Saturday, July 4, 2020

Satan's Little Helper Governor Gavin Newsom Bans Singing In Churches, Executes Guidelines As Laws

Psycho Baby Blood Sucking Vampire Gavin Newsom
It seems the headlines lately of these times are reminiscent of The Onion that's since come to life and thus I’m beginning to realize the dangers of my enjoying such satire years ago. Unfortunately, most of us aren't laughing anymore since these things have become all too real in our faces! So why not take a look at today's Governor Gavin Newsom a moment. Has he really become a sad Onion caricature of our times? How about more like Mad Magazine, the older more classic version?

Governor Newsom never fails to provoke jaw dropping mass neural chaotic response syndrome, especially in recent media announcements to attack his enemies, the people of California, having since abandoned his duties to protect by representation along with Christians he's also preparing to facilitate depopulation and disposal thereof.

Come along with me on this wild ride back in recent history to revisit and possibly reconsider no longer supporting today's Governor Gavin Newsom, some slick empty suit personality from a bad movie clearly willing to do anything to please his owners that include the Queen of England, United Nations and Chinese Communists, anything but the people of California! 

As the depopulation plan continues to roll out in what’s clearly a heavily targeted California, the terror the Governor knows is coming has been unfolding before our very eyes! Newsom's latest absurdity has banned Christians from singing worship songs in California's churches, something we would have imagined to see in The Onion's satire archives.

I recall a couple years ago during Trump's Supreme Court seat struggle provoking the huge women's march in Washington D.C. of thousands of hysterical women protesting over abortion rights to kill their children up to the late term and beyond into infanticide. At such a disgraceful time in America's recent history, Governor Newsom made it even worse by speaking to the rest of the nation asking women to bring their babies to kill in California. At that point I realized Gavin Newsom was too far gone into insanity and obedience to the devil he works for, that he truly is quite unfit to hold his office. 

Horror film screen writers get inspiration from Governor Newsom

Unlike a statesmen, a real Governor who honors his Oath to protect the U.S. Constitution as well as State laws, Newsom's far away from his role in wacky loony tunes left field barking up the trees at churches. In fact, Gavin's reminiscent of a vampire wanting to suck American baby's blood as a faithful idiot to his beloved Democrat Party being one of its top cult members. For these reasons, I now think of Gavin Newsom as Governor Gruesome. See Governor Gruesome Newsom Cuts $80 Million from Veteran Nursing Budget -- What He Does with it will have you Livid.

VIDEO: One Christian man's shock over Governor Gruesome's
ban singing in Church

I've never witnessed in my entire life as a native Californian over the past six decades a more perverse wicked politician then this Gavin Gruesome whose since come out as a death cult blood sucking vampire liberal cultist. This politician was bred for his position by his relative Rep. Nancy Pelosi, part of an alleged royal dynasty where he views himself as a prince working his way up to an imaginary Emperor of Rome figure.

Gavin Newsom's accomplishments in California

Any decent society would remove this fallen disgraceful figure from office and send him to a place of rest to relieve his lack of basic manhood101 qualities for the job (e.g, protect fragile women and children). Governor Gruesome's clearly not playing the role of protective strong male, but one of a Satanic occultist operating under a cloak of deception waiting to bring out his dagger to slice his way in the political arena like a Roman gladiator for the Queen.

I think Gruesome may even be worse then Nero of ancient Roman times as a wicked, evil horrible person who plans on slaughtering thousands of innocents in the near future one way or another. 

"Nero burns Rome and blames it on the Christians -- Emperor Nero was one of the most diabolical of Rome’s Twelve Caesars. He practiced Machiavellian rules 1,400 years before Machiavelli wrote them. He used the absolute power he possessed to preserve himself at all costs." Nero Burns Rome and Blames It On Christians, Early Church

Like Nero, Gruesome may be planning to blame Christians for spreading the virus more than any other group wanting to justify further consequences making us the primary problem in California.

To reiterate, there's this idiot named Gavin Newsom, someone I recall was once Mayor in San Francisco years ago having been denoted as a former alcoholic adulterous sleazy piece of derelict trash who slept with his best friend's wife. Gavin lost his soul to Satan and was later elected by swarms of reprobate fools to become today's evil Governor of California. I once witnessed Gavin in Union Square San Francisco squatting with a young boy, one that didn't get slaughtered by his mother like the rest. 

