Friday, February 1, 2019

BEST VIDEOS In Passionate Opposition to Infanticide Baby Murder in Virginia, New York, Kamala Harris

I can't deny that I enjoy watching YouTube's many cute and funny dog and cat videos these days but there comes a time when we need to start getting in touch with the darkness growing inside America to stand against it, resisting with all our might what these monster feminists are attempting to achieve with newly implemented policies that go far beyond anything we've ever encountered in our lifetimes. James 4:7

With each day we wake up in America it becomes a little darker as RED FLAGS of urgency go up of approaching Judgment from God looming. First, in my own experience, I know God uses timing and circumstances to communicate as one of His methods.  It's easier for those of us who have been here decades to denote patterns of God's warning system that make it clear what's happening.

I decided to recirculate recently released videos I believe are the best of the best of this disturbing feminist agenda that really amounts to human extinction for all!  This is no joke, these feminists are nasty self loathing whores who want to destroy everything in sight inch by inch, step by step as one of many branches of the Antichrist spirit rising.

A real baby delivery nurse from Virginia has a popular channel called The Patriot Nurse who has a few things to say about the new law Virginia's Governor's proposing.

Amazing Lucas gave powerful testimony of the EVIL of what these liberal radical disgraceful feminists have in mind towards those born outside the womb.  Bravo Lucas!  Subscribed!

Patricia Dickson did a superb job presenting facts of how infanticide in New York is about targeting poor family black babies in particular.  Shame on these liberal Democrats (aka "Death-a-crats")!

Red Elephants Channel explained how bad the Virginia Bill truly is for America

All who did videos opposing infanticide laws recently passed in the State of New York, along with those in process in the State of  Virginia, should be applauded and upheld as valiant displays of courage standing up against these dark, evil agendas rooted in radical feminism of the Antichrist spirit rising in America.

Get ready because it's clear God is saying to America something to the effect of that "I'm going to allow your enemies to unleash WWIII soon, do you have Jesus with you yet?"
"Russia has full moral justification to stomp its boot and smash America like a cockroach when observing the infanticide laws piling up in the United States along with its grotesque celebration of so called freedom. At the very moment I'm typing this, there are nuclear weapons pointed at America by Russia in particular and others that will eventually be released at some point in time.  
I haven't heard of any feminist developing her own missile defense system yet but do know that the Word of God does and He will have a place for unrepentant rebellious evil doers on the other side awaiting His White Throne Judgment." Christian Blogger, February 1, 2019

Within five to ten minutes America will be completely obliterated along with all of these unrepentant baby murderers whose reprobate unsaved spirits will be transported to a stinking hell hole horrible place awaiting God's White Throne Judgment of eternal damnation for harming those innocent babes with such pride and celebration!

A Little Background on Eternal Hell

The reason human beings tend not to believe there is such a place as hell is because God never meant for any human being to occupy it. God created eternal hell for the fallen angels prior to the fall of man. Humans can't comprehend there's a horrible place like eternal hell because we were created by Him as divine eternal beings. This is one of the reasons God is so willing to forgive us our sins!  He doesn't want anyone to end up in a place meant for the fallen angels!

After the Fall of Man from the Serpent's deception of Eve, God immediately prepared a plan to bring us back through His Son by sacrificing an animal to clothe them, a precursor of the future Messiah sacrifice to come.  God did everything possible to save fallen mankind from continuing down the path of deception and lies including giving us a means to behold his glory in the stars above, oceans full of life, birds and all the rest.  All one has to do is read the King James Version of the Scriptures to discover the truth.  The truth in God's Word's on the Internet, everywhere possible available to read because God wanted it well circulated so NO ONE WILL HAVE ANY EXCUSE when they find themselves in eternal hell denying His beloved Son Jesus Christ as our only true Savior.

Repent or prepare to be Judged by Jesus, the only Messiah, the Way to Truth and Life, who came to suffer die for our sins on the cross!  John 3:16  There is no other living God! All others are idols before Him!  Time is running out for you! As for Christians, we all know what Jesus says about losing our lives, laying them down in this world as opposed who try to save their lives (they will go underground, no doubt).  Christians have no worries about WWIII, we really don't because God has us covered. Paid our sin debts in full and rose to eternal life. 

Those who don't have Jesus, the Word of God, in their hearts in full repentance of sins won't make it into heaven. Period!  Humility is important to God, arrogant people won't be allowed, nor with pride.