Friday, February 9, 2018

Delaware Governor John Carney's New Policy Proposal Hints at Child Sex Trafficking Prep Matrix

Dover Police attend Monster Mash in 2017
Since my last blog post I've received a call from the Dover Delaware Police Department letting me know of a new and exciting start up venture Governor John Carney's been preparing to announce. The officer thought my venue was perfect to get out the information of how proud their police
department is of their Governor Carney who's allegedly moving in the right direction to help fund their local government business enterprise.

The new policy proposal includes:
  • Free hormone injections for any child from Kindergarten thru 12th grade in public schools to change their gender.
  • Free name change of the child's choice.
  • Free privacy shield for child from parent(s), a promise to keep secrets on behalf of child.
Severing the bond of children with single moms especially and letting the dads in government take them into pedophile sex slavery sounds like the only logical match as to what the policy is all about.

Sometimes one has to stretch a story a bit to help people realize something's awry in government and the public school system.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

My research as to these ridiculous women marches lately has revealed that America's cultural breakdown has a lot to do with single mothers raising their children without fathers. This lack of fathering leads to serious dysfunction and mental disabilities in youth and into their futures.  Those in law enforcement who see these dysfunctional children each day likely have hardened hearts towards problematic youth. The State of Delaware's likely looking for a way to profit from the breakdown of the nuclear family since all States in the Union are incorporated on Dun & Bradstreet as for-profit entities.

Ann Coulter as almost lynched by a mob of emotional single mothers on national television.

The State can use the public schools to mold any child they wish into a new identity and gender while breaking the parental bond (if there is one).  The child will be a lost soul easy to manipulate being confused, thus ripe for child sex trafficking that's happening all over the nation.

If you are a single mother facing these problems of vulnerability by these vultures, I highly recommend turning to God and asking Jesus forgiveness of your sins.  Start reading the Word of God and get grounded in a good foundation in Christ. Pray for your child and develop a prayer life with Jesus each day and He will save you from many of these monsters in government who want to feast on your children.  John 3:16

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Governor John Carney's Proposed Law's As INSANE As It Gets, Child Abuser! - February 8, 2018

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Governor John Carney's Proposed Law's As INSANE As It Gets, Child Abuse!

The face of a possessed wicked man, Governor John Carney
Update: Dover Police Phoned me! See Latest Post Follow-up.  I declare before Jesus Christ as my witness Delaware Governor John Carney's proposed new law is child abuse and that he's guilty of threatening the futures and mental health of all children in his jurisdiction.  I declare before Almighty God that Governor Carney's Satanic psychological attack on parents and their children, not to mention every citizen of this nation, is an offense to God's will.  See Delaware Proposes Allowing Children to Choose Race or Gender (while providing them with free hormone drugs) Without Parents Knowledge.  Daily Caller, February 6, 2018

"Delaware: Governor John Carney declared a new state policy, called ‘Prohibition of Discrimination’, that allows children from K to 12 to choose their own name, race, or gender identify, and even access hormone blockers necessary to transition to the opposite sex, all without the knowledge of their parents. Students would be able to join any sports team they choose and use bathrooms and showers according their chosen identity. Parents are outraged over the proposal, and over 11,000 public comments submitted to Delaware’s Department of Education have been overwhelmingly negative."  - Freedom Force International

"At certain times in U.S. history during my lifetime politicians like Governor Carney would have been placed in mental institutions for proposing such an INSANE law attacking parental rights while intending to abuse their children in such a way. Citizens need to wake up today's politicians are being influenced by demonic entities to propose such horrific laws that  they need to resist  with all of their might because it's God's will they do so." (James 4:6-7) - Cheryl Meril

Private Investigator and Journalist Jake Morphonios video expresses shock at the depth of insanity of Governor Carney's attack on parents and their children's futures.  Calls for uprising.

Governor John Carney has offended His Creator, Almighty God, who sees everything he does in the darkness and will most certainly reap the consequences of his INSANE loony tunes proposed law. By the power of God, I declare Governor Carney will be ultimately STRIPPED of his authority in the State of Delaware, and will never ever be permitted to hold any political office in the United States of America thereafter.  Law makers are supposed to be drafting laws to protect children from sex trafficking and satanic child abuse!  Not this guy, who needs to be investigated as a likely pedophile.