This so-called Governor thinks he can execute the "guidelines" from his Public Health Department turning them into the laws thus keeping society in an endless loop of chaos. Gavin knows where all of this is headed indeed, it's all be scripted for him at the United Nations to follow to the tee.

My latest podcast:


Gruesome Newsom's current position is that of an erect cobra attempting to hypnotize his prey as he waits to strike, he's that dangerous! Taking every opportunity possible to psychologically attack Christians and other innocent citizens of the State he governs, including inviting baby's sacrificial-llke deaths to the state, attacking the lives of babies he wants to kill in California. What a disgrace this man is! Eternal hell was created for fallen angles who Gruesome serves well with his words, actions and deeds.


Gruesome's a soulless, godless parasite of humanity sucking the final life blood out of the State of California due to his depraved unrepentant degenerate soul. The worst Governor I've ever witnessed in my life time, that's who he is. Satan's little helper!

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Strange Spirit Beings Appear In Clouds Above San Francisco May 29, 2020

Spirit Clouds on May 29, 2020, 12:44 p.m.
I've been meaning to put up even more photos from my Spirits in Clouds Series since I have several to share from May, 2020. Some of these shots take an artistic eye to discern so I don't assume everyone can fully witness what I see. However, if you can click on them and zoom in a bit you'll likely see why I'm sharing these shots.

Many times I've denoted a pattern of story telling within circumstances of the timing of these pictures. For instance, back on March 16, 2020 when the first stay home order was issued for the next day, I saw what appeared to be a large pig's head patrolling the sky with some angelic like figure attacking it from above. See All Seeing Eye Cloud, June 14, 2020,

In the photo (above) taken in Pacific Heights in San Francisco on May 29, 2020, I could see two faces, one at top right and the other at center I magnified. I also saw what appear to be sea creature faces swimming toward me at top left. In case you may be wondering, I wasn't drinking! I haven't had any alcohol since late 2012 after I was clipped by a car on my bike and nearly killed.

Spirit Cloud on May 29, 2020, 12:41 p.m.

As stated in my previous blog post, I Hereby Nominate Alpha Male Bill Gates - Trespasser of Souls Award, Bill Gates and NASA, according to author Elana Freeland, are purportedly rolling out nanobots seeding them in clouds thru nanotechnology. Nanobots form swarms that can be controlled remotely from U.S. military fusion centers according to Elana Freeland.

For instance, in the photo at left there's a type of veiled face within a continual pattern I've denoted throughout the photo series of alien-like faces in clouds the military is possibly inserting to convince us they exist. The U.S. government's official doctrine of mankind's creation is we were created from aliens seeding life on earth so this roll out of aliens is NASA's well known Project Blue Beam.

Here are more photos taken on May 29, 2020:

The next one seems to be some spirit at the top of the cloud as if riding a chariot! Feel free to zoom in.

Glorious Spirit Cloud on May 29, 2020 at 12:44 p.m.

In this shot below I see a couple flying in the sky, one with a hat. I see a man's head beside her with their legs stretched out at left. In the story unfolding, their pet's flying with them at right:

Two figures flying with their family pet at top right
on May 29, 2020 at 1 :42 p.m.

Strange Creatures on May 29, 2020, 5:59 p.m.

I hope you found this Spirits In Clouds Series interesting. I never have any problems finding interesting clouds above San Francisco! This time however, many pics were taken from a bike ride in Pacific Heights. The last two photos above happened later in the day taken from my apartment window where many have been shot from In Nob Hill over the past few years.

NASA's Project Blue Beam:

Also See:

Sunday, June 14, 2020

All Seeing Eye Photographed in Clouds Above San Francisco Is U.S. Military 'Dry Plasma Pulsing' C4 ISR Operations

All Seeing Eye Cloud - May 31, 2020
The plentiful choices of interesting cloud formations above San Francisco Bay has surprised me ever since I've been documenting them in my Spirits in Clouds Series photographs since 2015. Many shots are very odd and sometimes I don't always see what's in plain site such as the one (at left) taken on May 31, 2020.

I initially questioned if I should take this shot to begin with because I learned the after sunset shots tend to be a bit grainy. Now that someone informed me what this cloud formation's about, I'm sure glad 
I took it. 

The reason I ultimately decided to photograph this cloud formation was due to its strange pulsed wave features, not that I saw anything beyond the patterns. At the very most, I believed this cloud looked strangely reptilian with scales but later dismissed it as unusual at best. However, after a few on social media singled out this cloud as the Masonic Illuminati All Seeing Eye, I finally realized its significance!

