Monday, February 11, 2019

Time to Dump Big Banks Like WELLS FARGO Before They Rob You With New Dodd-Frank Bail-In Laws

If you have your money in a systemic bank like WELLS FARGO, it's time to close your accounts and transfer your funds to a credit union.  There will no longer be any taxpayer bail outs thanks to the new Dodd-Frank bail-in laws!  What this means is banks can now stay afloat simply by confiscating their customers' accounts. 

With a track record like WELLS FARGO's, one of the largest and most corrupt banks out there, you can be rest assured the greedy pigs will steal every single dime lawfully if they can.

This transcript is for those who prefer to read the information rather than spend time listening to the video.

Bank Bail-In's -- How Big Banks Can Legally Take Your Money
From the YouTube Channel Silver Report Uncut

WELLS FARGO Bank Run - Embattled Bank Starts Withdrawal Limits
Silver Report Uncut