Friday, May 11, 2018

Why President Trump's a Lying Con Artist Torture Loving Puppet for Zionist Rothschilds

Jacob Rothschild with his puppet Donald Trump
I'm convinced that time traveling through history is a very important skill to have if you want to know the truth of today's current cultural landscape and chosen leadership. No one can really understand the truth of anything without considering the dimension of time in any given situation, especially in relation to God's Word.

In this day and age of access to the investigative talents such as that of Blackstone Intelligence Network's  Jake Morphonios, I believe we should take full advantage of such extraordinary research. Perhaps we should all take pause to reconsider whether our belief systems are really based in truth and fact or instead that of delusions rooted in biased propaganda we pick up listening to television newscasts.

The truth is that many claim to have voted for Trump because they wanted to prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming President. At the very least, many voters believed if they had to choose from these two candidates that Trump was the lesser of two evils. Now that Trump's been in the White House nearly two years having failed many of his campaign promises, it's time to consider investigative research revealed as of late.

First, I wanted to make sure people understand today's America isn't what the Founding Father's created since the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871. The reason so many politicians have sold out Americans' heritage for their own interests is because they believe they work under USA, Inc. as a corporate entity registered on Dunn & Bradstreet. Within a corporate framework, the U.S. government is just a facade to these politicians who know what's coming down the pike, namely that the U.S. dollar is going to collapse by design. Consequently, U.S. politicians are seeking the approval of new world government elitist families such as the Rothschilds. This is where Donald Trump comes into history to play his hand of cards as a clear gambler.
"Donald Trump. The name is a punchline now, associated with the worst of 1980s extravagance, egomania, and greed. Once, the world marveled at the scope and mastery of Trump's megabuck deals. Today, he's widely regarded as a washed-up real estate mogul who has been stripped of his once lustrous possessions"The Donald Trump Card : He Just Got a Better Deal, Bloomberg News, March 22, 1992 

The truth is that Donald Trump's really a washed up businessman whose casino empire was collapsing in the late 80's that Rothschild, Inc., aka Nathan Rothschild, son of  Jacob Rothschild, had to save him from financial devastation. Consequently, Trump sold his soul to Satanist Rothschild and now it's pay back time to balance the scales of whatever favors he owes the  elitist family who helped save him. Hence, here comes the wars for oil! Countless innocent children, women and men will die because of the ruthless nature of the Rothschild family as President Trump moves toward the exchange of blood for oil in the Middle East based on lies.

Due to Rothschild, Inc. saving Donald Trump, he's really been operating as the U.S. President on behalf of the Zionist Rothschild network. All the wars being contemplated are for the Zionist Rothschild's and Israel's interests, not that of the United States.  

The recent investigative journalist research of Jake Morphonios proves
who Donald Trump really is and who he's really serving as President of USA, Inc.

In my opinion based on sifting through multiple reputable research sources, Americans have lost their country to Rothschild, Inc. that's been happening under the radar incrementally during the past several decades. See, The Bankruptcy of America, 1933.  Consequently, the U.S. is being used like a corporation disguised as a government in order to obtain taxes to enslave its citizenry.  U.S. cities have also incorporated! Meanwhile, the Rothschild men sit on the boards of major industries all over the U.S. including Pacific Gas & Electric and AT&T. This is extremely dangerous because the Zionist Rothschilds are evil and void of respect for human life preferring artificial life forms while wanting to kill off 90% of the population to form a new utopia to rule from the land of Israel.

Therefore I submit that Donald Trump's posing as a U.S. President is using the skills he learned as a trained Jesuit to lie and deceive like a split personality con artist.  In reality, Trump's out for his own interests who could really care less about America he'd like to take a wrecking ball to.  

Christian Zionists who support Israel's brutal genocidal regime are supporting the AntiChrist spirit who need to reconsider their loyalties. According to Scripture, many who occupy Israel today are liars and frauds according to Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. In fact, 90% of those who claim to be of Jewish decent  aren't even from the land of Israel being 8th Century Judaism converts from Khazaria. according to their DNA.  See DNA Science and the Bloodline of the Jews, Texe Marrs.