The Dover Delaware Police pagan god they follow posted on their Twitter page.

Gov. Carney's dual devil horns sign.
It's only by God's grace and mercy Governor Carney walks this earth to use his time to propose such TRASH, VILE, DEMONIC legislation and it is God who will decide what this possessed power drunk politician's outcome.   I believe John Carney needs to be investigated in the interim for being a sick twisted child trafficking pedophile. Only a sociopath could propose such a horrible law in broad daylight for everyone to witness. 

Knowing the horror's of eternal damnation await these fallen twisted sick politicians, it is God who makes the decisions of where a person's soul goes.  However God does hear Christians' witness testimony and grant prayers.  Governor John Carney attacked all Americans when he proposed such a sick law and good upright people will not tolerate what is so abhorrent to God's will.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Cynthia Lynne Havran Update - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished in San Francisco

Folsom prison convict Christopher A. Smith on streets of S.F.
The photo at left is the snake hanging out homeless on San Francisco streets the past several years using his girlfriend Cynthia Lynne Havran, JD like a pimp to beg in a wheelchair each day as reported in my post, Whatever Happened to . . . September, 2015

These two con artists are Folsom prison convicted criminals no doubt but it wasn't so obvious a while back when I offered to help them buy bus tickets to get back to Los Angeles. 

One day I saw Cynthia with a sign asking for $120 for a bus ticket back to Los Angeles.  (See below).  The exact amount was listed that convinced me their need was planned out. I had seen Cynthia for a while hanging out in the financial district at specific times on various corners begging. When I offered to help her out she said her alleged husband wanted to meet with me to discuss the situation. He was just her boyfriend and there was a huge age difference. 

JD law graduate Cynthia Havran begs for $$, cons with lies!
I met this man Christopher A. Smith through his girlfriend Cynthia and helped him get new clothes and necessities prior to their bus ride. He came my neighborhood to convince me they fully intended on leaving and promised to use the money for tickets to LA where an alleged judge was going to help them with a place to stay. 

For me, this was about my wanting them both off the streets of San Francisco. Cynthia was going nowhere and is getting sick and old. Turns out this Christopher Smith is using her to make money for him each day like a pimp. After I helped them out I noted they stayed in San Francisco so I did some research to discover their background.

Cynthia has a long history of filing crazy lawsuits in Federal Court (much like Natasha DeLima of Truth Natasha mentioned in my recent post).  Cynthia claims to have a JD in law that caused her to file lawsuits. Here's a link to cases below:

Havran et al v. State of California Parole Department et al 
 as 5:2010cv05344
Plaintiff: Cynthia Lynne Havran, Christopher A. Smith
Defendant: State of California Parole Department, John Bernal, Linda Jones
Cause Of Action: Prisoner Civil Rights
Cynthia Lynne Havran v. Victor Frank Akemann 
 as 2:2005cv08536

Three years since I provided clothing, toiletries and cash, having given away a nice suitcase on wheels as well, Christopher Smith is harassing me!  Whenever Smith sees me somewhere downtown, he makes obscene gestures and yells at me accusing me of owing them another $250.  Cynthia had her heart set on $500 claiming I had promised it to her.  Cynthia is so schizophrenic she thinks people owe her money and so does her boyfriend. These two are under the delusion I owe them money so I had to file a police report for harassment today.  The cop told me "no good deed goes unpunished" referring to Satan's people I guess.

The con artist who filed all those lawsuits, Cynthia Lynne Havran is used by Christopher Smith her pimp to beg on the streets in a wheel chair even though she walks fine.

These two people really believe I owe them money that I allegedly promised them. Today I was called a liar and someone who makes promises she does not fulfill. They said they couldn't go to Los Angeles for only $250 cash.  If you look closely on the sign in the photo above, you'll see she asked for $120 and I provided more than double that amount.

These two cons had no intention on leaving San Francisco for Los Angeles!  I learned something from all of this. As a Christian I will never tithe to non-Christians ever again.  I will only help other Christians who will provide a blessing. That's the way it should be, these others who aren't interested in following Jesus, and Christopher was provided reading materials about Jesus for his trip, can go to hell.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Truth Natasha YouTube Channel Run By Federal Criminal Fraud Actress Natasha DeLima

Natasha Marie DeLima - Truth Natasha YouTube Channel 
In my recent citizen investigation posted a few days ago, I learned I hadn't really obtain Natasha's full name which is not Natasha Lima, but DeLima her PayPal account didn't disclose.

