Sunday, September 15, 2019

More Photographs of Principalities and Powers of the Air Above San Francisco

While I'm still on the topic of spirits in the clouds photography from my last three posts, I just came across a few additional stray shots from back in May, 2017. I thought I might as well get the rest of the shots documented here along with my interpretation of them.

Remember, just because I see these things in the clouds doesn't mean I like or want to find them, I'm just a type of sky journalist documenting what I see. I try hard not to put my own imagination into them leaving them as clear as day for anyone to see as they are.

The fact of the matter is I see a lot of alien face activity at times indicating principalities of powers of the air as defined in Scripture has something to do with their manifestations to those Christians who have the eyes to see into this realm especially. Just a note, aliens to Christians are demonic entities that are really inter dimensional supernatural beings not from other planets.

In this article by Jack Wellman, What Are Principalities And Powers That Are Talked About In The Bible?, some light is shed on this topic of my spirits in the sky photography:

"As Paul wrote, we’re not really battling a visible enemy but an invisible one (Eph 6:12). It might be easier if we were wrestling against flesh and blood because at least we could see them but Paul was still “persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come” (Rom 8:38).
"Why should we not worry about these powers and principalities of evil? Because Christ has “disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it” (Col 2:15).We have no fear of any prince of darkness, no power of evil, and not only that, we have no fear of death since we’d be immediately with the Lord at death, no fear of angels (particularly fallen ones), no fear of principalities because Jesus has disarmed them, no fear of things to come, things in the past, or things present. In fact no “height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom 8:39)
These original photos aren't altered of the original content except brightness or contrast. Only the duplicate copies below are altered with the magnifying glasses to zoom in on the details for the viewer. 

Click to Enlarge
This is what appears to me to be an alien-like figure in the clouds I took walking home on Leavenworth@Pine Streets in San Francisco.  There was a strange line of a jet plane's trail through it as well.

Click to Enlarge
Here's a zoom-in of the face of the alien like spirit I saw in the clouds. 

Click to Enlarge
Taken at St. Mary's Square in San Francisco, I saw three figures with two appearing to look down at me (especially the one on the left). Again, another alien-like figure was present at center. The other figure at right didn't have enough definition of a face but a female body seems apparent.

 Click to Enlarge
A zoom-in of the defined appearance of the two figures, the one on the right didn't have much of a face to capture but the body-like form seemed there.

My latest podcast on this subject:

As much as I have an inclination to put comedy into these photos, these are serious things in Scripture that demand maturity so I will not.

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Final Photographs from Spirits in the Clouds Series - San Francisco September 4, 2019

Film roll shows sequence timing
As promised, these are the final photo sequence I took of the strange clouds that paraded past my apartment window in San Francisco on September 4, 2019.

At left is a photo library on my iPhone that shows the sequence of how the photos listed below were taken. The circled photos show how the arm raised fist with the two faces opposing each other had later traveled six minutes into the distance retaining its form with the story of one being victorious taking another captive.

To me, these clouds tell a story under the theme of Ephesians 6:12 regarding principalities.

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

What I've been seeing in these photos are small stories conveyed related to spiritual battles and various forms of warfare up above among the principalities of the air in the second heaven as described in Scriptures. The last time I saw photos like these was back in May, 2017. See What a Christian Blogger's Photography Looks Like - 2017

The following cloud series photos show stories of spiritual warfare including an obvious victory.

Click to Enlarge
The original photo of a face with arm and fist passing to the left of my apartment window. 

 Click to Enlarge
This is a zoom in with magnified areas
I saw two faces along with the arm and fist.

 Click to Enlarge
This is the original of the same cloud six minutes later in the distance that retained its form to some degree

Click to Enlarge
This is a zoomed in magnified version of the two faces I see as if the back of the heads are joined. The victor won the battle with the same raised fist pictured earlier. The loser has an opened mouth of anguish. The striped clouds indicate the loser's been tied up and restrained.

My latest Podcast discusses this Spirits In The Clouds photo series of September 4, 2019 in more detail.

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Sunday, September 8, 2019

My Latest Spirits in the Clouds Photography - Part 2

As promised in my last post, here are a few more photos from a unique day of cloud photography. This Spirits in the Clouds series occurred within a two hour period on September 4, 2019 in front of my apartment window in San Francisco and one other was taken during a walk back from Trader Joes.

I'm not at all a cloud hunter or cloud whisperer. Though I'd enjoy taking cloud photos all day, it's not a priority in life though I really do enjoy it.  I know some people put out books of their cloud photos but I know God doesn't want me going down that path.