God expects His people to keep on pressing for the truth at all times and not be deceived. Therefore, don't settle for the Zionists' lies, keep pressing forward for the truth in Jesus Christ that sets souls free. The U.S. President is clearly a puppet for Rothschild interests that bailed him out long ago who own him. Trump's since been gradually coming out of the closet as a psychopath monster who can't be trusted wanting to bring Americans into wars to steal other nations' oil based on lies and false premises.

Consequently, President Donald Trump, like many of his predecessors over the past several decades, has proven himself a huge supporter of torture for false confessions such as what happened since 9/11 demonstrating himself a wicked horrible person whose soul's clearly been taken over by Satan. God in no way approves of torture and will punish America for this practice!  

If you support this fallen man Trump, I strongly encourage you to reconsider the facts presented in the video posted herein of his real purpose of being in the White House that's not in the best interests of America or its citizens. There will be a heavy price to pay for continuing to participate in support and agreement of this scam of Rothschild's USA, Inc.  The penalty will be spiritual and severe to all souls involved especially since America's being run behind the scenes by evil principalities rooted in Satanism.  See Hosea 4:6 My people perish for lack of knowledge.

Trump's an evil politician, liar and agent for Satan.  I once supported Trump until God began revealing to me his true nature and identity but no longer do.  I don't bother to listen to a single word Trump utters out of his foul lying lips as an agent of Satan and hope you don't either.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Trump Seeks Unlimited Dictatorial War Powers Thru Senate Bill AUMF

Unless the American people resist and protest, Donald Trump's going to be America's first Dictator with unlimited war powers. A bill referred to as AUMF, aka Authorization For Use of Military Force, is  being introduced in the Senate through Democrat Tim Kain to grant the President unlimited war powers without Congressional approval. This is a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution and a criminal move to relinquish Congressional oversight and duty we pay them for with our taxes.

Rand Paul sounds the warning of consequences if AMUF gets approved in the Senate
"In the near future, Congress will debate a new Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). I use the word “debate” lightly. So far, no hearings have been scheduled, and no testimony is likely to be heard unless something changes. That’s a shame, because this is a serious matter, and this is a deeply flawed AUMF.  
For some time now, Congress has abdicated its responsibility to declare war. The status quo is that we are at war anywhere and anytime the president says so. 
So Congress—in a very Congress way of doing things—has a “solution.” Instead of reclaiming its constitutional authority, it instead intends to codify the unacceptable, unconstitutional status quo.
It is clear upon reading the AUMF, put forward by Senators Tim Kaine and Bob Corker, that it gives nearly unlimited power to this or any other president to be at war whenever he or she wants, with minimal justification and no prior specific authority." - YouTube Commentary Dahboo777

Donald Trump is already proving he is more dangerous than Obama. If you listen to this entire video you will understand how he recently had a little 8 year old American girl killed, shot in the throat, to kill off the bloodline of an alleged terrorist.

Donald Trump is some kind of psychopath being nurtured into becoming the nation's first official dictator. Trump's dick doesn't work anymore so he has to take it out on the world apparently. I do regret supporting this man who lied to get into office.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

President Trump Proves Himself a Secret Agent of SATAN Who Wants WWIII

After learning of his latest flip-flop on Syria I'm convinced President Donald Trump may have a double mind, like Jekyll and Hyde, likely due to his former training as a Jesuit.  Therefore, Trump can't be trusted since he can turn himself into a monster at the flip of a trigger switch.

As the world teeters on the brink of WWIII over a false flag event by a U.S. backed terrorist group in Syria, I wanted to provide evidence of investigative journalist Jake Morphonios the U.S. government's become so evil that it's clearly rogue. Under the helm of the globalist Rothschild's evil network, the U.S. has become a despicable evil empire that lies so much no one except the naive and misinformed trusts anything it does or says.

President Donald Trump knows full well there was a U.S. backed terrorist group false flag event committed in order to justify another war in Syria. President Trump is fully aware Syria's President Assad did not attack his own people after the U.S. was defeated in his country.  In spite of this, President Trump's still willing to lead the world into World War III over a lie for the sake of Israel's wanting to take over the middle east as a world power. President Trump is violating the U.S. Constitution if he starts a war in Syria without Congressional approval.