Since my last post related to her false accusations of The Salvation Army, the landlady of my building informed me that Natasha Marie DeLima had placed my name on her website "Cheryl Meril, San Francisco" with a link to defamatory material some of which I obtained a defamation judgment award for in 2010 of $25,126 in San Francisco Superior Court.

My new research has since uncovered there's a criminal fraud actress deceiving her audience with a YouTube Channel called Trump News, Truth Natasha who is seeking donations based on fraudulent representations being an insider with President Trump's White House.  Natasha also demonstrates a pattern such as accusing a reputable charity like the Salvation Army of being fraudulent after putting up a video requesting donations to her channel.  See Fraud Exposed, Truth Natasha's Delusional Claims - January 19, 2018

Just a few of many important articles for Truth Natasha viewers and donors to consider:

Woman to Undergo Psyche Evaluation for Kidnapping - MetroWest Daily News, 12/23/2014

Framington Woman Accused of Threatening Federal JudgeNatasha DeLima is charged with impeding, intimidating and interfering with a federal official.  April 20, 2012

"1:01 p.m. Police arrested at her residence Natasha Delima, 55, of *** Kendall Ave. of Framingham. Charged with disorderly conduct, assault and battery with hands, disturbing peace, disorderly conduct, and assault and battery." Jan 3, 2015, Framington Patch - Police 

Natasha Marie DeLima posing on YouTube Truth News, Natasha Truth has a long rap sheet of serious criminal complaints, including threatening a Federal Judge, of serious matters that also include kidnapping of neighbor's children. Natasha claims to have a personal friendship with President Trump and access to inside information at the White House so this article is being forwarded to the Whitehouse. I'm confirming there's no way President Trump would be leaking information to Natasha to use on her YouTube Channel because he surely would have done a background check on her history and not wanted anything to do with her representing him in such a way.

Natasha has accused me of criminal cyber stalking her and is projecting her criminality onto me simply for letting her know her accusation against the Salvation Army was baseless without merit or any support she failed to provide in her video.  I maintain Natasha is a delusional ill person deliberately deceiving her viewers into donating to her lost cause.

I've had a business in San Francisco the past 9 years being a fully background checked Notary Public. I worked for law firms the past 12 years in San Francisco and my LinkedIn profile is here. I'm also a songwriter/singer with a ReverbNation profile where I peaked at the top 10 artists in San Francisco two months ago.

There's been defamation about me on the Internet since I began recording and posting songs on the Internet under Cheryl Merrill in 2007.  I obtained a judgment for defamation I received of $25,135 from the San Francisco Superior Court.  I haven't had any criminal offenses since a traffic related violation on a 50cc motor scooter in 1992 and have never been convicted of any felony.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

EMERGENCY: Rothschild Implementing U.N. Genocide Treaty Focusing on North America

This is to interrupt the Jesus Saved Cheryl Meril From Hell Blog broadcasting system for a grave emergency SCREAM IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS that the U.N. Genocide Treaty signed by former President Ronald Reagan back in 1988 is, according to a well respected citizen activist and researcher Deborah Tavares, being currently implemented in North America by Zionist based Jacob Rothschild and his Rothschild brothers in an attempt to genocide our nation's citizenry (aka Goyim) along with the rest of the world!

These videos were recently posted by a reemerging Deborah Tavares after a 2 1/2 year hiatus traveling around the world.  The videos are extremely important to listen to, especially if you want to save your children's futures from what these sociopath elite Satanic families are planning. Fortunately we have the right President in office to reverse their plans so we need to take up the torch of liberty and run with it NOW.

Deborah Tavares' video is a must listen for every concerned American of what's really happening, a worldwide genocide plan's in place and now it's North America's turn in 2018.

It's really time to stand up to the devil's plan to kill us all off to replace us with profitable artificially intelligent machines. We all have a duty to stand up for life, for Jesus Christ who created us and gives us great value when we honor Him!

The current flu in America is a form of malicious biological warfare!

After watching these videos, I hope others are willing to write the President about their awareness of the U.N. Convention Genocide Treaty as I have.

I will now resume broadcasting of this blog until further notice.