 In the first photo the horse (above) is trailing this next photo I named Battle Cry

(Click to Enlarge)
Battle Cry

(Click to Enlarge)
Battle Cry - Magnified version

(Click to Enlarge)
Head in the Clouds

Head in the Clouds - Magnified Version

My objective in this type of photography is to try and not add my own imagination into the clouds to let them speak for themselves to the viewer.  I don't want to manipulate the clouds, just to present them as they are to the viewer just as they were photographed. I only add contrast and brightness in some of them when necessary such as in the case of the horse. The magnifying glass is to focus in on those areas I saw subjects in the photo.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

My Strange Cloud Photography Phenomenon Continues of Spirits in the Clouds

UPDATE: Latest related podcast Spiritual Warfare Witnessed Using Cloud Photograpy provided below.

Those familiar with my blog know I occasionally post some of my Spirits in the Clouds photography.  I haven't done any in a while because the clouds haven't been very interesting in San Francisco for a long time. I happened to notice today that things changed a bit, likely due to the seasonal change from summer to fall with high winds.  
I came across a few very interesting cloud formations I'll be posting the rest of the week. I've added the magnifying glass element to zoom in on the faces of the spirit being clouds. I truly believe the Holy Spirit directs me to take these photographs because I happen to look up and see unusual cloud formations the Lord assigns me to take. My iPhone seems to do the best job taking these type of photographs.

These photos below were taken September 4, 2019, I've named  Battle At Hand of two opposing spirit being clouds facing off towards each other.  When I initially looked up at this formation I thought I saw something resembling a sceptre

 Click to enlarge
The Holy Spirit directed me to take this photo as I walked home from Trader Joes and happened to see this formation.

The following are magnification of the spirits in the above photo

Two spirit beings approaching battle facing me.

Closer examination of spirit beings facing me.

My latest Podcast discusses these and earlier photos from 2017.

I'll have more photos this week of other spirit beings as they seemingly paraded past my apartment window in San Francisco September 4, 2019.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

URGENT: Many Evangelical Christian Pastors Are Betraying Their Flocks in America!

David Jeremiah, a good business man.
I recall the day back in 2015 when I took my Dr. David Jeremiah autographed study bible out to our building's garage along with dozens of his other works leaving it all for someone else to take. So why do you think I would pay $75 for Jeremiah's life work and then do something so drastic like that? The reason is I had just learned Pastor Jeremiah was part of the Freemason secret brotherhood. See Is Pastor David Jeremiah a Freemason? - August 28, 2015

It's since been confirmed recently by Pastor Rick Wiles at TruNews that the Pastor Jeremiah is a top ten Zionist Christian in full blown rebellion against the true Gospel of Jesus Christ who is the truth, the life and way.

Part of Video Transcript - One among many references to David Jeremiah by Pastor Rick Wiles including in this TruNews August 21, 2019 broadcast No King But Jesus! Trump Calls Himself the Chosen One, Second Coming of God et al

Ever since I received so many high quality study materials from David Jeremiah's ministry whenever I donated, I began to question how could it be that someone can put out such a huge amount of apparent good work for Christ and still be in rebellion of Him?  Turns out some of these Christian Pastors such as Jeremiah, aka President of Turning Point Ministries, just see themselves as good businessmen overseeing large amounts of money available from the Christian tithing community who tend to give without much question. In fact, I learned the majority of 501(3)(c) tax exempt churches do whatever the U.S. government asks of them to the future detriment of their flocks.

These Pastors are often good orators who have a talent for captivating audiences. Many successful Christian authors have also been known to rely on ghost writers in the past including Hal Lindsey who relied on a woman to help him write The Late Great Planet Earth, a best selling book from the 1970's.

In today's video,  Pastors Betray Their Flocks,  former Zionist Jews who converted as reborn Christians at Israeli News Live Channel provide inside information related to the coming betrayal by  America's Evangelical Pastors who submit to the U.S. Government's secret demands of them.

If You Want to be Lied To, Set Up for Slaughter,  Attend Betrayal Church et al.

Having been betrayed by David Jeremiah, I decided to start visiting local churches in San Francisco, something I could participate in by meeting local Christians and Pastors. Unfortunately, I found the same pattern of what I believe to be deceptive Pastors operating under a cloak of deception.  Consequently, I don't believe I found any real Christian churches among the seven I visited since 2014. I'm not saying the brethren are deceptive, but their pastoral leadership appear to have had ulterior motives that I could no longer attend them.