U.S. Military Operation Above San Francisco, All Seeing Eye May 31, 2020
An author familiar with what today's U.S. military's doing in our skies offered up the answer to the cause of this cloud formation. Elana Freeland, author of Under An Ionized Sky From Chemtrails to Spacefence Lockdown  suggested:
"Most of what I discern in these dry plasma cloud photos is PULSING, which means C4 ISR operations.  Learn the military jargon. Learn that even serrations indicate pulsed RF (Radio Frequencies) / Microwave." 
I have to agree with the well educated researcher Elana Freeland's description of this cloud. However, from a Christian's perspective in the spiritual sense of the word, I have to also perceive this All Seeing Eye depiction being deliberately created as a form of Satanic attack.  After all, we all still remain under house arrest aka #Stayhome, under #Lockdown in the pro Communist and Technocracy State of California. This unnatural twisted phenomenon's occurring especially as the insane California Governor Gavin Newsom prepares to extend the shut down again based on unjustified reasons preparing for the next military phase to take down the local economies.

About a year ago on May 17, 2019, I had another encounter with the All Seeing Eye manifested in my studio apartment's living area. I took the photo below and later got rid of the shadow problem by getting different lighting.  

All Seeing Eye spotted in the shadows on the coffer edged
ceiling in my San Francisco apartment.

In Freemasonry:
"This symbol is also borrowed by Freemasonry, where it symbolizes the omnipresence of the Great Architect of the Universe (or the creator) who is “watching everything” that happens in this world. Therefore, in Freemasonry, it symbolizes the Supreme Being, and all human beings are under the same sky and under the watchful eye of superior power." What's the Meaning Of The All Seeing Eye?

Author Elana Freeland was recently interviewed on researcher and activist Deborah Tavares' YouTube Channel:

Elana Freeland Interview by Deboarah Tavares "High Tech War --
Control The Enemy Remotely -- From a Distance, Part 4

This video's helpful in understanding the All Seeing Eye has to do with the United States, aka the Eye of Providence and Masonic brotherhoods

So this is a reminder to store up on essential items. As for Christians, we won't ever forget Jesus Christ is Lord and therefore won't fear these insane people supporting a vision of their version of a Wizard of Oz utopia that will only lead to destruction.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

I Hereby Nominate Bill Gates For Alpha Male Of The 21st Century -- Trespasser of Souls Award 2020

UPDATE: Blogger has since responded rapidly to this post and restored my podcasts embedded on this blog! 

Whenever censorship masks over pointing out simple facts, such as about Bill Gates's recent alpha male intensive intervention that we all remain under house arrest nearly three months later, you know you've likely hit a nerve. Allow me to explain why I feel it necessary addressing Bill Gates, especially as of late. 
First, a little background back to 1998 when we in the legal word processing department of Morrison Foerster LLP, aka MoFo, denoted the law firm's converting from the IBM based DOS system over to Bill Gates' Windows that caused many to lose our work from frequent crashes due to bugs. 

Over time our staff interpreted the patterns that hinted we were being used as beta testers, much like guinea pigs, for Microsoft that rushed its untested, non-vetted software upgrades causing Windows to crash and lose our work. Consequently, Microsoft requested we submit an on-line report to analyze issues to possibly overcome the crashes and help improve its product. We felt like Microsoft's slaves to say the least.

My recent podcast, one of dozens, Google blocked I had embedded in my posts link here:

My formerly embedded podcasts were blocked and thus removed by Google's Blogger where I've posted the past 13 years.

"How can this be?"
This brings me to the recent complete erasure of my Spreaker podcasts I embedded on Blogger the past few months. My response to this shocking censorship is similar to the response of a memorable encounter I had with a patent attorney, Jill Neiman, 22 years ago who came to speak with me one night on the night shift at MoFo.   

Having steamed up her glasses with passionate emotion, Jill breathlessly questioned in horror upon learning of our MS Windows crash with "how can this be?". Since I had no answer at that moment, I thought I might take this opportunity to time travel back to 1998 to respond to Jill's question this way;  "Bill Gates' demons are in his software doing all kinds of crazy things erasing our work!" 

Back to the future to the year 2020, I'm horrified to discover the same Bill Gates from Microsoft has since broken out of his corporate cage resigning from its board earlier this year who's now threatening the masses with invasion using multiple sourced military forces President Trump announced with clear intent to violate our rights at the end of 2020 or early 2021. All this, just so Bill Gates can sustain his empire and vision of depopulating the planet of human beings.

