Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Like Groundhog Day: The Case For Trump Supporters Mindless Soul Degeneration In 2019

Something atrocious happened the other day as I was visiting my Facebook account. Someone by the name of Holly Medici was presented by a FB bot for me to consider as a friend.  At first I thought the profile of Holly Medici was some satirical joke like what I've seen on The Onion years ago. I anticipated a good laugh when I proceeded to browse through Holly's page only to discover in utter horror this lady was dead serious! Imagine my horror to learn this lady was very serious and what kind of depth of insanity it took for her to post her profile photo as an apparent worshiper of Donald Trump.

You see, under Biblical standards Holly is an idolater of President Trump, so much so that she's being served up by a FB bot for me to possibly invite. Being far beyond a mid-life crisis, Holly made an abomination of herself by degenerating so far as being presented to me in this manner by a bot. I considered why me? I'm not a supporter of Trump but a vocal opponent as of late due to his war hawk administration and lies. I'm continually posting factual based evidence of what a bad leader President Trump's become. 

I can't understand why FB's bot chose this Holly to offer up as a potential friend, but I do know I'm currently battling to be disengaged with any rebellious so called Zionist Christian who refuses to repent supporting the antichrist nature of Trump and his current war-hawkish administration.  I still have very few remaining FB friends who refuse to see the light and acknowledge the truth Trump isn't really who he claims to be.  I'm working on letting them know I'm not "one of them" but their skulls are quite thick for now.

Whenever I bring up the points regarding idolatry of Trump I am told by Zionist Christians I'm being "prayed for" at which time I respond with the following appropriate Scripture.
“Now we know that God heareth not sinners: but if any man be a worshipper of God, and doeth his will, him he heareth.” John 9:31   (KJV)

A good metaphor for such a mindless existence of idolatry is that of a human who once had a divine purpose with a soul, albeit turning into a programmed Internet bot. As a bot one is serving their master mindlessly. Much like in the film Groundhog Day, you awake each day to the same purpose in life which you are unconsciously programmed to pursue like a prisoner behind bars.
Groundhog Day is about a man reliving the same day over and over and over. Every time he wakes up it's Groundhog Day again, and people always say the same things and do the same things over and over, and he's the only one who is aware of the infinite repetition and who is capable of doing things differently.  StackExchange.com
It's very easy to be a bot, you don't have to think or do anything other than what you are programmed to do. Both Democrat and Republican parties program participants with great ease. You don't take any blame for being a bot in your empty soulless existence, you just put it all in the hands of your party's programmers.  Such is where the term selling one's soul to the devil came from, is when people have no spirit of God, becoming mindless soulless machines.

Trump bragging of receiving honorary Kabbalah Tree of Life Award from the 1990's
Far from being Christian, whenever Trump claims to be we know he is lying to his base.

If I present a factual based case to these bot-like humans as to why Trump isn't a Christian, being far from it as a proud recipient of The Tree of Life Kabbalah Award in the 1980's, they're either programmed to ignore, dismiss or weaponized to attack. It doesn't matter what video link or article you share, they don't have any rationale because Trump supporters have become programmed bots.

In my experience Trump's supporters are much like a cult just as Obama's and Hillary's were.  In fact, America's culture has become extremely cultist for decades. The reason for these growing cult networks is, without God's Holy Spirit, there's only man made religions and various cult-ures around the world. I never thought I'd witness so many drink the cool-aide of lies coming out of the Trump Administration.  If you try to reason with them the facts, they will turn on you like a pack of wolves.

Attention Mindless Bots - Have I Got News For You!

Donald Trump isn't operating in the role of a President of the United States but clearly as an agent of a foreign power who he serves loyal and true. This loyalty happened for many reasons over long periods of time as well as due to Trump's bankruptcy in the 1990's in having to depend on the salvation of the Rothschilds since no U.S. banks would help his failed casino empire.  When Americans believed they voted for a wealthy disengaged billionaire who didn't have to answer to anyone they were all mistaken.

At 25:56 in this video Adam Green of Know More News correctly states and supports with facts throughout the video who President Trump serves and is an agent of.

President Trump is nothing but a willing puppet for a foreign power, a wrecking ball for the United States of America who plans on one day allowing it to be nuked by Russia at the sacrificial alter of Israel. Trump's a traitor!  A fraud!  A liar!  A con!  A rotten human being piece of filth!  Provocative, arrogant and untrustworthy, Donald Trump is heavily mind controlled Zio politician who could care less what ultimately happens to America as long as he serves his masters who bought him a long time ago. Trump could care less if America gets nuked to smithereens! They all plan on escaping underground.

President Trump's deliberately causing world chaos through tariffs and sanctions to bring down world economies in order facilitate his alleged New Liberal Order.  What a dufus Trump is! Those who still insist on supporting and following Trump are clearly degenerate mindless bots whose souls have not been redeemed for Jesus Christ due to failure to yield to God's spirit of forgiveness and redemption.

