valley Feminist Niniane Wang's Phone Call PSYOP To Me Today

Halloween's over now but apparently this unfortunate troublesome woman, Silicon Valley Feminist Niniane Wang, hasn't gotten the news yet.

You see, I was in the middle of starting to play the viola* again after 40 long years, rosining up my bow along with tuning strings when some kind of witch apparently descended down from her broom stick high up in the air on Saturday trying to get me to violate California state law related to my notary public commission.

That's right, as I was trying to rosin my brand new bow that, after I had just attempted to play would not make a sound as of yet, this feminist then had the audacity to complain in a Google review over a female owned small business I've had since 2009.  A business that averages a take home income of $35K a year.

Meet Niniane Wang, CEO of Evertoon:

Sex Harassment Whistleblower Wants More Men to Speak Out, Business
Niniane Wang, the CEO of Evertoon, has become the willing and very deliberate face of one of the several sexual harassment scandals that have been rocking Silicon Valley.
One of the Women Who Accused Justin Caldbeck,, June 24, 2017 :
Niniane Wang, one of three women who spoke on the record about investor Justin Caldbeck’s alleged sexual harassment, said she fears people will actually believe his apology. 
Caldbeck, the founder of investment firm Binary Capital, announced he was taking a leave of absence in response to an article in The Information in which six women accused him of sexual harassment.
After politely responding to Niniane to remove her review due to its dishonesty and lack of consideration for my picking up the phone on a Saturday, she still has not yet capitulated leading me to question if this is some kind of PSYOP due to my last post back in October, 2018. The post, Witchy Woman Christine Ford Rose High On Her Broomstick Fueled By Deception, October 8, 2018, featured an anti-feminist professor Janice Fiamengo from the University of Ottawa over the Kavanauh hearing video I posted.

Viral video by Ottawa University Janice Fiamengo

Could it be that, as I prepared my bow to play for the first time in 40 years, that Niniane deliberately began a targeted psy-op on me?  After all, both of these feminists, Ford and Wang,  are high flying Silicon feminists involved in male sex harassment politics.

First, in my having denoted Niniane Wang's serious accusations in the public eye of others, I wanted to state as a witness that my experience of this woman immediately struck me as a strategically dishonest by her twisting facts.  Niniane's review was inherently dishonest and negligent of my genuine thoughtful explanation and attempt to assist her as a public servant.

Insisting I was supposed to do something another notary public had done previously for her, Niniane Wang said she did not require an Apostille that I could simply provide my notary commission certificate at her request.

I was very patient with Ms. Wang explaining why I couldn't provide what belongs solely in my possession, that my commission certificate is not something I ever hand out copying it for the public. After my explaining the procedure of obtaining an Apostille, Niniane did not accept the outcome and, within three minutes of hanging up, Niniane Wang quickly went and filed a complaint review on Google.

After nine years in business I've observed clear patterns of my customers reviews. The only kind of people who do this type of thing have an agenda of some kind using the phone who I never meet.  In this case I believe the timing, as the saying goes, is just "too cute" that it's indeed a political based PSYOP.

*Yes, it's one of those cheap machine made viola kits, they're not that expensive these days. Looks pretty though. If I find out I can't really play anymore it will go up as an art piece on my wall.