I've recently done a podcast of the details of my experiences with local churches in San Francisco since 2014.

The first and foremost lesson I learned among Christian churches in San Francisco is many, if not all, are tethered under the authority of the coming restorative supremacy of the Roman Catholic Church. Consequently, all who attend such proclaimed unity churches are slated for the outcome of what the Antichrist Pope decides under the coming One World Religion banner.

David Lomas is the primary Pastor of RealitySF Church in San Francisco makes sure all who are interested in becoming members understand their church is about unity of all believers that extends to all denominations in the SF Bay area.
"We at Reality Church believe in unity that we are all one church in San Francisco among all who believe Jesus is Messiah", Pastor David Lomas, RealitySF Church, San Francisco
Pastor Lomas practices the concept of unity by, for instance, traveling to give sermons nearby at Grace Cathedral, an Episcopalian Church. I don't mean to be cynical but wonder if Pastor Lomas gets paid for these mobile sermons he attends as part of some mobile Pope, (oops!) I mean mobile Pastor network. Having one's Pastor leave his home church to give sermons elsewhere was highly questionable from my point of view that seemed rather spiritually adulterous.

I also don't understand why RealitySF chose to rent out a local Jewish Temple Synagogue over several weeks while the intermediate school it used for its auditorium was being remodeled.  Was this also a form of unity with Talmudic Judaism as well? Subconscious manipulation of the flock? I stopped attending this church at that point.

Allow me to elaborate on the concept of unity related to the Christian Church (aka Bride of Jesus Christ).  In a NBC NY article New Pope Takes on 8 Official Titles, But Pope's Not One one of the Pope's titles is Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church.

A large percentage of those polled as Christians in the U.S. are that of Roman Catholics who aren't really Christian at all who use the Lord's name in vain. As this video from Soul Refuge's Channel states, the Roman Catholic Church is more of a cult in its false teachings.  

Keep this in mind.  Unity = Universal are similar terms.  When we refer to the Universal Church it really stands for the Roman Catholic Church. The Beast church system! What plans does the Pope have for those who attend these unity churches in San Francisco I wonder?  I won't be under the Pope's jurisdiction because my Savior is Jesus Christ that the Roman Catholic Church doesn't follow.
2 Thessalonians 2 King James Version (KJV)Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him,That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.
Beware of any church that relies heavily on the unity doctrine because it's not of Jesus Christ who clearly stated there will be a separation of the wheat from chaff as well as the falling away into Apostasy taking place in these end times.  All of these denominations merging as one body of Christ under the future supremacy of the Roman Catholic Pope is clearly the broad way, not the narrow path.

13Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14[c]Because narrow is the gate and [d]difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it. (Matthew 7:13-14)

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

How God Intervened My EXODUS from MADNESS of Microsoft Windows 10 to Linux Mint 19.2

I've spent a lot of time on Microsoft's Windows system the past 20 years and know for a fact it's bad software that's robbed millions of people of their precious time with its bug virus prone system. Microsoft's been a source of cruel mental torture for those of us who depend on it in their jobs especially. As a legal word processor for major law firms, MS Word was an absolute nightmare to work on.

This monopoly called Microsoft is highly prone to the abuse of its customer's rights to a stable operating system treating us like its lab rat beta testers it should have tested on its own having corrected prior to each release of its OS system.
Now that this virus prone Microsoft no longer supports what many believe was its most functional operating system, Windows 7, I was unwilling to migrate to Windows 10 after I had to replace my 2007 Sony Vaio with a refurbished laptop. Unfortunately, the refurbished Dell laptop came loaded with Windows 10 that many agree is a horrible operating system that drives us all crazy, so much so many decided to search for an alternative. 

Not only did we find a better alternative that was virtually virus free, but also full of free open source software resources! The entire software infrastructure is loaded into a software resource file for us on Linux Mint 19.2 to install with the press of a button.  On the other hand, Microsoft will be charging a yearly fee to use its Microsoft Office system from now on along with any other third party proprietary software and services.  

My latest podcast How God Intervened My EXODUS from MADNESS of Microsoft Windows 10 to Linux Mint

It's difficult to describe in writing the level of frustration using Microsoft 10 so I decided to do a podcast on how God intervened to bring me to Linux Mint 19.2's OS, a much better solution that also is absolutely free!  Linux Mint loaded up very easy and there was no problem hooking up to my wireless Brother printer or any other device.  I now have a sane operating system that provides outstanding open source software for everything I need on my computer. I no longer have to pay for software, it's all there for me to use free of charge!