Part 4 - Meet Bill Gates Documentary 
The Corbett Report - May 24, 2020

Love of money, the root of all evil - 1 Timothy 6:10

I'm therefore providing witness testimony here that Bill Gates  trespassed on our souls with his greedy for-profit forced vaccination aspirations using WHO he invested and/or bribed with $10,000,000 that contributed to recklessly shutting down nations' economies with countless citizens placed under house arrest since March 17, 2020. 

I'm also a witness of Bill Gates gravely exaggerating the alleged dire threat to life the Corona virus still poses to the population which, according to the latest CDC update, isn't anywhere near the 3-4% projected deaths. In fact, the low death rate in the U.S. of 0.26% suggests quite the contrary. On May 29th, the Supreme Court even ruled against California's churches request they be able to open worship centers for gatherings overlooking recently updated extremely low CDC stated percentage of deaths.

Though I'm allowed to take bike rides and even walk to my local U.S. military psy-ops at Trader Joes and Whole Foods Markets I posted about a few days ago, the fact remains we're still waiting in spite of a mere 0.26% U.S. death rate recently updated and disclosed by the CDC. The CDC also corrected by withdrawing its erroneous claim the virus can be caught from surfaces.  We're still waiting for this insane order to be lifted that's severely disrupted millions of lives having no basis whatsoever for one more day of its continuance.

On my way home the day lock down was announced, I spotted a strange cloud formation in the sky resembling a pig's head along with some angelic form creature attacking it from above.

As previously disclosed on this blog, this photo of a large supernatural-like cloud shaped like pig's head in the sky above San Francisco was taken while driving home shortly after learning of the lock down on March 16, 2020. I've since learned after listening to an interview on YouTube of author and researcher Elena Freeland, that Bill Gates has also invested in spraying clouds with nanotech's nano-bots that swarm and can shape clouds remotely directed from various U.S. military based fusion centers. 

Interview of author Elana Freeman High Tech WAR -- Control The Enemy Remotely from a Distance, February 8, 2020

From his madness, Bill Gates' supporters, aka idolators, not only denied me the freedom to leave my apartment without it being necessary whatsoever, but have also been the motivation behind censoring my work during this lock down! Every single podcast has been blocked on Blogger I spent many hours producing and distributing on this platform! Coincidentally, the post I intended to publish today surrounding last night's podcast was about the apparent memory problem of Americans who have apparently forgotten God's provided us with an immune system to resist many viral threats to our health each day.

As to my censored podcast, there's no speculation over Gates in it at all, it's all been well documented by his own transparency, not to mention brazen arrogance, how much he donated to the World Health Organization WHO for it to obey his request to roll out pandemic protocols that consequently greatly eroded the world economy in 2020. (In fact, as I write this the U.S. Center for Disease Control aka, CDC has updated its stats clarifying only 0.26 deaths average in the U.S, See Ron Paul's article.) This, not to mention Gates' arrogant belief we humans of average IQ's would never be able to figure him out on our own.  Censorship's Bill's answer to this alleged problem of the need for containment of the population's mindset.  

So really, why can't a nobody like myself share my experiences throughout the years witnessing Bill Gates and his activities way back in 1989, what's the big deal? Don't they know I went to Palos Verdes High School (see my post Palos Verdes H.S. Reunion Hive Mind et al, November 16, 2019) suffering thru four years of scholastic ivy league semi geniuses? That is, cleaning their mothers' homes for $2.50/hour in the 1970's allowing me to travel in time to write this blog decades later?

My Spreaker Podcast is so very tiny and minuscule, hardly anyone listens at all! I continue to receive spam comments on YouTube for these podcasts. Blogger was one of the few venues I used to promote my podcast despite other platforms I could have chosen. I really started the Spreaker account to add more dimension and resources to this blog to also restore my voice that's always disallowed. What are they so afraid of to censor me this way? I think the answer lies in the fact they censor for the sake of raw power in the dolatry of Bill Gates who has a huge fan base around the world, even appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show. 

Let me talk for a change!
Seeing how I have so very few who listen to my podcast or related YouTube Channel that's linked to my Spreaker Account, the count of these videos are often below 10 views! Yet with the very minuscule amount of visitors to my podcasts and related videos, these idolators will not at all tolerate well documented FACTS about Bill Gates, what he's done, said and all the rest that's affected me directly I view as a clear form of intense aggression from an alpha male like himself.  