Israel uses the U.S. military as its horrifying evil proxy.

Michael Rivero discusses the serious situation teetering on WWIII on his radio program.

The U.S. government acts as a corporate entity for profit under the direction of the Rothschild's networks. The Rothschilds are Satanic having no respect for life and everyone who works with them are under their spell doing their bidding and dirty deeds.  We all witnessed how President Trump gave in so easy to the Syria false flag without question being quite willing to carry out others' plans to ignite WWIII.

Evidence that another staged event in Syria's was carried out by U.S. backed terrorists for
 Rothschild network's oil interests.

President Assad didn't attack his own people that the U.S. backed terrorists staged as a precursor to another war over its oil pipeline the Rothschilds network demands.

I hate to admit it but the liberals were right about President Trump being dangerous.  President Trump doesn't want an investigation into the alleged attack in Syria he just wants to act as an obedient agent for Satan.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018


The greedy narcissistic egoist DONALD TRUMP is planning on ushering in WWIII based on absolute lies!  For this, may Donald J. Trump suffer forever in eternity for his lies and rush to death and suffering. May Donald Trump's bloodline be cut off from humanity forever and may they all parish never to be heard from again.

Donald Trump is a deceptive lying self-centered piece of garbage, the worse humanity has to offer.  That is my witness testimony based on the evidence of what Donald Trump is planning to do based on absolute lies and fiction!

The truth is right here what this putrid lying bastard Donald Trump is planning!

I repent of formerly supporting Donald Trump believing he was an honest and true man with good intentions for America.  I was wrong!  Get the word out Donald Trump is all on board destroying the God's creation for his ego and pride based on lies.

All he can think about is witch hunts against him when he's casually preparing to attack innocent nations based on lies!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Calling for Impeachment of President Donald Trump - War In Syria's Unconstitutional

The foul stench of Donald Trump's balls crammed up against porn star's Stormy Daniel's gripping anus is overwhelming to all those Americans who voted for him believing his damnable lies! 

Trump's lawyer paid out a good sum of money to keep Stormy Daniel's quiet about what kind of man Donald Trump really is, but we now know the bastard's clean image is tarnished forever.  What kind of married man does such a thing?  A very insecure putrid piece of garbage unfit to run the U.S. government, that's who!  Donald Trump is a dirty old man, an animal who is projecting onto world leaders who he truly is, a murderer swine greedy pig who God's clearly going to send to eternal damnation. President Trump's truly the liar the left has accused him of many disregarded due to the political nature of such allegations.

The delusional, hypocritical above the law nature of the war hawks such as John Bolton in U.S. Government are mind boggling as is their arrogance.  President Trump is a porn star screwing adulterer who believes the U.S. Military is our salvation who thinks nothing of slaughtering innocent children's lives including supporting their starvation in Yemen by supporting Saudi Arabia!  Trump's apparently as mentally ill double minded as the liberals have claimed not to mention having ZERO honor in heaven where he's clearly not headed through his actions.

President Donald Trump is truly an unprincipled shallow porn star screwing war mongering animal.

Donald Trump is not my President, he has betrayed all of us who believed he was genuine and honest about his intentions for America. He's just another in the long line of puppets for Israel who is willing to do anything for them including attacking and killing innocent children in the process.

When I heard on the Michael Rivero radio program What Really Happened the reason Trump brought war monger John Bolton on board was due to Sheldon Adelson's promise of future funding of Trump's next campaign, it was then I realized this isn't a President but a self serving shallow man whose interest is only getting reelected no matter what the cost. President Trump's clearly the kind of person who shoves his dick up a porn star's rear end to feel like a man.

President Trump puts on a facade that isn't real, he's unprincipled and as shallow as can be without a conscience capable of bringing about WWIII for his ego's sake.  Trump's supporters have been betrayed many times now who get the message loud and clear.

Such is why I want to get the message out loud and clear many of Trump's former supporters see the writing on the wall of who he truly is who support his Impeachment.