Yes we users are so grateful (and me to the Lord as well) who donate being happy to do so since  Linux programmers around the world worked free-of-charge to bring us the best operating system and related to use! Furthermore, we really don't want Microsoft's crappy software it cruelly beta tests on us like its lab rats.  

Switched to Linux has a fun personality helping the exodus to Linux Mint along as a good YouTube resource among many others.

Thanks to God's intervention, I'm at peace on my computer being on the new user friendly Linux Mint OS system and will never ever return to the torment of Microsoft's deeply flawed cruel software system ever again. 

YouTuber Chris Titus Tech was a 20 year MS tech user professional who finally had to let go of Microsoft he claims was driving him crazy too.

Visit Linux Mint's website for more info on how you can easily exodus out of the Microsoft monster system. There's also plenty of instruction on YouTube to help you make a pleasant transition should have further questions. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Time Traveling the Late Nancy Paulikas 1972-2018 - My First Encounter With Intelligence

Time Travel Channel from my site
Most would say the late Nancy Paulikas, who died from Alzheimer's at the young age of 55 in 2016, was a memorable person. I certainly do agree. Nancy was the very first intelligent person who ever helped me with school work.

Our teacher in 7th grade junior high social studies class was also memorable as some cult follower of the bluegrass rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival where I learned to refer to them as just CCR. The hip teacher had denoted I was a little withdrawn in class so she assigned the best of the best, Nancy Paulikas, to help me with some class work after reporting with my parents.  After that I got better and the teacher had no further issues.

I'll never forget that day Nancy helped and recall later seeing some kind of vision in that class of a portal opening up into the future. I thought it was just my imagination of course, but now looking back on these circumstances I think it was from Nancy's brain projecting onto the class white screen. I'm thinking now that short time Nancy spent with me altered my brain in some way. I had just gotten back from two weeks of intense music rehearsals on viola at the Wildwood Music Camp that summer so it had been picking up on others musical frequency waves. I wouldn't be surprised if another's strong brainwaves were affecting it at school as well.

An article linked on my website (Brainwave Channel News)

Two decades ago I forwarded Nancy a link of my website in 2000 when I saw her listed on since we had also attended the same high school but she never responded.  The website had links to studies on Alzheimer's in its Brainwave News Channel section. (Anyone can download the site with a PDF download tool, it's just that the home page isn't online, only the backside because the person who bought it from me on eBay left it on the server all these years that way.)  Here's the Time Travel page.

The Memory Channel section of Brainchannels, these are buttons represent various portals, much like demons can enter based on what a person gives their mind (aka soul) over to. 

My Latest Podcast Discusses Time Travel As It Relates To Observations of Nancy Paulikas 1972-2018.

This evening I've done a podcast related to how I managed to time travel into Nancy's life from 1972-2018.  I didn't consciously mean to, I was just drawn to researching about her. I also don't know why I decided to do a website about human evolution, the brain, memory, time travel and related news, it just happened as an idea after I visited an evolution exhibit from the local science museum in San Francisco back in 1999. 

This podcast explains how time traveling worked related to these facts discerned throughout, that something can be learned through observing key people in our culture on a timeline of this nature. I've deduced from a Christian perspective that demons can easily enter into portals of our minds, aka souls, of in order to attempt to destroy our lives.

Timeline - 1995 when Nancy was 34 in 1995 writing Time Magazine in response to its article "Is Music and Movies Destroying America's Soul?" Time travel has shown me the answer is "yes" America has been deeply affected by Satanic music and Hollywood films over the past 2.5 decades. It's quite possible Alzheimer's is influenced by what type of exposure we have to certain media such as heavy metal music like Nine Inch Nails Nancy enjoyed.

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Monday, August 5, 2019

URGENT: Baby Boomers Facing Extreme Peril Up Ahead!

UPDATE: Please see this time travel portal document PDF re: a 1995 letter to the editor of Time Magazine from the late Nancy Paulikas.

I recently learned that one of the best of the best at Palos Verdes High School, a seaside school in Southern California, didn't make it to her 40th reunion last year who was known as the crem dela crem with the highest grades and achievements. 

I've noted these type of achievers are generally good people who intended to live good lives who, like myself, gradually developed amnesia over spiritual matters of the need to rely on God and His Word to be wise and safe from dangers of this world.