What is Google, owner of Blogger, trying to cover-up censoring my podcasts here?
"It was way back in 1989 I was employed as a transcriber and administrative assistant at Xerox Worldwide Marketing Group in El Segundo, California. It was there at Xerox I got exposed to the  world's first windows-like machine that I was told at the time was the work of their Xerox PARC team that somehow lost its company's rights to Apple (and indirectly Microsoft) to their invention." - Cheryl Meril, Christian Blogger

This video explains how Apple and Microsoft got their ideas initially from Xerox PARC researchers I denoted being widely circulated in our office back in 1989.

When asked about his rival with Apple's Steve Jobs regarding "who copied who", Gates responded:

"The main 'copying' that went on relative to Steve and me is that we both benefited from the work that Xerox PARC did in creating graphical interface — it wasn't just them, but they did the best work. . . . . We didn't violate any IP rights Xerox had, but their work showed the way that led to the Mac and Windows." - Read Bill Gates Answer. . . ., Business Insider, March 13, 2017

I put this blog post on hold a few days and was subsequently offered an opportunity to interview a patent professional who visited me one day. The retiree shared how Xerox PARC lost its intellectual property rights for failing to request a confidentiality and/or contractual agreement when showing off their windows machine to Steve Jobs and Gates. 

So to continue with the Bill Gates reference in my censored podcast, I also shared my experience in a blog post of discovering the Linux OS rollout of its latest distribution of Mint 19.2 in late 2019 that is much better than Windows,  and free of charge. See How God Intervened In My EXODUS From Windows 10 to Linux Mint, August 21, 2019.  

 Bill Gates letter in 1976 to alleged hobbyists about their
free open source software projects.

This open source free software is based on an at-will donor system Bill Gates rejected in 1976 having later used his Microsoft like a pirate on the open sea to feed his greedy lust of money. In the podcast I also described what a relief the new Mint based Linux software has been that I've since enjoyed and appreciated of a clean and refreshing no-virus windows environment along with free open source high quality video editing software.

Regarding other recent censorship I encountered of my material, a couple days ago Facebook's Fact-Checker falsely accused me having assigned a "notice" to my FB page for allegedly spreading misinformation in my post about attorney Robert. F. Kennedy's interview on the Valuetainment's YT Channel sharing Bill Gates' activities. I appealed since they falsely accused me and they since removed the notification. 

Facebook's Fact-Checker admitted its error, harassment and since  took down their censorship notice. (see left)

As I prepare to publish this post, I'm wondering if the control freak idolator cultists at Google acting on behalf of Bill Gates will continue to censor any material referencing my experiences herein. Will this post be removed as well?  After all, I'm just some nobody with hardly any audience whatsoever who wonders what drives people to censor others this way who have $103,000,000,000 in their bank account.

Censored Podcast:

Mass Hysteria  - Americans Forget They Have Immune Systems, Suffer Lack of Knowledge Syndrome, May 26, 2020

How God Intervened My EXODUS From MS Windows 10 to Linux OS Mint, August 21, 2019 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Why Visiting Trader Joes in Nob Hill San Francisco Is Like Entering a Twilight Zone Episode

A few days ago I released yet another podcast (below) of my concern over the manner customers are being treated at the local grocery establishments in San Francisco, namely Trader Joes and Whole Foods Market.  

Longstanding local patrons such as myself can share our experiences and observations with several venues that these stores seem to be under the state and city government's iron fist dictatorial demands that they better conform to a military-like psyop on civilians. To hell with former thriving capitalist profits in the process (e.g., how selfish of TJ's to want to profit during these dire times, a typical despicable Communist deranged attitude toward our former healthy economy)!

First off, I wanted to clarify I've had no initial intent to write about these issues because I'm grateful for these stores being here. In fact, nearly ten years ago I contacted Trader Joes' corporate when the Cala Foods Store announced its intent to close hoping they'd come here. 

I wanted to report evidence that Trader Joes and many other grocery establishments have apparently been regulated into low profitability to allow fewer people into its store at one time to the point to cause them to ultimately close operations leaving the community without grocery stores.  I've noticed they are now allowing even less people into their store to the point that the store is virtually empty due to irrational city requirements designed to close down these grocery enterprises.