If you are one of those who continue to accept and believe whatever the main stream news says, rest assured that's a grave symptom your soul's been seriously compromised into bot-hood.  God expects us to seek His truth at all times and not settle for outright lies. See Seeking God, Why Is That Important?

Thursday, May 2, 2019

How I Learned May Day is a Wiccan Day of Witchcraft Mischief

I'm documenting here that witches, yes those who practice the occult, are full of a lot of mischief in this society. Be aware of their witch cult holidays such as May Day (and the evening of April 30) and become sensitive to any unusual feelings you might experience of oppression and abnormal bouts with fatigue and migraines especially. I thought yesterday was really freakish what happened so I looked up any connection between May Day and witchcraft to learn it is one of the big days on their calendar.

Origins and Meaning Of May 1st
"Charles Whitaker, focusing on May Day, a Celtic and Germanic witches Sabbath (Walpurgisnacht), suggests that May Day has become a cardinal day for worshipping demons and the greenery of the earth. May Day is a confrontation with God's way of life. May Day, long the premier day of the Soviet Union, a day the armaments would be paraded and sabers rattled, has now turned into an International Socialist Workers Day. The socialists may well push this confrontational day into the forefront, worshipping Gaia (mother earth) and fertility (environmental protectionism) and redistributive socialism. May Day connects the sexual fertility of Babylon with the modern neo-Pagan environmentalist protective, International Communism. Satan has cleverly crafted eight pagan holidays (the Wheel of the year- worshiping mother nature) to displace God's Holy Days, substituting a time of completion with a time of new beginnings, celebrating a new world order, a neo-Pagan worship of environment and mother earth or the concept of fertility, a witches Sabbath without the need for a Creator." 

When you look forward to a nice weekend as I did last week, nothing should be infringing on it when everything is in order in your life. When things go awry there may be some oppressive force set to ruin the enjoyment or typical tasks and errands on hand of the weekend, etc. I'm done with menopause and my hormones are normal so I was unable to anticipate what I experienced Saturday, my body completely shutting down with a migraine headache to the degree that is highly abnormal for me.

Whenever I feel under the weather I normally go enjoy a freshly roasted cup of coffee I make at home. I roast my own green coffee for maximum health value. Since I had recently discarded my two year whirly popper I couldn't make coffee and was feeling too sick to go out and get some at the store.  Amazon's fulfillment center was supposed to bring a new one that day but delivery failed twice so I was feeling like some junkie without her fix that day.
The weekend continued of my accidentally throwing my apartment keys in the dumpster when I took out the trash not once, but twice! Had I really been out of it I could have lost the keys completely that day and it would have cost $600 to replace based on renter's lease agreement. (It happened once several years ago that I now wear my keys).
Speaking of dumpster's this witch (at left) recently tried to dump 7 terrier 3 day old puppies in one on April 19th, a woman who looks perfectly normal who is a horrible human being to do such a thing.  There are ways of taking care of this issue, plenty of people willing to find them a home in this day and age. Newborn Puppies Placed in Dumpster to Die, April 19, 2019
Notice when women in particular try to step up conflicts for control and when their manipulation is at play. I walked into my business location on May Day to discover the receptionist from India had her head bowed low to her computer monitor as if worshipping something in silence after driving away my customers from contacting me.  Today responded to my email with "morning Cheryl" leaving out the word good.  
Beware of unwelcome touching!
Transference of demons
Duly note when someone runs up and puts their hands on you unnecessarily around the time of any witchcraft holiday. An unashamed witch did this on May 1st, someone who I know who practices the occult. In response Christians call on the holy name and blood of Jesus for protection! Especially note if your mind is cloudy and easily influenced to do things impulsively like go somewhere you normally wouldn't, etc. 
One of the many other things I encountered was that my eyes were also playing tricks on me! I looked at a package at the mail boxes in my apartment building and really believed I saw my name on it. I looked carefully (though I didn't have my reading glasses I usually don't wear them to get mail). I took up the package only to find contact lenses that didn't belong to me!
Apparently my brain filled-in blanks I couldn't see clearly by overwriting the information on the name of the package tricking me! The other strange part of the contacts delivery is that this is the time of year I'd be ordering contact lenses except I no longer wear them since my cataracts surgery last May. I really thought I saw my name and that there was no question the name on the package.

My new eyes saw a $22,000 individual tax deduction even after I looked twice! 

I don't recall if I had reading glasses on at the time. 

Another time my brain tricked me using my eyes was when I did my 2018 taxes. I took a double take at a single tax payer deduction of $22,000 thinking it was Trump's tax change.  Trump obviously practices witchcraft based on his Kabbalist award in the 90's, but this was about my new cataract free eyes.   
I checked twice and posted the revelation on Facebook only to find out later my eyes had tricked me!  Imagine had I entered the enormous deduction how the IRS would have responded! Not very nice.