Instead of seeing this classmate's welcomed arrival to her 40th reunion, the class learned that year her charred skull and rib bones were discovered at Fossil Ridge Park, Sherman Oaks, CA after a two year search for her whereabouts. See Charred Remains Found in Sherman Oaks Solve Mystery. Patch, December 27, 2019


This post is meant to address spiritual matters many from my generation don't consider as we near the end of our lives on earth. For instance, I since learned this woman who didn't make it to our 40th year class reunion in 2018 really liked heavy metal music so much that she made friends with band members while even dancing in the pit with punk rockers at their concerts. I learned this woman continued down the path of allowing this kind of music in her life she never turned away from, never repented to God over. Allow me to explain why this lack of repentance's become a significant spiritual problem most in our generation don't yet recognize since it's viewed as unnecessary in today's proud liberal culture.

Having never repented of such spiritual sin against Jesus who was sent as our Savior and true Messiah is a serious over site as one approaches end of life issues.  I submit that demonic spirits had previously entered into the portals of this lady's soul from degenerate heavy metal music of one of her favorite bands, Nine Inch Nails, is what led her on a mindless eight mile walk to her end. These wicked evil spirits likely mocked her as a new fossil deposit at Fossil Ridge Park. I've denoted the cruel comedic reality of wicked demonic entities that laugh at their victim's demise.

Due to the urgency of too many souls who refuse to reconsider the path to hell they're currently on, I put an urgent podcast together to let people know how serious this is.  Baby boomers haven't tended to their spiritual needs from sin throughout their lives that they are blind to the danger they are in and time is running out!  Jesus didn't at all intend for these tragedies to happen only wanting the best for us with a plan for each and every one of our lives! Please understand what the boomers are facing without a relationship with Jesus who died for all of us, that going to eternal hell is completely unnecessary! 

My Podcast on Spreaker
Part two - Why So Many Baby Boomers are Headed for Eternal Hell 

That is this woman suffered for apparent lack of spiritual awareness having ended up in a humiliating position from a terrible disease that caused early dementia, loss of identity and ability to speak at a youthful age of 55, was formerly known to me as sweet intelligent girl who helped me in 7th grade with my class work. Everyone witnessed how brilliant and smart she was and praised her for it.  

This lack of awareness late in life not understanding the necessity of repentance of our sins that Christ heals and restores our lives in response to our submission to Him and his Word was an unaddressed spiritual problem. We're all sinners and have our own weak areas, no one is super human, that's why Jesus came to save us and all need to rely on Him. Everyone needs to learn these simple facts of life and stop everything they're doing until they fully understand what eternal path they're currently on.


Due to the urgency of this matter, I'm being called by Christ at this time to address the underlying spiritual nature of these threats to those of my generation especially who rely solely on their intellect (and other idols thereof) and success in the world for their identity and salvation rather than reconsider their need for eternal salvation. This revelation comes with the hope baby boomers especially will reconsider our genuine purpose in life, why we are really here being tested and refined since the fall of humanity in the Garden of Eden (see The Book of Genesis) in order to enter into eternal rest with Jesus Christ, as Messiah who died for our sins.  

Jesus Christ restores our lives when we turn to Him and repent! He cleanses and forgives our sins!  There's no excuse allowed denying Him the opportunity to save our souls no matter who we are.

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

God's Timing Strikes Again, Photo Collage Tells a Story in Rainbow Colors Revealing Himself

On this blog are a few of my photos of clouds I'll be adding to shortly.  My latest artistic photo collage I wanted to post due to timing being such a key element.  

This photo shoot is from July 17, 2019 at sunset in San Francisco. I just happened to glance up from the table in my kitchen into the next room to see something unusual. 

The timeline of the photos tells a story summing them all up in the last as the source of the light refraction of a rainbow.

I've loved rainbows since I was in kindergarten and saw one refracted through a prism.  

A few minutes later this appeared.

From another angle.

Ten minutes later the light went onto my printer next to the word Brother.

The source of the rainbow was the sun shining on a Mylar sheet next to my Jesus poster that then reflected its colors cross the room.  

God's all about timing, there are no coincidences!  Not only is Jesus my Savior, but among many other things He's my brother too.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

God's Judgment on America's Music Industry -- Fire Destroys 500,000 Master Recordings!

America's Music Industry Poses a Dangerous Threat to its Artists
In music timing's everything. If you don't know when to start playing or singing in a song or composition you aren't participating in it. Similarly, if you don't know when to stop playing and obey the rest notes metaphorically, you are like a mindless machine without humanity. Such is why you'll maybe want to take the hint of why God likely decreed 500,000 masters of  many of America's most beloved performers destroyed back in 2008 at one of Universal Music's (UMG) storage facilities.