I don't believe these grocery stores would want to continue down this path sacrificing their profits as capitalist enterprises in order to turn into an oppressive, vile military psyop operation on behalf of the Communist China Party (CCP) of its government officials to cooperate due to their coming 5G implementation now delayed until 2025. The CCP will have a back door into its 5G technology in order to control and imprison innocent Americans as a parasitic entity that wants to ultimately bring death and starvation to our nation while usurping our U.S. Constitution especially. It's so sad to witness so many politicians in California willing to squander what other's shed blood fighting for our freedom and liberty over 200 years ago. We should resist these efforts to overthrow our economy this way with all our might.

In summary, it's really up to those in the community to help fight for these stores to remain by influencing sanity return with genuine efforts to reestablish the local free capitalist for-profit economy.

Grocery Stores Disallowed Capacity By Local Communist Influenced San Francisco and State Government Designed To Shut Them Down

I digress that my and others' multiple experiences and observations have become an obvious pattern at this point thus necessary to point out multiple veiled threats to the future of this community that indicates these stores have shifted from corporate retail operations to that of being directed to treating customers like civilian prisoners barely tolerated. 

After waiting 20 min. line of 6 persons, store was empty.
For instance, this situation  is now so dire we invest much time waiting outside feeling unwelcome viewed as a burden to manage as if unruly spoiled children. We are then watched closely everywhere we go in the store as the employees eyeball our every move in an empty store.

The unreasonable state and city regulation requirements of store operations is clearly oppressing these grocery stores. It's almost as if these stores sat down with Communist Chinese Party opposed to their profitability by pleasing their customers demanding they conform to treating customers as civilians under house arrest, aka spoiled prisoners!

For instance, we civilians are being ordered by the watcher assigned over us with demands to stand directly on the 6 foot measurement tape even if someone's only 6 inches off the mark! This man (at left photo) pointed at the ground demanding adherence when someone was off the mark and proceeded to harass me among only six people waiting to enter the store.

First of all, there's no scientific basis for this 6 foot demand to begin with that was initially rolled out as a recommendation. In my opinion, this methodology by the store of deliberate and calculated humiliation watching over adults in line as kindergartners is designed to get a message to the customer of state and city's oppressive regulations to cause its customer to be unnecessarily treated and managed this way.

It also appears that Trader Joes is trying to let its customers know it's incrementally shutting down its operation by forcing long wait times outside regardless of its virtually empty floors!  Last Tuesday I stood in a line with 6 people only to be harassed within 5 minutes witnessing a military like psy-op of demands everyone get exactly on the 6 foot lines.  

After waiting in a line of six people, I was finally let into the store 20 minutes later.  I then began shooting these photos of an empty store I waited so long to enter into.  Many cashiers stood alone without customers.  

When I finished purchasing goods only 10 minutes had passed as I walked out the store. I was shocked the line outside became huge with 25 people!  Why was the line huge? Because they were denying customers entry into their empty store front I had just walked out of. I've got the photos and a paranoid looking employee shopping like a ghost to prove what's happening at Trader Joes.

After Waiting 30 Minutes In Line, Whole Foods Market's Fascist Employee Rejected My Perfectly Good $20 Bill!

In another example of psy-op activity at local grocery stores abusing its patrons, after a long 30 minute wait at Whole Foods Market to process our grocery purchases, we are then humiliated to have our perfectly legal cash snubbed by an employee wearing gloves who didn't want to deal with it.

As a result of this pattern of activities we experience and observe we understand we're therefore no longer customers but prisoners at our local grocery stores being trained like dogs such as to not provide cash at Whole Foods Market that is rejected, complained over resulting in a summon of the manager to take care of processing. Employees at these grocery stores are rude, demanding and discourteous much of the time.

This denoted intolerance of our existence needing food and goods comes from loss of profits these stores endure by adhering to the State of California and local city government's communist influenced plans they see no end forthcoming. In other words, the stores seem to be vastly winding down their retail operations strongly hinting they plan on withdrawing from the area in the near future leaving we civilians with long bread and soup lines and military invasion as President Trump announced last week.

  My latest podcast discusses the issues raised in this blog post.

Since neither Trader Joes nor Whole Foods Market's in business to become the U.S. military's psyop surveillance program at the expense of their profitability, I believe the local mentally deranged Communists in both state and city governments influenced by the Communist Chinese Party are deliberately attempting to force these retail businesses out of the city with intent to starve the population while bringing in a national emergency armed forces. 

