Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Edmond Wollmann and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

I came upon a good site that discusses Edmond Wollmann's mental illness characteristics - the variations of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I decided to list a few helpful links.

I fell prey to this on-line sadistic predator Edmond Wollmann from responding to his deceptive fan email. He immediately began his sadistic manipulation and when I tried to break free, he went bonkers on-line with my name.

Here's an excerpt from the site book samples from Surviving the Narcissist - the on
ly difference for me is that I never met or spoke with an Edmond Wollmann. There is no real relationship, as there are never any real relationships with people with this disorder:

"The narcissist considers his very presence in the relationship as nourishing and sustaining. He feels entitled to the best others can offer without investing in maintaining his relationships or in catering to the well-being of his "suppliers". To rid himself of deep-set feelings of (rather justified) guilt and shame – he pathologizes the partner.

He projects his own mental illness unto her. Through the intricate mechanism of projective identification he forces her to play an emergent role of "the sick" or "the weak" or "the naive" or "the dumb" or "the no good". What he denies in himself, what he is loath to face in his own personality – he attributes to others and moulds them to conform to his prejudices against himself."