The New York Times recently released a shocking article of what really happened in the UMG fire back in 2008.  In its heavy researched piece, The Day The Music Burned, the NY Times reported that since 2008 the music industry actually covered up the magnitude of destruction!

It's no secret that throughout the past several decades America's music artists have a long history of being robbed in various ways and this UMG fire was just another indication in the ultimate destruction of their master recordings that are lost forever. The simple reason for such artist vulnerabilities is that God's hand can't absolutely protect unrepentant sinners beyond His mercy and grace He extends to all. In other words, the only reason such sinners aren't already in hell still on earth is due to Jesus' mercy and grace to allow all time to repent and accept His Son Jesus rather than enter into hell.
The list of destroyed single and album masters takes in titles by dozens of legendary artists, a genre-spanning who’s who of 20th- and 21st-century popular music. It includes recordings by Benny Goodman, Cab Calloway, the Andrews Sisters, the Ink Spots, the Mills Brothers, Lionel Hampton, Ray Charles, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Clara Ward, Sammy Davis Jr., Les Paul, Fats Domino, Big Mama Thornton, Burl Ives, the Weavers, Kitty Wells, Ernest Tubb, Lefty Frizzell, Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Bobby (Blue) Bland, B.B. King, Ike Turner, the Four Tops, Quincy Jones, Burt Bacharach, Joan Baez, Neil Diamond, Sonny and Cher, the Mamas and the Papas, Joni Mitchell, Captain Beefheart, Cat Stevens, the Carpenters, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Al Green, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Elton John, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Buffett, the Eagles, Don Henley, Aerosmith, Steely Dan, Iggy Pop, Rufus and Chaka Khan, Barry White, Patti LaBelle, Yoko Ono, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the Police, Sting, George Strait, Steve Earle, R.E.M., Janet Jackson, Eric B. and Rakim, New Edition, Bobby Brown, Guns N’ Roses, Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, Sonic Youth, No Doubt, Nine Inch Nails, Snoop Dogg, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Hole, Beck, Sheryl Crow, Tupac Shakur, Eminem, 50 Cent and the Roots. 
The Day The Music Burned, New York Times, June 11, 2019
Then there are masters for largely forgotten artists that were stored in the vault: tens of thousands of gospel, blues, jazz, country:
Virtually all of Buddy Holly’s masters were lost in the fire. Most of John Coltrane’s Impulse masters were lost, as were masters for treasured Impulse releases by Ellington, Count Basie, Coleman Hawkins, Dizzy Gillespie, Max Roach, Art Blakey, Sonny Rollins, Charles Mingus, Ornette Coleman, Alice Coltrane, Sun Ra, Albert Ayler, Pharoah Sanders and other jazz greats. Also apparently destroyed were the masters for dozens of canonical hit singles, including Bill Haley and His Comets’ “Rock Around the Clock,” Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats’ “Rocket 88,” Bo Diddley’s “Bo Diddley/I’m A Man,” Etta James’s “At Last,” the Kingsmen’s “Louie Louie” and the Impressions’ “People Get Ready.”  
The Day The Music Burned, New York Times, June 11, 2019

Here's an even more extensive scroll down list (w/one name per line).

Rick Beato emphasizes the UMG fire as the worst disaster in music industry's history. Regardless, outrage isn't the proper response, repentance is. For instance, reborn Christians know we're secure in Christ without any master recordings' existence because it's by His grace we're saved and our faith in Jesus is our Salvation.

So in view of this recent revelation of the majority of America's majority of treasured master recordings being burned away forever let me state with great confidence that America's music industry is no place for anyone with plans on entering eternal bliss in heaven!  Period.

When the late Karen Carpenter of the Carpenters, sang one of her earliest hits We've Only Just Begun, within a decade she died at the age of 32.  Karen was put to rest and later moved over to a new sanctuary at her brother's request so he wouldn't have to drive so much distance to visit.  Four decades later, yet another blow to the Carpenters that some of their master recordings were destroyed in the UMG fire.  I'm not saying either of the Carpenters duo were cursed with hell for their performances, just that the music industry is clearly a major and extremely difficult obstacle to overcome on a spiritual level for sure.