It's our duty as citizens not to allow the corrupt local state and city government to drive away our source of goods and food in the city and make sure truckers won't be hindered nor denied distribution by being blocked by those with evil intent such as these very twisted Communist bastards.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

VIDEO: Latest Spirits in Clouds Photos on May 12 and 13, 2020 Shows Demonic Manifestation Response

I have some really mind blowing photographs to share from my latest photos of May 12 and 13, 2020.  I also put together a YouTube Video (below). These photos tell a story over two days. 

On May 12th I took day shots starting at 4:46 p.m. to 5:19 p.m. that the following day seemed to answer from a depiction a Christian based related theme. As you'll see, a demonic manifestation in clouds came into the area that ended with a wasp or locust-like shape on top a building. I denoted 8:41 p.m. was the start of the manifestation. It's difficult to catch good photos at night so they're a little grainy but you'll still be able to see what I'm referring to when I call them demonic. 

I want to remind the visitor I'm not in any way a cloud whisperer, I just happen to look outside my window occasionally and find the clouds full of things. The holy spirit's most definitely involved in my photographs so please keep that in mind.

Most of my photos are from over the San Francisco bay area near the Golden Gate Bridge.  I'm up above on a hill with a good view to see these clouds over the bay.

Strange Spirits in Clouds May 12 - 13, 2020

There have been conclusions some of the photos I've taken seem to be related to nanobot activity from Bill Gates nano-tech program sprayed into the clouds that can be remote controlled in nano swarms at fusion centers. However, it's difficult to comprehend why the military and/or NASA would be playing with clouds this way.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

SFPD Rolls Out Newest Psyop On Public -- 'Operation Mobile Mattress Parking' In San Francisco

On the day following Governor Gavin Newsom's shocking three month extension of the stay home aka lock down order, today police began early this morning putting into motion orchestrating taking citizen harassment to the next stage. 

Since we're all required to be at home unless we have a valid reason not to, how clever of the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) to coordinate the harassment of the community by directing the drug addicts and/or alcoholics into crisis actor positions who are likely paid a small pittance for this activity.  

I noticed over the past few weeks a growing chorus of insane rantings and loud rehearsed terrifying vocal abilities of certain men in the early morning walking the sidewalks in front of our apartment building. I've been ignoring them and don't bother to get up out of bed to see who they are. After this latest activity today I recorded on video, it's become very clear that the SFPD has been involved in encouraging crisis actors to come into this area to make people feel frightened that I finally felt it necessary to go outside. The conclusion I came to was the scenario that awaited outside our apartment building was obviously a staged psyop.

"Today's purpose of today's police is to run endless psychological operations on citizenry so we don't understand the reality of what's happening to us.  Everything is a spin to these officers to divert attention from their masters' evil depopulation plans." - Cheryl Meril, Blogger
So to reiterate, this morning I heard another one of those crazy twisted horror film-like vocalists who really seemed to be crisis acting with a rehearsed script. When I went outside to record the activity, I denoted another crisis actor up the street making all the racket like some zombie going through a recycle bin full of cardboard boxes he was removing in an attempt to build a shelter. The way the man was behaving was too unrealistic to be that fallen in nature that most all life forms I've ever known are more intelligent than he. Seriously!  Scripted stupidity was apparent. Unfortunately, I was only able to get the tail end of the racket in the video below.

Crisis actor sets up his mobile mattress psyop near entrance of our building lobby at SFPD's direction while the crisis actor performance drew me outside.

As I walked out onto the sidewalk, near the entrance was the other man laying on the mattress thus coining the term Operation Mobile Mattress Parking.  As a woman, I view this as a form of sexual harassment, e.g., "Here I am lady, let's do it here." This is a way for police to flex their muscles, status and put targeted victims on a low level in society.  Police direct their salaried drug addicts, who are really paid crisis actors, when they want to harass, annoy and disturb residents during the stay home order so we remain stressed out, even threatened by the activities allowed to occur in our neighborhoods.

You see, after 16 years in this building we know what's abnormal activity here in San Francisco. People don't drag around their mattresses deciding where they want to sleep, especially when there's a steep hill they'd have to climb to do so. They normally crash on a mattress they happen to find already in front of a building waiting to be picked up by recycling companies. In other words, no one is ever observed carrying around a mattress to decide where they want to sleep. 