70's bands like the Rolling Stones would do this if they could!
I've always wondered why it's the bands and singers from the 1960s and 70's still touring and recording records today and why audiences still show up to their performances. Over the past few years I've had so many of these 1970's bands perform just a half block away from where I live in San Francisco at the Masonic Auditorium the likes of Steely Dan, Carole King, Hall and Oates, yet never went to see one of them.  Not one! These were among some of my favorites I grew up with since I was a child and teenager too.  Not to mention I could have really cared less if Beatle Paul McCartney had his final performance in San Francisco that I wouldn't pay even five cents to see. I'd be yawning in the stands wanting to leave for Trader Joe's instead of watching that guy McCartney one more second of my life.

Had even Barbra Streisand sung at the Masonic Auditorium I wouldn't have walked over a few hundred steps to hear her perform either. There's really no one I want to hear that I wouldn't even pay one dollar to enter into any of today's performers' concerts. In fact, over the past three decades there's none I would pay to see, not even jazz guitarist George Benson who I saw at the Hollywood Bowl in the early 1980's!  The last music concert I saw was revealing because it was only by accident after some DJ of The Mr. Smooth Hour I visited in Oregon back in 1998 walked me over to a Diane Krall performance outdoors in Portland's Union Square. The concert was sponsored by Starbucks and totally free to stumble into. I was amazed but would never ever pay a dime to see Diana Krall or anyone else for that matter.  Not even $1 dollar!

I'd prefer to listen to birds songs then today's performers especially.
Much more enjoyable and refreshing.  I'm a fan of God's creation.

Today I find myself listening to YouTube's nature videos of birds singing. I'd rather hear a bird sing than Barbra Streisand especially because I'm so burned out on her presence in American music the past several decades not to mention disgusted by such vocalized political infringement using her fame as such. I'd rather learn some new sounds I've never heard before. I'm really tired of human singing and musicians. I'm really no longer interested in any new songs and today's millennial music is horror to my ears outside a couple Adele songs. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way either.

I don't mean to sound like a downer but I don't like much of today's alleged Christian music either. Sorry, but Christian music sounds too much like the same style and recording methods of the world's industry that I simply can't sing it any longer as praise music. I still like to sing Christmas hymns like Silent Night and others, but the time period I'm living in I just find America's culture so corrupted and void of God's spirit I'll stick with what I know works and that is many classic Christmas carols coupled with hymns I write at the moment I'm inspired.

Most of America's Musicians and Singers are Doomed In Eternity for Rejecting God's Beloved Son Jesus Christ. 

I believe with the UMG fire that God wants everyone to know that no one in America's music industry will enter or has ever entered into heaven after they die no matter how successful a musician or singer, no matter how applauded and beloved he or she was without a relationship with Jesus Christ who died for all of our sins.  No matter how good these Americans sang throughout the past several decades and how many were inspired, God can’t accept any one of these into heaven without their having a relationship with Jesus Christ who was sent to save us all.  The worst singer in the world God will accept if she/he accepts His beloved Son as Savior and asks forgiveness of Him.

God Doesn't Clap For America's Godless On The Other Side, No Red Carpets Rolled Out Either! No Flashing Lights!

Now, God doesn't take pleasure over these fallen musicians and singers who parish when they die into hopeless death to Sheol. God never intended Hell a place for mankind but for Satan and the fallen angels. It’s a real shame America’s music industry makes hell inevitable for all who take its path turning its performers into mindless machines. It’s horribly brutal what awaits on the other side after performers, composers, musicians and singers die that all their work is null and void and will be erased and forgotten by God for all eternity.  It's very brutal what happens to souls who take this career path and few escape it who have dedicated their lives in such a way.

1960's 5th Dimension Singer Marilyn McCoo Masters Too!
The following are a few souls I'm aware of in the music industry who broke free from Satan’s grip on their lives to repent and ask Jesus forgiveness are:

David Pack - Ambrosia
Marilyn McCoo of 5th Dimension (see left)
Natalie Cole

As for Karen Carpenter I wrote of earlier, I trust God saved her soul due to people's prayers during her health crisis that gave her plenty of time to help her repent. When people are suffering and sick they are desperate for any relief possible. The seriousness of Karen's condition would have helped her realize the danger she was in that she would have surely turned to God for help and appreciated other's prayers in the process. Performers that had some foundation in Jesus prior to starting in the industry would know repentance was necessary such as those who had sang joyfully in church choirs to begin with. There are many who came to Motown back in the 1960's from having sung in gospel choirs as well.