Additionally, the placement of the mattress next to the lobby entrance of our apartment building is highly suspicious as is the coordinated effort to get people to go outside to find out who the person was making all the disturbances. Basically, I was lured out of my apartment to address the psyop police used to harass me with since my window is right above all of this craziness.  That's why I know this is a police psyop that I've experienced many over the years. It takes a lot to get me outside to address a disturbance of that nature. It's much easier, as it is far safer, to stay inside.  

This video explains what's happening to California due to its state government selling out to Communist China.
The reason police participate in this kind of activity is they're stunted to the point of mental retardation as thugs who practice the occult through their Freemason brotherhood. Police follow Satan as their leader they sold their souls to through betrayal and greed, not Jesus Christ, otherwise they'd be far different. Today's police officers are more corporate bribed actors than traditional police forces from previous decades. These officers are also involved being trained for the U.N. Agenda 21 and subsequent Chinese Communist take over of California who are clear traitors to America violating their oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.

Flashback to 2017

Years later after it happened, a bullet hole is still there in the apartment building's garage door directly below my apartment window and nothing was done about it.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

New Video of Strange Forewarning Clouds Photographed @ The Embarcadero Waterfront December 8, 2019

Apparition Lands on Pier @ The Embarcadero
I've been meaning to put together videos of the many clouds I've photographed since late 2015 that have been accelerating. All photos have been taken above San Francisco whether from my apartment, and in this case, on my eBike where I ride all over the city.

The amount of photographs have skyrocketed since 2019 so I'm a little behind but will soon be all caught up. 

In my latest video, I explain how there are three potential scenarios of the purpose for why the clouds were brought to my attention: 

1) An ancient tribe that lost their language who occupied San Francisco I had just taken shots of their history on sidewalk plaques, 

2) A neighbor we called the watchman who I  learned two months later had died the day prior to the photographs,

3) the corona virus had only just started on December 1, 2019 and since I was seeing a funeral procession in the clouds I couldn't rule out I was receiving premonition of something on its way.

Spirits in the Clouds Above San Francisco - December 8, 2019

I'll have many more videos on recent photographs on their way soon.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Spirit in the Clouds Series, Devil Patrolling the Sky Above San Francisco - March 16, 2020

I'm starting a new posting series on short videos explaining photos I take of unusual clouds above San Francisco from 2015-2020. Many of these photos show what I believe to be spirits mentioned in the Bible as princes of the air.

I was on my way driving home from a customer in the Mission Delores area of San Francisco when I observed a very strange cloud.  The cloud appeared to be a large pig headed somewhere I managed to snap a shot of while the light was turning green.

Spirit in the Clouds Series, Patrolling the Sky - March 16, 2020

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Video Presentation of Spiritual Warfare in My Clouds Photography Above San Francisco

It's not every day that one gets pulled away from their own business under lock down, a form of citizen's arrest, along with the rest of San Francisco. On March 26, 2020 I was finishing up cleaning my Nob Hill apartment that I ran out of ideas on what to do next. I then prayed to God asking Him what I should do next and sat down at my apartment window with a cup of coffee. That's when I happened to glance up at the sky over the San Francisco Bay area to witness a very unusual cloud formation.

People familiar with my blog likely know about my cloud photography already that began back in late 2017 when I saw unusual spiritual warfare of alien-like cloud figures along with God's intervention. Once again, on March 26th I saw the same kind of spiritual warfare that appeared to be alien-like demonic creatures rolling out parading something in the clouds attempting to mimic the woman on the dragon in the Book of Revelation. 

  My latest video presents my iPhone film roll in proper
sequence taken on  March 26, 2020

What makes my iPhone film roll unique this time is a three part story unfolding with gaps in time that day. I put the time stamp on each slide so people can witness how the order of photos is correct in shaping a story for me to witness to others about what's taking place up in the heavenly realms above us. 

My latest podcast about the lockdown in San Francisco.

God gave me something to do and I really didn't have to try very hard at all.  Every time I went back to the window there was something unusual to take pictures of.  I didn't hang out at the window all of the time either, the timing was just right for me to put together three parts that form a meaningful way of witnessing for Jesus Christ my Savior.   

The San Francisco Municipal Pier in the presentation is so deteriorated like ruins that I was taking photos of it prior to the lock down.  It was a good metaphor to use for God's intervention for restoration. How people want to save the pier is a good metaphor for our need for salvation, such as those who dress up in unicorn and worm balloon costumes I took photos of later that evening.

Thankfully, the iPhone affirms these are original photos without alteration so it's easy to prove I didn't alter these photos in any way.