I'd have to do some significant research and spend time to find others who were in America's music industry who became reborn Christians having realized there's more to life than being turned into infamous musical money making machines.  The late 70's soul singer Donny Hathaway likely made it to heaven I might add. Like Natalie Cole, Hathaway already had a strong foundation in Jesus Christ from gospel church singing.  God often has His hands on us at a young age and never gives up no matter what until we find His Salvation.

Not only do the newer generations hate Jazz, but so does God!  

What God Really Thinks of All That Jazz!

It's come to my attention the past decade that God doesn't accept jazz as an acceptable music option way of life. Back in 2008 I was being tormented by demons of a horror film special effects person on the Internet during a time of performing live at a local venue with jazz musicians in order to become a jazz singer. For anyone's information, just because jazz came from gospel singers doesn't mean God finds this a viable option of music. I actually believe now that God really hates jazz because so much sin and sinful attitudes came with it.  Jazz musicians beware, God really hates jazz music because it in no way glorifies His Son with praise. Instead jazz is often moody into the depth of people's bluesy despair due to unrepentant sin and self-pity singing such blues.

Everyone considering entering into a music career need to know the demands of America's music industry are very brutal and harmful to one's spiritual health. I wouldn't recommend anyone in this day and age try to make it a way of life to be a professional industry based singer or musician. The devil will either mock, bankrupt, deceive and brainwash while backstabbing you multiple times until you either turn back to God and sanity or die. The music companies have made it very difficult to publish good music as well having already brainwashed young audiences with anti-human robotic auto-tune and precise beat technology.

Funky Robi's on the horizon of American music.
America's music industry is already over to a large degree now headed for various forms of robots and dead hologram performers. People need to realize the God's timing is changing dramatically up ahead to avoid entering into unnecessary hell fire before it's too late. It's entirely unnecessary for anyone to go to enter into hell because Jesus was sent to take our sins on his shoulders at the cross.  Hell wasn't created for mankind, but for Satan and His fallen angels.  The Bible is absolutely true and Adam and Eve is not an ole wives tale whatsoever.

God's Salvation is a gift from the Father thru His beloved son Jesus Christ for all who will accept His offer of redemption and therefore be restored as we were created to be. Without repentance and asking Jesus into your life to help you overcome there is no hope of ever entering heaven.  See  John 3:16.
16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

HeadsUp! Google's YouTube Lures Channels Into Super Chats Only To Confiscate Donations

YouTube Steals Super Chats from Donors
Perhaps one of the most abhorrent practices I've denoted by a super wealthy company like Google is not only censorship of perfectly legitimate journalistic fact based reporting in YouTube videos but its audacity to confiscate super chat funds of donors for no just cause. See God's Scripture related to justice:  A false balance is an abomination to the Lord but a just weight is his delight Proverbs 11:1  

According to journalist videographer and researcher Adam Green at Know More News, YouTube not only recently demonitized his channel but disallowed any future and super chat donations he was waiting to be released to him through Google from recently live streamed videos.

Adam Green's clearly freaked out over Google's withholding
his super chat donations due from May, 2019 after demonitizing his channel

We all really have to think about this criminal act by Google that owns YouTube as it clearly seeks to punish those who don't adhere to its highly questionable policies that violate the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. YouTube definitely misled Adam Green to believe he would receive compensation by allowing him to use the super chat live stream feature over the past several months enabling donations from his participant viewers. 

After the live video streams were completed the donations were totaled for the entire month of May, 2019.  YouTube then refused to release the funds shortly after it demonitized Adam Green's channel. This is a criminal act in my opinion. YouTube clearly can't lawfully keep the funds unless Adam was in violation of U.S. laws involved in the live stream. In spite of any small print YouTube may have in its policy agreement, the action withholding donations was so contrary to common law that it can't be overruled with what some legalese attorney dreamed up that unduly enables the theft of donors' funds in order to punish owners of its channels. 

This outcome is quite obnoxious in my opinion not to mention arrogant on behalf of Google.  Furthermore, what occurred was really premeditated theft that YouTube chose a particular time to steal the funds from the Know More News Channel after it allowed Adam to use its super chat feature for several months. Based on God's Scripture of  Proverbs 11:1 of balanced scales and measures, Google should have a class action lawsuit filed from all YouTube channel owners it's denied of super chat funds along with emotional distress its caused to thousands of channel owners it's clearly abused.  Google should be ashamed of itself for this activity.

You don't have to be a lawyer to realize how outside the common laws of man the action of Google was to confiscate donations for the Know More News Channel's video live streams for no just cause.